• Published on Nov 26, 2021
  • I can't believe I got sent this...
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Comments • 172

  • Zamaya Chika
    Zamaya Chika Month ago +50

    It’s good to see james looking happy and healthy. Credit to you for helping him. It’s hard being 18

  • Henryk Kosński
    Henryk Kosński Month ago +4

    Gorąco was pozdrawiam cieszę się że mogę was zobaczyć całym sercem jestem z wami ❤️❤️❤️👍🇬🇧🇵🇱🇬🇧👍👏👍👍👍👍👍

  • Matthew Ward
    Matthew Ward Month ago +157

    Wow man, I remember when ur brother was a tiny little fella. Time sure does fly

  • Orson burchell
    Orson burchell Month ago +11

    James what a lad glad to see him back, what a good brother you are

  • Henryk Kosński
    Henryk Kosński Month ago +4

    Oli jesteś wspaniałym bratem dla Jamesa ja wiem że on nie umie okazywać radości jak coś dostaje ale to widać jak on cię bardzo Kocha zwami wspaniałe się ogląda filmiki i czekamy na następny filmy z Jamsem dają taką waszą radość rodzimego szczęścia kochani gorąco was pozdrawiam z daleka z Warszawy Kocham was bardzo mocno Oli opiekuj się Jamsem on tego potrzebuje 👍💕👍🇬🇧🇵🇱🇬🇧👍

  • richard wallace
    richard wallace Month ago +12

    That alarms ⏰ brilliant oli James freaking out at the vibration thing 🤣

  • Liam Morgan
    Liam Morgan Month ago +71

    These Videos Always Put A Smile On My Face No Matter How Long Or Short The Videos Are.

    • Harmz Woke
      Harmz Woke Month ago

      If I get 315 subs I’ll record myself shitting on Oli doorstep lool

    • Liam Morgan
      Liam Morgan Month ago

      @Lewis Beardall MB Thanks I've done it now

    • Lewis Beardall MB
      Lewis Beardall MB Month ago +1

      @Liam Morgan u can change it in the keyboard settings bro

    • Liam Morgan
      Liam Morgan Month ago +2

      @Seth Games And MORE!! Hedleyh It's The Way My Phone Types Unfortunately.

    • Seth Games And MORE!! Hedleyh
      Seth Games And MORE!! Hedleyh Month ago +3

      Why Are You Putting Caps On The Start Of The Words?

  • S7279
    S7279 Month ago +5

    Great vid as always, love to see James back in the vlogs 🙌🏼

  • Luke
    Luke Month ago +54

    ❤️love to see the videos back with James

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa Month ago +12

    I think James is right about the ink. Love the channel and love seeing James regularly in the vlog again :) ✌️❤️

  • Charlotte Wotton
    Charlotte Wotton Month ago +29

    Oli has to be the best big brother ever ❤️❤️ great video as always Oli xx

    • Khill
      Khill Month ago

      Oil white will rayshine

  • Kall
    Kall Month ago +40

    Been quite some time since I lasted watched this channel! Remember watching all the time as a kid!

  • Banks
    Banks Month ago +6

    Congratulations James On The New Apartment Enjoy it Mate 👊🏼😎

  • Sqwiz
    Sqwiz Month ago +4

    Good to see him back❤

  • connor crackers
    connor crackers Month ago +18

    Dear oli u make me laugh whatever vid u put out you are my childhood and will always be close to me as a creator and human being same goes for James who are the ultimate duo and even now u guys are still crushing the game!!!

  • Fahmeed Rokon
    Fahmeed Rokon Month ago +33

    Im so happy to see James doing better

  • Henryk Kosński
    Henryk Kosński Month ago +2

    Oli kup Jamsowi suszarkę aby mógł zawieszać pranie taką składaną pozdrawiam was mocno dbaj o swego brata postaraj się go ukierunkować aby miał zajęcie Jams jest wspaniałym człowiekiem on ci to wynagrodzi 👍💕👍🇬🇧🇵🇱🇬🇧👍❤️

  • ElissaGow
    ElissaGow Month ago +7

    He actually is right, some of the tags have ink designed to spoil the item if you break the tag (as an anti-theft device). My dad found that out the hard way when a tag was left on an expensive shirt he bought and figured he would just break the tag off. Ruined the shirt and couldn't return it!

