How Small Is An Atom? Spoiler: Very Small.

  • Published on Jan 20, 2015
  • Atoms are very weird. Wrapping your head around exactly how weird, is close to impossible - how can you describe something that is SO removed from humans experience? But then again, they kind of make up everything, so let us try anyways.
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    How small is an atom? Spoiler: Very small
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    How Small is an Atom? Spoiler: Very small.
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    • Epic2019Shift
      Epic2019Shift Month ago

      New Sub. Best wishes. Thanks for sharing, Lord-Jesus-Christ com

    • TZO_Ghoul
      TZO_Ghoul 2 months ago +1

      @Aryan Das but that would a paradox if everything is made up of something smaller, it could go to something infinitely small which is impossible, and would change a lot of the way we see the world

    • Aryan Das
      Aryan Das 2 months ago +1

      @TZO_Ghoul right, u got a good ideology, i even believe that as something is bigger/smaller w.r.t. us, there might be something like a much bigger quark which is made up of Multiverses/universes....?? And maybe there is a universe inside the smallest discovered entity?

    • TZO_Ghoul
      TZO_Ghoul 3 months ago +2

      Wait wouldn't that mean that atoms are not the smallest objects in the universe, since they are made up of quarks? If so that would mean even quarks would have to be made of something even smaller right? But if that is the case it means there would be even smaller things making up the objects that make up quarks? If that makes any sense, also meaning that there could be something in our universe that would be thousands of times smaller then atoms. Now that would be an interesting thought?

    • Aryan Das
      Aryan Das 4 months ago +1


  • paul guillory
    paul guillory 17 hours ago

    all hydrogen is the same eh
    isotopes would like to know your location

  • Mr. Weather's World
    Mr. Weather's World 23 hours ago

    Love the animation style in all your videos, and I like the small details throughout like the little text graphics that add a little bit of humor.

  • prac2
    prac2 Day ago

    kurzgesagt: "fluctuations"

    China: "yah well fuck you germans too!"

  • dren3187
    dren3187 Day ago

    Orbitals looks like pussy

  • RantsandRambles
    RantsandRambles 2 days ago

    How do you have a point that is zero dimensions? I'm having trouble with this

  • Donovan Collado
    Donovan Collado 2 days ago

    girl carries quantum physics book:
    Not a single soul:
    that one guy from men in black:*shoots girl*

  • kilroy987
    kilroy987 4 days ago

    Learning about orbitals was fascinating to me, since it helped explain how some molecules are structured. However, when I took organic chemistry in college, I decided I didn't want to be an engineer, because I just didn't get all the exception rules for determining what would happen in a chemical reaction. I stopped being interested right about then.

  • stitch noodles
    stitch noodles 4 days ago

    ninety nine point nein nein nein nein!

  • KeifersIsAwesome
    KeifersIsAwesome 4 days ago +1

    I really miss the intro music for these old videos.

  • Nx Xx
    Nx Xx 5 days ago +1

    3:26 "The electron of an atom could be on the other side of the universe"
    Too right to say that my mind is boggled

  • HUMAN-512 Not robot
    HUMAN-512 Not robot 5 days ago +3

    2:03 Previously lost footage of Hitler being informed he lost World War II. (circa. 1945, colourised.)

  • QwQ 123
    QwQ 123 6 days ago


  • hongchuan wang
    hongchuan wang 7 days ago



  • Endermit
    Endermit 9 days ago

    The thing is how they discovered it

  • Adi Ramrakhani
    Adi Ramrakhani 9 days ago +2

    Just a question, the video says that electrons can be on the opposite side of the universe so can electrons go through matter, like if it was orbiting the nucleus from a million light years way and a planet or a cat was in the way, will the electron go straight through, and if so, how?

    • a random person
      a random person 9 days ago

      There is a near 0% chance thst would happen, but if there was that situation then i assume that it could, as a cat has a lot of space for the electron to go through. However, the electron wouldnt necessarily stay orbiting that atom across the galaxy.

  • Maartje Ament
    Maartje Ament 10 days ago +1

    I DEFINITELY spotted a Pokéball on this video!

  • Mark Landgraf
    Mark Landgraf 10 days ago

    "Atoms are ridiculously* and unbelievably small."

  • Vu My Linh
    Vu My Linh 10 days ago

    Why did you spoil this video dude?

