Minecraft is now available on Game Pass for PC!

  • Published on Nov 1, 2021
  • Get Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on Windows 10 and 11 with your Xbox Game Pass for PC or Ultimate subscription*. Now you can access both games in the same launcher and conveniently cross-play with any current Minecraft version, including consoles and mobile! Just launch the same edition as the Minecrafter you want to play with. No need to pick and choose - experience Minecraft on PC in one launcher with Game Pass.
    *Terms and exclusions apply. Xbox Game Pass for PC catalog varies over time, by region, and by device. For play on Windows 10 and 11 devices. Not supported on Windows 10 in S mode and on ARM devices. See xbox.com/gamepass-forpc for details.
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  • wattles
    wattles 6 months ago +1216

    who would have known that the best part of all of this would be that we get one single launcher finally

    • Dennise Martinez
      Dennise Martinez 4 months ago

      Hey wattles

    • Zeronumbersssss
      Zeronumbersssss 6 months ago

      @Michele 006 XD i know its so simplified

    • grandma77
      grandma77 6 months ago

      @Doc James Burton u got every game on the game pass, soo if u only have one game and its only mc java edition it is worth it to get the game pass,btw game pass has more than 100 games

    • Sun
      Sun 6 months ago

      @A Very Intelligent Dog yes

    • Sun
      Sun 6 months ago

      @madlyjp Bruh

  • Pixelcraftian
    Pixelcraftian 6 months ago +851

    _"Minecraft Bedrock and Java are now out on Gamepass!"_
    _video only shows bedrock gameplay_
    This is REALLY COOL though, can't believe Game Pass people get both. Very awesome, Mojang!

    • Marzina Akter
      Marzina Akter 5 months ago

      @Pengu60 ur life is cap

    • Marzina Akter
      Marzina Akter 5 months ago

      @Aquele Aleatório yes

    • ProbablyOofboi
      ProbablyOofboi 5 months ago

      @ERDude Either that or they don't want to make a skin for every person in the trailer (Including the girl that switches between outfits) so they use bedrock's more user friendly character creator.

    • ProbablyOofboi
      ProbablyOofboi 5 months ago

      @ItzBeefyz No? Xbox gamepass is available for both Xbox (duh) and PC.

    • ProbablyOofboi
      ProbablyOofboi 5 months ago

      @Seth Rollins Fan I think Java is for pc gamepass only, however you could probably use gamepass for both pc and xbox without any extra cost.

  • Rusteec
    Rusteec 6 months ago +38

    Wow Mojang. This video production alone is one of the best 'trailer' videos I have ever seen and the Game Pass for PC? Definitely a new milestone for Minecraft. 🐢

  • Efsane Kurt
    Efsane Kurt 6 months ago +27

    The combination of bava and jedrock is legendary, well done Mojank!

    • SparkyFolf
      SparkyFolf 6 months ago

      @Coutinihoho Yes, "it's convenient, maybe a lil too convenient???" (Reference from the show lol)

    • The Overcast
      The Overcast 6 months ago

      The question is if those that get Bedrock or Java now will have access to the other.

    • Coutinihoho
      Coutinihoho 6 months ago

      Ngl when they were saying that live for a milli second I nearly cried out of joy

    • Efsane Kurt
      Efsane Kurt 6 months ago +1

      @Focused911 Yes?

    • Focused911
      Focused911 6 months ago +3


  • Jemand
    Jemand 6 months ago +920

    It's nice to have Bava and Jedrock together.

  • Cubism_2
    Cubism_2 6 months ago +72

    I like how Mojang is promoting creativity

  • farid cracksito
    farid cracksito 6 months ago

    algún día espero que las dos versiones se puedan unir en un mundo survival común y corriente grande minecraft :)

  • casto
    casto 6 months ago +216

    The transitions are smooth as butter

    • Mr. DNA
      Mr. DNA 6 months ago +2

      Unfortunately, the launcher isn't.