  • Abigail Todd
    Abigail Todd Month ago +34

    Hope you and james are ok

  • Adam Kmiecik
    Adam Kmiecik Month ago +8

    In the US we use one of those security tags but it always has the glass ink on display to warn you of attempting to break it. I don’t believe that one has ink because you will see the vital glass on the smooth part.

    • De
      De Month ago

      unless they actually show the ink/say it ones here are normally just alarm tags but not sure about this!

  • adam
    adam 21 day ago +2

    Good to see James back can't wait for more video from you both

  • Storm
    Storm Month ago +19

    Will be honest been a while since I watched your channel but saw you in recommended now use to watch all your videos growing up great to see you doing well

  • Chloe Swan
    Chloe Swan Month ago +4

    Poor James gonna have a heart attack every morning 😂😂

  • Lee Stanford
    Lee Stanford Month ago +5

    Yet again another Vid brilliant lads keep it up, consistent is key 💪🏼

  • Jaden Dixon
    Jaden Dixon Month ago

    I remember when Oli joined James’ twitch stream last year and I told them about a monkey biting me… haha the child in me🙄😂

  • Mini Zinger
    Mini Zinger Month ago +8

    I love the video oli and james hope ur all keeping well

  • ShotzDBD Shorts
    ShotzDBD Shorts Month ago +4

    Love this channel!

    ARSHADNFARHAD123 619 Month ago +2

    I miss these guys ❤️

  • Chris Kench
    Chris Kench Month ago +19

    Definitely need more vid with James again, loved your old videos you used to do.
    Ps James needs his perm back

  • bruh
    bruh Month ago +6

    God it’s been a while. I rememebr seeing u and joe sugg and Alfie days years back in Brighton time does fly

  • Kael Reacts
    Kael Reacts Month ago +16

    Weird how he knows how to freeze security tags

    • Mrs. Tran
      Mrs. Tran Month ago

      @Kael Reacts I agree with you

    • AnqelicLex
      AnqelicLex Month ago

      @Kael Reacts first of all I’m not ur “mate” and I’ve known that for yesrs

    • Kael Reacts
      Kael Reacts Month ago

      @AnqelicLex not really mate

    • Kael Reacts
      Kael Reacts Month ago

      @Harmz Woke you won’t 😭

    • Harmz Woke
      Harmz Woke Month ago

      If I get 315 subs I’ll record myself shitting on Oli doorstep lool

  • P1uno
    P1uno Month ago +2

    great video oli. good to see you back mate get james in some gaming vids??

  • Sketch The Touretes
    Sketch The Touretes Month ago +2

    Love james bueng back in the vids, keep it up mate

  • Scott
    Scott Month ago +7

    The contrast between the two brothers is pretty mad 😂

    • Harmz Woke
      Harmz Woke Month ago

      If I get 315 subs I’ll record myself shitting on Oli doorstep lool

    • Scott
      Scott Month ago

      @coolenaam what do you mean not real brothers? Have they got different dads? Either way they lived together but sound and act the complete opposite, it’s still mad haha

    • coolenaam
      coolenaam Month ago +4

      that's because they're not real brothers, also they're both thick. James is just waaaaay more thick than Oli

  • Seth Games And MORE!! Hedleyh

    Love your videos oli, been watching your vidoes for like 5 years!

  • Boxedbytw🔒
    Boxedbytw🔒 Day ago

    Only it’s remember when he had to dance around like a chicken😂

  • Prince Anime
    Prince Anime Month ago +3

    Oli i watched u when I was 7 I’m now 12 and I’m still watching 💙

  • Krissy S
    Krissy S Month ago +2

    That’s clock is also helpful for deaf people ❤️

  • Scott
    Scott Month ago +17

    Yes there is ink in tags as it stops people being able to take tags off without it showing in stores

