2020 Toyota Supra - BMW or Toyota? The UNTOLD TRUE STORY

  • Published on Jan 31, 2019
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    The internet is on fire with opinions about the new Toyota Supra and BMW Z4, but it seems that there isn't much in the way of facts. We decided to dig into some research and find out what the truth actually was behind the Toyota and BMW partnership.
    Spoiler alert: Most of the internet is wrong. (Surprise, I know!)
    This took hundreds of hours of research and translation from German and Japanese as well as a number of in-person interviews with the actual designers and engineers from both the BMW and Toyota teams. Below I'll drop the online references we used in order to get the information presented in this video, feel free to check them out! If you liked the info here and want to see more fantastic automotive content, feel free to hit the like button, subscribe, and turn on notifications so you never miss a video!
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Comments • 9 224

  • Gabe Weideman
    Gabe Weideman 4 months ago +1361

    I'm sitting here reading through the comments with a little bit of disbelief in the disrespect going on. How can people make a full judgment on a vehicle when they've not driven it yet? They made a saying for that situation in particular. I thought your video gave everyone more than enough reason to WANT to drive this car, but it seems like most the people who commented hardly watched at all, and had their mind made up before they had even started. It's people like this that are ruining the car culture and car scene. Forcing good, well made, torch carrying cars into the ground because they couldn't get off their high horse of nostalgia. Fantastic video and keep doing what your doing. It is, as you said, the UNTOLD TRUE STORY, that people need to hear.

    • Gordon
      Gordon 11 days ago

      It doesn't matter Gabe, nobody is denying the fact that it's a fun car to drive, because after all it is a BMW Z4 shell with a redesigned exterior styling. But if you've ever owned any BMW's you'll know that this chassis is simply a BMW. Great car, just don't lie to yourself and say it's not a BMW, because when you strip it all down to its bare essentials it is just a retuned Z4. Prove me wrong if you can, but I won't hold my breath. If you choose to deny the facts that I have just stated that's fine, you can lie to the world but you can't lie to yourself.

    • Marshall chang
      Marshall chang Month ago

      Heres more useless internet opinions and my 2cents:
      Personally I can't get behind the car because of how much of it is a BMW. I am almost 1000% positive if i got behind the wheel I would think its a fun well balanced car as everyone who i usually agree with in the car journalist world has said so. But The Supra brand to me just isnt a bmw. can't get behind how much the interior is just bmw at least put in toyota interior even if its worse lol. I am almost positive a non bmw supra would have been worse but it would have been a Supra and more something i could get behind, i mean the beloved mk4 is pretty underwhelming stock and pretty much a boat but thats not what made it "THE SUPRA". On the other hand I also think that this new supra looks pretty good.. but these things arent enough to get me to personally shell out 40-50k for a car. It's not like the car is bad it is ultimately just a bmw M sport driver orientated car retuned by toyota to make it more reliable so it's probably amazing, in fact the only new car I am actually considering buying rn is an M2. but thats supposed to be a BMW and this isn't. But the car just can't be super well balanced and fun, Theres alot of cars that fit that criteria that you could go out and buy as a car person it needs that extra what i like to call "emotion" to get me to really want to spend my own money on a car especially when we are talking about the flagship name SUPRA and how much time Toyota took to develop the car. A car that is a jdm icon that shares a large percentage of its DNA with a z4 no matter how good that car is in my eyes, isnt a supra I can spend my own money on. At the end of the day it just comes down to what will get someone to spend their actual money on, and we'll see if toyota got it right with the whole bmw z4 auto thing when the sales numbers are in. But When they give it a manual in a year or two most of the internet will shut up lol. - Heres also something I'd like to note, I feel like toyota already messed up by the fact that videos like this exist. First impressions are everything especially in the car world. the reality is most people never drive any of these cars they talk about or see, but the car community perception of a vehicle sets in fast and sticks. Think miata. Great great car probably one of the greatest cars to ever be made period, but theres a perception about the vehicle for no reason at all. Toyota just should have never gave the internet and the car community this chance at doubting the new supra in the first place, they just put themselves in a hole from the start that could have easily been avoided. Instead of just reviews about how well balanced the car is, every single review and video on the car is about "is it a bmw", "is it really a supra", "its better than you thought" or "what toyota Should have done" etc etc. But now the media is out and theres no going back, and the new supra will forever hear the running joke of "but its just a z4" said by at least one person at every meet you go to.

