Michael Cheika's heated exchange with journalists

  • Published on Sep 30, 2017
  • Australian rugby coach Michael Cheika has insisted that Israel Folau didnt tackle Dillyn Leyds and pull his hair, while evidence and Leyds both say differently
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  • Cole Sisikefu
    Cole Sisikefu Month ago

    He had to stick up for Folau , otherwise he would of been sued

  • Warren Cowan
    Warren Cowan 2 months ago

    Clown !!!!

    • cloudydaez
      cloudydaez 2 months ago

      Warren Cowan yup and good bloody riddance. Dave Rennie will be good for the Wallabies they needed someone with a bit of class as well as being a great coach. Now they just need a new captain.

  • J. Richards
    J. Richards 2 months ago

    Cheika's a typical loud mouthed Aussie dickhead!. He definetely grabbed him by the hair!....

  • Desmond Allin
    Desmond Allin 2 months ago

    Who the hell wears a man bun in today’s age, let alone on the rugby field, let alone representing our country!
    A man bun?
    No wonder he got his hair pulled.
    A MAN BUN, It’s an advertisement to .......
    So toughen up ad cut your bloody hair!

  • Yaseen Morgan
    Yaseen Morgan 2 months ago

    Meanwhile the Bosses are crowned World Champions. Aussie MOFFIES

  • M T
    M T 3 months ago


  • Clyde Wilson
    Clyde Wilson 3 months ago

    Well cut your fucking hair then you dumbass.

  • Reginald Burnbridge
    Reginald Burnbridge 3 months ago +1

    I have an idea bloody hippy, get your haircut...

  • Wang Chung
    Wang Chung 3 months ago

    Gold ... the colour of envy .... envy is a sin

  • Sophie -Grace
    Sophie -Grace 3 months ago

    Michael Hooper's thinking "Bugger, why didn't I bring a book?"

  • Angus Abrahams
    Angus Abrahams 3 months ago +1

    "by the time I got up Ebbie (Eben Etzebeth) had that situation under control" lol

  • G P
    G P 3 months ago

    Cheika is such a Poes.

  • Sailasa Vakalala
    Sailasa Vakalala 3 months ago +1

    Rugby is all fashion now.....the hairdo, the beards etc,etc. You become an easy accidental target.
    The famous French prop, Gerard Cholley(he laid out 3*Scots men in the same match in 1977) put it bluntly that Rugby's gone very soft !!!! I AGREE.
    Rugby was a mans game before..we've got women in on it now.
    How about we play netball now and have national team representation.

  • Micheal De Thierry
    Micheal De Thierry 3 months ago

    You still a clown chikkapea

  • Dan & the Dogs Adventures


  • Jay Best
    Jay Best 3 months ago

    Jesus. Shut the fuck up Cheika. "Go look at the vision" what a fucking loser. It is driving me nuts.

  • Blue Steel
    Blue Steel 3 months ago

    Cheika is a crap coach, a twat and bad for Australian rugby....he has a shit record and it is a mystery as to how he has managed to hold on to the job

  • Welsh Simon
    Welsh Simon 3 months ago

    Australians Got NO Culture And No Class . Knuckle Draggers . 🙄

  • Wyze Vuta
    Wyze Vuta 3 months ago

    Because Cheika is a sore loser.

  • divaD
    divaD 3 months ago +1

    Didn’t know the collar of a shirt was on the top of someone’s head now

  • Devon Garvie
    Devon Garvie 4 months ago

    "Watch the vision"??? Really? What a tool

  • mata2nz
    mata2nz 5 months ago

    He can go it..,believe.

  • Dufty-Kare Martin
    Dufty-Kare Martin 5 months ago

    Who cares lol. Wallabies suck

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 6 months ago

    1:18 my reply would have been "well I'm not Israel folau am I"

  • cameron wilson
    cameron wilson 8 months ago +2

    Folau talks about gays,but he pulls guys hair

  • Collin Joseph Suliano
    Collin Joseph Suliano 11 months ago

    Folau clearly pulled that bloke's hair. 😄😂

  • dijitaljun
    dijitaljun Year ago

    Where was the nugde by hooper

  • kenny sender
    kenny sender Year ago +1

    Is Michael Hopper got a bung cross eye or is it just me ? ;)

  • kenny sender
    kenny sender Year ago

    Cheika wouldn’t know he’s got no hair to pull on with his hideous haircut .;)

  • lionel o'connor
    lionel o'connor Year ago

    Cheika, Should have gone to Spec Savers! Knob head!

  • A Ali
    A Ali Year ago

    Cheeks, you're clueless mate and your players arnt up to scratch, not entirely your fault....BUT...no need to bring up tmo, hair pulling, handbags etc

  • Lealavaa Malo
    Lealavaa Malo Year ago

    Folau is cheap.. he clearly pulled this guy's hair...ref should have looked at his hands....

