The Return of Brent

  • Published on Mar 14, 2013
  • David Brent returns 10 years on for a Comic Relief special! Find out what he has been up to, and what he's doing now!
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  • thatkindofguy234
    thatkindofguy234 8 years ago +876

    Gervais is a master of creating awkward situations which just make you want to cringe, you forget that it's even acted.

    • London Jadiel
      London Jadiel 9 months ago


    • Mary's Pain
      Mary's Pain 11 months ago

      State the ducking obvious

    • Nihilist
      Nihilist 2 years ago +3

      I don't know why everyone is so hard on David sure he's a superficial narcissistic but he's not mean or hurtful to others he just has a huge ego that wants to be noticed. I don't know why the rest of the world is so cold to him sure they might need him but why resent him sine there are heaps worse nasty people in the world and makes Brent out to be an angel in comparison I would actually try and have a deep and meaningful with him as I reckon I could crack through his ego and find his heart. I also loved the Tony Hancock character too although others may have found him tedious.

    • Daniel Finch
      Daniel Finch 2 years ago +4

      From the comments section. Some people believe that his character is real.

  • The Brainwave Hub - Sleep, Focus, Mindfulness

    That was funnier than expected....

  • filmmekker
    filmmekker 9 years ago +160

    Funny but the finale of The Office (British version) was so perfect and left David on a potentially happy note that I hate to be reminded of what probably happened to him.

    • genderbender
      genderbender 2 months ago

      @Brandon Massey the movie is good

    • Brandon Massey
      Brandon Massey Year ago +7

      Yea, would have liked to think he ended up with that hot blind date. But I guess it is fiction.

  • Ryan Cooley
    Ryan Cooley 8 years ago +591

    Despite Gervais' usual humor, it's actually quite heartbreaking to discover that the blind date didn't work out.

    • Brandon Massey
      Brandon Massey Year ago +5

      Song’s not about the blind date girl. He sang the song in season 1, episode 4 of the office, which is before he met her. Also, he says in this song she’s ginger. Pay attention next time.

    • Pro Bot
      Pro Bot 2 years ago +1

      @Jack Johnson canon*

    • Westsound A/V (Ickenham)
      Westsound A/V (Ickenham) 2 years ago +4

      @Phil Oh did you not see her? She just left.

    • Bl0ndi
      Bl0ndi 2 years ago +9

      He says the song was about a ginger girl, different person?

    • Ollie
      Ollie 2 years ago +6

      Nah, it did, no one considers this canon haha

  • Edwin James Pope
    Edwin James Pope 7 years ago +363

    The "Uh-oh! Warning! Brent's found a guitar!" bit.. totally killed me

  • JT
    JT 7 years ago +72

    Absolute classic brent.
    I didn't think he could get more cringe worthy
    But Gervais delivers again.

  • rafer Jefferson iii
    rafer Jefferson iii 2 years ago +128

    Quite sad. You can see where Brent’s broken soul comes from. He loved that girl and proposed to her and found her shagging someone else. A glimpse into how Brent was made.

    • James Doyle
      James Doyle 3 months ago

      Phil Hickleys fault

    • Brandon Massey
      Brandon Massey 9 months ago

      @rafer Jefferson iii False. You’re clueless.

    • Brandon Massey
      Brandon Massey 11 months ago

      @rafer Jefferson iii Yea good luck…Mandy wear…dumbest thing I’ve ever heard

  • tjfSIM
    tjfSIM 9 months ago +6

    6:12 - the boots had me in hysterics. They'd go perfectly with his Sergio Georgini jacket 😂

  • Jonny McQueen
    Jonny McQueen 7 years ago +122

    That look to camera at 6:26 speaks a thousand words. Ricky is an absolute legend....

  • M S
    M S 7 years ago +170

    Never ever forget that Brent fused flashdance and mc hammer!

  • organzola40
    organzola40 6 years ago +15

    can't wait for life on the road! The brent character is so well written and acted by ricky, a simple character but so tragic and in a way oddly inspired!

  • al robson
    al robson 6 years ago +54

    I would love to go out on the town with brent, at least he tries his best and doesn't mope around. He's positive, obviously he's meant to be a bit arrogant but generally he's nice. ps I know he's a character and not real ha ha.

  • Redondo9
    Redondo9 3 years ago +13

    Much like Coogan with Alan. It's great to see Ricky doing other stuff but it's amazing to see just how perfect and 'at home' he looks playing Brent, it's like he was put on the planet to do it.

  • geekrockrats
    geekrockrats 6 years ago +166

    I think we all have a little Brent in us,it makes me cringe when I recognize it

    • Nonameanymore
      Nonameanymore 4 months ago

      Not in me. I m a doer and walker on heads and corpses

    • Deaf Cassette
      Deaf Cassette 8 months ago +1

      @DnB and Psy Production i'm more worried about being Super Hans.

