Metallica: Spit Out the Bone (Prague, Czechia - August 18, 2019)

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • Filmed at Letňany Airport in Prague, Czechia on August 18, 2019.
    © 2019 Blackened Recordings
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  • Trent Hardy
    Trent Hardy 11 days ago

    One of the if not the ........

  • David Hujber
    David Hujber 12 days ago

    James and Rob rulez \m/
    I want the new Metallica album!!!!!!

  • silent phantom
    silent phantom 12 days ago

    rob channeling his inner jason newsted..... imagine this played in seattle 89

  • spurqz
    spurqz 13 days ago

    It's a great song but the live version is a mess tbh

  • Carlos A. Caballero Yunis

    el mejor tema de metal .... de los últimos 10 años ......

  • Boa
    Boa 18 days ago +1

    Sensitive Man, very rare, great Musician -James! ❤️

  • Darth Citharae
    Darth Citharae 19 days ago +1

    Please, i beg you. Stop letting rob sing in the verse. It butchers the song.

  • Anna Tetro
    Anna Tetro 24 days ago

    Metallica is waiting, spit it out Matilda. NO. grr. Veronica says you are not even puppy love let alone the highest light and love. Give us back our Tsar, Jagr. You ruined the juniors. King Habs is lucky we gave 1 win. Russian children vs the world of hockey. Stop making our hockey sticks your bones. Haha. Mario likes it best this way he showed from Giza. Wayne is like oh dear. We are Freddie Axl children, sweet. Sweet treat bones. As long as Matilda eats the Romanovs quantum blood sacred heart sacrifice bones, it is a coup. This is death to Mario song but we saved him. Pug without the L. M fave dog. So cute. Then he won 2 cups with Anna and Axl. They said feed her to the sharks and I said never but taught Axl a lot so they decided to test my claim and it worked well. How to spin the world. Released Nov 2017 and JR plane battery falls and Mario is out with Pens and almost dead but we saved them. Do the US juniors deserve a win? No. Do not use Mario Wayne or Ron Janet Ns. When you attack the ones you need, Tom Cruise too, you tend to lose your power. Not wise spies. You made them all lose to the bone. Spit it out, overthrown. As long as the bone is fed, can't overthrow man. Dog wins then. Ok. What does it mean? Anna owns tech spin. HW karma to Ronnie being repaid. Because, the memory remains.... dance lilttle tin man Wayne goddess. Ok, she goes to skate and all fall down. As long as the bone is fed. Something needs revision and refining. Why would you write this. Anna complains, since when? I always say, ah, excuse me? to Metallica. What is your problem? Frig. James needs help, God. Let us pray for him to heal and find light and love. Ok. This is how I did it. And again. Then he goes back to rehab again. Live and learn or as we know out in the west, die. Poor Mario. we should console his heart. It's about Anna. I know but I got no way to make the bone spit out. When you abuse and rely on the wrong ones, God removes them. Even us. Thanks for showing us. Love you James. Grr, arrrgh. Buffy monster. Do I sound like that? Yeah I guess I do. James V Matilda in ronnie wrath, can he stand and win or is it Man Overthrown. Fun.

    • Anna Tetro
      Anna Tetro 24 days ago

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    • Anna Tetro
      Anna Tetro 24 days ago

      Chew on suffer lamb meat and spit out the bone but they are both for America. No meat, only bone. Eaten by Matilda. Nothing left of us. So where is the hockey stick? it's the bone. You need wayne's hockey stick. Saturn of wayne work or hockey is in a star Mula, sun is there and it is the dog yoni energy. He hate the bone. RU is the dog eating his work. That shows where the Juniors are being put into the dark occult but RU is both and the right side of Wayne stick. Good to realize. Metallica pics and plucks it away. thank you.

  • ChuckRussell87
    ChuckRussell87 24 days ago +3

    2:28 you can really see improvement in Rob's backup vocals here.

  • wildae
    wildae 24 days ago +1

    Thank you Metallica from Pakistan

  • wildae
    wildae 24 days ago

    so glad i can listen to this live tour.. thank you

  • wildae
    wildae 24 days ago +1

    man i love rob in this video

  • pedro
    pedro 24 days ago +1

    Come unto me and you will feel perfection
    Come unto me and dedicate
    Come unto me, you'll never feel rejection
    Come unto me and terminate
    Remove your heart, it's only good for bleeding
    Bleeding through your fragile skin
    Remove your thought, 'cause it's only for deceiving
    Deceiving thoughts destroy within
    Disappear like man was never here
    Long live machine
    The future surpreme
    Man overthrown
    Spit out the bone

    Plug into me, I guarantee devotion
    Plug into me and dedicate
    Plug into me and I'll save you from emotion
    Plug into me and terminate
    Accelurate, utopian solution
    Finally cure the Earth of man
    Exterminate, speeding up the evolution
    Set on course a master plan
    Reinvent the Earth inhabitants
    Long live machine
    The future surpreme
    Man overthrown
    Spit out the bone
    The flesh betrays the flesh
    Your man has had his time
    We lay him down to rest
    Machines the new divine
    Stop breathing
    And dedicate to me
    Stop dreaming
    And terminate for me
    All meaning
    You dedicate to me
    All feelings
    You terminate for me
    Disappear like man was never here
    Long live machine
    Our future supreme
    Human overthrown
    Spit out the bone, yeah

  • whitewolv
    whitewolv 25 days ago +1

    what the f*** is Czechia ? :)

  • Djordje Stefanovic
    Djordje Stefanovic 26 days ago

    I've just got book of Metallica, with all the songs described.... And, figured that James is on re-hab way, again.. Wish you well, James... Regards to Lars, Kirk and Robert.

