I Got A Makeover In 3 Different U.S. Cities

  • Published on Jan 29, 2018
  • So I've been curious about regional style for a long time now, so after the holidays we traveled to three different U.S. cities and got a makeover in the street fashion of that city. We traveled to Miami, Dallas, and Portland and teamed up with locals who helped us craft our head-to-toe looks! Which one was your favorite?
    A big thank you to all the style bloggers who were featured:
    Kelly Saks
    Amy Havins
    Tonya Smith
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    Assistant Editor: Claire Wiley
    Mind The Gap
    Its On You
    Don't Hold The Feeling
    Cha Cha Ching
    Mother Of All Mambos
    Latin Dance Fever
    Full Speed
    Swings And Roundabouts
    Cant Keep Me Down
    Big Boys
    Pork And Beans
    Texas Shuffle
    Junkyard Shuffle
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +8933

    HELLO FRIENDS! so this is what tyler and i did the first week of the year! i hope you guys enjoy it...! also, there is one typo in the video that i missed, can you guys spot it? lol. love u guys! xoxo, saf

    • Everything Doodle
      Everything Doodle 7 days ago

      Hi 500th reply! Also I love your vids Safiya!

    • JayMegaWolf
      JayMegaWolf Month ago

      Howdy y’all

    • Meldatjuh Karso
      Meldatjuh Karso 3 months ago


      KELSEY BOX 3 months ago

      I live around 2 hours away from Dallas

    • Pepper
      Pepper 4 months ago

      Next stops should be New York City, Cape Cod, Northern California (like vineyard territory)

  • Brigid McDonald
    Brigid McDonald Day ago

    im from oklahoma and i always heard that more southern people talk slow and omg i soo heard it with amy. compared to saf, she talked at snail pace

  • kvuichi
    kvuichi Day ago

    Safiya you need to go to oregon more often I want to meet you already ///

  • Alexis gonrowski


  • Pamela Uriarte
    Pamela Uriarte Day ago

    California style versus New York

  • tennyopallas
    tennyopallas Day ago

    You looked so Portland!!! I love it!!! Love PNW style. I feel like you were missing a beanie though. Or are the beanies too 2016 Seattle?

  • Stef B McCoy
    Stef B McCoy 2 days ago

    do Minnesota fashion!

  • victoria Sunshine
    victoria Sunshine 2 days ago

    dallas is fucking boring fashion wise....

  • Elizabeth Williams
    Elizabeth Williams 2 days ago

    Being from Dallas- I beg to differ on the lack of cowboys and horses. I mean in highland park there's nothing but elsewhere...

  • Mariah Brodie
    Mariah Brodie 2 days ago

    After 5 years in Dallas, I can tell you the correct pronunciation is as follows :
    Or simply, “Hey, y’all!”

  • tay5250
    tay5250 2 days ago

    as a so flo girl that miami look 😍😍

  • Sloane Ennis
    Sloane Ennis 2 days ago

    Go Texas!!

  • anime fan
    anime fan 2 days ago

    i have to say i live in portland oregon but the style here is so different to other poeples tast like i like anime t with black ripped jeans and FLANELS with that normal hoodie or jacket and then there is biker and there is the people how hike or go outside 100% not me lol but ya the style here can vary a lot. lol

    • anime fan
      anime fan 2 days ago

      i also know most of the placeses she mentioned in portland

  • Shaina's Playlist
    Shaina's Playlist 2 days ago +3

    This should be a series....like a legit series. I'd watch the f*** out of that! 🤩

  • Cassidy The Cat
    Cassidy The Cat 3 days ago +1

    New Braunfels, Texas has a ton of clothing stores! It's not an overly populated city, but it stores the most haunted hotel in Texas, the Faust, and across the street is the oldest bakery in Texas, Naegelin's. Also has a lot of historic buildings and Landa Park...which is also supposably haunted. There was a law passed last summer that you can't feed the animals... It's a beautiful city, not just because I'm from there it's just that it's a bustling city full of history and beauty. And there's a farmer's market every weekend. Albeit a German city, Wurstfest is hosted there.

