I became ROBLOX SAW... with my OWN GAME.

  • Published on Nov 26, 2019
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    Today I become the real Roblox saw because real_kingbob developed a saw game for me where I can control all of the traps!

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  • Heinrich money

    Who else misses when albert did these kind of videos?

  • FelipeFan01
    FelipeFan01 Year ago +569

    Albert: “It was very well scripted by KingBob.”

  • Blitzo
    Blitzo  +101

    Mad respect for Albert for calling everyone a noob except for him.

  • Speed boy
    Speed boy  +33

    We have to agree that Albert never Disappoint us with his content am I right?

  • Ava Walker-Knapp
    Ava Walker-Knapp Year ago +633

    This was so fun to watch- I need more of this even though I'm late this was so good

  • Baby denki
    Baby denki Day ago +2

    Albert: “I know the key is right there because I did this right before”

  • Amelia
    Amelia 2 years ago +374

    1. A trap where one person has a weapon and kills someone when it’s dark, then everyone has to vote and decide who did it, but no one is allowed to talk, so they have to click on the person that they think it is. If the wrong person is voted as the one who did it everyone loses a little bit of health and it keeps going until everyone is dead or the person is caught.

  • xninjax
    xninjax  +653

    Albert: This isn't your normal "game"

  • soupcan gaming

    this is actually the most serious kind of experiment you have done and I really do like it, might even be my favorite. Please do more in the future!

  • MrPro
    MrPro  +3

    I love this vid and the idea is flawless I would love playing as the saw character and also as a person going through the traps it is just so cool

  • wan rahia azlin wan abdul rahim

    Albert : i will always remember you Violet

  • gregory
    gregory 12 hours ago +1

    I wish you'd do these type of videos again, they were so cool.

  • ReusableRocket
    ReusableRocket 2 years ago +1


  • Jaden Gaming

    I wish this is a functional game working by it's own.

  • Grape’s cornah
    Grape’s cornah Year ago +12

    I really want this to be a playable game without needing of hosting, looks real fun

  • *~Mocha~*

    You know what would be cool? If he actually tried making a game by himself for a vid but he doesn't know how so it's just trial and error

  • Kendall :D
    Kendall :D Year ago +99

    Says it so casually

  • Shallada Restrepo

    flamingo says that he knew the key's location in the freezing room but after the room he claims that he could not find it

  • TheJennaGames
    TheJennaGames 2 years ago +293

    you need to say,

  • F00M
    F00M  +33

    This was an amazing episode, I hope he does more of these episodes soon!!! I Hope RealKingBob comes back soon too.