  • Ronald van Kemenade
    Ronald van Kemenade 10 days ago

    Don't wait for new info about the atom. Just go to my website and see the real shape of the core.

  • Joshua Rivera
    Joshua Rivera 11 days ago +1

    Should I feel strange if it does make sense to me?

  • Dani Gorodetsky
    Dani Gorodetsky 12 days ago +1

    2:22 tardis

  • Moscow
    Moscow 12 days ago

    Everyone that says "oh but not all atoms are the same, you ignore isotope existence"
    Reminder: This is 2015

  • connie feijen
    connie feijen 13 days ago

    Some fool us with the idea an atom has light in it. Yet this is not true. There was never for example a table that moved itself in to another room with it's own brain.

  • Troy Ford
    Troy Ford 14 days ago

    Can we have more chemistry vids

  • Lil Rascal
    Lil Rascal 15 days ago

    A lot of folks get sad that we’ve been born too early to experience intergalactic travel, but it makes me sad that it’s impossible to experience living in subatomic space

  • Zuyi Liu
    Zuyi Liu 16 days ago +3

    ah yes

    enslaved 99.99999999999% empty space

  • Sohma _Tohru
    Sohma _Tohru 16 days ago

    This video explains why i failed Physics :C

  • Anthony One. Tony.
    Anthony One. Tony. 17 days ago

    God damn it! How much I love this place.

  • Mr Reddy
    Mr Reddy 18 days ago +3

    What about atoms?
    Kurzgesagt : well this is what we know, but like we don't really know anything so let's wait for the scientists!
    (I seriously love Kurzgesagt!)

  • hblob XD
    hblob XD 21 day ago

    Nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein%

  • BrazenMajesty melm
    BrazenMajesty melm 23 days ago

    3:11 looks like a pussy

  • Call Me Yamato
    Call Me Yamato 24 days ago

    I Think Atoms Are As Large As An Atom

  • Me'haz
    Me'haz 24 days ago +1

    In every facet of the motion of all particles the light of Divine unity shines like the sun. For as is proved briefly in the First Indication of the Tenth Word and in detail in the Twenty-Second Word, if every particle is not an official of God acting with His permission and under His authority, and if it is not undergoing change within His knowledge and power, then every particle must have infinite knowledge and limitless power; it must have eyes that see everything, a face that looks to all things, and authority over all things. For every particle of the elements acts, or can act, in an orderly fashion in all animate beings. But the order within things and laws according to which they are formed differ from one thing to the next. If their order was not known to the particles, the particles could not act, or even if they could act, they could not act without error. In which case, the particles which are performing their duties in beings are either acting with the permission and at the command, and within the knowledge and at the will, of the owner of an all-encompassing knowledge, or they themselves must have such an all-encompassing knowledge and power.
    Yes, all particles of air can enter the bodies of all animate beings, the fruits of all flowers, and the structures of all leaves. They can act within them, although the way the beings are formed is all different and their order and systems quite distinct. As though the factory of a fig was a loom for weaving cloth and the factory of a pomegranate, a machine for producing sugar, and so on; the programmes of their structures and bodies all differ from each other. A particle of air, then, enters or can enter all of them. It takes up its position and acts in a wise and masterly fashion without error. And on completion of its duty it departs. A mobile particle of mobile air, therefore, either must know the forms, shapes, measures, and formations with which plants and animals, and even fruits and flowers, are clothed, or else it must be an official acting under the command and will of one who does know.
    Similarly with a stationary particle of stationary earth: since it has the ability to be the means and place of cultivation for all the seeds of all flowering plants and fruit-bearing trees, either there must be in the particle itself or in the handful of soil that is its little house immaterial machinery and factories in good working order to the number of the varieties of the trees and plants, and flowers and fruits -in fact, it is in every single particle that there must be a factory peculiar to it and all the equipment and machinery necessary for the running of the factory- or else it must have a miraculous knowledge that knows all things about all things and a miracle-working power that creates everything from nothing; or, those duties are performed at the command and with the permission of One Who is Knowing of All Things, and through the power and might of One Who is Absolutely Powerful over All Things.
    If an untrained and inexperienced, common, ordinary, and blind man was to go to Europe and in all the factories there to work at all the trades and crafts in perfect and masterly fashion, and if he was to display a wise and artistic skill to such a degree that it left everyone speechless with amazement, anyone with a grain of consciousness would know that the man was not acting on his own initiative, but that a master of all trades was teaching him and causing him to work.
    And if there was a blind and impotent man who lived in a simple little house and was unable even to rise from his place, and if small fragments of stone, and bits and pieces of material like bone and cotton were to enter his little house and then sacks of sugar, bales of cloth, crates of jewelry, finely-made clothes encrusted with jewels, and delicious foods were to emerge, would anyone with a grain of intelligence not say: "That man is a wretched doorkeeper or merely a latch on the door of the factory of a wondrous miracle-working being, which is the source of his miracles"?
    In exactly the same way, the motion and duties of particles of air in plants and trees, and blossom and fruit, all of which are missives of the Eternally Besought One, antique dominical works of art, miracles of power, and wonders of wisdom, indicate that the particles are acting under the command and at the will of an All-Wise and Glorious Maker, an All-Generous and Beauteous Creator.
    Particles of earth, also, since they are the source and means for the shoots and plants produced by seeds, each of which is a different factory and workbench, a different printing-press, treasury, and antique, a different manifesto proclaiming the Glorious Maker's Names and ode hymning His perfections, it is as definite as two plus two equalling four that the particles of earth are acting at the command, with the permission, and through the will and power of an All-Glorious Maker Who is Lord of the command of "Be!" and it is, {[*]: Qur'an, 36:82, etc.} and to Whose command everything is subjugated. In this we believe.
    Words - 572

