Carlsberg Commercial - Old Lions (Legendary England Football Players)

  • Published on Oct 16, 2010
  • This one is classic. Carlsberg have gathered all the England football legends (with many of the World Cup 66 winners) for a funny commercial about pub teams. Bobby Charlton, Jackie Charlton, Peter Beardsley, Peter Shilton, Geoff Heart and above all the late sir Bobby Robson.
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  • demol86
    demol86 3 months ago

    I’m sure Pearce’s shirt looks like it’s been washed with a red sock. Class ad.

  • James Barsby
    James Barsby 4 months ago

    28 people thick as fuck.. can’t they see class

  • billy may
    billy may 5 months ago

    well he mus..shirt pull? creased laughing, can i have your name? Charlton!, so bloody funny.

  • XBR4Da
    XBR4Da 9 months ago

    Imagine turning up for a pub game and finding out you’re up against these lot lol

  • Hoho Hoho
    Hoho Hoho 9 months ago +1

    Shame the actual drink tastes like tepid dishwater someone has pissed in isn’t it?

  • Dating Social
    Dating Social 9 months ago

    Great seeing Bobby & Jackie together

  • David Jones
    David Jones 9 months ago

    Puts a lump in your throat that advert.... Just brilliant, brilliant...

  • Terry Sarjoo
    Terry Sarjoo Year ago

    Lion gives me the creepy.

  • Marvin Williamson

    Brings a tear to the eye seeing Bobby Charlton score!! Would love to know how long the match was and see it in full!!! I bet they'd even give the present England side a good game!! Lol

  • Easton Richmond
    Easton Richmond Year ago +7

    Still watching this....2017. Love "What's your name?" "Charlton." Legend.

  • Basa 1959
    Basa 1959 Year ago

    What idiots voted this down, my god man that team would beat the current lot. The late Alan Ball and Sir Bobby Robson, what a bloody delight to watch this again and again, tears in me eyes watching legends including 3 WC winners.

  • Oneman Oneman
    Oneman Oneman Year ago

    Bryan Robson and waddle look like they can still play.

  • No Name
    No Name 2 years ago +1

    It doesn't matter how old or over weight a top Profeshional gets he never loses his touch.

  • Estefania Aranda Cordoba

    ¿Me ayudas con mi TFG? Sólo tienes que visualizar los siguientes spots publicitarios VOLL-DAMM Y CARLSBERG y a continuación responder al siguiente cuestionario. Muchas gracias!
    También puedes compartirlo a tus contactos, cuantos más seamos ¡mejor!

  • InvisibleYetVisible
    InvisibleYetVisible 2 years ago +1

    I'm sure I read somewhere they got absolutely battered in the actual match haha. Can't be having that.

  • sbhawanie69
    sbhawanie69 2 years ago +3

    Don't call me, I'll phone you Jackie! Absolutely great line!

  • Rob Osborne
    Rob Osborne 2 years ago

    Love this ad !!!

    EL PRIMERO 2 years ago

    Fantastic !

  • thaiscottie65
    thaiscottie65 2 years ago

    Any idea what year this was from? Great stuff!

    • TheTradge
      TheTradge Year ago

      It was released in 2006, in the run up to the World Cup in Germany. One of my favourite adverts =P

  • Synthesizer Patel
    Synthesizer Patel 2 years ago +21

    Sir Bobby Robson. What an absolute class act. I still miss him to this day.

    • jon cullen
      jon cullen 2 years ago +1

      Couldn't have put that better myself a true gentleman!

  • arena
    arena 2 years ago

    My heroes!

  • JB7815
    JB7815 2 years ago +2

    Oh how we miss managers like Sir Bobby Robson - a true gent, and a real football man. This lot, despite their age, and probably better than the current England team of pansies...

  • WildwoodClaire1
    WildwoodClaire1 2 years ago +4

    Bless 'em.

  • James Dowding
    James Dowding 3 years ago +7

    I wish ever England player would watch this video. Sends a shiver down my spine. COME ON ENGLAND! Let's make it our year....

  • Pigeon Faeces
    Pigeon Faeces 4 years ago +14

    fucking hell what an advert...RIP Sir Bobby

  • Goonerville Gonad
    Goonerville Gonad 4 years ago +18

    just learned that Pearces's phone ringing really happened. Not staged lol You can tell actually when you look again.

    • Jon S
      Jon S 22 days ago

      yeah..glad they kept it in

  • Chewy
    Chewy 5 years ago +12

    I'd pay money to watch a game like that, more entertaining than what on now

  • kasmumma
    kasmumma 5 years ago

    This is probably the best advert in the world

  • BackFromNowere
    BackFromNowere 5 years ago

    No he's definitely English.

  • BackFromNowere
    BackFromNowere 5 years ago

    I love this advert

  • dbfinch
    dbfinch 6 years ago +8

    "What did I do?"
    "Hey? The shirt pull."
    "Well you mus-- shirt pull?!"
    Still hilarious.

  • Pigeon Faeces
    Pigeon Faeces 6 years ago

    damn right....RIP to a proper Servant of the English Game

  • Pigeon Faeces
    Pigeon Faeces 6 years ago

    ahahahaha yes you're right...since 1988

  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith 6 years ago

    Sorry England but Jack Charlton belongs to us now.
    yours sincerely

  • Nick Wong
    Nick Wong 6 years ago

    i know this ref

  • Pigeon Faeces
    Pigeon Faeces 6 years ago +1

    RIP Sir Bobby

  • Draxxen Drexxen
    Draxxen Drexxen 6 years ago +4

    If Carlsberg did adverts....They would probably be the best adverts in the world.