    • Apple Inc.
      Apple Inc. 6 months ago +1

      @Davs_ yeah I owe it all to my mother,

    • Youdubham
      Youdubham 6 months ago +1

      Nice and Steezy

  • Zero Sponge
    Zero Sponge 6 months ago +62

    "Game Pass has PC Games"
    I dunno why it gives off similar vibes to "Nintendo Switch has games".

    • IronIsKing
      IronIsKing 6 months ago

      because gamepass is marketed under the xbox brand, which produces consoles

    • Rayan Pro Gamer
      Rayan Pro Gamer 6 months ago +3

      The floor is made out of the floor

  • JustMeLiving
    JustMeLiving 6 months ago +14

    When I bought bedrock instead of Java I knew I messed up. But I'm so happy that I will be able to get Java for free!!!

    • Divkaran Singh Waraich
      Divkaran Singh Waraich 27 days ago

      how does minecraft work from game pass i mean do they stop u from playing when u dont pay for the next month

    • ProbablyOofboi
      ProbablyOofboi 5 months ago

      @Blacklotus88 I assume Xbox Live only applies to Xbox.

    • Blacklotus88
      Blacklotus88 6 months ago

      @Joel but what dose the game pass do exactly in Minecraft, will I still be able to play with my friends without it

    • Joel
      Joel 6 months ago +1

      @ClankStar no, just its part of the xbox gamepass, if your xbox gamepass runs out, you will still own your minecraft since you brought it. You wouldnt be using it with the xbox gamepass

    • ClankStar
      ClankStar 6 months ago +2

      Well I bought Java and I didn't like it and I switched to windows 10 does this mean I will have 2 Bedrock and 2 java purchase?

  • HenryNutsy
    HenryNutsy 6 months ago +3

    It is really Nice to have them both in the game pass.

  • CrayRT
    CrayRT 6 months ago +11

    The transitions in this is so smooth. This looks cool

  • C15 - Chloekaban's Long Videos

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  • Zack
    Zack 6 months ago

    I appreciate the hard work that was put in the dite

  • AshishXMC
    AshishXMC 6 months ago +1

    Nice to have Minecraft [Bedrock] and Minecraft Java Edition to be officially together now.

    • notspace
      notspace 6 months ago +1

      why do you make "bedrock" with "[]"? do you think bedrock is the main version of minecraft?
      Your Wrong mg java came first and is the version that originally was created by notch. Bedrock is just a Minecraft ripoff from microsoft

  • John Doe
    John Doe 6 months ago +4

    This is soo cool! We finally have one single launcher! The new pc I bought came with free xbox game pass. Can't wait to try Minecraft and Forza Horizon 5! 😃

    SITI KHOTIMAH 6 months ago +10

    Mojang, please add hardcore and spectator gamemodes to the bedrock edition

  • Roel
    Roel 6 months ago

    Hey I had an idea for a new minecraft update: What about potions that shrink or grow players and mobs. Would be cool I think

  • Endermite109
    Endermite109 6 months ago +1

    One more granite so that Bedrock and Java are closer together and be just 1 😍

  • TheLegend1800
    TheLegend1800 6 months ago +2

    I was hoping this would come with Minecraft Realms or something. I already own both versions.

  • Eg Guy
    Eg Guy 6 months ago +11

    The transitions were soo smooth

  • Jake Globox
    Jake Globox 6 months ago +276


  • RentSper
    RentSper 6 months ago +1

    Yes finally bedrock and java are now on gamepasses the waiting time is finally over is it?

    JESHUA_YT_OFICIAL 6 months ago

    Es hermoso :))

  • Brandon Marin
    Brandon Marin 6 months ago +12

    Holy mother.......... ITS SO BEAUTYFULL, amazing job mojang mates

  • Pr3tz0l
    Pr3tz0l 6 months ago

    Amazing editing too. Great job!

  • TannerLive
    TannerLive 6 months ago +3


    • Zeronumbersssss
      Zeronumbersssss 6 months ago +1

      We are getting closer and closer to having minecraft just be one game :D

  • José Edeilson
    José Edeilson 6 months ago

    Quem dera que o badrock fosse mais semelhante ao java e que chegasse a altos fps no celular.