  • V noodles
    V noodles 3 days ago

    I thought that was 3 different person on the thumbnail

  • Isaiah'sReaction :D
    Isaiah'sReaction :D 3 days ago

    Omg!! My aunt and cousin live in Texas and whenever we visit, Bishop Arts is our go to neighborhood!! It's so nice!!

  • Douglas Freer
    Douglas Freer 3 days ago

    I live in the Dallas area and I don’t see very many people dress that way. The ones I do are not the type of people you want to hang with I.e. the exact opposite of Safiya.

  • grace lucas
    grace lucas 3 days ago

    Can I please live in Portland??

  • Alli Kate
    Alli Kate 3 days ago

    OMG my grandparents live in highland park and fyi, no u did not do the howdy yall right

  • Peyton Perrin
    Peyton Perrin 4 days ago

    Denver CO ski city!!!

  • manic angel
    manic angel 4 days ago +3

    The jean boot sweater look is the exact same thing every. single. other. female. in the state of Colorado wears. Every. Winter. But damn you looked good in it (minus the purse lol ;)

  • 2028.Caroline Browne

    I’m from Oklahoma and y’all is common and I’m here to confirm you said it nicely

  • Astha Gunjan
    Astha Gunjan 4 days ago


  • Pritha Chakraborty
    Pritha Chakraborty 4 days ago

    You definitely need to come to India

  • Jill Hogg
    Jill Hogg 5 days ago

    Do you not know how to wear a cross body bag?

  • Abby Vanbrimmer
    Abby Vanbrimmer 5 days ago

    Safiyie is the cutest thing I have ever heard!!!

  • Nakita Lander
    Nakita Lander 5 days ago +1

    In BC Canada, I feel that jeans, plain shirts/ simple designs, and a large hoodie is the main style. A couple layers so that you can take off the first few when it's not snowing. The main thing is just that weather last for about 30 minutes, and then it switches.

  • Dylan Sakayan
    Dylan Sakayan 5 days ago +1

    YEEESSSSSS I used to live in Dallas! Edit: I also saw a German short haired pointer (gsp) and I have two!

  • Samiksha Singh
    Samiksha Singh 5 days ago

    next stop:India

  • Danielle Winterburn
    Danielle Winterburn 5 days ago

    Here’s some advice for an unexpected bear meeting
    If it’s brown lay down
    If it’s black fight back
    If it’s white good night

  • Tammy Patnoe
    Tammy Patnoe 5 days ago +1

    Come to Vermont. We'll let you wear your Burkinstocks!

  • LazyCatLikestoSleep
    LazyCatLikestoSleep 6 days ago +6

    Me: *Says "y'all" every day*
    Safiya: Howdy....... Y'all
    Me: *slightly cringes*

  • mylifeasliv
    mylifeasliv 6 days ago

    I live in Portland!

  • Sarah Winzer
    Sarah Winzer 6 days ago

    go to Kansas City

  • Sarah Winzer
    Sarah Winzer 6 days ago +1

    you are far to used to coastal weather I live in Kansas and in January it's usually still snowing.

  • UnicornOfRandom 27
    UnicornOfRandom 27 7 days ago +1


  • YuHan Hou
    YuHan Hou 7 days ago

    I have never been to Dallas before, but I pretty like those earrings.

  • Pablo Gonzalez
    Pablo Gonzalez 7 days ago

    Go to Mexico Next!

  • Hailboo Hauer
    Hailboo Hauer 8 days ago

    When h wish she went to Minnesota to get stuck in -50 below weather and a blizzard because I it would be funny🤠Anybody relate to that this year?😂😂

  • Gen Gg
    Gen Gg 8 days ago

    Come to San Francisco safiya 🙂

  • strawberryncreamful
    strawberryncreamful 8 days ago

    If Valium was a person it would resemble Amy.