    • God of destruction
      God of destruction Month ago

      @Tegra thank you that's what I've been saying all along underneath this is a BMW but Toyota is selling it as a Toyota in the market but in reality it's a BMW suspension motor everything is BMW

    • Winning Grinn
      Winning Grinn Month ago

      Its easy . These company work hard for years to build up and encourage brand loyalty . Then decide that what they sell is a logo .....thats a no go

    • Joesph Neuman
      Joesph Neuman Month ago

      Ahhhh... so sonic the hedgehog movie should not be changed by your logic? Or listen to the fan base? Which one?

  • Phillip Rottariu
    Phillip Rottariu Hour ago

    Is a fucking Zupra

  • Dennis Velasco
    Dennis Velasco 12 hours ago

    Last time the Japanese partnered with Germany it didn't end well for them.

  • dfj0
    dfj0 Day ago

    The intro of this video at 1:15 is PROVEN WRONG! The Supra is entirely made by Toyota, including the body. The engine is a B58 tuned by toyota to 400+ HP and can easily be modded. I know the entirety of this video is a opinion. This comment isn't. It's also been said by the creator of the supra. Also, TheXvidrs with the car have drove it and had a blast in it.

  • Avian
    Avian Day ago +1

    So at the end of the day Toyota made BMW make a reliable car lol

  • The Corvette King
    The Corvette King 2 days ago

    It takes 3 hours to PDI a new Supra. Just met with Toyota this week for the details.

  • J Ko
    J Ko 2 days ago

    This is a commercial from Toyota for Supra, right?

  • Panko Ivanov
    Panko Ivanov 3 days ago

    1 thing more. It have to be a 10 cilinder for the Supra

    • pm ayo
      pm ayo 2 days ago

      No. And I would rather take the straight-6 rather than a V10 for the Supra.

  • Panko Ivanov
    Panko Ivanov 3 days ago

    No 100% Toyota is not a Supra .so simply.

  • Panko Ivanov
    Panko Ivanov 3 days ago

    Driving it is fantastik.
    But a legend kant have a bmw stikers under the hood😵😵😵

  • Ian Martinez
    Ian Martinez 3 days ago

    Rebadge bmw i saw pictures before the release and the engine block had a bmw tag with serial numbers this car has nothing Toyota Toyota should have used the Lexus LC 500 to build there supra line up

    • pm ayo
      pm ayo 2 days ago

      Not really a good idea to use an LC 500 platform since Toyota was aiming for track performance comparable to a Cayman.

  • Me ontenz
    Me ontenz 7 days ago

    My compliant with the Supra isn’t that it has a BMW motor, no. My issue is did you see the Calty FT1? The final product looks like a lazy attempt with fake vents, no active spoiler, etc. that’s why, I hate the Supra

  • Anthony Yayizzle
    Anthony Yayizzle 8 days ago

    supra ia about the engine not bmw.. z4 is a crap car. supra with a z4 engine is a crap car. hands down

  • qwerty123456789
    qwerty123456789 8 days ago

    Amazing research, script writing, voiceover and editing. great work

  • shubs moonbeam
    shubs moonbeam 8 days ago +1

    A new toyota supra "bmw z4 " and still can't keep up with a ten year design old nissan skyline R35....

  • Mohammed Al-Mahfoudh

    your videos are high quality @Albon! keep up the good work.

  • ChrisS82
    ChrisS82 9 days ago

    Has nothing on an 89 Supra

  • Lich King
    Lich King 9 days ago

    It's a toyota

  • Lazz Lazz
    Lazz Lazz 10 days ago

    If you guys think Toyota has just grabbed a bunch of BMW b58 crate engines, tuned them and dropped them into the GR..... then you’ve done no real research. There are over 50 revised parts on this engine that Toyota had BMW re-manufacture to bring it up to Toyota’s reliability standards. Cylinder head, water pump, valve springs, oil pump gears, oil pan and heaps more. This version has its own engine code at BMW, and you will not see it in any BMW model, especially the Z4. Wait until tuners start ripping them apart, then you’ll be reading heaps more about it.

  • Juwan WANN
    Juwan WANN 11 days ago

    It’s simply a BMW “Supra”

  • Speed Demon
    Speed Demon 12 days ago

    BMW approached Toyota not the other way around and once they determined the basics like drivetrain they went their separate ways without the partnership this car wouldn't have happened. Toyota designed its own body, tuned the suspension and engine all by themselves. The supra and z4 are different.

