Alex Stewart vs Mike Tyson

  • Published on Jul 13, 2013
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  • Cameron
    Cameron Month ago

    It’s like watching a pitbull vs a lab

  • d dianno
    d dianno Month ago

    Holyfield didn't hold/clench against Stewart as he had some problems with Stewart, though tyson easily destroyed Stewart. Clearly...the strategy by holyfield to continuously hold Tyson while backing him into the ropes endlessly frustrated Mike. He then became tired, beaten as his punches dried up. Like ali...a strategy can win over a superior opponent. However...I like to see two men just fight!

  • Bad Boy
    Bad Boy Month ago

    When Steward Fought with Hollyfield he Looked Strong and gave a Strong Fight, when he met Tyson he looks like newby Boxer..Meanwhile Hollyfield can beat Tyson.. Why??

    • Alex198395
      Alex198395  Month ago

      Bad Boy the Tyson that Holyfield fought was not the same Mike that terrorized the heavyweight division. Prison messed him up. He was only using one punch bombs, instead of combos

  • Nicholas H
    Nicholas H 2 months ago +3


  • El Jay
    El Jay 2 months ago

    What people don't know is Cus D'Mato, specifically trained Mike Tyson to beat Muhammad Ali..
    Mike Tyson's style was a perfect counter to Ali's head movement, and defensive techniques..
    Look at old footage of Ali and Cus, when Cus was showing Ali counters to his distraction, which other fighters fell victim too

  • The Booty Captain
    The Booty Captain 2 months ago

    "How do you feel, man?" Get's me everytime 😂

  • Retrogamer Dell
    Retrogamer Dell 2 months ago

    Mike was just tryna hit him with hard knocks. No bobbing like his earlier matches.

  • Ronald M
    Ronald M 2 months ago

    Tyson was just bombing away..every shot loaded

  • Pete Jimenez
    Pete Jimenez 2 months ago

    (Buffer) so was this the next fight for Mike Tyson after the loss to buster Douglas?

    • Ray Sierra
      Ray Sierra 2 months ago +1

      Pete Jimenez this was the second fight after his loss to buster.his first one was Henry Tillman

  • Pete Jimenez
    Pete Jimenez 2 months ago

    What's a trip about this video is how chill Michael buffed used to announce back in the day

  • AMAD1G78
    AMAD1G78 2 months ago

    Best Tyson

  • Gayrat Safarov
    Gayrat Safarov 2 months ago

    Бедный Стюарт в мясорубку попал

  • Heisenberg-SchrodingerEmc2

    This EXACT SAME FIGHTER Alex Stewart gave Evander Holyfield a shit ton of trouble. Tyson made him look like NOTHING. And this is post=prime tyson, lack of head movement, lack of jab, not squaring up properly, look for the big punch and he STILL destroyed him. It makes me laugh, as somebody's who's been boxing since I was 14 when people call Tyson overrated lol. You don't understand the nuances of fighting. Tyson had to maintain DISTANCE CONTROL, meaning he would slip punches and use his unmatched reflexes and heavy to counterpunch (or as they called it in NY, counter-bomb). Tyson was PRODIGY in his prime. Lennox admitted that he didnt want any parts of the young tyson because he was a late bloomer. Taller fighers have career longevity because they aren't as reliant on quicknes and headmovement. Tyson at his PEAK? The only two fighters in history i would line up against him are Prime Ali (GOAT) and Prime Foreman (who, weirdly, had major psychological issues).

  • MasterMateo
    MasterMateo 2 months ago

    Alex was beat before the fight began. You can see it in his face all the doubt and fear

  • Виктор Петровский

    Это уже не тот Тайсон....игра называется кто первый попадет...гениальная техника скончалась

  • Paul Carden
    Paul Carden 2 months ago

    poor kid!

  • Ma M
    Ma M 2 months ago

    Mike is full of rage here, he doesn t box ,its a street fight

  • Phil Stringwell
    Phil Stringwell 2 months ago

    That guy was not knocked out his eyes too focused still tosser

  • Phil Stringwell
    Phil Stringwell 2 months ago

    Guy didnt want to fight end of

  • Роман Беляков

    Love Tyson best legend 💞)))

  • umojah souljah
    umojah souljah 2 months ago

    The destroyer got destroyed.

  • Lulzim Rama
    Lulzim Rama 2 months ago


  • Timothy Thomas
    Timothy Thomas 2 months ago

    the Destroyer got destroyed.

  • T Kop
    T Kop 2 months ago

    And mike is a little wild, as he go for the kill

  • Eros Hermes
    Eros Hermes 2 months ago

    Stewart had some balls getting in that ring

  • Elvis Mengisto
    Elvis Mengisto 2 months ago

    This guy was like a gazelle looking at a lion before the fight, scared shitless

  • MegaSmarterthanyou
    MegaSmarterthanyou 2 months ago


  • Rodamatic80
    Rodamatic80 2 months ago

    Such garbage in mikes corner

  • Robert Gonzalez
    Robert Gonzalez 2 months ago

    We will never see a fighter of this magnitude ever again. Mike Tyson the greatest Heavyweight of all times.. Mohammed Ali had no chance..