    • DnB and Psy Production
      DnB and Psy Production 8 months ago +1

      I'm more worried about being Mark from Peep Show.

    • JOL09
      JOL09 8 months ago

      @rafer Jefferson iii hahaha

    • rafer Jefferson iii
      rafer Jefferson iii 11 months ago +1

      I’ve always said that, so the 136 likes are for me, in a way. I say like for both the author and for my original idea that probably inspired geekrockrats to post it. Both excellent comments, leave me out of it

  • Saviola Is God
    Saviola Is God 2 years ago +13

    He even acts awkward handshakes perfectly😂

  • Kian Clarke
    Kian Clarke Year ago +2

    the attention to detail is just amazing. The fact that he walks into the studio first then the handshakes at 4:41 are just so
    awkwardly brilliant

  • miskintramp
    miskintramp 9 years ago +2

    I've seen Doc Brown live and he was incredible. I'm so bloody happy David Brent is at it again!!!!,

  • James Galloway
    James Galloway 6 years ago +605

    Last time I saw that rapper he was selling Jay and Neil spliff puff in a rock club.

    • Emma Cooney
      Emma Cooney 12 days ago

      Haha yeah that was a good the inbetweeners..

    • lydia rodgers
      lydia rodgers 5 months ago +1

      and he’d never heard of neil diamond

    • Red Hot Flames-182
      Red Hot Flames-182 Year ago +3

      @torai manchester ooohh.. You're ard!

    • isthatng
      isthatng Year ago

      Ah sweet Mary Jane!

  • Theydontlikeituppem!!!
    Theydontlikeituppem!!! 8 years ago +32

    The irripressable David Brent. The only character I have ever seen whos equally annoying and entertiaining at the same time ( and hes very annoying lol ) GREAT!

  • Pawel Baranowski
    Pawel Baranowski 2 years ago +8

    when he shakes hands in a studio It's so subtle, but so hilarious. That's genius.

  • TopDog69
    TopDog69 8 years ago +30

    The "steel drums?" -"YEEEP. YEP" kills me every time. Such amazing delivery.

  • eric samuel
    eric samuel 9 years ago

    Brents humor is honestly so perfect for me. I never laugh out loud more than when im watching this character

  • MMA Casual
    MMA Casual 3 years ago +5

    these are sooo funny, and so was life on the road!!

  • moonfish1967
    moonfish1967 9 years ago

    brilliant - we've missed david. was nice to see him appear on inside the actors studio :-) what a fantastic series that is also.

  • Martin Brien
    Martin Brien 9 years ago

    They should genuinely make an album for Brent. A live one would be amazing!

    WTFisGIMM 9 years ago

    This is so much funny and sad at the same time!!:D I feel bad for David Brent but this is so great! Ricky Gervais is comedy genious.
    I wish they make Office season 3
    Biddly biddly biddly bong:D You British people make the best comedy ever.

  • Rogue_Leader
    Rogue_Leader 9 years ago +7

    The fear and defeat in his eyes when he says "What has happened?"
    He suddenly looks very old.

  • Ruth-Elizabeth Page
    Ruth-Elizabeth Page 9 years ago

    Wonderfully excruciating! Great to see this snippet of Brent again... Sad it didn't work out with the nice woman from The Office Xmas Special though.... "Mammogram" - GENIUS!! The two supporting actors are fantastic too. x

  • Jericho51
    Jericho51 9 years ago +4

    I see Gervais and I start laughing....He`s BRILLIANT!!

  • Rambofant
    Rambofant 9 years ago

    Please make more of these! I miss David Brent so much!

  • Ka D'Argo
    Ka D'Argo 9 years ago

    Bring him back for good! The guy is a legend!!!

  • VivaValdez
    VivaValdez 8 years ago +2

    I love how meta bits like this and the music video in The Office and the Staff Training episode are. It's Brent, but it's also Gervais saying - "yeah, I was a musician, and I could have been something", a nod to the Seona Dancing days.

  • My Dear Watson
    My Dear Watson 4 years ago +22

    The bartender is perfect

  • Max Brisset
    Max Brisset 6 years ago +72

    "Its perfect, 'cause its mega racial, but anti-racist."
    -David Brent The Great

  • Ben B
    Ben B 9 years ago +1

    The best TV series of all time!

  • iFarqs
    iFarqs 9 years ago

    8:20 has me in stitches everytime.