  • Crazy Kai24
    Crazy Kai24 8 days ago +1

    You should come to Alaska it's so pretty during the summer

  • none none
    none none 8 days ago +2

    Become a model for a week it will be soo cool and you can show backstage clips plus you can do a before and after comparison. 😊

  • Marlie
    Marlie 8 days ago +1

    come to idaho!!!!!

  • SophieBot 5000
    SophieBot 5000 8 days ago

    Charlotte Nc, Chicago, and New Orleans would be so cool! 😎😎😎

  • Chelsea Geraci
    Chelsea Geraci 9 days ago +1

    In from Portland Oregon💕💕💕she did alright lol

  • Lyla is a person
    Lyla is a person 9 days ago +2

    Look through my fuckin closet it is ALL denim! 🤨

  • Athena Smith
    Athena Smith 9 days ago +4

    That Portland lady is very accurate. And she made safiya look just like a Portland native! Aka, homeless style! I’m embarrassed.

  • Asia Alcala
    Asia Alcala 9 days ago

    never been to Portland but i know that girl did a great job 🙊

  • Kayla Gano
    Kayla Gano 9 days ago


  • Brooke Lucy
    Brooke Lucy 9 days ago +2

    What did the bow say to the bag........ u shall not pass

  • Addie Aguilar
    Addie Aguilar 10 days ago +1

    15:55 He is looking around to see if anyone is looking at him so he can still the sunglasses

  • Shelby Armstrong
    Shelby Armstrong 10 days ago

    As a Texan... I’m so sorry... this is not Texas.. AT ALL!! Get this to the top!!!!

  • Madilynn Campos
    Madilynn Campos 10 days ago

    You have to say it in an accent otherwise it's annoying because I'm Texan

  • Madilynn Campos
    Madilynn Campos 10 days ago

    Amy:that's the best I've ever heard , as her accent breaks out

  • Jules McDonald
    Jules McDonald 10 days ago

    I loved this video!!!

  • Derrianna White
    Derrianna White 10 days ago

    That id my birthday

  • Manasvi Jain
    Manasvi Jain 10 days ago

    Toronto, Canada

  • Corgi Draws
    Corgi Draws 10 days ago

    Portland is right above me, i wish you traveled to the capital instead XD

  • a moki
    a moki 11 days ago +1

    I want to go to Portland to shop and then leave

  • carla santiago
    carla santiago 11 days ago

    i live in texas i didn’t realize those earnings weren’t popular everywhere 💀

  • Katia Streche
    Katia Streche 11 days ago +1

    I think you should go to Africa

  • Temari Asazuki
    Temari Asazuki 11 days ago

    I live in Portland, Oregon. The look was not Portland, Oregon.

  • LPS BloodFang
    LPS BloodFang 12 days ago +1

    ;-; im a cowgirl ;-;

  • Addison Spaulding
    Addison Spaulding 12 days ago +1

    If you do this again you should go somewhere in Kentucky

  • VoidedMirror
    VoidedMirror 12 days ago

    If she wore that "Dallas" out anywhere, I would not immediately think "Dallas". The other two outfits were more distinct.

  • Sissy Love
    Sissy Love 12 days ago

    Safiya you should come to Connecticut like the Capital City, Hartford, it's definitely more Urban in style really out of your comfort zone but it would be interesting. Besides we have the Mark Twain House, you would LOVE going there it's pretty amazing. And there is a bus from the airport to Hartford, which is pretty important while traveling.

  • Phoenix X
    Phoenix X 12 days ago

    Tonya was the best. Dallas sucked...she made Dallas boring!! Miami is always alive ;) and you actually picked a pretty outfit.
    BTW: Change ur background lights , part you hair the other direction for once and STOP wearing black so much. You are starting to look and sound the same over and over and over again. That's why after 1 month I unsubscribed. Besides you are not age friendly nor do you recognize your Indian side enough.

  • Ding Dong
    Ding Dong 12 days ago

    The Oregon look reminded me of my mom when she was like 30 and lived in Alaska