  • Amateur Hour
    Amateur Hour 26 days ago

    love Rob's stomp walks

  • Goofie
    Goofie Month ago

    Man I wish James did the lead and Rob did the backing... always sounds weird live.

  • Axwage
    Axwage Month ago

    James Hetfield taught me how to stand like a beast.

  • Axwage
    Axwage Month ago

    So does Kirk just buy Adidas track pants and rip holes in them, or are those designer pieces?

  • Axwage
    Axwage Month ago

    Rob's bass is beautiful.
    5 seconds later: Fuck, all their instruments are beautiful.

  • Thomas Ackerly
    Thomas Ackerly Month ago

    Still metal AF can't wait now new album in near future .. Get better James.

  • lavender fields
    lavender fields Month ago

    Enjoy the music! Leave the boy be!

  • Raul Hood
    Raul Hood Month ago

    Metallica more songs new Album 💿🎸 100% the best


    Father ! One day ....🙂💓❤️🌺👍🙏🏻🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿👌🎈❣️❤️❤️❤️.

  • BPattty
    BPattty Month ago

    This song is an absolute masterpiece

  • Jacob D
    Jacob D Month ago

    Thank you MetallicA !

  • rmazzatelli
    rmazzatelli Month ago +1

    THIS...this right here is why they are the best band in the world 🤘💪

  • Josef H
    Josef H Month ago +1

    To nemělo chybu!

  • Het's Right Hand
    Het's Right Hand Month ago

    COME ON TO ME!! andubuPIPEFECHO COME ON TO ME!! rtembrtjrjfrjATE

  • Cameron Reyno
    Cameron Reyno Month ago +2

    Man, Kirk's still got it. He stepped off the wah pedal and went off

  • Manu Smith
    Manu Smith Month ago


  • Sandro Anselmo
    Sandro Anselmo Month ago

    Quero saber quando vêem a Manaus?

  • ObviouslyKieran
    ObviouslyKieran Month ago

    I wish they'd stop having Rob doing the main vocals. Just no.

  • Marcus Hammarberg
    Marcus Hammarberg Month ago

    Rob is doing great!

  • Poliana Prado
    Poliana Prado Month ago


  • Nestor Ramirez
    Nestor Ramirez Month ago

    The bass peddle in the intro is so bad ass.

  • AuthenticDarren
    AuthenticDarren Month ago

    I really don't understand why they don't pay the intro of Spit Out The Bone live, I think it would be pretty good.
    I think all the guitar tunings and sounds are the same, I don't think it would be that complicated.
    There must be some strange Metallica reason.

  • Bati Sanchez
    Bati Sanchez Month ago +2

    Wear headphones and max volume

  • Luis Uribe
    Luis Uribe Month ago +1

    singing robert no please

  • Sindre Eliassen
    Sindre Eliassen Month ago

    Can Lars play the correct fills on this song some day!?

    • deceiver
      deceiver 12 days ago

      He has never played any fills correctly since the early nineties

  • Vimus Karaoke
    Vimus Karaoke Month ago

    I remember Metallica to my Country Indonesia ....We Love You & My Presiden love you Too, You Sing Indonesia Raya Our Nation Song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • MattBlakk Guitar24.7

    James sounds good, Robert sounds good, Kirk sounds fairly good, Lars sounds... good compared to some performances I've seen...

  • MattBlakk Guitar24.7

    I wish James would just sing the whole thing

  • Ryan Ford
    Ryan Ford Month ago +2

    6:29 holy shit them vocals James!

  • Максим Михайлец

    Мы были на этом концерте!!!!
    МЕТЛА спасибо!!!
    Прага спасибо!!!

  • Lucian Ganea
    Lucian Ganea Month ago

    5:27 The crabwalk returns

  • Ermmm Wut
    Ermmm Wut Month ago

    Rob looks like 2003 Rob😂

  • Manuela Gil
    Manuela Gil Month ago

    Awesome SINGER Awesome BAND!!!!

  • Soulus
    Soulus Month ago

    Lars is sounding really good here. Pleasantly surprised.

  • Zachary Goldman
    Zachary Goldman Month ago

    Love seeing someone actually caring to improve. Robs backing vocals have gotten considerably better

  • svs channel
    svs channel Month ago

    We need a new album soon!!!

  • Aleksandur Zlatarev

    Best solo

  • Aleksandur Zlatarev

    So good

  • África Olmo
    África Olmo Month ago

    Ánimo James, mucha fuerza desde España

  • Ahmed Osama
    Ahmed Osama Month ago

    Im sorry but rob doesnt sound that good on this song

  • HanzoSmobin 120
    HanzoSmobin 120 Month ago

    James is so old though but that will not stop me from loving Metallica

  • Serdar Yelkenci
    Serdar Yelkenci Month ago +1


  • Bran Ann
    Bran Ann Month ago

    Legend bro

  • Robert Jamieson
    Robert Jamieson Month ago +1

    F*cking bad ass, one of my favorite songs off Hardwired to self destruct, Metallica bought back that heavy thrash sound, I think best album since back in 1991 when and justice for all came out 😝🎸💀😎🤘🤘🤘

    • blooce
      blooce 18 days ago

      AJFA came out in 1988

  • Youssef Fattah
    Youssef Fattah Month ago

    Goddamn! I stopped smashing when i got this notification