  • Michael Holmgaard
    Michael Holmgaard 7 years ago

    Ricky Gervais is the master! I miss Davis Brent, would love to see a season 3 of The Office! "Serpent Who Guards The Gates Of Hell" Is a really good song ;)

  • Boobs the Chemist
    Boobs the Chemist 2 years ago

    An absolute comedy genius 👌😀

  • DJ FearRoss
    DJ FearRoss Year ago +1

    Brent has no concept of time, he just lives the moment.

  • OMS
    OMS 9 years ago

    Brilliant, loved the Office!

  • Austerity Dog
    Austerity Dog 9 years ago

    Can not stop listening to him singing it,great voice!lol

  • Sam C
    Sam C 9 years ago +7

    Brent's found a guitar, Brent's found a guitar! Such a ledge!

  • Gary O'Driscoll
    Gary O'Driscoll 2 years ago +1

    Even at the end he runs after him... brilliantly subtle

  • Robi Hamilton
    Robi Hamilton 6 years ago +171

    "This can be like Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder. Better because you can see what you're doing".

  • JayZeus7
    JayZeus7 9 years ago

    Hilarious, as always.

  • Peter May
    Peter May 6 years ago +107

    The funniest use of the word 'Lilt' in history

  • ji230264
    ji230264 Year ago

    how could you maintain everybody serious all the time ? I mean, you must have shot the takes many times because I would not contain myself in certain scenes. Congrats for this work and all your career

  • Kaz Kasozi Composer
    Kaz Kasozi Composer 2 years ago

    This is just so hilarious. So many tiny nuances!

  • Benjamin Eckford
    Benjamin Eckford 13 days ago

    “He says yeah cos of you Brent. I said shut up, everyone plays their part” I laughed so much at that line

    BMAC VAGS 9 years ago +4

    It is not for everyone, however I find it hilarious

  • Martin Brien
    Martin Brien 9 years ago +4

    Love how he is wearing shoes with a MASSIVE heel!
    "Don't wear the shoes..."
    "I wasn't going to wear the shoes!!"

    • William Lewer
      William Lewer 5 months ago

      Are they having a go at that as well?

  • its josh here
    its josh here 9 years ago

    Brent's face is amazing throughout the guitar section.

  • Uncle Joe
    Uncle Joe Year ago

    He’s worth his weight in gold.
    Comic genius and the rest.

  • Shenanigans07
    Shenanigans07 2 years ago +4

    This 10 minutes, is better than the entirety of Life On The Road. Which isn't saying much.

  • bamamgr1
    bamamgr1 7 years ago

    The greatest character ever in TV

  • Scotty Brown
    Scotty Brown 7 years ago +2

    My favourite show references my other favourite show. Father Ted and The Office are brilliant.

    BMAC VAGS 9 years ago

    I have watched this soooooooooo many times.......I love it!!

  • eightypuff01
    eightypuff01 9 years ago +1

    haha, it's really great, funny as usual. But I think it kind of discredit the office christmas finale. You could see that David Brent clearly transformed into a new person and became grounded to the earth. This was funny and brilliant, but I will pretend that I never watched this.. I want to think David Brent got his life put together :)

  • TrippleH655321
    TrippleH655321 8 years ago

    David Brent needs to release a album. Id buy it.

  • genizot
    genizot 4 years ago

    Ricky actually sings/plays guitar very well - pity he never sung the whole song.

  • Janos Ztin
    Janos Ztin 7 years ago +2

    All gestures and things are very close to what he did in The office. Brent and Gervais are 10 years older so...
    It looks like Brent has a sad face compared to the past. Its been a struggle for Brent for 10 years, never getting his real break.
    I love it. Hahahahaha!!

  • kjazzw
    kjazzw 9 years ago

    Gervais, you should DEFINITELY do frequent TheXvid uploads on the life of David Brent!

  • Liam S
    Liam S 11 months ago +1

    The 'Lilt' and look at the camera is absolute comedic gold and I don't know why

  • laaaaauren85
    laaaaauren85 8 years ago

    This will never get old!

  • Steve Watson
    Steve Watson 9 years ago

    I only laughed once too. The whole Sketch. Brilliant just brilliant.

  • drunknutterLUFC
    drunknutterLUFC 9 years ago

    It is actually so rare to watch a 10 min vid and enjoy every single second of it. There is nothing much more to say than Gervais is a genious. I can not praise the guy any higher he is a living legend in my eyes.

  • tamarafaye1985
    tamarafaye1985 2 years ago

    Dom Johnson is proper underrated. Really good actor and really funny x

  • Nonameanymore
    Nonameanymore 4 months ago +1

    Watched this on viaplay or netflix many years ago, that was great, much better than office. Didnt know ricky can also sing very well. He is awesome. Pity they do not show it anywhere. How about uploading it on youtube all - lots of people never heard of it

  • Finbar C
    Finbar C 9 years ago

    A Brent podcast would be amazing.

