How Far Would You Go? | Life Is Strange 2 - Episode 4

  • Published on Aug 25, 2019
  • Things sure have changed in Life Is Strange Episode 4
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    TONY STARK 2 hours ago

    I hope they run into chloe and max it one of these episodes

  • Herman Grove
    Herman Grove 3 hours ago +1

    2:11:6 science is always open for debate. So we can find mistakes if we made them

  • Amber Nichols
    Amber Nichols 3 hours ago

    why didnt karen ask for the manger

  • The King of Stanule
    The King of Stanule 4 hours ago

    Mexico sucks! That's not just an oppinion that's a fact. Why do you think countless Mexicans are trying to escape at all costs.
    why would you EVER want to go there?

  • Herman Grove
    Herman Grove 6 hours ago +1

    Highway to hell + Born in the USA = Highway to freedom?

  • Charles Wortham
    Charles Wortham 8 hours ago

    Open for a mother I thought I was supposed to I tried to pretend for many years and the urge to leave

  • The King of Stanule
    The King of Stanule 9 hours ago

    Jeez, these Life is Strange series are a bunch of festering husks. At least I now know Jack is a simple man with simple needs.

  • LordOfThePitch
    LordOfThePitch 12 hours ago +1

    I don’t even want to watch life is strange 2 because it doesn’t have Max and Chloe

  • Haruhi
    Haruhi 16 hours ago +1

    as much as i agree with the characters never reappearing, it fits the theme of the game and the story- in this situation you have to leave everyone behind including friends you make along the way

  • Vidgamite
    Vidgamite 23 hours ago

    Chad is the extreme trump supporter nobody likes. The other guy is the trump supporter and everyone else who are disgusted by the extreme idiot

  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose Day ago

    "That's because your hearts full of sins"
    Dude. Judgemental. I'm a Christian but that's not something you say to someone omg

  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose Day ago

    I'm glad real Christians (ya know, ones that aren't extremists or crazy) aren't like that lady. Real Christians wouldn't say stuff like the reverend lady was saying. Instead of having them actually thank God, she was having them thank her.

  • Abel Solorzano
    Abel Solorzano Day ago

    He’s going to get drunk😂😂😂

  • HO LL OW
    HO LL OW Day ago

    Sean didn’t go to Nevada to get Daniel,

  • Uchiha Itachi
    Uchiha Itachi Day ago

    Boi oh boi this was one hell of a boring game.

  • Comrade Waifu
    Comrade Waifu 2 days ago

    I just wish it was like the first one where Sean was the strange one and it was like a romance thing that had the main plot twist idk I just think that would of been better

  • Delaney Donlea
    Delaney Donlea 2 days ago


    I started laughing when Sean drank his wine.
    Then I had the thought that he was drinking coffee out of a wine glass and I died laughing.

  • Landon Faszer
    Landon Faszer 3 days ago

    Why does jack break every game he plays

  • Carl Gainey
    Carl Gainey 3 days ago


  • Ahmed The Redditor
    Ahmed The Redditor 3 days ago +1

    I really understand jack, this is kind of an undertale, deltarune thing

  • Carl Gainey
    Carl Gainey 3 days ago

    that was a bad choice man

  • Carl Gainey
    Carl Gainey 3 days ago

    my point exactly

  • Gareth McLoughlin
    Gareth McLoughlin 3 days ago

    not seeing the eye is like negan and carl ...

  • Gareth McLoughlin
    Gareth McLoughlin 3 days ago

    I know what its,like being stuck in a hospital room its horrid

  • Agamaz
    Agamaz 4 days ago

    i think the third episode was my fave so far

  • Nonetral
    Nonetral 4 days ago

    i wont hesitate BITCH

  • Kid Squid-RB
    Kid Squid-RB 4 days ago

    i literally started saying "if the way is hazy" right when sean did and i was scared.

  • Alexander Rivera
    Alexander Rivera 5 days ago

    Your an adult kid

  • The Chosen Jeff
    The Chosen Jeff 5 days ago

    As much as I'm catholic, these people at the church were pissing me off

  • KellboRose
    KellboRose 5 days ago

    What happened to this game? I paid for all the episodes and played the first 2 then watched these playthroughs and I don't think I want to play any more episodes now. Jack is still awesome and entertaining as always but this game got so weird. The fist few episodes were so good, but it all just went downhill from there and we ended up with this madness? Daniel just turned into a spoiled little brat since the last episode and he used to be awesome. Most of the random characters are just racist psycho's, except the few good ppl that just die or leave. I'm so annoyed that a game that started out so good and that I really loved ended up being so disappointing

  • L Irish
    L Irish 5 days ago

    Just a disclaimer before I say anything... I'm Jewish but not very religious and I don't quite understand the Christian god. It terrifies me that some Christian actually think like this. I'm not saying that I'm afraid of people who are Christian but knowing how far some people take their faith or whatever it is kinda scary. I was taught that the life your living now is either heaven or hell and it's completely up to you. So the idea of having to repent for sins to go to a place because you did some right in your life really confuses me. Idk if any of this makes sense but that's my rant.

