Joaquin Phoenix and Jimmy Fallon Trade Places

  • Published on Oct 5, 2019
  • Joaquin Phoenix confirms a little-known fact about what movie he’s seen more than any other in his life and then trades places with Jimmy.
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    Joaquin Phoenix and Jimmy Fallon Trade Places
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 17 024

  • obamatwitchtv
    obamatwitchtv 29 minutes ago

    *plot twist:*
    they swap places and jimmy says, “how about another joke, joa-quin?”

  • Alma Garcia
    Alma Garcia 33 minutes ago

    I'm as confused as Joaquin 🤔

  • Angela L
    Angela L Hour ago

    Y’all already know he was lying when he said he lost 15 lbs instead of 50 😂😂

  • pvt. pyle but not really

    Man he's gained a lot of weight since then

  • wreckcelsior
    wreckcelsior 3 hours ago

    0:34 "My guests come out and listen to me talk"... no kidding Interruptus.

  • Reno Uzumaki
    Reno Uzumaki 3 hours ago

    Everyone is mind blown about how he played his role great on the Joker meanwhile I’m mind blown for just figuring out that he played as the evil dude on Gladiator...😪

  • Mostafa Shalaby
    Mostafa Shalaby 4 hours ago +1

    for a guy called Joaquin he sure does a lot of running

  • romeo marcos cuba
    romeo marcos cuba 6 hours ago

    Ya disparale

  • Denise Malsagova
    Denise Malsagova 6 hours ago

    Jimmy gettin shot

  • Juan Carlos Guzmán
    Juan Carlos Guzmán 7 hours ago

    Fallon is terrible. What a way to waste an interview. Phoenix was sick of it since the beginning.

  • Shawn Wenzel
    Shawn Wenzel 8 hours ago

    This guys such a tweaker

  • linzombie
    linzombie 8 hours ago

    Jimmy: You are fantastic in it!
    Joaquin: Okay.


  • FedeWTF
    FedeWTF 9 hours ago


  • Huesos 138
    Huesos 138 9 hours ago

    Jesus, Fallon is a terrible host. I've watched 3 minutes of this disjointed mess so far and I can't handle any more.

  • jeffery farah
    jeffery farah 9 hours ago

    The realest man in hollywood

  • Trudy Prince
    Trudy Prince 11 hours ago


  • Elma Barrague
    Elma Barrague 11 hours ago

    Me encanta es un gran actor, y no anda dando lastima por ahi con su historia de vida.

  • Rhett Copland
    Rhett Copland 11 hours ago

    surprised Fallon is still on to be fair: he's awkward, inauthentic and just not funny.

  • GiantSandles
    GiantSandles 11 hours ago

    Isn't this like the 100th time they've switched the guest and the host on this show?

  • AMV_Schwepperr
    AMV_Schwepperr 12 hours ago

    Plot Twist
    Joaquin: ... you get what you f*cking deserve!
    *shoots Jimmy Fallon

  • Keefe Brown
    Keefe Brown 12 hours ago

    They way jimmy worked with Joaquin’s usual “ruin the script” routine, was Impressive

  • Lola M
    Lola M 13 hours ago +1

    I absolutely love that he’s wearing converse and so comfortable

  • J.S. T.K
    J.S. T.K 19 hours ago

    Who else likes watching his interviews on talk shows?

  • Karely Castillo
    Karely Castillo 20 hours ago

    This went so wrongggg how cringy

  • Kat Dudley
    Kat Dudley 20 hours ago +1

    One plays a clown, one is a clown. Ugh how nice it must be to have a talk show where you're just an ass.

  • Erfan Askari
    Erfan Askari 21 hour ago

    Wanna hear another joke jimmy ?

  • tigaoranggila
    tigaoranggila 22 hours ago

    This interview is so awkward but cute 🤣
    You are feeling very sleepy 3:39
    7:53 loves his reaction

  • X Tulip
    X Tulip 23 hours ago

    Actually,I'm afraid that Fellon would get a shot in a sudden during the whole

  • DAD.
    DAD. Day ago

    If I was jimmy I would be scared for my life Cuz that one scene in joker when he’s on the talk show

  • The Captain
    The Captain Day ago

    Joaquin literally just wants to kill this guy

  • MrCain667
    MrCain667 Day ago

    Step Brothers is an awesome fucking movie...