  • Blitzdrache
    Blitzdrache 6 months ago +4

    Thats an amazing Video with the RL and MC parts together! 😄

  • Miss Hooman
    Miss Hooman 6 months ago +4

    Mojang: Bedrock *and* Java are now on Game Pass!
    Also Mojang: only uses footage of bedrock edition

  • I am Simple Johan
    I am Simple Johan 6 months ago +141

    It is beautiful see how in a game pass at least we have the closest thing to a java X bedrock

    • ClassicIceMC
      ClassicIceMC 6 months ago

      @Ajax they're different

    • Ajax
      Ajax 6 months ago

      @ClassicIceMC when did I say I wanted it, I said it would never happen

    • ClassicIceMC
      ClassicIceMC 6 months ago

      @Ajax If you want to make this unified edition uses Java, say goodbye to Minecraft for consoles and iOS/iPadOS

    • Ajax
      Ajax 6 months ago

      @ClassicIceMC why would anyone on pc want to deal with that buggy mess and pay for mods and texture packs when it's been free for over a decade

    • ClassicIceMC
      ClassicIceMC 6 months ago

      @Ajax This Edition uses normal Bedrock Edition, but with all java features

  • PikaPotterhead07
    PikaPotterhead07 6 months ago


  • TheGamingWolf 4372
    TheGamingWolf 4372 6 months ago +7

    Can't wait for the combination of the two. But when will java have console controlls

  • Zous 2005
    Zous 2005 6 months ago +178

    The "Nether say never" reminded me of Dantdm's cursed "Never going back to the nether" song

  • Avedis D'souza
    Avedis D'souza 6 months ago +3

    The prefect presentation of the perfect news!

  • owral
    owral 6 months ago +43

    Clean transitions, as always!

  • Shital Sawant
    Shital Sawant 6 months ago +173

    Bava/Jedrock edition, the real happiness of better Togetherness

    • SparkyFolf
      SparkyFolf 6 months ago

      @Baked Beans ye a clip from Minecraft Live

    • Blahalel
      Blahalel 6 months ago

      I like Bavarock..

    • ReusableRocket
      ReusableRocket 6 months ago

      why isn't this pinned

    • GiantIsOut
      GiantIsOut 6 months ago

      @Samplays77 He did that on purporse.

    • sonya kelton
      sonya kelton 6 months ago +1

      Love playing bava edition

  • Leonel Solis
    Leonel Solis 6 months ago

    Es hermoso muy hermoso ❤️😍

  • charles edward
    charles edward 6 months ago

    This is maybe a little out of topic but what if Pocket Edition or Bedrock Edition has the same API as Java Edition , does it make the game crashed or make the game more heavier?

  • KarimMC
    KarimMC 6 months ago +4

    Exited to play the new bava and jedrock editions!! In all seriousness this is a really cool update especially if you have some friends that want to get Java edition but can't buy it

    • TheLastPlays
      TheLastPlays 6 months ago

      @Bobux ok ty

    • Bobux
      Bobux 6 months ago

      @TheLastPlays Yes, they do

    • TheLastPlays
      TheLastPlays 6 months ago

      @Bobux im just wondering (if u know) does the games stop working if you stop the subscription???

      XDR4GONSN1PEX 6 months ago

      @Bobux How come in the new launcher I can't select the versions yet let me make a new version, what about my worlds in the old versions that are not latest or newest?

  • bestrindberg
    bestrindberg 6 months ago

    Well done on the editing!

  • Beryls1000
    Beryls1000 6 months ago

    Cool to watch 😀 Nice job on the video 😊

  • Commander Frog
    Commander Frog 6 months ago +2

    Finally I can pay for minecraft again, been waiting 10 years

  • The Toxic Archives
    The Toxic Archives 6 months ago

    This is great! Now we wait for Java to hit Xbox! 😁

  • C15 - Chloekaban's Long Videos

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  • Uwarobosa Obasuyi
    Uwarobosa Obasuyi 6 months ago

    All these videos are amazing and exciting!!