    • Speed Demon
      Speed Demon 11 days ago

      @Gordon People who have driven both say they handle very differently because Toyota tuned the suspension separately so they aren't the same

    • Gordon
      Gordon 11 days ago

      This is a Z4 chassis with Toyota exterior styling. If you step into the actual car you'll realize this as many other reviewers have.

  • erwin Seabreeze
    erwin Seabreeze 15 days ago

    Bring back the 2JZ!

  • Glutsch_ jo5302
    Glutsch_ jo5302 16 days ago

    The only thing i dont like at the new supra is the 8 gear automatic, but they said they will also sell supra versions with a 6 gear manual

  • Wuanslm
    Wuanslm 16 days ago

    This transmission is currently used in....Chrysler...Jeeps...Jaguars...and even Volkswagens...
    *BARFS* Not exactly a shining endorsement there, you have any idea how often those brand cars break down?

  • Battalon
    Battalon 16 days ago

    The interior of the supra is bmw. Even if the supra isn't a Z4. It has too many BMW parts. In Germany BMW is the worst manufacturer regarding reliability. That says it all...

  • Luv1234
    Luv1234 17 days ago

    Create a "new" sports car? Um, boring as hell. Nothing exciting about it.

  • Saxoprane
    Saxoprane 18 days ago

    The biggest mistake was the design of the Supra

  • Dario Milardovic
    Dario Milardovic 19 days ago

    That's BMW.

  • InfamousScallywagg
    InfamousScallywagg 19 days ago

    The new Supra is just ugly to me

  • Bruno Pisca
    Bruno Pisca 19 days ago

    Brian: Pop the hood!
    Toretto: Shit, BMW engine...

  • Rahul Gupta
    Rahul Gupta 19 days ago

    @ 0:29 there is green swift 🤣😍🤣😂

  • Ritchie Bravo
    Ritchie Bravo 20 days ago

    What they forgot the most important thing an all new jz3 engine 😂

  • Josh
    Josh 21 day ago

    No longer a fan. It needs to be offered in a manual transmission and loose the lame front end.

  • Marcus B
    Marcus B 22 days ago

    "This is only the opinion of one journalist", yeah but it's one journalist whose opinion I respect, combined with the fact that this story was exactly what I was looking for means this is a great piece of journalism. Very good work.

  • Dizzy Insanity
    Dizzy Insanity 22 days ago

    people who buy the supra can enjoy there bank accounts crying cause youll be paying for bmw parts

  • Jay Best
    Jay Best 24 days ago +1

    Rebadged, Toyota should be ashamed of them selves, this is not a supra pure disrespect to the legendary true supra

  • Wilfredo Sandoval
    Wilfredo Sandoval 24 days ago +2


  • Kevin Carter
    Kevin Carter 24 days ago +2

    I knew this supra looked fishy...i will stay clear because the tradition is now dead.

  • Walter Talbot
    Walter Talbot 25 days ago +2

    Just by a z4 for 4K ... also has more power !!!

  • Rob Burns
    Rob Burns 25 days ago

    Fantastic auto journalism.

  • Jay VanDevender
    Jay VanDevender 25 days ago

    Costs like a mid engine vette, performs like a 4 banger mustang! Way to go auto giant, Toyota

  • Glenn Hour
    Glenn Hour 25 days ago

    I think they ruined both cars. Great video tho!

    GOVRED 25 days ago

    I was watching a BMW ad and this was the next video up in the autoplay. I'm a subscriber now. Good job

  • FunnyAtTimes I
    FunnyAtTimes I 26 days ago

    Well,we might just be looking at a reliable BMW at last..but this is definitely not a Toyota Supra,because the real Toyota Supra would have a manual tranny and look like a Toyota.

  • emanuel emanuel
    emanuel emanuel 26 days ago

    This really shows the different dynamics of each company, BMW was surprised by Toyota's commitment to quality and Toyota was surprised by BMW'S ability to throw money at problems. Toyota really took em to school on quality control and none will disagree that they needed the wake up call.

  • Scott Andrews
    Scott Andrews 28 days ago

    Most BMWs are overrated. I own Toyota GT86 and it great value for money.

  • Tony Dinh
    Tony Dinh Month ago

    Interior has too many BMW parts.

  • Andrew Chapman
    Andrew Chapman Month ago

    3:25 is the first time I've seen someone doing track with no suit or helmet. Hmm...

