The ruleless ROAD TO GLORY around Marco Reus! I hope you enjoy episode 47 of REUS TO GLORY FIFA 20?! #FIFA20 #ReusToGlory #FIFA20ReusToGlory
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Comments • 80

  • fhmomla 26
    fhmomla 26 2 months ago +153

    Love the series broskie

  • Rockin' Roll Minion

    Get rid of Lenglet he's only 85 rated and bring in some one like Ramos or Koulibally

  • Alex Warb
    Alex Warb 2 months ago

    Where’s headliner reus

  • Juld
    Juld 2 months ago

    Replace Lenglet for headliner Varane

  • Steven N
    Steven N 2 months ago

    Can someone let me know what the squad battles glitch is? Cheers!

    YABOIGOTTUNES 2 months ago

    Where’s aj3 hmmmmmmm😕 do a squad builder showdown

  • Cal Ludwig
    Cal Ludwig 2 months ago

    Headliner Reus and Varane must get players?

  • Jp tyrannosaurus 29
    Jp tyrannosaurus 29 2 months ago +1

    I packed normal neymar from a free 45k pack
    Still cant belive it lol

  • Sajjad Hassanzadeha
    Sajjad Hassanzadeha 2 months ago

    How do u do the squad battles glitch

  • Strider Boss
    Strider Boss 2 months ago

    Get headliners Varane

  • Sk Sk Skrr
    Sk Sk Skrr 2 months ago

    Varane instead of lenglet

  • BlaZe Maxwell
    BlaZe Maxwell 2 months ago +1

    Reev: touches the ball
    Also reev: stands up

  • Harrison Yates
    Harrison Yates 2 months ago

    Get RTTF Allan and then Brazil Cb

  • Adam Donald
    Adam Donald 2 months ago

    He should do Tammy as Abraham

  • Satvinder Sekhon
    Satvinder Sekhon 2 months ago

    Mid Eusebio is supposed to be a lot worst than the prime and baby btw

  • Riley Slessor
    Riley Slessor 2 months ago

    Why did you have to have Morelos I’m a Celtic fan 💚

  • Alfieplays Fifa
    Alfieplays Fifa 2 months ago

    Get headliner varane for lenglet or rttf militao

  • Tinky Winky
    Tinky Winky 2 months ago +2

    Try headliner Saul he is a pretty good all rounded CDM I use him in my squad and he just peppers the other team with interceptions also capable of getting goals

  • Hazas Gaming
    Hazas Gaming 2 months ago +11

    I think you should do a mini tournament thing with ‘packed out’, ‘zidane zone’ and maybe ‘Kane is able’

    KAPPERCCINO V2 2 months ago


  • Michael Price
    Michael Price 2 months ago

    I've looked on the internet on fifa21 and it said it's coming out on 3rd of February 2020

  • ĐVA
    ĐVA 2 months ago

    Reev, you should get the 90 rated headliner Reus

  • Moloney Bros
    Moloney Bros 2 months ago

    I got headliners Silva out of an sbc pack

  • TheMrboE
    TheMrboE 2 months ago

    Imagine playing fifa as much as every other FIFAOG at the FIFA 13 to 17

  • moemen
    moemen 2 months ago

    Can you do a fut champs stream trying to do your best just for fun I think a lot of people would enjoy it since fifa is boring now

  • Hazzmatt Plays
    Hazzmatt Plays 2 months ago +1

    Get headliner varane or rttf militao over lenglet

  • ShortFall_OW second
    ShortFall_OW second 2 months ago +1

    How long is plea out for

  • Murt Bert
    Murt Bert 2 months ago

    Who even dislikes reeves videos

  • Ryan Pahos
    Ryan Pahos 2 months ago

    Headliner reusy!!!!!

  • vicemice 042
    vicemice 042 2 months ago

    Love the content also this game is to easy for u my team is worth 30k and this man has 3.9mill spare and like a 10mil team hahaha😂😂😂

  • Fredrik Lofthus Moe
    Fredrik Lofthus Moe 2 months ago

    You should buy headliners varane

  • ynwa derry
    ynwa derry 2 months ago +2

    hey reev just wondering what level are you in the new years season i am lvl 15 is that good?

  • Shady
    Shady 2 months ago +1

    Draxler out potm Ben yedder in

  • Christopher Craiger
    Christopher Craiger 2 months ago

    U should get headliner Reus and varane

  • Sam Khan_079
    Sam Khan_079 2 months ago

    Buy Headliner Varane

  • Requlix
    Requlix 2 months ago

    Get Prime Ballack

  • Yee Deef
    Yee Deef 2 months ago

    Bring back the hulk smash intro's 👊

  • Toby’s Videos
    Toby’s Videos 2 months ago

    Plea is pronounced Play-A (A as in serie a)

    LIVE SPORTS BOXING 2 months ago +1


  • Mario
    Mario 2 months ago

    It's the same for me, I'm not even close to playing as much FIFA as I used to at the start

  • Xx H3nr7 xX
    Xx H3nr7 xX 2 months ago

    I gon get new reus

  • Viktor Schlatte
    Viktor Schlatte 2 months ago

    plea is pronounced playa

  • Dave Booth
    Dave Booth 2 months ago

    Replace Lenglet for 2nd inform varane

  • Nabil NSI
    Nabil NSI 2 months ago

    Get Rapha Varane

  • Jeffjohn Jimbob
    Jeffjohn Jimbob 2 months ago +2

    Headliner reus!!!!!!!!