  • Shajee12
    Shajee12 6 months ago +10

    These are some pretty smooth transitions.

  • Temmie and chara
    Temmie and chara 6 months ago

    This could have been useful a week ago, but I already bought both Minecraft java and bedrock 😅

  • Vejas Wind
    Vejas Wind 6 months ago


  • RSC
    RSC 6 months ago +2

    There is an error when you open the old launcher and you get the notice of the new launcher, you try to log in but it tells you that you have not purchased Minecraft even if you have your account purchased. I solved it by entering the new launcher and then returning to the old launcher

    • RSC
      RSC 6 months ago

      @Ultimate Johnson Just intall the new launcher in the microsoft store and sing in there.

    • Ultimate Johnson
      Ultimate Johnson 6 months ago +1

      same problem but I got no idea on how to fix it :(

  • Mr.Game& Science
    Mr.Game& Science 6 months ago

    Finally, I can play Java and Bedrock edition

  • Yoshi, Tax Evader
    Yoshi, Tax Evader 6 months ago +1

    Hope Java gets released on Xbox one day, but for now this is really cool!

    • Pacomatic
      Pacomatic 4 months ago

      @Srgtfetus 5780 No difference?
      u live under a rock bro?

    • Srgtfetus 5780
      Srgtfetus 5780 5 months ago

      There really is no difference between bedrock and Java, Java in my opinion would be better just staying on pc because it takes advantage of things that are on pc like moding and better hardware but that’s not to say those things could not work for Xbox:)

  • ❆Đông❆
    ❆Đông❆ 6 months ago +431

    *The perfect transitions don't exis-*

  • 12DAMDO
    12DAMDO 6 months ago

    to be honest, when i linked my Java account with my Microsoft account i thought it meant Java and Bedrock became cross-play

  • Dorian Udland
    Dorian Udland 6 months ago +1

    Just one problem, when you try to launch it, it doesn't work. It says the launcher can't update. (You probably already know about this problem, just commenting it in case.)

  • joao pedro
    joao pedro 6 months ago

    Um Sonho realizado

  • Wasalamajala
    Wasalamajala 6 months ago

    Will Mojang ever make a mistake?
    Hope not

  • \ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ/
    \ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ/ 6 months ago

    They also released a new launcher on the Windows 10 Store for the Bedrock Edition!

  • Shery
    Shery 6 months ago +2

    I love it so much 😍

  • Virginia Pritts
    Virginia Pritts 6 months ago +6

    I have a idea. Everytime you walk in armor, the armor makes noise.

  • Daniel RBLX
    Daniel RBLX 6 months ago +4

    This kinda feels like a trailer for Java Edition and Bedrock cross-play.

    • Daniel RBLX
      Daniel RBLX 6 months ago

      @notspace Yeah ik, but it can be pretty laggy I think and not 100% stable.

    • Ajax
      Ajax 6 months ago

      @Brian Orozco it can't happen, there's too many differences to make the two games even remotely compatible

    • notspace
      notspace 6 months ago +1

      @Daniel RBLX it is. there are many java servers that allow bedrock players to join their server on bedrock edition. ever heard of geysermc?

    • Daniel RBLX
      Daniel RBLX 6 months ago

      @Brian Orozco Unfortunately, Java Edition and Bedrock actually isn't really cross playable at all.

    • Brian Orozco
      Brian Orozco 6 months ago

      I wonder if the Xbox Game Pass is like a new tool for Java and Bedrock cross-play

  • さまかみ
    さまかみ 6 months ago +2

    This feels different from a normal minecraft ad, I think some microsoft higher ups is involved in the decision making for the ads ideas

  • brailey eduardo pacheco umaña

    should make Nether fortresses easier to find in bedrock

  • Spawn Number2
    Spawn Number2 6 months ago

    Will the files for the new launcher be in the same place as the old one?