  • Calle N
    Calle N 2 months ago

    Tyson was put on medication against "violent behavior" when he beat up his wife. It messed up the chemistry in his head. He went from "absolutely unique", to, a "very good boxer" . He was never the same anymore, "the magic " disappeared...

  • Vincent Shadreck
    Vincent Shadreck 2 months ago

    Dya dlaya mababa

  • sugar sean
    sugar sean 3 months ago

    WTF was Mike thinking having those 2 fucking parasites John Horn and Rory Holloway leeching off him.. What were they doing in his corner even? "fuck em up Mike fuck em up".. He was really in a bad place back then!

    SWAC FAN 3 months ago

    The destroyer got sunk😂

  • Onur Gunes
    Onur Gunes 3 months ago

    Scariest boxer ever

  • Laurie Caspoli
    Laurie Caspoli 3 months ago +5

    No one could have handle a young prime tyson. no debate needed.

  • HybOj
    HybOj 3 months ago

    2:41 Nightmare

  • martin turner
    martin turner 3 months ago

    holyfield struggled with this guy

    • Alex198395
      Alex198395  3 months ago

      martin turner Holyfield struggled cause Alex did not fear him.

  • Orhan Snake
    Orhan Snake 3 months ago

    These fuckin Clowns in Tysons Corner man 🤮🤦 Mike shouldnt left Rooney 🤦👎🙏

  • Stathis Chatzi
    Stathis Chatzi 3 months ago

    If I would be on the Boxing bosses I wouldn’t let
    Mike boxing.. mike is a killer it’s a killing machine no man alive had a chance against him

  • Leopard Bra Brado
    Leopard Bra Brado 3 months ago

    behaves and take on Problems in life. God bless him

  • guitar on sky
    guitar on sky 3 months ago

    Mike can punch a bear to death.

  • Steve Knapik
    Steve Knapik 3 months ago +1

    I love how in every mike Tyson win his first instinct is to go to his opponent and make sure he’s ok. He may have been a lot of things but a fighter with a good heart is what I see.

  • Glenroy Charles
    Glenroy Charles 3 months ago +2

    if mike could have only defeated drugs and women, then he would have been the Greatest Of All Time

    • Leopard Bra Brado
      Leopard Bra Brado 3 months ago

      former champions and Very Good pugiles! The only i recognize as pure boxing defeat is Lennox Lewis, holyfield was on steroids, way taller and cheated like shit in both fights

  • Sonny Parker
    Sonny Parker 3 months ago +3

    First we had Ali..the greatest of all time... But damn Tyson was a close 2nd. Probably the hardest puncher ever !!!

    • NZ SUBZ3R0
      NZ SUBZ3R0 3 months ago +1

      How is Ali the greatest of all time??

  • Gerald McCarter
    Gerald McCarter 3 months ago

    Besides the STAGGERING POWER, Tyson had the SPEED of the fastest WELTERWEIGHT at that time...MELDRICK TAYLOR!!!

  • Cristo viene Pronto preparate


  • mike12345807
    mike12345807 3 months ago +2

    Alex Stewart had an impressive knockout record but he's going against a LEGEND

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez 3 months ago

    Was he out of shape

  • Montrez Holloway
    Montrez Holloway 3 months ago

    Dude look scared already....he bout to get crushed

  • Slava Shehovec
    Slava Shehovec 3 months ago

    В углу Майка клоуны.

  • hector inov
    hector inov 3 months ago

    Damn 24 years old mike .... that beast

  • Yertle The Turtle
    Yertle The Turtle 3 months ago +5

    Christ, if the ref counted that fast in Tokyo Mike wouldn't have lost!

  • Gabor Didier Edoh
    Gabor Didier Edoh 3 months ago +4

    Mike Tyson the ultimate boxing legend

  • Kimberly Stanley
    Kimberly Stanley 3 months ago

    Mike was a TRUE killa.for real!! Boy I'd love to see wilder and broner and Joshua fight him, back during his prime

    • Rome O
      Rome O 3 months ago +1

      Kimberly Stanley he destroy them

  • gsmusic2009
    gsmusic2009 3 months ago

    Speed kills

  • MrGray2u I jus might be him

    Seen it in his eyes.... Im bout to get my ass kicked!!!

  • S Waseem
    S Waseem 3 months ago

    01:14 this is the look of a man resigned to facing a beat down

  • Bles
    Bles 3 months ago

    Tyson vs who

  • Max max
    Max max 3 months ago

    I have seen so many comments about tyson like "Who di He beat" lmao These Peoples are all 25/30 to 0 or 1 defeat.. leT out the First 5 bouts He beat the shit out of undefeated, former champions and Very Good pugiles! The only i recognize as pure boxing defeat is Lennox Lewis, holyfield was on steroids, way taller and cheated like shit in both fights they had. The other defeats where more mental then in the ring, and I rly understand him. Mike is just part of the greatest of boxing, and Very close to Cassius Clay in how he behaves and take on Problems in life. God bless him

  • Roberto Nice
    Roberto Nice 3 months ago

    Damn, looks like he's shitting himself, (1:15)!°😨🤯