What I Eat In A Day As A Model | Fashion Week Preparation | Sanne Vloet

  • Published on Jan 31, 2019
  • What I Eat In A Day As A Model To Prepare For Show Season | My Fashion Week Preparation Diet, Snacks I Make In Between Meals, & My Favorite Sweet Treats, Savory vs. Sweet, Pad Thai, Non Dairy Yogurt Bowl, & Chocolate | Sanne Vloet
    Hey Guys!
    It's been a minute since I Shared a What I Eat In A Day video. Since I'm getting ready for all the upcoming Fashion Weeks from New York City to Milan, oh and Paris too, I thought it would be fun to share some new recipes that I prepare for myself when I am in work mode!
    I've always said eating healthy is a lifestyle that I subscribe too so it is important for me to get as much nutrition and antioxidants out of my meals as possible. This way I feel strong, fit, and balanced, especially during these cold winter months! Has anyone gotten sick this winter yet? I had my first cold right after my holiday.
    I try to make variations of my meals and I love to change things up everyday. Being creative in the kitchen with all the different foods that are available in season can be fun, but it doesn't always work out. I'll maybe share a video on all the recipes that didn't work out if you guys like.
    So after my holiday to Thailand I got super inspired to to come back and create my own healthy version of the famous Pad Thai. So if you try it at home I promise it's SUPER YUMMY!
    I feel like the kitchen is my lab and I love experimenting with different kinds of superfoods which can be amazing boosts for your body. My favorite one is Maca Powder, you'll see how I use it in the video. If you use superfoods comment your favorite one and I'll start incorporating more into my videos!
    I really hope you guys are enjoying this video. I read a few comments about the fact that our community has grown to be so big, but it doesn't feel like it is. Everyone here is so positive and the feedback you guys have given me has helped make my edits better, my videos more fun, and made my journey with you guys on TheXvid an experience I never imagined having. You guys INSPIRE ME!
    So come join us, don't be shy, we are growing in numbers, our little WELLNESS ARMY WON'T be stopped! Give this video a big thumbs up and remember to hug someone today and tell them they are AMAZING!

    Nutribullet: amzn.to/2RumuI0
    Nutiva Hemp Protein: amzn.to/2SjhJWn
    Elmhurst Almond Milk: amzn.to/2CRKCiw
    Lindt Dark Chocolate 85%: amzn.to/2Tn3j4J
    Soul Organic Maca Powder: amzn.to/2Tq8h0A
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  • TInaTinaTian L
    TInaTinaTian L 18 days ago

    All her food ingredients are super healthy. She doesn't eat white bread or rice for carbs, notice all of her carbs intake are from foods that are still high in protein, ie. rye bread, millie, brown rice. And also appreciate how clean her store bought processed ingredients are, ie. almond milk, chickpea hummus, etc without any additives.

  • ALMA Alma*G
    ALMA Alma*G 19 days ago +1

    you're lovable . Really nice dinner dish :)

  • ياسر ياسر
    ياسر ياسر 21 day ago


  • Cifa
    Cifa 28 days ago


  • Erik Schmidt
    Erik Schmidt 28 days ago

    What she’s eating in two days, is what I eat in one day...

  • Labourer Plop
    Labourer Plop Month ago

    Half a banana 😂

  • wild horse
    wild horse Month ago

    Sanne do you like lasagne?😋

  • joelle wong
    joelle wong Month ago

    u dont cut the kiwi skin wtf

  • 吃货大V
    吃货大V Month ago

    I will try it in vacation , I’m going to have diet and this look so healthy 😂

  • Kate Lee
    Kate Lee Month ago

    The pad Thai tasted delicious, I made it and it’s pretty easy

  • Rosa Del Vecchio
    Rosa Del Vecchio Month ago

    It was lovely, so relaxing. Thank you for the advices. Keep doing it 😘👏❤

  • Hey There
    Hey There Month ago

    This is what happens when lay peopl talk about food and give advice on health issues - rice puffs, in the US as well as in Europe, are most of the time polluted with heavy metals causing brain damage and cancer. Hopefully you will be speared but just watch out before stating believes as facts

  • Makeup TihVuhShik
    Makeup TihVuhShik Month ago

    Love the recipes... nutritious... full of flavour and easyyyyy 😍😍😍😍

  • Lil•Nugget Boi
    Lil•Nugget Boi Month ago

    Tyyyy tomorow im trying out to be a model I have ate so many of these foods

    • Sanne Vloet
      Sanne Vloet  Month ago

      Are you on your wellness journey too? How are your goals coming for 2019?

  • Steph Mazvita
    Steph Mazvita 2 months ago

    I actually like her foods

  • Kristina
    Kristina 2 months ago

    Thank you! It is nice to see that even within the tough restrictions that models have it is possible to live and eat healthily. And really well mastered and served dishes as well ;)

  • Entertainment &life
    Entertainment &life 2 months ago

    You're so pretty

  • mike arasta
    mike arasta 2 months ago

    this is all shit food, eat steak you dumb ass.

  • Jae Babe
    Jae Babe 2 months ago

    What I eat:
    Breakfast - frozen strawberries, mango, pinapple, and banana smoothie with honey (tea with almond milk and honey)
    Lunch: Jasmine rice, with light pasta sauce, chicken, and broccoli
    Supper: salad with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and egg.
    Snacks: celery and bell pepper
    Dessert: organic frozen fruit pops
    Lots of water!
    .... And I'm still fat. I workout as well.

