Atletico Madrid vs Juventus (2-2) | UEFA Champions League Highlights

  • Published on Sep 18, 2019
  • A late equaliser from Hector Herrera helped Atletico Madrid take a Champions League group stage point from Juventus after a spirited two-goal comeback.
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Comments • 628

  • Tomhass Bib
    Tomhass Bib 14 days ago

    Juventus celebrations are cringe

  • Donal Lynch
    Donal Lynch 19 days ago

    Juventus need to take off one of those three stars. They are not playing in the Seria A and the intertoto cup doesn't count.

  • Danny Ryan
    Danny Ryan 26 days ago

    Fs matiudi thinks its fifa with that celebration lol

  • Bro vs Bro
    Bro vs Bro 28 days ago

    Clive Greeley class!!!

  • Forever Juventus Zenit Man UTD Wigan A

    We still need Mandzukic in the line up

  • chris becks
    chris becks 29 days ago

    Aaron Ramsey be like .. when is the flight to go back home

  • Dan Giambrone
    Dan Giambrone 29 days ago

    Has anybody mentioned the long pass, on the outside of the foot, by Bonucci to send Higuain clear to set up the first goal? It was a beauty. Great game: good away performance from Juventus, excellent fightback by Atletico. Lovely goal by Cuadrado and what a goal that would have been by Ronaldo - it reminded me of Baggio. And yes, fantastic commentary by Tyldesley.

  • Adris Ghafar
    Adris Ghafar 29 days ago

    Higuain should've squared it across to Ronaldo the numpty

  • Matthew Stitt
    Matthew Stitt Month ago

    Tip: time tag the goals please BT

  • honest person
    honest person Month ago +1

    1:20 higuain celebrating before the goal😂

  • MB Gamer 127
    MB Gamer 127 Month ago

    Whose juventus?

  • Kwame Lewis
    Kwame Lewis Month ago

    That last chance from CR7........

    Only a R9 step over would convert into a goal to win the match stoppage time

  • Bobby Jay
    Bobby Jay Month ago

    Good game

  • Donny Gunnz
    Donny Gunnz Month ago

    Chris Brown approves the dance more than the goal

  • I'm a monkey!
    I'm a monkey! Month ago

    Love piemonte calcio

  • Maxx Viintage
    Maxx Viintage Month ago

    5:43 cr7 still in he's 20's I see...

  • Maxx Viintage
    Maxx Viintage Month ago

    4:42 that's how to react to Costa...well done ref...

  • Maxx Viintage
    Maxx Viintage Month ago

    4:10 either higuain has no vision or he just wanted to score himself...just madness as to why he did not pass to cr7...

  • Aaron Gorton
    Aaron Gorton Month ago


  • Aaron Gorton
    Aaron Gorton Month ago


  • Aaron Gorton
    Aaron Gorton Month ago

    needed a right back and he was listed athletic ALWAYS LIST TRIPPIOER FOR SOMEREASON AND EHS GOOD

  • Aaron Gorton
    Aaron Gorton Month ago +1


  • Aaron Gorton
    Aaron Gorton Month ago

    athetico madrid prob best team i nworld now

  • Barry Stanton
    Barry Stanton Month ago

    Matthaus De Jones

  • UltimateHibz
    UltimateHibz Month ago

    If that last chance by Ronaldo went in after going past 5 players, wow

  • Camilo Isaias Castellanos Sanchez

    Cuadrado quería celebrar como Cristiano, que ternura ;)

  • Fletcher Smith yt
    Fletcher Smith yt Month ago +1

    Matuidis improv 100

  • Josh Sheppard
    Josh Sheppard Month ago

    That Ronaldo run at the end😍34 and looks better and better every minute he plays

  • Redondowarrior
    Redondowarrior Month ago

    1:05 I can't believe Ronaldo is 34 look at the sheer pace.

  • Louis Oddie
    Louis Oddie Month ago +1

    i’ve always loved matuidi, his celebration says it all look how happy he is!

  • Ash Millions
    Ash Millions Month ago

    Reinaldo world class at the last minutes can’t sleep on him

  • francis C
    francis C Month ago

    We need cuadrados award winning celebration in fifa 20.