    • Scott
      Scott Month ago

      @Harmz Woke why would you do that you weirdo

    • Harmz Woke
      Harmz Woke Month ago

      If I get 315 subs I’ll record myself shitting on Oli doorstep lool

    • Aidan Williams
      Aidan Williams Month ago

      Not those ones tho

  • Furioushinzo
    Furioushinzo Month ago

    its good what you are doing for your brother

  • Callum Ahmed
    Callum Ahmed Month ago +3

    Oli best Vlogger on TheXvid 🎉🎉💪🏻

    DTS_TOMTOM Month ago

    Love the vids oli 😁

  • MDP1
    MDP1 Month ago

    some do have ink in them the ones with ink i have seen always say they have ink inside but most have an tamper alarm or just a magnet in the end completely depends that one looks like an older one so it’s just the one that sets off an alarm when you leave the building and need a magnet to remove you can just bend the wire till it breaks but just take your receipt and I item back to the shop they will be happy to remove it for you

  • Mokgadi Ramokgopa
    Mokgadi Ramokgopa Month ago

    You boys are grown now 🙎‍♀️💪

  • david jones
    david jones Month ago +5

    where or does james work ? bank ceo or airplane director something with a lot of responsability i'm sure

  • Poppy Saunders
    Poppy Saunders Month ago

    Where’s my fellow deaf people at who have those alarm clocks and vibration plates for the fire alarm? 😂❤️🥳

  • Michael S. Brooks
    Michael S. Brooks Month ago

    A vibrating alarm ⏰ is exactly what I need, as I cannot hear the alarm on my phone! What was the brand again? I use to have one of the first bed vibrator alarm back in early 1980's...the thing was heavy, and mounted at bottom of my bed. I am hard of hearing.

  • Jamey Carter
    Jamey Carter Month ago

    That tv is proper decent we’re can I get one? Love the built in sound bar

  • ANTZM8 !
    ANTZM8 ! Month ago

    That particular tag don’t have ink in it however you can get tags with ink in it . ❤️

  • Jamey Carter
    Jamey Carter Month ago


  • jannah miah
    jannah miah Month ago +2

    yes love the james vlogs

  • LinksBlue Shorts
    LinksBlue Shorts Month ago

    Is it sad that before you even opend the first box I knew it was Sky Glass?

  • ღsimply Boredღ
    ღsimply Boredღ Month ago

    I always thought the tags had ink in it too

  • Baylea
    Baylea Day ago

    I think a fresh start somewhere else is what he needed didnr look like ppl where being very nice to him

  • Eli.
    Eli. Month ago +3

    Yess jimmy is back

  • nikitawilton123
    nikitawilton123 Month ago +3

    All smart tvs have apps on them built in. Don't need sky and most have voice activation. Mine for example is with alexa or Google

  • Ethan Mcgowan
    Ethan Mcgowan Month ago +1

    Yo olly we met once at event city Manchester I was happy about that I was one of the last people to see you 😂

    TXC WHIT Month ago

    Great video ollie

  • Zach E
    Zach E Month ago

    Are we sure James isn’t biologically related to Matty Healy from The 1975?

  • Trooper_Bean
    Trooper_Bean Month ago +4

    I use to like James now he things he’s hard lmao

  • Finn Woods
    Finn Woods Month ago

    Started my channel last week! You gave me the confidence to just go for ot

  • Bxrnzy
    Bxrnzy Month ago +2

    Wtf I swear you slapped him with marmite yesterday now he’s 47

  • username123 username123

    Please do loads more videos

  • Tolly B
    Tolly B Month ago +7

    Do more gta vids with James

  • El supremo
    El supremo Month ago +3

    Get him on GTA RP and stream it

  • Blurriest channel
    Blurriest channel Month ago

    hey im a day late ti the vid but as sooon as i sat down at my computer and looked in my youtube notfications and saw another video from oliwhite it just amde me sooo happy that hes back and with his brother too!! LETS GO!

  • Callum
    Callum Month ago

    I think you wanna have a chat with your brother, he thinks he’s hard

  • aejmedia
    aejmedia Month ago

    Does that mean sky glass is listening to you all of the time??

  • Just Hannah
    Just Hannah Month ago

    Hey Olly where did you get the alarm clock please ?

