• Published on Feb 11, 2016
  • Smart, popular and star pitcher of his high school team, Nolan has managed to put his troubled childhood behind him with the help of the two things he could always depend on: his love of baseball and his best friend, Sam. But just as Nolan’s future is looking bright, Sam starts leading him into trouble - playing hard and partying harder. Even with the help of people who love him and will risk everything to save him, it’s up to Nolan to keep his head in the game before he strikes out for the last time. Lynn Whitfield (“How to Get Away with Murder”), Rockmond Dunbar (“The Mentalist”) and E. Roger Mitchell (Selma) lead a stellar cast in this moving story of a struggling teen taking a swing at redemption.
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  • djjojsuck jojofajaj
    djjojsuck jojofajaj 2 years ago

    this movie had me in tears😭😭cause not only is it sad I played baseball to

  • Vigilant
    Vigilant 2 years ago

    this movie was low budget and shit

  • emma pugh
    emma pugh 2 years ago +1

    An eye-opener into how easy it is for kids to start running with the pharmaceutical crowd right under their parent's noses. The truth about how far a well-intentioned parent will go to save their child.

  • Reachforth
    Reachforth 2 years ago +2

    This is a great movie, go watch it - several times even.

  • MisterBeast24
    MisterBeast24 2 years ago +3

    Why in the world did I watch this movie. Shit is sad man.

    • Ethan Renfroe
      Ethan Renfroe 2 years ago

      +wampy pooh That would be interesting but I don't know

    • CrystFN
      CrystFN 2 years ago

      Real Talk Man What if they made a second one were Nolan waked up

  • Boyd Peters
    Boyd Peters 2 years ago +2

    The lead is 23 looks 32. His brother Sam is 28 looks 24. I mean come on..high school?
    They LOOK LIKE OLD MEN PRETENDING TO BE CHILDREN. Like the 32 year old woman playing a 17 year old in doesn't work.