Everything GREAT About The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers! (Part 2)

  • Published on Nov 14, 2018
  • And here's The Two Towers Part 2! Turns out a lot of you really love this film, so let's close it out. Finally talk about those new industry standards. Thanks for your patience! Here's everything right with Lord of The Rings 2: The Two Towers Part 2!
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  • CinemaWins
    CinemaWins  Year ago +463

    Just an FYI I forgot to specify, the next video will be Wednesday again, 11/21/18. Then back to Fridays/Saturdays the week after. Allows me to chill for Thanksgiving! Thanks!

    • Odin Satanas
      Odin Satanas 25 days ago

      hey, the Flame of Arnor is the ring of power that Gandalf has, one of the 3 elven ones. Cirdan gave it to him.

      servant of the secret fire is basically Illuvatar, the main deity, the one that maid all the the rest of the pantheon

      and the balrog being the flame of Udun is because he was made by Morgoth, and Udun was his base, the original dark lord and Saurons boss
      its all in the silmarillion :P

    • Kinslayer Author
      Kinslayer Author Month ago

      At 2:00 you say brevity meaning their banter makes the battle shorter while I believe you meant levity meaning they added humor which could make it FEEL shorter..

    • Aaron Roland
      Aaron Roland 2 months ago

      Return of the King coming?

    • Per Lundberg
      Per Lundberg 8 months ago

      I love that you mentioned the ps2 game my I hated the last level at the black gate

    • Savage Dawg
      Savage Dawg 11 months ago

      Another AWESOME fact about Viggo Mortenson is that he had never read the books, and only took the role after telling his son about it, who was absolutely JACKED about him being Aragorn.

  • ChefDomH
    ChefDomH Day ago

    ‘They just started slappin beards on women’ made me laugh 😂 😂😂😂

  • Thomas Main
    Thomas Main 2 days ago

    Interesting point about the Mauri, they did believe that eating fallen opponents, meant that you would absorb their spirit making them more powerful. Something the first European explorers found out when they arrived. And Viggo Mortensen was honoured by the Mauri stunt men with a Haka a warriors challenge, as a compliment to his warriors approach to his action scenes.

  • Sykt Norsk
    Sykt Norsk 3 days ago

    Annoying bell

  • Sam Ferand
    Sam Ferand 18 days ago

    part one is blocked in france i'm criing

  • Jacob
    Jacob 26 days ago +1

    Helms Deep was definitely the battle that The Battle of Winterfell/The Long Night was judged against. I love this movie.

  • Grabnok The Destroyer
    Grabnok The Destroyer 26 days ago

    love the Win and immediate cut after Gimli chops the Uruks balls in half. Was the win for Gimli or for the chopped privates?

  • Morpheus GI
    Morpheus GI 27 days ago +2

    Something you missed...
    The Boy Aragorn talks to before the Battle of Helms Deep starts is called Haleth.
    The Son of Hama (light ginger man who asks for Gandalf Staff)
    and is the first person killed by the Warg Riders.

  • Mark Tiongco
    Mark Tiongco 27 days ago

    Endgame is my favorite big battle, Two Towers used to be numero uno.

  • Kuro Nyra
    Kuro Nyra 29 days ago


  • Noah McCurry
    Noah McCurry Month ago +5

    “This isn’t a failure of legolas, what more could he do?” He could have gone for the head

  • Incredible Influencer
    Incredible Influencer Month ago +1

    Theres actually no elf And 3000 Rohan men not 300

  • Author Lady Barnes
    Author Lady Barnes Month ago

    I just noticed that it sounds like Galadriel is saying "THauron", which just blew my mind, bc it just all came together. I research Sauron (Mairon) a lot, and I've looked at the origins of his name. The ancient form of Elvish, which Galadriel would have used growing up, says Thauron in an ancient dialect. She's one of the oldest elves (in Middle Earth, at least) and probably would have heard it. I just never heard that name said or referenced, and I might have been listening to hard, but that's my 2 Noldorin cents, I'll leave now.

  • RivalSurvival
    RivalSurvival Month ago

    02:11 could have gone for the head

  • Kyle Kelly
    Kyle Kelly Month ago

    Axe to the nuts during battle of Helms deep, BRUTUAL.

  • Steven York
    Steven York Month ago

    Do Treasure Planet!!

  • Jana Lybarger
    Jana Lybarger Month ago

    Another fun fact about the dagger scene: Viggo was concussed on top of having a dagger thrown at his face.