  • Harrison A
    Harrison A Month ago

    They have ink in yes 😂

  • Glenn Nix
    Glenn Nix Month ago +1

    take a magnet to the thing on the slippers and then pull the 2 ends apart

  • Kelly Edes
    Kelly Edes 9 days ago

    Yes there is ink in those tags on the slippers. James is right.

  • b1966m
    b1966m Month ago +9

    6:35 that forced accent

  • Douglas Ruessavel
    Douglas Ruessavel Month ago +6

    How does James pay his bills?
    What job does he do for work.?

    • xxxXXXCH04XXXxxx
      xxxXXXCH04XXXxxx 14 days ago

      @Harmz Woke wtf

    • Harmz Woke
      Harmz Woke Month ago

      If I get 315 subs I’ll record myself shitting on Oli doorstep lool

    • Moorcroftz
      Moorcroftz Month ago +1

      I recon oli is just being a good brother getting him going down a good road and probably helping pay for the apartment while James gets a job or maybe he has a job dunno?!

    • Mxrk JJ
      Mxrk JJ Month ago +1

      @Anna_M xo benefits wouldn’t pay for this apartment. I assume oli will pay till James finds a job or summat

    • Anna_M xo
      Anna_M xo Month ago +3

      I imagine he either has a job or claims for benefits

  • martinisaweeb
    martinisaweeb Month ago +2

    Been a while I watched you a long time ago

  • Muhammad Mirsab
    Muhammad Mirsab Month ago +1

    I just came to a video of yours after probably yearsssss!! And your lil bro, is it really him?!
    Or did you you replace your brother with an alien??!! Aaaahhhhh!

    Ofc he grew up! But aaaaaaah! It feels weird, he was so little!

  • jc bernal
    jc bernal Month ago +1

    wow, oli has packed on some pounds. he looks good with the extra weight

    • coolenaam
      coolenaam Month ago +1

      settle down chubby chaser

  • Ashkan
    Ashkan Month ago +1

    Good one oil

  • Lewis W
    Lewis W Month ago

    You got the sky glass

  • Sycho
    Sycho Month ago +10

    Does James have a lazy eye or is it just me, there’s something different with his face

  • Lee Explores
    Lee Explores Month ago

    Couldn’t you just take the slippers and receipt back lol

  • Robert Tobin
    Robert Tobin Month ago +1

    has james always had a lazy eye

  • Grace Ewan
    Grace Ewan Month ago

    Yep the tag has ink in it to stop people from trying to take it off and steal it

  • Sharpey's World
    Sharpey's World Month ago

    its a magnet inside the tag

  • GamerYTPlayz
    GamerYTPlayz 7 days ago

    What TV is that oli?

    CALL ME BAS Month ago

    Make your food diy plss

  • Teresa Owens
    Teresa Owens Month ago

    No ink.. There are videos on how to remove them you need a lighter

  • abdul Abdul
    abdul Abdul Month ago +1

    That’s a hard tag not a ink tag

  • Ben Cordon
    Ben Cordon Month ago +1

    Lol has James got bozz eye?

  • aejmedia
    aejmedia Month ago +1

    hahahaha lmao

  • Squid Game Square Guard

    Yes it has ink, if you try to pull it off it will puncture the ink cartridge and put ink all over the item,

  • Lauren Knight
    Lauren Knight Month ago

    Are you guys in the same apartment complex?

  • Reece May
    Reece May Month ago +3

    It’s so forced, He clearly doesn’t wanna be in the vids with this whole cringey clot shot, he just grew up

  • welcometoloserville
    welcometoloserville Month ago +2

    Basically a 6 min ad and a 7 min vid 🙄🙄

  • PT Taekwondo
    PT Taekwondo Month ago

    you sound so similar to my instructor... creepy

  • Reece May
    Reece May Month ago +2

    I know he trying to help him but he clearly doesn’t wanna be on TheXvid again

  • M N
    M N Month ago +1

    Def no ink I worked in retail for years.

  • Robert Snow
    Robert Snow Month ago +2

    His haircut gets worse over the years

  • Thomas Maddox
    Thomas Maddox Month ago

    Is it me did I hear grindi sound at 13:23 in James room

  • Callum Moore
    Callum Moore Month ago +2

    6:36 James has a lazy eye