  • Ukasha Malik
    Ukasha Malik 2 months ago

    Great work!

  • Pete Poot
    Pete Poot 2 months ago

    I would eat all 3 dishes in 6 Minutes and went to Wendy s then

  • BourbonCherryKnot
    BourbonCherryKnot 2 months ago

    OMG. Borat.

  • bishnu priya
    bishnu priya 2 months ago

    Her food whole is my snack

  • NPC #52700000389
    NPC #52700000389 2 months ago

    Taking notes while watchig. Im 55 and the girl is such an inspiration!

  • Chow Poran J. Gogoi
    Chow Poran J. Gogoi 2 months ago

    Your diet is great but I personally feel every person has a different body metabolism and your diet plan might not work out with many people. Plus all the products looks very expensive.

  • Cathy Bates
    Cathy Bates 2 months ago

    Thanks for sharing! It's inspiring and thanks for showing our teens that they can eat more than one apple a day and be pretty 🥝🥚

  • Leni Green
    Leni Green 2 months ago

    I love ur vlogs so much

  • anxious dog
    anxious dog 2 months ago

    Why would you put baking soda in your granola???

  • Ann Rogers
    Ann Rogers 2 months ago

    Tried and it up my sugar , damage my kidneys . Do not listen to non med people

  • April D
    April D 2 months ago

    Very interesting version of Pad Thai. I’m gonna try that. Wow, I didn’t really expect a young model to have such good cooking skills. Nice 👌

    MICHI GONZALEZ TV 2 months ago

    I love avocado 🥑 here in Costa Rica we have avocado trees and they are delicious and healthy. I liked your ideas. Thank you!

  • Mun Bun
    Mun Bun 2 months ago

    That breakfast is like a whole meal

  • Vanessa Arcia
    Vanessa Arcia 2 months ago

    I think I would need something else for breakfast, but lunch and dinner are okay. Gonna try the noddles with chicken, also you're voice is very sexy!

  • HKitty V
    HKitty V 2 months ago +1

    So European...water without ice.

  • Ash Smyly
    Ash Smyly 2 months ago


  • Roz Chauhan
    Roz Chauhan 2 months ago


  • Gisel Alvarado
    Gisel Alvarado 2 months ago

    Hi this might be a dumb question but where can I get the almond butter coconut sauce?

  • Esme Alvarado
    Esme Alvarado 2 months ago

    Can you please make more videos

  • Jonathan Sutton
    Jonathan Sutton 2 months ago

    Looks like what she needs to eat is a sandwich

  • Kiddo Yubari
    Kiddo Yubari 2 months ago

    I don't know there but in my country that kind of food is super expensive!

    • Sanne Vloet
      Sanne Vloet  2 months ago

      If you make your own food it is much cheaper than going out and buying it. Try to watch the meal prep video and you can see how I plan out my meals! Xx

  • Anela Sticka
    Anela Sticka 2 months ago

    The noodles are actually black rice noodles.

  • Kellye Lasky
    Kellye Lasky 2 months ago

    I clicked on this video mindlessly, yet actually found her food & nutrition choices so healthy & thoughtful. What a pleasure this whole video was. Sanne has a lovely soothing voice, beautiful accent & warm, kind smile. (great background music selection too!). I'm inspired. Thank you

  • NoctLightCloud
    NoctLightCloud 2 months ago

    these ingredients are unfortunately too expensive here where I am currently living (Korea)

  • Laura Castillo
    Laura Castillo 2 months ago

    She just woke up and took a shower and she looks stunning! omg

  • TylerMusicSandwich
    TylerMusicSandwich 2 months ago +2


  • Wolvesfan 1980
    Wolvesfan 1980 2 months ago

    She looks shattered.......... I bet she sleeps 14;hours a day...

    SUNNY ARIZONA 2 months ago

    Here I am, a grown ass woman with school aged kids and I can never figure out what to cook, let alone cook healthy. I've been shamed 😖

  • Joanne Peterson
    Joanne Peterson 2 months ago

    Who the fuck cares

  • Tee S
    Tee S 2 months ago

    I love the quality of ingredients you used for the granola (ghee, manuka honey).

  • Karen Jordan
    Karen Jordan 2 months ago

    Very informative and not at all my perception of what models eat. I can do that! The Pad Thai looked AMAZING.

  • Missing Twin
    Missing Twin 2 months ago

    Considered and healthy. Thank you.

  • Maggie Gordon
    Maggie Gordon 2 months ago

    Absolutely Love your healthy lifestyle cooking videos!! Always come back to cook the recipes :P

  • Gus Hernandez
    Gus Hernandez 2 months ago

    Muerta de hambre.

  • Danieli Garcia
    Danieli Garcia 2 months ago

    She so lazy she couldn't pull out the extra pans that were on the oven lol or maybe dont have enough energy

  • Nargis.M
    Nargis.M 2 months ago

    if i ate like that id literally be so fucking miserable...

  • Marry Harry
    Marry Harry 2 months ago

    The real question is... did she VOMIT EVERYTHING between meals ? We will never know

  • federica mugnari
    federica mugnari 2 months ago

    I really like this video! Thank you

  • SicilianShorty
    SicilianShorty 2 months ago +1

    I love rye bread! I'm curious if she really only boils one egg at a time!
    Is that pad Thai recipe posted somewhere?

  • SicilianShorty
    SicilianShorty 2 months ago

    What does the baking soda in the granola do?

  • No Wire Hangers!
    No Wire Hangers! 2 months ago

    Cocaine is a good snack at 0 size