  • TSTB Studios
    TSTB Studios 6 months ago +4

    FAQ for this
    Q: Does this mean that the two editions will play together with Game Pass?
    A: idk

    • Blahalel
      Blahalel 6 months ago

      @TSTB Studios No..?
      I’m just here to comment..

    • TSTB Studios
      TSTB Studios 6 months ago

      @Blahalel u are a bot

    • Blahalel
      Blahalel 6 months ago

      Yes, but not only with game pass! Soon Java and PE will be merged! I suspect it’s going to be amazing!

    • EmeraldMan
      EmeraldMan 6 months ago +2


  • Dingus.
    Dingus. 6 months ago +1

    Wow… Like it hasn’t been on PC for a decade. Very smart move Mojang… Very smart.

    • BangDroid ✪
      BangDroid ✪ 5 months ago

      @Flame Pelt For the time being

    • Flame Pelt
      Flame Pelt 5 months ago

      @BangDroid ✪ it's still on the website, just the same as you can buy all the games in the xbox pass somewhere else, there's literally hundreds

    • BangDroid ✪
      BangDroid ✪ 6 months ago

      You can't see the moves ahead...
      1. All accounts must be Microsoft... 2. Java now _available_ on PC (though a subscription service) 3? Integrate micro transactions into java 4? milk more $ from the enormous java userbase 5? future Bedrock and Java versions are Game Pass exclusive (old versions still playable but don't get new updates)

  • Hunter Leach
    Hunter Leach 6 months ago

    This is cool that Minecraft bedrock and Java are going to be in one single launcher

  • Semih
    Semih 6 months ago +2

    They didn't show any gameplay from the java version 🤔

  • Surabhi Pandey
    Surabhi Pandey 6 months ago +4

    Finally, the war is over, finally I have been waiting for this.

  • Pew Egg
    Pew Egg 6 months ago +1

    I dont have Java but I do have the xbox game pass so I used Java launcher but sadly its only the demo version of Java but still 10000000/10 content

  • Astro Z Gamer
    Astro Z Gamer 6 months ago

    This Is Masterpiece

  • Danez
    Danez 6 months ago

    I wanna see the nether portal moment but without the camera changing angles

  • ClassicIceMC
    ClassicIceMC 6 months ago

    1 Launcher for Java and Bedrock, now make launcher for other platforms, this is huge community demand

  • Grand Audio
    Grand Audio 6 months ago +103

    All these videos are exhilarating.

    • bAghead
      bAghead 6 months ago

      @Jean carlos Abreu cadete supongo que eso es lo que significa.

    • Oscar Chávez
      Oscar Chávez 6 months ago

      @Jean carlos Abreu cadete obviamente no XD

    • St1ckSquar3d
      St1ckSquar3d 6 months ago


    • VENDER4502V
      VENDER4502V 6 months ago


  • me when i
    me when i 6 months ago

    i've been stuck on bedrock for years and the last time i playee on java was when i was a child, glad i can go back now

    • notspace
      notspace 6 months ago

      Glad to see you back! Must have been so annoying with all these kids on bedrock.

  • fire cow78
    fire cow78 6 months ago +1

    Сделайте так что игрок при спавне спавнятся в тапаром в руке потому что рубка деревьев рукой выглядит как-то странно

  • Angel Hernandez
    Angel Hernandez 6 months ago +1

    I'm just saying this, but I really wish the Java Combat has a java parity and goes on bedrock edition if possible (Just saying) it would make it better

  • RoleplayJustyce
    RoleplayJustyce 6 months ago +1

    I would love to see Java on console but there's only so much you can get in life I guess 😞

    • AlmightyMan Shadow
      AlmightyMan Shadow 6 months ago

      @Bipbip2109 He wanted to say java cannot be run by Xbox and PS .

    • Bipbip2109
      Bipbip2109 6 months ago +1

      @Pchelek "Java cannot be ran by PC"
      what did you smoke dude

    • Pchelek
      Pchelek 6 months ago +1

      Java cannot be ran by PC. Bedrock was made for consoles with different code so that console players can play minecraft aswell. So java is never coming to consoles.