  • Smiffy Yt
    Smiffy Yt 2 months ago

    Instead of draxler get either pele Socrates or ronaldinho

  • Jonathan Admoni
    Jonathan Admoni 2 months ago +1

    Buy headliner reus

  • Osian French
    Osian French 2 months ago

    Reev get headliner reus for your god squaddd , love the vids keep up the good work ✌

  • Ellis Morgan
    Ellis Morgan 2 months ago

    You gotta get the reus headliner now

  • Toby Heal
    Toby Heal 2 months ago +1

    He killed 20 people


  • Adrian Logan
    Adrian Logan 2 months ago

    Reus got a headliner are u gonna buy him?

  • Yung Gnuy
    Yung Gnuy 2 months ago

    Get headliners varane

  • Carl-Victor og Liam er homo

    I think you should use fifa points if you want to get the new Rues

  • Max Meikle
    Max Meikle 2 months ago

    Why is he using Lenglet when he has 4 mil 😂😂

  • nbfkiwff7
    nbfkiwff7 2 months ago

    Love this series! But are you ever gonna bring back a career mode?

  • Kieron Booth
    Kieron Booth 2 months ago

    U going to get headliners reus?

  • Sigurdur
    Sigurdur 2 months ago +1

    Keep up the great work an here's an idea have the same team but have hedliner reus and hedliner varane instead of lenglet and kaka instead of draxler you have enough coins

  • KFC TTV French
    KFC TTV French 2 months ago

    Buy Reus headliner

  • Skxiin _
    Skxiin _ 2 months ago +4

    Get TOTY Van Dijk and TOTY Alisson but Canavaro LCB Then get inform Fabinho CM everybody will still be on full chem and it’s a really big upgrade to the team. Keep up the good work loving the series.

    Like so Reev can see

  • Ahmed Akhtar
    Ahmed Akhtar 2 months ago

    Get aouar if u can

  • NOVO
    NOVO 2 months ago

    You should try out Tammy Abraham

  • Rajan Bajwa
    Rajan Bajwa 2 months ago

    Who else is already guessing reev is gonna get headliner reus

  • Leonardo Augusto
    Leonardo Augusto 2 months ago

    Next year do Ron to Glory (Ron =Ronaldo)

  • Ollie Godefroy
    Ollie Godefroy 2 months ago

    Get headliners reus

  • Ewan Joseph
    Ewan Joseph 2 months ago +1

    Can’t wait to see REEV’s reaction to Headliner Reus!

  • Le monke
    Le monke 2 months ago

    Who’s RM?

  • ahmed alameen
    ahmed alameen 2 months ago +1

    Reev love the series may u please get headliner reus

  • Crazy Monkey101
    Crazy Monkey101 2 months ago

    Get the headliner Reus Reev

  • Joseph Gallagher
    Joseph Gallagher 2 months ago

    I dont even play fifa anymore just got sick of it tbh

  • Jake Mcelroy
    Jake Mcelroy 2 months ago

    Imagine spending money on coins

  • SoccerMan1023 20
    SoccerMan1023 20 2 months ago

    Love the series and love it when I like before you say to

    HALAL UNITED F.C. 2 months ago

    His intro is probably the best out of any youtuber, and you're a legend maaaaaaate!!!

  • Will Cussins
    Will Cussins 2 months ago

    a-dam-a traore not adema

    • Will Cussins
      Will Cussins 2 months ago

      REEV but it’s not Adam anyway fan of the series keep it up gOd I’m gonna sound like an arse licker😂

    • REEV
      REEV  2 months ago

      My brothers name is Adam, I know how to say Adam lad

  • Arian Hassan
    Arian Hassan 2 months ago

    Get rttf militao and put neymar cm and draxler cam

  • D4N13L 1705
    D4N13L 1705 2 months ago

    Get inform Haland

  • Vebjørn Hansen-Lind
    Vebjørn Hansen-Lind 2 months ago

    Episode: 3 of reev struggling to speak English after his break😂😂 keep it going mate

  • Matt and Matt
    Matt and Matt 2 months ago

    You should change your reus to headliners card.

  • Wishy Walshy
    Wishy Walshy 2 months ago

    you are a legend mate keep it up

    HOOL1GAN SMOKE 2 months ago

    Get. Headliner. Reus love the series

  • Einar Holm
    Einar Holm 2 months ago

    Get varane