  • peachy ghita
    peachy ghita 6 days ago

    seans kinda cute tho

  • Agamaz
    Agamaz 6 days ago

    1:28:11 that woman is like that woman from Silent Hill 3

  • uh oh Batman
    uh oh Batman 6 days ago +1

    You took her side. And for that Jack your a baby back bitch. You dont ghost your children. If your life and dreams dont coincide with your children to bad. Suck it up and raise them. You are the light in this fucked up world.

  • Kail Luisse Balbalec

    I'd kick the sh*t out of the guy with the gun.

  • Pixilated
    Pixilated 8 days ago

    I honestly cant waint for episode 5

  • hElp
    hElp 8 days ago

    okay but the dessert scene is that not the same scene from beyond two souls HAHAH

  • puddiin
    puddiin 8 days ago +1

    I really wish these games would have better voice acting. It never feels compelling or organic, it just feels so flat and takes you out of the experience with how bored the actors sound.

  • H2O FAN
    H2O FAN 8 days ago

    life is strange after storm i need it

  • Bad_Luck_King 2
    Bad_Luck_King 2 8 days ago

    Friend: ArE yOu cRyINg?
    Me: nO

  • Jerimiah Chavira
    Jerimiah Chavira 8 days ago

    He pissess me off with his stupid dicissions

  • Emery Williams
    Emery Williams 8 days ago

    What if life of strange 1 characters show up in a episode

  • Princess Janaye
    Princess Janaye 9 days ago

    10-4 basically means ok

  • satan thedancingshark

    Where the fuck is max and Chloe lol

  • PayMeImSeamie
    PayMeImSeamie 9 days ago

    Man. As somebody that's religious, it's really weird seeing how brainless we can look.

  • saints FPS
    saints FPS 9 days ago +1

    As someone who had an injury and had to wear an eye patch for a few months, the depth perception ting is really over dramatised. At the start it was a bit of a pain, but i could still do physical things and play sports and whatever somewhat decently, after 2 - 3 weeks i got used to it and could do what i normally do, i'd say i was 90 percent as good as before, could still do plenty of shit, play sports and everything, you get used to it fast.

  • SpeedyGD
    SpeedyGD 9 days ago

    Oh shit, I forgot her name was KAREN.

  • ßenjie
    ßenjie 9 days ago

    So, I was bored and I looked at the comments and it just spoiled my life.

  • NikoNico Nee
    NikoNico Nee 10 days ago

    This all started because sean didn't question Daniel in the very first episode.

  • S B
    S B 10 days ago +1

    So...... Karen didn't take the kids?

  • Can I get 500 subs with zero content

    I thought Karen would have an actual excuse. Shits pathetic man.

  • Michael Fields
    Michael Fields 11 days ago

    Companies and producers shouldn't be allowed to copyright strike anyone for a song that they allowed to be in a video game

  • Yellow bananago
    Yellow bananago 12 days ago

    2:15:38 lmao thats probably just Daniel screwing with Sean

  • Yellow bananago
    Yellow bananago 12 days ago

    Lisbeths robes are all over the place in this game

  • Project Human
    Project Human 12 days ago

    2:08:54 Anyone else notice the lady is called 'Worshipper' lol.

  • Project Human
    Project Human 12 days ago

    Tokyo Ghoul's 'UNRAVEL' started playing in my mind seeing Sean wear that eyepatch.

  • Project Human
    Project Human 12 days ago +1

    Jack: *How did we get here?*

    Is it weird that the video finished literally about 90 minutes after he said that?

  • Project Human
    Project Human 12 days ago

    1:20:20 I HONESTLY thought Daniel would playfully turn the cross upside-down and hell would break lose, pun intended, in the church.

  • Project Human
    Project Human 12 days ago

    Getting Sean beat up was painful, man. Wish Sean had superpowers too. After Life Is Strange, it feels so weird to play a helpless protagonist.