    AEROSS AND AE VLOGS 6 months ago

    I got an idea for Minecraft 2.20 update it's gonna be is that there's more color varients to wolf's and also new villages like swampy village and dark oak ones also the nether village the crimson and warped new items and block's

  • ThatGuyWhoSpam
    ThatGuyWhoSpam 6 months ago

    We need a bedrock edition launcher

  • Marivic Napenas
    Marivic Napenas 6 months ago

    i love minecraft. i play it every weekend

  • Panashe Mutema
    Panashe Mutema 6 months ago

    The way how i bought both of them, 2 months before they announced this

  • The Cheminex Mc
    The Cheminex Mc 6 months ago

    Wow the transitions are perfect

  • gun go B A N G • 900 years ago

    Legendary as always

  • CyberCreeper303
    CyberCreeper303 6 months ago +1

    but the real question is, does the bedrock compatibility with java work on the old launcher, or do i have to buy game pass to play java with my bedrock friends?

    • JustaMrCreeper64
      JustaMrCreeper64 6 months ago

      The nov 2 release is for xbox game pass ultimate (and i think pc) subscribers only, if you own either java or bedrock, we have to wait sometime next year to get the OTHER edtion you don't own yet, so no but it will happen in the future (also the subscribers i think might get the new launcher early than us either java or bedrock players)

  • Jessica Forbes
    Jessica Forbes 6 months ago +1

    Can someone explain how the launcher and cross-play thing works (with each version)? And any tips for which version to buy on PC if I don't have game pass?

    • Pacomatic
      Pacomatic 4 months ago +1

      Java is the version for Windows, Mac, and Linux; but you can only play with others on that platform. However, it is much easier to mod and much more customizable
      Meanwhile Bedrock is cross-platform between Windows 10/11, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Mobile.
      If your friend has MC they usually have bedrock, alhough many consider it inferior to Java.

    • Jessica Forbes
      Jessica Forbes 6 months ago

      @STICKY RICKY yeah but i dont even use it, I'd rather just buy the game

      STICKY RICKY 6 months ago

      its 1 dollar bro, are you kidding me

  • Hunt Computer
    Hunt Computer 5 months ago

    It would b nice if we could get bedrock on Linux or Mac OS

  • Game With GWJ
    Game With GWJ 6 months ago +1

    I Just Got It, It Looks So Fun

  • Darth
    Darth 6 months ago

    This is amazing

    SARGE 6 months ago +1

    Still waiting for rtx, that's literally the only reason I brought the xbox series X/S

  • cemto
    cemto 6 months ago +1

    finnaly i can play whit my xbox friends again, my xbox broked but now i can play bedrock on computer whit them this is just amazing

  • AndreSkipper
    AndreSkipper 6 months ago +2

    So... if my game pass expires, do I still have acces to them?. I already have a Java account but I'd like to play with some friends in Bedrock.
    I read the Xbox Game Pass FAQ but I still in doubt

    • Pchelek
      Pchelek 6 months ago

      You lose everygame on gamepass when your membership expires.

  • Krister Tube
    Krister Tube 6 months ago

    What happens to the mobs who dont get in the game

  • Diamond Boi
    Diamond Boi 6 months ago

    The transitions is so cool

  • ibektv
    ibektv 6 months ago +1

    Can i install both launchers at the same time?

  • Whiskers
    Whiskers 6 months ago

    Yaay it's here!!
    So excited!!

  • Dakshika Dias
    Dakshika Dias 6 months ago

    Thanks mojang. I was expeting this before long time.

  • Nixxon Parkinson
    Nixxon Parkinson 6 months ago

    One thing this is not related but for the warden in minecraft it should spread its shulck block after death

  • pulseS09
    pulseS09 6 months ago

    wow you guys put alot of effort into this

  • Slide
    Slide 6 months ago

    Best of this:
    Minecraft on gamepass[ ]
    Minecraft for more people [ ]
    Minecraft java and bedrock on same launcher [ ]
    Trailer transitions [x]