  • The Martian
    The Martian Day ago

    This interview was done in a way to mock the JIMMY KIMMEL INTERVIEW and i think it is genius...

  • SimenG
    SimenG Day ago

    Joaquin is either really enjoying being on this show or he is a better actor than i thought

  • Wandering Squire

    You get what you fuckn deserve , best line ever in any movie , when people learn to watch this movie properly it will go down as one of the greatest films ever


    Alguien que lo traduzca en español

  • Gracie S
    Gracie S Day ago

    Jimmy fallen did such a better job with Joaquin then kimmel did

  • Real steel
    Real steel Day ago

    How about another joke Jimmy

  • beccaa B
    beccaa B Day ago

    I love how he wears a nice shirt and tie w a jacket and converse 🥺

  • CrEaMyBEaNs_123
    CrEaMyBEaNs_123 Day ago +1

    this was the most missed opportunity to EVER EVER HAPPEN.

  • Quinton Tarantito

    Stepbrothers. That movie rocks!!!

  • Gmoneyman
    Gmoneyman Day ago

    Top 5 actors of all time

  • Brais Rafael Ferreiro de Jesús

    Maybe if we had Joaquin as a host every guest would actually be able to answer their questions not being interrupted, just saying, this wasn't bad though, not compared to Kimmel's hunger for protagonism

  • Batuhan Avcı
    Batuhan Avcı Day ago

    When joaquin comes to your show, you become the guest.

  • BooBoo2578
    BooBoo2578 Day ago

    So difficult to watch.

  • Pfen_tastic
    Pfen_tastic Day ago

    Jimmy's literally the embodiment of every unfunny but popular kid that every friend finds fucking hilarious for some reason and you're just like wow is this for real why do people like this guy


    This is so awkward. What the frick Jimmy! You’re a talkshow host

  • J O K E R
    J O K E R Day ago +3

    *Jimmy Fallon Watch out for that man on what he did to Murray.*

  • ZERO
    ZERO Day ago +1

    imagine if he killed jimmy

  • Tara Rae
    Tara Rae Day ago +1

    I actually smiled and laughed watching them together. It’s like watching two buddies just being goofy. Watching him and Jimmy Kimmel made me uneasy and awkward. Big difference.

  • D.L. Anony
    D.L. Anony 2 days ago

    Joaquin embarrassed to admit his nickname is kitten

  • Isabelle Lampa
    Isabelle Lampa 2 days ago

    After watching Joker...
    I'm actually scared for Jimmy's life....

  • Taylor Knight
    Taylor Knight 2 days ago

    Welcome to the Jimmy and Joaquin Comedy Hour!

  • Har Oon
    Har Oon 2 days ago

    I think Jimmy is intentionally making him uncomfortable. Which is bad and unprofessional too

  • Jonas Carlsson
    Jonas Carlsson 2 days ago

    Putting his shoes on the sofa..

  • Elijah Alexander
    Elijah Alexander 2 days ago

    I thought his name was pronounced JOCK WIN not WAKEEN

  • mr007 c
    mr007 c 2 days ago

    Knock Knock

  • Nohemi Fernandez
    Nohemi Fernandez 2 days ago +32

    When people though Jared Leto was an amazing joker they didn’t see Joaquin Phoenix coming

    • Ryan Tice
      Ryan Tice 45 minutes ago +1

      NOBODY thought Leto was amazing

    • Sam Grasl
      Sam Grasl 2 hours ago +2

      who the hell thought jared leto was a good joker!!!???

    • KHC831
      KHC831 14 hours ago +20

      "Jared Leto was an amazing joker..." says no one ever

  • J
    J 2 days ago +26

    Jimmy Kimmel is worse. That interview was a bad one

  • Nicole Baldwin
    Nicole Baldwin 2 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon has to be the worst TV host of all time! Can he just come off television all together and do us all a favour. He's not funny whatsoever hes just annoying.