Amsterdam In Your Pocket - CoBrA museum

  • Published on Jan 7, 2012
  • Fantasy animals and weird creatures are just some of the subjects that CoBrA (an acronym for Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam) artists used in their work. They drew their inspiration from a wide variety of sources including mythology, children's drawings, folklore, ancient history, primitive art, Asian calligraphy and art by the mentally disabled. Although the movement was short lived (1948 - 1951) its prolific adherents left enough work in their wake to fill this beautifully designed museum. Painters, sculptors, poets, photographers and filmmakers were all drawn to CoBrA's goals. They rebelled against the orthodoxy of the art academies and attempted to create art without borders. The museum features works by Holland's most famous CoBrA masters -- Constant, Corneille and Karel Appel.

    Admission: adults €9.50, children €5, children under 5 free.

    Presented and edited by Nienke Bos

    Shot by Theo Leerintveld and Nienke Bos

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  • JerryKitich
    JerryKitich 10 years ago

    The only masterpiece I see there is the lady herself.