  • bannanamasher
    bannanamasher 7 years ago +22

    This could be like Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder, but better because you can see what your doing... lmao

  • Aesop059
    Aesop059 9 years ago

    the view of him walking away! brilliant.

  • Bob Costas
    Bob Costas 3 years ago +1

    Ricky is a really good musician

  • joeharna
    joeharna 2 years ago

    The 'lady with the flaming hair' part was sung beautifully! 6:09

  • FanVarious
    FanVarious Year ago +1

    Probably the best pub in the neighbourhood. "Cos of you Brent!" "Shaddup everyone plays their part"

  • dale munro
    dale munro 9 years ago +1

    There goes David Brent in his Cuban heeled boots I must remember to thank him

  • John Valencia
    John Valencia 3 years ago

    A minute in I was wondering if it would be as incredible as the Office I saw in 2006. By minute 5 I realized not only is he just as spot on Brent, he's even added a little more cringe as if that was even possible. Thanks to Ricky Gervais and Stephan Merchant for this awesome horrible creation

  • V
    V 9 years ago +1

    Man, I actually love his sound.

  • man planet
    man planet 9 years ago

    Brents still got it.its when he bites his lip and rolls his eyes.ipso facto gold!!

  • Bella Biesel
    Bella Biesel 2 years ago +1

    Ricky is super talented as a guitarist/singer. Funny as heck. Laughed seeing his hairy legs with his socks crumpled down around his ankles.

  • sneakymokey
    sneakymokey 9 years ago

    Haha I love David Brent.

  • Penny Brown
    Penny Brown 9 years ago

    I just hope Gervais keeps his end of the deal.I did my part.

  • Joseph Ryan
    Joseph Ryan 8 months ago

    I loved every second of that

  • musicislife664
    musicislife664 9 years ago

    Stay strong, you've got the nineteen thumbs up!!

  • Sophie Yeff
    Sophie Yeff 9 years ago +11

    I swear that every single time i click on a Ricky Gervais related video there's just a bunch of people who don't get it. It's satirical, we are laughing at the kind of people he is portraying. He is poking fun at them, and laughing with you.

  • J Legèr
    J Legèr 2 years ago +4

    It’s 2020....
    We need Office to come back!

  • depture
    depture 9 years ago

    I would like to see a series based on David Brent as a manager like this.
    I don't think Gervais would do it though.

  • ashley harrison
    ashley harrison 9 years ago

    I LOVE how awkward he is

  • Noah Schmartz
    Noah Schmartz 2 years ago

    must take highly skilled actors to keep a straight face thru Gervais' antics.

  • 20th Century Gaming
    20th Century Gaming 8 months ago

    I would love to go on a night out with Brent and Partridge

  • teloiv1
    teloiv1 9 years ago

    I know that I'm watching Brent when I start grinding my teeth and scrunching my toes!

  • DeeDubs
    DeeDubs 9 years ago +1

    The funniest thing is thinking about how many takes it must have taken ricky to say "biddly-biddly" cracking up...

  • Coldeb 89
    Coldeb 89 9 years ago

    "Reping....not gonna kill that cash cow" it....Ricky is my comic Hero.he's also a very good guitarist you know, he hams his playing up a bit as Brent, but he actually is very good, not got a bad singing voice either..I believe he was in a band in the 80s.

  • Klaus Ken Shipley
    Klaus Ken Shipley 9 years ago

    Only Brent could seem sincere while doing this irreverent song about a past love...only Brent.
    Man beware
    Of the lady with the flaming hair (she was a ginger)
    She's not what she seems
    She will crush your dreams
    Don't look in her loving eyes
    She's a demon in disguise
    And soon only time will tell
    She's the serpent who guards the gates of hell

  • Mick Mouse
    Mick Mouse 3 years ago

    One of the best of programs.

  • Tardis crew
    Tardis crew 2 years ago

    Absolutely fantastic

  • KTM
    KTM 3 years ago +8

    "So can all you lot rap then? Could Trevor McDonald rap if he had to?"
    Oh shit, this is rib cracking.

  • jjdecani
    jjdecani 8 years ago +1

    "Rum and coke... Red Stripe... Lilt...?"
    Still a master of uncomfortable comedy.

  • Brian Golden
    Brian Golden 9 years ago

    "I don't read things. I just know what they sound like." Every bad musician ever...Ricky was brilliant for including that:D

  • ji230264
    ji230264 Year ago +1

    "but you can see what you are doing..." = I cant stop laughing

  • Bobby Bellingham
    Bobby Bellingham Year ago +2

    Just heard Trevor McDonald's new Grammy winning rap album........AMAZING