  • Willyjohn De Jager
    Willyjohn De Jager Month ago

    fuck this shit. too many cool replies. i need minoroty report shit now. my mouse wheel, and my mousewheel finger need no exercise.
    not the beard....

  • Willyjohn De Jager
    Willyjohn De Jager Month ago

    jis. from namibia. born south african. tolkien was born there? if you dont know that please feature in future tolkien vid. watch this space. once i get the funds, i shall patreon the shit out of this channel. yours. sincerely. Willy-John de Jager. na code.+264813574335 - send mail adress and i shall send proof

  • loved012one
    loved012one Month ago

    13:12 I give this a Win because (1) it's brilliant writing, (2) it's from the book, (3) it ends the movie with a contrast of their goodness versus sinister Gollum/Smeagol, and (4) funny moments are so appropriate -- even soldiers joke during war.

  • Tom Verstappen Drums

    I wonder how many life of brian stoning jokes were made when all the horsewomen wore those beards

  • SociallyUnept
    SociallyUnept Month ago

    1:27 Me 5 seconds later: Oh I get it.

  • Woutah2dmaX
    Woutah2dmaX Month ago +1

    There is a big difference between Smeagol and Frodo though. Frodo is a very social and friendly hobbit to begin with, whereas Smeagol was always a bit of an outsider even before he got the ring. He also murdered his best friend just to take possession of the ring within minutes of Deagol finding it. Frodo never showed any interest in taking the ring from Bilbo even though he spent years in the vicinity of the ring while he was living with Bilbo.

  • Jere
    Jere Month ago

    Is it worth to buy the extended edition? Anyone

    • Jere
      Jere Month ago

      Dinojengi ja Kumi-Kalle_139 thanks for answering but are they great or do they stick out a lot

    • Dinojengi ja Kumi-Kalle_139
      Dinojengi ja Kumi-Kalle_139 Month ago

      Absolutely, the extra scenes give a lot of character

  • Ariadna Guri
    Ariadna Guri Month ago

    Came here to see a good battle after GOT season 8

  • G. B. Wanscher
    G. B. Wanscher Month ago +1

    Lets just appreciate that CWins opening (chorus) for once is in the "same" key as the movies opening...

  • Frederik
    Frederik Month ago +2

    1:25 Elfhelm is actually a character in the books. A marshall of Rohan.

  • Jon Dillon
    Jon Dillon Month ago

    The scene where faramir and Sam talk... Faramir basically tells Sam farmers are well respected in gondor and Sam tells faramir he is a good man even if his dad doesn't see it. Or something like that.... I remember seeing this scene and it instantly made faramir one of my favorite characters ( Sam was already).
    Faramir knowing his brother was loved more is so sad. You can see when boromir tries to include Faramir to the hug and cheer him and his dad are having and Faramir is uneasy about doing so, you can see it in his face and he was rightfully so as dennathor rejects his approach.
    Then you realize, this the same man directed this and the hobbit... Then the room spins.

  • MysterDaftGame
    MysterDaftGame Month ago

    And sadly the first part is blocked in my country (France) 😭

  • Tj Anderson
    Tj Anderson Month ago

    Best trilogy of all time. It’s wild that the effects in LOTR are imo, better than the Hobbit. The Hobbit seems like there’s just too much CGI in some parts and looks video game-like. Especially the backdrop. Think I seen that they shot it w/ the Red cameras at like 10k fpm. It gave so much clarity that it was probably too much. Also didn’t need to be 3 films imo. LOTR was perfect and it was years until I saw the extended version which I believe is so much better than the theatrical.

  • Red Wolf
    Red Wolf Month ago

    Where is part 1?

  • stopdropandroll
    stopdropandroll Month ago

    you dont do the LOTR films justice

  • Dai Stoke
    Dai Stoke Month ago

    I will keep this short. Brilliant reviews and commentary.

  • Charles Schleicher
    Charles Schleicher Month ago

    1:58 - I think you mean, "adds a little *levity* "

  • Amelia Garnett
    Amelia Garnett Month ago +1

    11:08 woe* is me (*cinema sins ding)

  • Amelia Garnett
    Amelia Garnett Month ago +3


  • Kunisake
    Kunisake Month ago +2

    No, I don't blame Éowyn. Aragorn is a hunk

  • Boss show Of gaming and talking

    When the trees go all badass on us I’m all like fuck yeah

  • mjkalasky
    mjkalasky Month ago +3

    0:56 I've heard that the rain was actually coincidental. An actual storm rolled in and they decided to, well, roll with it.