  • Angel Alvarado
    Angel Alvarado Month ago

    We’ve been bamboozle BNW suck and earth is flat

  • TheCharlesFickle
    TheCharlesFickle Month ago

    15:23 What are those wheels they are sexy as frig

  • MANIAC Universe God

    Can you fly in space oh no then is no reason for me to be interested in this piece of s*** junk machine can't find Space I'm not impressed try again

  • Samir Tamir
    Samir Tamir Month ago

    I'm selling my 2jz Supra and buying R34 Nissan Godzilla FUCK Toyota and BMW.

  • Neito Monoma
    Neito Monoma Month ago

    I would have been happy if they decided on ONE CAR.
    A Toyota Supra that is also sold as a BMW or a new Z4 that is shared with Toyota.
    But no, we got a motherfucking Frankenstein.
    That being said, it's no Supra but it is a beautiful brand new car.
    A child of two brands.
    I'll buy one if they rename it.

  • Burnrubber 33
    Burnrubber 33 Month ago +4

    Well done! Nice to hear the FACTS...Not speculation..Or emotions.."JUST THE FACTS" Nice.

  • Nam Nguyễn
    Nam Nguyễn Month ago +1

    now the Supra is officially reviewed, i'd like to hear some Supra FanzBoiz comments. Where are all the hates now ????

  • T M
    T M Month ago

    these will never have the following the real supra's have. they will be on the road for about 10 years before being scrapped because of outrages repair costs.

  • Lenny Hards
    Lenny Hards Month ago +3

    I don't know why this is a big deal because Subaru did the same thing with Toyota.
    I find it pretty disgusting that people keep criticising the car when it was a joint development and it has been done before. This is the kind of thing ruining the car community.
    Enough said

    • FunnyAtTimes I
      FunnyAtTimes I 26 days ago

      A joint development effort should result in a new car with it's own name,not the name of a legend in the world of the medium priced sports cars...but I guess,they have to sell it somehow,so why not resurrect the dead and make money.Subaru and Toyota should've called their joint creation "SubToy".

    • Neito Monoma
      Neito Monoma Month ago +1

      Because they envisioned one car only and made it happen.
      Toyota and BMW were fighting over it being a new Z4 or a new Supra so they mashed both cars together.
      I would have been happy with either or.

  • Finbar Martin
    Finbar Martin Month ago

    Another good video ruined by distracting and unnecessary music

  • Raizen74
    Raizen74 Month ago +1

    Thanks but no thanks!!! I had enough of BMW break downs and over priced piece of shit parts!!! I'll stick with my Lexus

  • Tig Trager
    Tig Trager Month ago +5

    BMW prices for a Toyota. Just wait until it breaks. Buy all the warranty you can and sell before it runs out.

  • Waiting for ES6
    Waiting for ES6 Month ago +1

    That's the best looking BMW in many years. But HEY it's NOT a BMW it was "tuned" by Toyota even tho BMW badges are all over the engine bay, interior and chassis. They're not fooling anyone and only the most hardcore desperate fans consider it a Toyota. No Toyota parts, manufactured in Europe by BMW means IT'S A BMW.... What pisses some of us off the most is this fucking car represents the future of "globalism". Soon every car will be under one corporate umbrella swapping parts and name tags.

  • SirNightFox
    SirNightFox Month ago +1

    Its a Toyota Supra. Listen to the designer. He was the original Supra designers protege. The only thing is it had a BMW motor. If a chevy Volt had a 2jz-gte motor, would you call it a Toyota? The Supra was designed for tuners, having connections and purposely built room for common add ons. If you have the money to buy one, put a 2jz in it, if it makes you unhappy.

    • Peterson Family
      Peterson Family 13 days ago

      Most interior items are direct ports from existing BMW parts.

  • Ducati Guy
    Ducati Guy Month ago +2

    Sorry, it wouldve been better off if they didnt bring back the Supra at all and call this pile of garbage a Celica instead.. BMW is trash with infamous check engine light after check engine light. Its a disgrace for Supra heritage! Rebadged BMW Z4 is not cutting it for us real Supra enthusiasts! The only positive outcome is that since this new 2020 Supra is a laughing stock of garbage, it just increased the value in mark 4 and 3 Supras! The new Supra should have been a real Toyota with a newer version engine maybe calling it a 3JZGTE along with a manual transmission that would be made to be in competition with the Nissan GTR or Acura NSX!! With all the BS thoughts from people that encourage rebadging a Supra is ok, Im surely going to buy a used older BMW Z4 and add a Toyota and Supra badge on it too! This step above Miata like roadster sized garbage is really meant for girlly men or women who dont know any better or for those who dont know how to drive stick.. This is not a sports car! This is just a novice style sporty car.. 😅😂😂

  • lucky luke
    lucky luke Month ago

    Butt ugly

  • GuyStuff77
    GuyStuff77 Month ago

    Also, Supra does not complete with Nissan GTR, what's up with that??