    • RuddyIPA
      RuddyIPA Year ago

      Should work on their beer.

  • dlcLFC5
    dlcLFC5 6 years ago

    What a great video, brings tears to your eyes that.

  • Mercian7
    Mercian7 6 years ago +2

    Head over the ball when you shoot.
    Watch the master!........ Bobby Charlton

  • brazil10able
    brazil10able 6 years ago it should be....always

  • 10Duser
    10Duser 6 years ago

    Shilton, Walker, Charlton.J, Butcher, Pearce; Ball, Reid, Charlton.R, Robson, Waddle, Beardsley. What a team. :D RIP Sir Bobby Robson. What other Manager had the respect of *everyone*? RIP Alan Ball. Won't ever forget what you did for Pompey, thanks for coming back to us too.

  • Ged Clarke
    Ged Clarke 6 years ago

    Such a good advert...

  • ephabouyed
    ephabouyed 6 years ago

    What did the final score end up as, it looked about 10-0 lol.

  • 05Rudey
    05Rudey 6 years ago

    RIP Sir Bobby

  • devilsscent
    devilsscent 6 years ago

    Attraction: discover seduction in a small bottle!

  • bpraag
    bpraag 6 years ago


  • B P 61
    B P 61 6 years ago

    Ah of course, HTH could I not recognise him? Cheers.

  • blackcat89
    blackcat89 6 years ago

    rest in peace bobby from a sunderland fan :(

  • mick john
    mick john 6 years ago

    dont lie

  • LjungbergArsenal
    LjungbergArsenal 7 years ago

    I just loved his disbelief at being booked for shirt pulling.

  • LjungbergArsenal
    LjungbergArsenal 7 years ago

    Peter Beardsley

  • B P 61
    B P 61 7 years ago

    Who is it on the bike?

    • Ste ve
      Ste ve 6 months ago

      Peter Beardsley

  • goonerforlife23
    goonerforlife23 7 years ago

    Fucking Brilliant...

  • dave hamilton
    dave hamilton 7 years ago

    i have a photo of this team.

  • Scrotie McBoogerballs
    Scrotie McBoogerballs 7 years ago

    Chris Waddle... feels like a distant dream when he used to play for us at Sheffield Wednesday good time. :)

  • pauldanielbatty
    pauldanielbatty 7 years ago

    This is such a great commercial haha, best bit is Peter Reid absolutely clattering the lad but getting the ball clean as a whistle as well. Oh and Jack Charlton's indignation at getting booked for a shirt pull :) Doubt people like Reidy would last 90 minutes most weeks nowadays with some of the referees we have at the moment.

  • geordie lad
    geordie lad 7 years ago

    RIP Bobby and Alan. cracking commercial. sorry gaffer its my mum ha ha ha

  • 2f4st4you
    2f4st4you 7 years ago

    the best old boys team ever???

  • angels77100
    angels77100 7 years ago

    England have had some great managers over the years. Alf Ramsay, Graham Taylor, Ron Greenwood etc. But Bobby was everyone's favourite. Gone but not forgotten.

  • Shafiq Ismail
    Shafiq Ismail 7 years ago

    when was the commercial shot?

  • rollercoaster478
    rollercoaster478 7 years ago

    @MegaGunner1995 :D nice

  • Sam Grubb
    Sam Grubb 7 years ago

    we have just had this referee today for our match lol

  • MacBookMan1000
    MacBookMan1000 7 years ago

    Love this, keep coming back to watch it every now and again..

  • andrewc247
    andrewc247 7 years ago

    great ad, we miss you sir bobby :-(

  • Chadwicked B
    Chadwicked B 7 years ago

    should put them on the 2010 squad,,,england would of won the cup.

  • ozeloth sir
    ozeloth sir 7 years ago

    i love this beer ... prost !

  • nevmiles
    nevmiles 7 years ago

    @acdnan Ummm, no, it's Peter Shilton

  • rockingrugger
    rockingrugger 7 years ago

    @acdnan no that's not! he's not that grey and tubby

  • rockingrugger
    rockingrugger 8 years ago

    Who was that in goal? i didnt see properly

  • Dj fucker med din hjerne

    Best beer in the world.. Thumbs up if you agree

  • Samuel H
    Samuel H 8 years ago

    Bobby Charlton at the end what a beast!

  • Marcus Edman
    Marcus Edman 8 years ago

    Well i saw a carlsberg commercial before the actual commercial popped up, thats pretty epic huh?

  • slightlyinvovled
    slightlyinvovled 8 years ago

    meh! I drink water -___-

  • cbak12sg
    cbak12sg 8 years ago

    "Probably the best pub team in the world?" Hmmm, three of them won the World Cup. Think the rest came up short against (West) Germany or Argentina.

    Great ad, though.

  • TheChelsie08111995
    TheChelsie08111995 8 years ago

    the one dislike got hit in the head with a soccer ball and had to get brain surgery

  • Brownalebelly
    Brownalebelly 8 years ago

    Sir Bobby Robson

    what a gentleman...