  • TC Terrence
    TC Terrence 25 days ago

    All hydrogen atoms are the same? What are isotopes then?

  • Jeevani
    Jeevani 25 days ago

    i spy with my little eyes, a Pokeball!

  • tntzinho br
    tntzinho br 26 days ago

    A real definição de spoiler no titulo

  • Empirical Thinking
    Empirical Thinking 27 days ago

    umm fascinating... a bunch of atoms are learning about themselves.

  • Noface Norname
    Noface Norname 28 days ago +2

    All atoms of same element are not same there is something called isotopes (btw love ur channel

  • Nithin Yadav
    Nithin Yadav Month ago

    How is light produced

  • random happens here

    I’m not in a room tho...I’m waiting for a bus while sitting on the street

  • Jayann Contreras
    Jayann Contreras Month ago

    Nein nein nein

  • Coconut Jam
    Coconut Jam Month ago

    Idk why but I'm really pissed off because they put spoilers in the title even tho it doesnt .matter.

  • OOF Plays
    OOF Plays Month ago

    Why would anybody dislike Kurzgesagt's videis, they are awsome :D

    • Dragon Ritterstein
      Dragon Ritterstein 14 days ago

      Stupid Religious Reasons and complete Moron‘s who think that only because they can‘t understand it it‘s automatically not real. Those are the People that dislike this.

    • OOF Plays
      OOF Plays Month ago


  • mention mate
    mention mate Month ago

    obsessed with pokemon...🤧

  • Sans Cat
    Sans Cat Month ago

    I am so confused

  • ship another ship
    ship another ship Month ago

    Watching this makes me feel i was paying attention through my A levels

  • Kakgamer
    Kakgamer Month ago

    Universe is made up of protons, electrons, neutron and some *_MoRoNs_*

  • עתליה בן חיים


  • My Piano Music
    My Piano Music Month ago +1

    4:07 anyone noticed the Pokéball on the girl's belt?

  • Epic2019Shift
    Epic2019Shift Month ago

    New Sub. Best wishes. Thanks for sharing, Lord-Jesus-Christ com

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous Month ago +2

    What holds atoms together/how do bodies of atoms interact with other atoms
    basically: how do atoms prevent people from falling through chairs and stuff

  • BossKillerRobux YT
    BossKillerRobux YT Month ago +1

    Quarks are as small as a zeptometer
    I think it is like the quinvigintillionth of a meter

  • Spidey Craft
    Spidey Craft Month ago


  • Rudi Irawan
    Rudi Irawan Month ago

    We are Mr. Atom . In real life

  • RazorBack223
    RazorBack223 Month ago

    Me is outside

  • Failed Hivemind
    Failed Hivemind Month ago

    *reads title*
    Hmm... yes, the floor here is made out of floor.

  • kokos wodofan
    kokos wodofan Month ago

    So many tardis 2:22

  • Archer Taffeta
    Archer Taffeta Month ago

    . .

  • Ayna Balqis
    Ayna Balqis Month ago

    My brain expanded