  • Max Johnstone
    Max Johnstone 2 months ago

    I LOVE this film and the other two in the trilogy, but the way the helms deep battle starts has always jarred me. The way everyone looks at the guy who shot the arrow as if to blame HIM for the battle starting doesnt make sense. If he didnt shoot would the uruk-hai have just walked off because 'oh these men and elves seem like good guys dont wanna kill them anymore'? The fight was going to happen anywayand shit the guy looks old, not surprising he cant hold for super long.

  • nogmaffer
    nogmaffer 2 months ago

    I disagree with the majority and applause the way the ents have been displayed
    of course they've been aware of how much the forest has been suffering, but really the forest has been suffering under rohan, gondor, even the hobbits, the isengard destruction han's been anything new really
    it's the salami tactics of yes, prime minister in action, yes, nobody will act if paris were taken over by the soviets, somehow trick the prime minister in looking at soviet occupied paris though, that's going to get things rolling

  • The Manhands
    The Manhands 2 months ago

    6:17 Comin in a year late with a hot take. I think Faramir was actually moved by Sam's speech. He knew the right thing to do was release them, he'd been convinced before, but he wanted his father's approval. But then he realized that he needed to "fight for the good in the world", for which he was berated and then sent to his death by Denathor. Both a Sam and a Faramir win. *ding* *ding*

  • chanel henderson
    chanel henderson 2 months ago

    Lol dude that looks JUST LIKE karl urban

  • Samuel Sherman
    Samuel Sherman 2 months ago

    I know this video has been out for almost a year, but a local theater is showing the extended editions in their "Xtreme" theaters and can't wait to watch this after seeing Fellowship this past weekend.

  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright 2 months ago

    That is no orc horn

  • Lochlan Merkel
    Lochlan Merkel 2 months ago

    At first I was really confused when you said Elfhelm because that is actually the name of one of the Rohan characters lmao

  • Mike Fluff
    Mike Fluff 2 months ago

    Many of the Riders or Rohan are women with fake beards.
    The reason is because riding is considered a feminime thing nowadays so not many men ride horses compared to women.

  • Dave Warren
    Dave Warren 2 months ago

    did you mean Levity, rather than brevity?

  • jimmy budgysmuggler
    jimmy budgysmuggler 2 months ago

    Still cannot believe he didn't mention the elvish score as Aragorn and the elves charge the breach in the wall. What an absolute standout of the entire score

  • Joy Augustina Petinrin
    Joy Augustina Petinrin 2 months ago

    Lol seeing this battle and then the GOT battle! So disappointing! Lol because apparently DnD are like maybe your screens weren’t bright enough! Ugh such assholes 😑😑

  • Jason Shippy
    Jason Shippy 2 months ago

    So many memories came back when he mentioned the old game for ps2

  • Time Squid
    Time Squid 2 months ago

    Didn't realize the Huorns were in the extended edition.

  • Noneofyour Business
    Noneofyour Business 2 months ago

    Best medieval battle in a movie. Change my mind. (talking about the craftsmanship and emotional impact, not necessarily realism and tactics)

  • David Broughall
    David Broughall 2 months ago

    1:57 It's not "brevity, it's "levity".

  • GodOfWar221
    GodOfWar221 2 months ago

    And again, I can't begin to describe how much I love these films. I was in middle school when they came out, and I fell in love almost instantly. These films will always be timeless classics. You mentioned, that Viggo Mortenson wasn't cast originally? Well there is actually a cool story, about how they prepared him for the role. They got a group of their stunt guys...dressed them up in full Uruk-Hai armor...and had them charge full tilt at Viggo, as to explain what he'd be dealing with. And another cool fact, when they were filming the Black Gate scene...and Gollum grabs Sam, and Frodo...he actually ripped the wig off Sean Astin's head! And he was so frustrated, he stormed off set...but later revealed, that he was upset...because of how long it took to get into Hobbit costume.

  • Gitte Van de velde
    Gitte Van de velde 2 months ago

    I am still waiting for the next overall great, badass movie trilogy.

  • Victor Vaquer
    Victor Vaquer 2 months ago

    Did the part one disepeared ?

  • The Way Of Life
    The Way Of Life 2 months ago +1

    Got the message that was on screen (for a split second) first time ;D

    DOAMA 2 months ago

    Actually, Tolkien's first critic was his daughter. She read the original LotR book, but said it was "too big to properly read," adding that it would be better if it was split up. And so, Tolkien split it up into three books.

  • J Seagull
    J Seagull 3 months ago

    Would like to point out that archery in heavy rain doesn't work all that well.