  • 995sean
    995sean Year ago

    Hooper looks embarrassed hahahahah

  • hippz nepz
    hippz nepz Year ago +4

    Michael the clown chieka😂

  • Daniel O'Neill
    Daniel O'Neill Year ago

    “Mate, Whatever”... Michael Cheika is really the best

  • Carzey
    Carzey Year ago

    This guy needs to go to spec savers and the other bloke is etzebeth learn to know him

  • Cullan Deacon
    Cullan Deacon 2 years ago

    Watch the vision 😂😂😂 so dumb

  • Dave McKenna
    Dave McKenna 2 years ago

    who tackles someone buy the hair ? A Aussie , check the vision check the vision , DICK HEAD

  • Rugby Analysis
    Rugby Analysis 2 years ago +1

    Explains why Aussie Rugby is in the pits. Someone with an absolute inability to see reality.. Imagine being coached by that every week.. Ugh

  • Pete Mills
    Pete Mills 2 years ago


  • John Adams
    John Adams 2 years ago

    Mícheál Cheika what a idiot he made a fool of himself don't see Ireland coach Joe Schmidt or New Zealand coach Steve Hansen behaving like that

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 2 years ago

    Angry bird.

  • warren harrison
    warren harrison 2 years ago

    Folau is not , nor has ever been a dirty player. This was a jumper-grab that got collar and long hair all in one, but the collar slipped from his grasp leaving him with a hand full of hair. The slow mo-replays gives you the impression he has time to recognise what has happened and let gp but that is unrealistic at full pace in the tackle it happens too quickly - all over in a fraction of a second. The right call was made by ref.

    • bluestowin
      bluestowin Year ago

      No body called him a dirty player, but he has seen the replay and he knows what the truth is.

    • Dave McKenna
      Dave McKenna Year ago

      YOU must be a 1 eyed aussie , Left hand was on the jersey , BUT the right hand was on the hair the whole time ,

  • stevanroth
    stevanroth 2 years ago +1

    Hooper always has an expression on his face of a gormless twot

    • bluestowin
      bluestowin Year ago

      So true, gormless like the coach.

  • Max T
    Max T 2 years ago

    Cheika is a poor coach full stop.....

  • Hard-core fitness centre Rob harman

    Hair pulling at best hoops embarrassed by this man lol maybe a job in football they all bitch in that sport 😂😂

  • Andreas Dominguez
    Andreas Dominguez 2 years ago

    surely this aggressive response was to subvert the chances of folau being cited. cheika may very well think his hair was pulled but will protect his team from a skewed governing body.

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan 2 years ago

    "Have you ever played rugby mate"
    ............. Trumped himself. What a savage guy......

  • Blue Steel
    Blue Steel 2 years ago

    Hair for sure

  • Jan Van Riebeeck
    Jan Van Riebeeck 2 years ago

    I love how the Bok players are so chilled: I could've retaliated but mah nigga Eben smashed his face so its cool...

  • bigblue
    bigblue 2 years ago

    How are aussie rugby fans not embarrassed by this fucken clown has there ever been a press conference where he does anything but piss and moan about anything and everything especially how the refs pick on his hair pulling bunch of girls what a fucken clown have you watched the vision go watch the vision ok have done still a fucken clown

  • Maryanne Ratema
    Maryanne Ratema 2 years ago

    Michael CHEIKA you're a fucking MORON!!!!! worse fucking coach in the southern hemisphere. as for the wallabies a pack of Sheila's. Hair pulling, what an embarrassment

  • majestic gurl
    majestic gurl 2 years ago

    Michael Ćheika you're a tucking MORON... blind as well.

  • Barben Howard
    Barben Howard 2 years ago

    Cheika? The Captain of the team is staring at you...lol

  • Warren Kent
    Warren Kent 2 years ago

    fuck you Michael - you are a proper poes

  • Roger Tallentire
    Roger Tallentire 2 years ago +4

    Cheika is a sub standard coach and a complete idiot. The sooner Aussie replaces him the better the game will be in Australia. How can the game move forward with this guy in charge. Folau should have been red carded. A more experienced ref would have done so.

  • Tim Rogers
    Tim Rogers 2 years ago

    Michael (Hair t'day, gone t'morra) Cheika, needs to go to Spec-savers.

  • researcher 55
    researcher 55 2 years ago +5

    CHEIKA is AN IDIOT !!!!!!!!!!

  • Tj Hill
    Tj Hill 2 years ago

    The complete opposite to steve hansen the anti christ if you will lol

  • Aaron Filer
    Aaron Filer 2 years ago +5

    Cheika insists it didn't happen, this is why aussie is losing its grip on rugby, Cheika not seeing the obvious mishaps of hair being pulled, then how can he coach a team or show his team the professional way to deal with such issues? denial isn't it................look at Steve Hansen with sonny bill's mishap when it happened, straight up, saying how it was, totally professional about it, no insists it didn't happen.....come on Michael Cheika wake up, face it, not deny it