Out of Bounds Discoveries | Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy - Boundary Break


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  • Stu D
    Stu D 2 months ago +168

    3:40 Red nitro?!

  • Mfm ad
    Mfm ad 16 hours ago

    This is sooo interesting! Can’t wait to watch crash 2 and 3 videos

  • james Rankin
    james Rankin 16 hours ago

    I love boundary break, can't wait to see more of this series

  • Marlamir
    Marlamir 2 days ago

    Love this series

    • Shesez
      Shesez  2 days ago +1

      thank you sir

  • FunFan23
    FunFan23 3 days ago

    please do pikmin 3 I'm begging you

  • João Prata
    João Prata 3 days ago

    You had to look to coco's as* to see the computer. Bandicoot's butt are the best ;)

  • Animate Yourself
    Animate Yourself 6 days ago

    So much effort for something trivial. And I still watched it anyways.

  • Dead Channel
    Dead Channel 10 days ago

    Cortex is asserting his dominance

  • dedly kuin
    dedly kuin 12 days ago

    devs are straight up lazy

  • Daxton Waterman
    Daxton Waterman 13 days ago

    Boundary break madden!

  • BoomerangMiaro 777
    BoomerangMiaro 777 14 days ago

    For crash 3 can you show that DLC level too?

  • princepal OfTheThing
    princepal OfTheThing 14 days ago +1

    I was just about to search this up.

  • Extension Snails
    Extension Snails 14 days ago

    I love your videos but you should really use commas

    • Shesez
      Shesez  14 days ago

      I dont use scripts

  • Glowing Kirby
    Glowing Kirby 15 days ago

    "Classic Crash becomes Modern Crash."

    Ok, this is Sonic Generations Shesez.

  • Lucas Santos
    Lucas Santos 16 days ago

    Que tesão mano

  • Nick Kirkpatrick
    Nick Kirkpatrick 18 days ago

    S W E E T S P O T

  • tj1990
    tj1990 25 days ago

    Shenmue 1-2 remake after crash??

    EMBEAM 28 days ago

    12:05 nooooo, thats not perverted at all

  • That one time drake was on SNL

    6:59 *DOMINANCE*

  • TheRealCreator
    TheRealCreator 29 days ago

    6:48 what the fu-

  • 5000 представляет

    Boundary Break Subway surf plz

  • Cool Bobcat willams

    I want 2D Levels in 3D

  • Phantom Gamer
    Phantom Gamer Month ago

    I think crash is addicted to cocaine... 😂

  • JaM
    JaM Month ago


  • cool boy 2
    cool boy 2 Month ago

    Tysm for crash bandicoot n>>sane trilogy

  • Diamond Dash
    Diamond Dash Month ago +1

    part 2?

  • Just Some Dude On The Internet

    This channel is awesome! glad I stumble on to it, more videos to binge on.

  • Sushibi9000 New SNES Music

    I kinda was expecting the game overcscreen to be in the same location because somtimes the lighing is off looking

  • Masked Champion
    Masked Champion Month ago

    Shesez, have you ever considered growing your beard out?

  • Jordan Ferrazza
    Jordan Ferrazza Month ago

    10:42 The pipe looks centralized.

  • Marshall RBLX
    Marshall RBLX Month ago

    I honest to god thought that he said that pinstripe’s fog was a deep DICK green

  • Stonekold72
    Stonekold72 Month ago

    100% thought you said welcome to the 90 second episode and I had a mini heart Attack.

  • CornHub
    CornHub Month ago

    In crash Warped on the level road crash there is a bird that dies while flying into the alien sign (where the hidden level is), curious as to where that bird flies in and at what load point

  • August Renders
    August Renders Month ago

    That was a great way to start the video with that intro, there!

  • Helen Mitchell
    Helen Mitchell Month ago

    Do kirby game play

  • Helen Mitchell
    Helen Mitchell Month ago


  • realflow100
    realflow100 Month ago

    stray candle flame underneath the map. interesting!

  • dakota dean
    dakota dean Month ago

    You should do an episode on Ocarina of Time 3D!

  • uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas

    I love coco vagina

  • Jason C
    Jason C Month ago

    Well no wonder the load times are long

  • Gamer Laziness
    Gamer Laziness Month ago

    Прикольно так то

  • austinthehotty
    austinthehotty Month ago

    Woh! (Yeah, I know)

  • Finis
    Finis Month ago

    Crash Twinsanity Boundary Break video

  • Zeldacia3
    Zeldacia3 Month ago

    When will part 2 be?