  • Elena Andreea Tudor

    Ronaldo is like a little spoiled brat. always annoyed when he doesnt get the ball and when he has it, he never passes for goal. what a joke of an overrtated douchebag

    SMOKEMAJOR Month ago

    All about Harry Kane

  • BoBch_27
    BoBch_27 Month ago +1

    Showing Ronaldo's dribble at the end, but not Vitolo's chance at 2-1? 🤧🤔

    ITV HUB Month ago +1

    Ronaldo showed up on the 90th min, before that he was hardly seen, great play at the end though CR7.

  • Ya boi Big penis
    Ya boi Big penis Month ago

    Why didn’t higuain square that to ronny at 4:10 ?

  • The lost Company
    The lost Company Month ago

    great game for athletico. but more to the point we should be blessed as football fans to have wittnessed the likes of ronaldo and messi and many many legends of the game in the last 20 years. i personally dont care about the business aspect of football etc (obviously ronaldo has made fortunes moving to juve) but i do think it's gonna be awhile till we see another ronaldo/messi duo again, don't get me wrong there have been many players who've made the sport beautiful to watch e.g pirlo xavi iniesta zidane the list goes on.. but we are blessed as fans for sure. i hope ronaldo makes something for juve he's achieved alot national and club and kept consistant seasons. messi also. two very different styles of football both amazing to witness. and a shout out to bale atm had alot of negative press but is making a mark at real madrid now ronaldos gone. and one more shout out to RIBERY AND ROBBEN for me the best wingers in the game for years.

  • Lims
    Lims Month ago

    the noise in that stadium is ridiculous

  • Aish Ali
    Aish Ali Month ago

    is any1 else pissed off at this guy with the turban.
    "watch the drink"
    I mean its soo irritating

  • Hooria Sultan
    Hooria Sultan Month ago


  • Kim Wexler
    Kim Wexler Month ago


  • RmZy_Ryce
    RmZy_Ryce Month ago +1

    As soon as i heard the voice i thought of Fifa 13

  • AwHD X
    AwHD X Month ago

    Go on my channel and watch newest vid

  • Hamad Khan
    Hamad Khan Month ago

    For Ronaldo

  • Hamad Khan
    Hamad Khan Month ago

    Great game

  • Yasar Syed
    Yasar Syed Month ago +1

    matuidi totally fell over on his celbration

  • Sub to KwbsAndrew81
    Sub to KwbsAndrew81 Month ago +1

    Sub to KwbsAndrew81

  • James Borrowdale
    James Borrowdale Month ago


  • farleyvaughan
    farleyvaughan Month ago

    Atletico madrid are the stoke of europe

  • Sachin #85
    Sachin #85 Month ago

    Great to see clive tyldesley back where he belongs commentating in champions league matches, i grew up watching champions league matches on itv back in the days and with clive tyldesley commentating made the night even more special and glorious

  • Evan Duquenoy
    Evan Duquenoy Month ago +1

    The fact that Ronaldo can still do that at the age of 34 is something special. Ballon D'or Winner 2019??

  • Don’tReadMyProfilePicture

    I just uploaded Ronaldo’s highlights from this game

  • Beede Bawng
    Beede Bawng Month ago

    That last play by Ronaldo was all-time worthy. Sheesh. 🙆‍♂️

  • M Ridhwan Seedat
    M Ridhwan Seedat Month ago

    Yes! Clive's back

  • Patrick Grace
    Patrick Grace Month ago

    Typical Trippier for the second goal!! Gets found out against decent opposition

    FOOD DWELLER Month ago

    I wished Ronaldo targets was a goal 🔥🔥

    • EdsonGamingJr
      EdsonGamingJr 16 days ago

      Me too bro, stupid draw with atlético man💥💥

  • TheFifaStopere Mc
    TheFifaStopere Mc Month ago

    I miss these guys on fifa

  • SlavyPUBGM
    SlavyPUBGM Month ago

    That run by Ronaldo though damn.

  • Dad
    Dad Month ago

    BT should briefly show the line up before the highlights