American Reacts to British Childhood Ads | Evan Edinger

  • Published on Sep 8, 2019
  • British ads are weird. Why don't we go compare them?
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    If you're new to my channel and videos, hi! I'm Evan Edinger, and I make weekly "comedy" videos every Sunday evening. As an American living in London I love noticing the funny differences between the cultures and one of my most popular video series is my British VS American one. I'm also known for making terrible puns so sorry in advance. Hope to see you around, and I'll see you next Sunday! :)
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  • Evan Edinger
    Evan Edinger  8 days ago +236

    Ya boy got a spon deal! Get 75% off NordVPN! Only $2.99/mo, plus you get an
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    • Lauren Hever
      Lauren Hever 4 days ago

      Evan Edinger oh excellent! Thanks for replying

    • Evan Edinger
      Evan Edinger  4 days ago

      @Lauren Hever you can choose I believe! I went with lump sum

    • Lauren Hever
      Lauren Hever 6 days ago

      Evan Edinger with the VPN does it take money out monthly or a lump sum?

    • Matthew Creigh
      Matthew Creigh 7 days ago

      @Evan Edinger doesn't make it any less good 😂

    • Evan Edinger
      Evan Edinger  7 days ago +1

      What?? That’s the whole reason I got it. Works for me!

  • Caitlyn Roberts
    Caitlyn Roberts 10 minutes ago

    They showed Evan the hedgehog think! ads but not the other think! ads... they scared me a lot when I was younger

  • Rachel O
    Rachel O Hour ago

    I’m from ireland and I remember hearing the pencil story about the Frosties kid but I’m pretty sure we thought he died

  • SmorzyCat
    SmorzyCat Hour ago +1

    Oh god I hated the lelli kelly ads 😬

  • Rosa
    Rosa 9 hours ago

    Evan: what’s a Lellie Kellie
    Proceeds to get told what a daisy doll is 😂

  • narflet
    narflet 9 hours ago


  • Robyn Mukbang
    Robyn Mukbang 11 hours ago

    What about Clark’s and the school shoes with spy stuff or girl stuff haha

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 11 hours ago

    Crusha is veggie just the strawberry and raspberry ones aren't

  • imsuchaphannie 11
    imsuchaphannie 11 11 hours ago

    I was eating a baby bell whilst watching this 😂😂😂

  • Shain Hrusovsky
    Shain Hrusovsky 12 hours ago

    Excuse me but PA drivers aren't bad. NJ and NY however are utter trash!!

  • Lilianne Thorne
    Lilianne Thorne 15 hours ago

    Barry Scott is my childhood

    Bang and the dirt is gone

  • Rockabyebecca
    Rockabyebecca 16 hours ago

    omg do y'all remember that horrifying car safety ad where a kid crossed a road on a bend and broke all his bones

  • SteamboatWilley
    SteamboatWilley 16 hours ago

    I've never seen that Lelli Kelly advert before and it's disturbing as heck.

  • lucy oram
    lucy oram 17 hours ago

    We like to sing 'Washing machines live longer with cow cum' instead

  • kindle Fairy
    kindle Fairy 21 hour ago

    Going to add a few ads to the list because I’m an old brit (I’m 20 ) . The magic tooth fairy game, golden coin maker. The cravendale adverts with the cow , cyclist and a pirate. The national confectionary company sweets aka bring on the trumpets !

  • NotLogicalAtAll
    NotLogicalAtAll 23 hours ago

    Do australian ads!!!!!!

  • i just went too far
    i just went too far 23 hours ago

    i always wanted lelli kelly shoes but we were too poor 😂

  • Tovah M Guillen
    Tovah M Guillen Day ago

    "Americans are wierd." 😂😂😂 yeah... yeah we are. That's ok though, we think you're weird too 😝

  • Brooke Dunn
    Brooke Dunn Day ago

    I am triggered they did not show him the John Lewis christmas ads...

  • Skyrim Monkey
    Skyrim Monkey Day ago

    is the Scottish guy (Corry) Billionaire boys best friend i swear their identical even the face shape

  • Angela Settipani

    Excuse you Evan, baseball is America’s past time. But Frosted Flakes commercials were definitely always centered around throwing a sports ball of some kind.

  • Carleeyyy
    Carleeyyy Day ago +2

    It was the Clark's ones with Daisy, the little doll, and friends in them 😂 I had like 3, Daisy, her friend, and her dog 😂

  • Dua Zaidi
    Dua Zaidi Day ago

    Tbh I was just waiting for the Lelli kelly advert😂😂😂
    My childhood memory cux I always wanted them but they were £50 so my parents never bought I grew up and I realised THEY R POINTLESS FOR THE PRICE but still....😂😂😂

  • superpea 98
    superpea 98 Day ago

    Watch tea consent

  • Lily Fisher
    Lily Fisher Day ago

    can you do the john lewis one and the grandma shreddies one ( "his is how we do it").