  • BrownyBubs235
    BrownyBubs235 Month ago +1

    "Classic Crash Becomes Modern Crash"
    *crash bandicoot generations-*

  • Tyranitee
    Tyranitee Month ago

    12:02 Its a black box.
    Someone had to say it.

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith Month ago

    Would you consider doing a boundary break for south park:The stick of truth/fractured but whole?

  • Shavery
    Shavery Month ago


  • Bradley Cohen
    Bradley Cohen Month ago

    You should contribute to The Cutting Room Floor.

  • Артём Шистеров

    I really hate guys that interrupting in game code and ruining all atmosphere

  • Shane Morris
    Shane Morris Month ago

    So why do they leave so much in games? Does removing it cause glitches?

  • vini castro
    vini castro Month ago

    Got clickbaited, I thought you were playing and "jumped" out of the boundaries or something like that.

    • Shesez
      Shesez  Month ago

      i mean that DOES happen in the video technically.

  • Siren Hound
    Siren Hound Month ago

    gamehut mentioned you in his crash bandicoot bug run video

  • ThePikkutyyppi
    ThePikkutyyppi Month ago

    I dont know if you take request but hyrule warriors would be good game to boundry brake

  • Tropas de Choque
    Tropas de Choque Month ago

    Make a Castlevania 64 please ;)

  • ??? ???
    ??? ??? Month ago

    Can you do Wii fit/Wii fit+


    In Call Of Duty Black Ops 3, The character Nikolai has hair under his flight helmet


    Has he done Call Of Duty Black Ops 2? That would be cool!

  • 1Thunderfire
    1Thunderfire Month ago

    I never owned the original games though I managed to play them a couple of times on my brother's PS1. And honestly, the old Crash still looks pretty visually good to me.

  • CowFro
    CowFro Month ago

    The tribesmen make me uncomfortable

  • Sally Acorn
    Sally Acorn Month ago

    @shesez yo what's good homie have you tried doing any boundary breaks with the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise

  • Logicdiary317
    Logicdiary317 2 months ago

    Crash looks like a teddy bear now. What happened the the bad ass he was in the ps1 version?

  • SpyWhoLovedHimself
    SpyWhoLovedHimself 2 months ago

    WHY am I interested in this. WHY is this so captivating? WHY do I care whether polygons compress together? I don't even play video games and I've watched like 10 of these.

  • ArcticWP
    ArcticWP 2 months ago

    Great video! I was wondering whether it's possible to play through levels in the game using these different camera angles, for a totally different experience!
    I mean, imagine playing 'Heavy Machinery' forwards instead of sideways, or 'Unbearable' forwards instead of backwards. Maybe even 'Makin Waves' from a bird's eye view, or 'Totally Bear' in first person?!

  • Salad Fingers
    Salad Fingers 2 months ago

    those cylinders are probably sky portals/sky boxes

  • deprespacito
    deprespacito 2 months ago

    The way you say Potaroo triggers me, it’s pronounced “Pot-a-roo” my guy

  • doctorletsplay
    doctorletsplay 2 months ago

    This is kinda sad :/ It looks like level designers didnt even try

  • Khint
    Khint 2 months ago

    1:33 The checker pattern is used to see if there is any inconsistency in the UV mapping of the 3D models. So no, not that weird tbh :P

  • Sam Hodge
    Sam Hodge 2 months ago

    That random flame beneath the map when facing N. Brio is the flame for the Bunsen burner on top of the desk.

  • nerodanger 87
    nerodanger 87 2 months ago

    Why were you looking under coco in the first place 😏

  • Ash Boucher
    Ash Boucher 2 months ago

    This was really interesting! subbed :3

  • Redsorren
    Redsorren 2 months ago

    6:48 And here you can see Dr. Cortex asserting his dominance over Tana.

  • Lion de Oliveira Lorena

    So, today I learned why this remake is so damn badly optimised.
    The excess of unused stuff loaded at the same time.
    That's some top notch game development here ladies and gentlemen.
    Not to mention that the game seemed to be made from at least 2 totally separated teams, as in some levels the game runs smooth and in some others not, most noticeble on Polar ride levels.