    • JustGeneric
      JustGeneric Month ago +1

      The Supra was never meant to be a supercar, Toyota is staying to their roots by staying as a sports car. While on the other hand, the R35 is a supercar. I like Tada San because he wanted to stay to the roots of the Supra, a fun, street, trackable sportscar that you can enjoy driving. At the end of the day, the Supra was never meant to be a supercar.

  • GuyStuff77
    GuyStuff77 Month ago

    It's just not a Toyota sorry, and if I was Toyota I wouldn't rest my company's biggest differentiator in the market on BMW engine and drivetrain and most definitely not on a sacred car like the Supra. Sorry

  • gus parra
    gus parra Month ago

    I still want that soundtrack name from your guyes welcome to albon vid

    HALE BURNSIDE MD Month ago

    this is a great positive take on these 2 cars.. thanks

  • Tyrone Toczauer
    Tyrone Toczauer Month ago

    Toyota failed miserably on the body design.....it is just plain UGLY, UGLY, UGLY! Should have let BMW lend a hand, bought a third party designer....or stolen a designer from another brand like so many manufacturers are doing today. Having owned BMW cars and motorcycles (as well as Toyota and Hondas, etc...), gonna bet the Toyota will be much, much, much more reliable (although past Supras never came close to Toyota reliability) and cheaper to maintain.....but still UGLY!

  • Winning Grinn
    Winning Grinn Month ago

    Its not a Supra . Just like the new Corvette is not a Corvette .

  • 7425kevin
    7425kevin Month ago

    So Toyota is saving BMW?

  • Avery Johnson
    Avery Johnson Month ago

    No manual because it's a parts bin special. . .

  • The Truth
    The Truth Month ago +1

    True Toyota enthusiast wants Toyota products, not reworked BMW's products. Pretty simple if you ask me, if I wanted a BMW, I would have bought a BMW.

    • Skylah
      Skylah Month ago +2

      Another term for "true toyota enthusiast" would be fanboys I assume

  • Hi RPM
    Hi RPM Month ago

    use only bmw suspension and breaks ..

  • MElekiaZ
    MElekiaZ Month ago

    The prototype was so good but the real one was a reduced in proportions and looks "rare". If the componenta was bmw that dont care but i cant live with the comparison in shape prototype VS real one.

  • David Viner
    David Viner Month ago +1

    I like the new Japanese BMW Z4

  • Chris Hira
    Chris Hira Month ago

    This video is well produced. !! Make your channel to be about car history just like this.. for example S550 Mustang, Camero, M3 , etc!!

  • Moe Sizlac
    Moe Sizlac Month ago

    This pure propaganda. Is the new supra a rebadged old Z4? No. Is the new supra a coupe version of the new z4. Yes. They developed the platform together. So the 2 are on the same platform. Stated clearly in this video.
    And, with the exception of the small part of the digital dash right in front of the driver, the entire interior is identical to the new Z4 (and a lot like any other BMW).
    The drivetrain is mostly BMW, and the only part that isn't is a generic automatic found everywhere.
    So the body's style is toyota, but the car is built close to where all the BMW parts are, with a generic trani and a shared platform. Same wheelbase, same engine, same rear end as the BMW.
    If you asked if the Z4 is really a rebadged Supra, you'd then have find which hidden parts were actually Toyota. Not too many. And none at all visible. And all were part of the "platform", and don't have Toyota labels.
    Pop the hood on a supra: actual manufacturing labels on many of the underhood parts. The only Toyota label: the bagde.

  • 1st Integrity Office
    1st Integrity Office Month ago +1

    Lease it, return it. Once warranty expires german plastic starts to brake, rubber starts to crack, badges fade and every computer and sensor has to be replaced. Toyota parts are over priced but BMW are insanely marked up.

  • My name is Jonas
    My name is Jonas Month ago


  • Elite
    Elite Month ago

    Love the car!! .. better than the previous supra hands down

  • Harbinger
    Harbinger Month ago +1

    It's too bad they put a junk boxer in the Toyota 86. Should have put a reengineered 2jz in it

  • AndyZULUL
    AndyZULUL Month ago

    These comments are just special kids at this point, they must be thinking that people are hating bmw and toyota collabs when it is not the point

  • SVTsupercharged Hi
    SVTsupercharged Hi Month ago +4

    Over rated, over priced and underpowered.