  • abbf26 -_-
    abbf26 -_- Day ago

    heard the words lelli kelly and had a slumdog millionaire style flashback to being 8 watching that ad as my parents argued in the bg

  • Robert Willoughby

    Hello! Can you do trains in America versus trains in UK? You'll have to ask Geoff Marshall to do that one with you.

  • Oisin Clarke-Willis

    I knew a person who was friends with the guy who made the crusha advert

  • Georgia Louise
    Georgia Louise Day ago

    Who remembers the fish tank that you put like moonsand stuff in and you use a pen type thing to draw under the water in 3D with it

  • Izzy ___
    Izzy ___ Day ago

    If you haven't heard of the Go Compare Guy, I don't know what planet you're on.

  • el kiera
    el kiera Day ago

    I’m from Scotland and we had the same rumour about the Frosties kid and the pencils 😂

  • Nate the Cheesebag

    We nice had a music assessment about music and adverts and the gorilla one was one of them

  • Nasrin Yarahmadi

    The shoes with the toys in were clarks get your facts right 😂

  • MrStanderd5000
    MrStanderd5000 2 days ago

    2 weeks!

  • shelby wendel
    shelby wendel 2 days ago

    The US has train safety adds too! If you've never seen the "Dumb ways to die" safety adds then I would highly recommend checking them out.

  • Holly Maguire
    Holly Maguire 2 days ago

    I got moon sand when I was younger and got it all over my carpet in my room. I was never allowed to use it again 😂

  • Reegs G
    Reegs G 2 days ago

    Baby bell kinda reminds me of the good ol’ chef boyardee commercials.

  • Intercide
    Intercide 2 days ago

    Imagine if this was sponsored by every ad in this video

  • john kerr
    john kerr 2 days ago

    Is that British the general?

  • EthanRylettTV
    EthanRylettTV 2 days ago

    I always used to test people on the numbers from adverts 🤣🤣
    0800 00 1066. Hastings direct. Hastings direct. Hastings direct dot co-o-om

  • Heidi Baltom
    Heidi Baltom 2 days ago

    Anyone remember "theres a jooce , loose, aboot this hoose"

  • Kit_Kat_Katy
    Kit_Kat_Katy 2 days ago

    You forgot the FLASH spray cleaner advert with the dog and the guy singing !!!

  • Charlotte Cooke
    Charlotte Cooke 2 days ago +1

    My favourite as a kid was the BN BN (DO DO DO DO DO DO)advert

  • Jetdog
    Jetdog 2 days ago +2

    I became the coolest girl in reception when I pulled those dolls out of my shoes

  • peeta puppy
    peeta puppy 2 days ago

    DUDE THAT'S CLARKES NOT LELLI KELLI lol lelli lelli had the makeup and bows

  • Ev Batman
    Ev Batman 2 days ago

    you should do an episode comparing the american grades to the english grades e.g. what would be the equivalent to a English 9

  • Lauren Swain
    Lauren Swain 2 days ago

    I never actually noticed the tenner/tenor pun before omg

  • Ellie Pugh
    Ellie Pugh 2 days ago

    i didn’t think that Lelli Kellys had holes in the shoes, i thought that was only Clarks

  • Sophie
    Sophie 2 days ago

    Auto glass, shaker maker, Sheila’s wheels, safestyle “you buy one you get one free” windows, the terrifying government smoking/driving/trains ads with dead children

  • uwubeki
    uwubeki 2 days ago

    this brought back many memories I didn’t know existed

  • Marshmallow Maryam
    Marshmallow Maryam 2 days ago

    the hedgehog advert was based on a kids book

  • Caitlin Walker
    Caitlin Walker 2 days ago


  • Jenny Abrahall
    Jenny Abrahall 2 days ago

    when i was in primary school my books were covered in little reflective hedgehog stickers

  • RoRo
    RoRo 2 days ago

    fun fact: i can move my eyebrows like the cadbury’s ad too

  • Kristina Bryan
    Kristina Bryan 2 days ago

    Baby bell is actually the us version of chef boyardee..

  • XChristineX
    XChristineX 2 days ago

    Those crusha ads!!!! There was a kid in my year 5 class in primary who was obsessed with them 😂

  • Lily Laurie
    Lily Laurie 2 days ago

    You didn’t do the Ribera advert

  • thehauntedkitkat
    thehauntedkitkat 3 days ago

    All these ads were shown on tv in Ireland too 😂 nostalgia

  • unicorrin
    unicorrin 3 days ago

    I'm loving the Scottish representation in this one, and yes everyone in Scotland knew about the frosties kid and the pencils

  • KidInTheDark
    KidInTheDark 3 days ago

    Where was the Yoe Valley rap ad?? The ad that took up the whole ad break