  • Kalvinjj
    Kalvinjj 2 months ago

    It's amazing to see the inwards of stuff always (the way stuff works, not opening people up!), makes me wonder a lot what is the performance impact of those map design choices, if some of them are actually performance optimizations that we wouldn't guess they are (as in, you leave something loaded already to reduce load times since RAM is abundant enough), one would think that having all that loaded is an unnecessary burden on the system, whoever with the reduced detail at distance (what was that called again? I remember it has a proper name), it may simply not even introduce additional significant load.
    Makes me think if it's a simple way to speed up the development and such. Very amazed to see how stuff works always.

  • Turtle equals King
    Turtle equals King 2 months ago

    Do boundary break for skylanders spyros adventure

  • Galactic blu
    Galactic blu 2 months ago

    What song is the outro

  • |〉 TARIQ k. 〈|
    |〉 TARIQ k. 〈| 2 months ago

    I find it strange how textures don’t completely disappear when you view them from behind like other games

  • TheWaffleGamer1.
    TheWaffleGamer1. 2 months ago

    Shesez could you ask the developers if they will add mod tools so we could create our own levels?

  • Amy Laircey
    Amy Laircey 2 months ago

    Man this is N Sanely awesome!!! Been so busy with life and Plotagon, I'm so glad I finally got the time to see this! Amazing video as always, Shesez!

  • lil zero
    lil zero 2 months ago

    D E S P A C I T O

  • Father AxeKeeper
    Father AxeKeeper 2 months ago

    Why did you stop saying "where we BASICALLY take the camera, anywhere we want!" That was one of my favorite things about your episodes.

  • PurpleSmasher
    PurpleSmasher 2 months ago

    You know what'd be really interesting to explore? TT Games' Lego titles.
    They are packed with detail that you can't even see and it's so interesting! So if you could do one of those, maybe like start with Lego Star Wars 1 & 2 that would be awesome!

  • Persona X
    Persona X 2 months ago

    What I really want to see is the Crash 2 100% ending screen. There’s an orange gem and it lacks the correct model. I wonder if it’s a lighting error.

  • Itage Hanarou
    Itage Hanarou 2 months ago +2

    I just found you recently and aside from the FANTASTIC content; I absolutely love how genuine you are and how you give shout-outs to people who contributed. Like you don't do a little small "they kinda helped me here" like you make sure to give them big ups no matter what they did. It's refreshing to see and it really shows who you are as a person.

  • Michael Tschann
    Michael Tschann 2 months ago

    Can you do crash tag team racing sometime? Lol I LOVE that game so much

  • jestay23
    jestay23 2 months ago

    Nier Replicant , Gestalt or Automata?

  • Danni Jensen
    Danni Jensen 2 months ago

    It's sad to see how they optimized the game poorly compared to its 20 year old predecessor. They made him more processor intensive without learning how they compensated for such things in the past. A graphical upgrade should not run worse than what came 20 years before it, IMO.

  • Gewel ✔
    Gewel ✔ 2 months ago +4

    11:59 ekhem

  • goatiboy
    goatiboy 2 months ago

    do fortnite save the world

  • gets0410
    gets0410 2 months ago

    Without the "tool" It's kind of obvious that the Classic and modern Crash scene is real time... because its quality is better than the *Activision* logo
    Plus the PC version just confirmed it further... because it's in 60fps.

  • Octoberisu
    Octoberisu 2 months ago

    check the playlist save the world

  • MattyBatty_Productions
    MattyBatty_Productions 2 months ago

    Dead rising 4

  • Emo Pony
    Emo Pony 2 months ago

    How about a Boundary Break for SCP: Containment Breach?

  • You Ready 4 Freddy
    You Ready 4 Freddy 2 months ago

    Hi Shesez, Amazing video as usuall :)
    I have a request for two games: Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts and Sillent Hill 4: The Room.

  • IAmInferno101
    IAmInferno101 2 months ago

    Do dishonored 1 or 2

  • Hershey squirts
    Hershey squirts 2 months ago

    Could you do half life 1 next?

  • Egg With Legg
    Egg With Legg 2 months ago

    What happens when you kill an enemy they fly off screen, what happens to em?

  • Nícolas Mallmann
    Nícolas Mallmann 2 months ago

    Could you make a Boundary Break video about Alan Wake or HITMAN (2016)?

  • Victoria
    Victoria 2 months ago

    You should do a Zelda boss boundary break. For bosses like Volvagia and Morpheel who are underground at some point or Argorok who flies in from who knows where. I think it cool to see if they’re always there

  • Nathan Clarke
    Nathan Clarke 2 months ago

    can you pleas boundary break little nightmares