  • Anthony Delgado
    Anthony Delgado Month ago

    I feel like you made this whole story up 😂

  • Shiba _InX
    Shiba _InX Month ago +1

    This happens when u make family cars for years. The new Supra mk v is basically a new Z4. Disappointing TOYOTA they had Lexus on their side!!

  • Anz Boii183
    Anz Boii183 Month ago

    I want the car it’s just its still disappointing how different it is and the engine it’s basically a bmw with a Toyota badge

  • Terry Melvin
    Terry Melvin Month ago +13

    Oh God, if BMW is going to start building Toyotas, watch Toyota parts and repair costs skyrocket.

    • Michael
      Michael Month ago +1

      @God of destruction It has BMW pedigree, but as the video clearly outlines it's not a carbon copy like what many people seem to suggest. Watch it again, this was a one off partnership, you can argue how much involvement one party had over the other, but it was a partnership.

    • God of destruction
      God of destruction Month ago

      @Michael it wasn't a partnership BMW practically built this car

    • Michael
      Michael Month ago +1

      Terry, did you even watch the video and understand it? It was a one off partnership to build a sports car.

    • God of destruction
      God of destruction Month ago

      I don't think they're going to go that far

  • Timpraetor
    Timpraetor Month ago

    Outstanding research and commentary ... but, that music repetition was enough to make me enable closed captioning and turn off the audio. Regardless, as an owner of an original 1978 Supra, this feels too much like a PR grab rather than the production of a real Supra. At least the 86 felt like a Toyota when I drove it. I'll hold my final opinion until I've driven one, but for now, everything that I've seen tells me that this will be more of a BMW feel than a Toyota feel.

  • GamerTagSinZ
    GamerTagSinZ Month ago +4

    This video is more impressive than the car itself.

    • Jonathan Villalba
      Jonathan Villalba Month ago

      Lmao, yeah it felt like the hyped up trailers for movies and video games

  • GamerTagSinZ
    GamerTagSinZ Month ago

    So its a Toyota shell with bmw drivetrain, bmw center console, bmw influenced seats. So besides the body, its 100% bmw.

  • Sumit Bhowmick
    Sumit Bhowmick Month ago

    Wonderful piece on automobile engineering. In my opinion, partnerships are necessary in today's world. And partnerships often create fresh perspectives for an individual line of thought which was previously isolated from the other one. A wonderful example is right here. And though emissions control are necessary in the coming times, to avoid loosing our planet's survivability, without partnerships each Goliath(read Piston-wheels) will turn to dust in front of the new David(read E-cars) eventually. But I don't like the idea of autonomy; no matter what, or how comforting it could be; would be the death of fun in driving. And certainly after a few decades, people will just forget how to drive a car.

  • REBEL.Ins'
    REBEL.Ins' Month ago

    Nice Beemer....

  • yash buddha
    yash buddha Month ago +1

    Is that a SUUUUUUPRA

  • GhostDiver
    GhostDiver Month ago +2

    This is what good automotive journalism looks like.
    I hate the car but love your video. Great job!

    • Dacia Sandero guys
      Dacia Sandero guys Month ago

      Supra is an overhyped shit from people who have never driven it

  • John Parker
    John Parker Month ago

    I had a completely different opinion of this vehicle before seeing your eye-opening video. I, like many others I presume, just assumed Toyota paid out some cash to BMW, changed some logos and a body panel or two, changed some visual optics in the infotainment panel, and, for some reason, de-tuned the engine, all before slapping an exorbitant price tag on it and shipping it out the door. Now I’m much better informed, and that can never be a bad thing. Thanks for the illuminating reporting.

  • Life_of_JAM JAM
    Life_of_JAM JAM Month ago

    I still remember when you first started your channel, and look at you now. Whether you know it or not, you inspired me to start my channel. Hopefully in two years I’ll get my million subscriber play button! Thanks for everything!

  • Jacob Guzman
    Jacob Guzman Month ago

    The Toyota Supra was RUINED. Im sorry but it looks like shit. :(

  • 98snakeeater
    98snakeeater Month ago

    Excellent and very informative video
    As much as I want to hate this car for not being all Toyota, you've definitely shed new light and it's definitely growing on me.

  • TT Smasher
    TT Smasher Month ago

    Can’t afford it