What I Eat In A Day As A Model | Fashion Week Preparation | Sanne Vloet

  • Published on Jan 31, 2019
  • What I Eat In A Day As A Model To Prepare For Show Season | My Fashion Week Preparation Diet, Snacks I Make In Between Meals, & My Favorite Sweet Treats, Savory vs. Sweet, Pad Thai, Non Dairy Yogurt Bowl, & Chocolate | Sanne Vloet
    Hey Guys!
    It's been a minute since I Shared a What I Eat In A Day video. Since I'm getting ready for all the upcoming Fashion Weeks from New York City to Milan, oh and Paris too, I thought it would be fun to share some new recipes that I prepare for myself when I am in work mode!
    I've always said eating healthy is a lifestyle that I subscribe too so it is important for me to get as much nutrition and antioxidants out of my meals as possible. This way I feel strong, fit, and balanced, especially during these cold winter months! Has anyone gotten sick this winter yet? I had my first cold right after my holiday.
    I try to make variations of my meals and I love to change things up everyday. Being creative in the kitchen with all the different foods that are available in season can be fun, but it doesn't always work out. I'll maybe share a video on all the recipes that didn't work out if you guys like.
    So after my holiday to Thailand I got super inspired to to come back and create my own healthy version of the famous Pad Thai. So if you try it at home I promise it's SUPER YUMMY!
    I feel like the kitchen is my lab and I love experimenting with different kinds of superfoods which can be amazing boosts for your body. My favorite one is Maca Powder, you'll see how I use it in the video. If you use superfoods comment your favorite one and I'll start incorporating more into my videos!
    I really hope you guys are enjoying this video. I read a few comments about the fact that our community has grown to be so big, but it doesn't feel like it is. Everyone here is so positive and the feedback you guys have given me has helped make my edits better, my videos more fun, and made my journey with you guys on TheXvid an experience I never imagined having. You guys INSPIRE ME!
    So come join us, don't be shy, we are growing in numbers, our little WELLNESS ARMY WON'T be stopped! Give this video a big thumbs up and remember to hug someone today and tell them they are AMAZING!

    Nutribullet: amzn.to/2RumuI0
    Nutiva Hemp Protein: amzn.to/2SjhJWn
    Elmhurst Almond Milk: amzn.to/2CRKCiw
    Lindt Dark Chocolate 85%: amzn.to/2Tn3j4J
    Soul Organic Maca Powder: amzn.to/2Tq8h0A
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  • Melany Whitney
    Melany Whitney 9 hours ago


  • Christy Hardy
    Christy Hardy 11 hours ago

    All of that actually looked really good. I never thought about a little bit of goat cheese on my avocado toast 😍 Her menu was very well balanced. As clean as possible, while still preparing nutrient dense, satiating ingredients & budgeting the "bad stuff" very cleverly, so she probably doesn't ever feel deprived. Definitely stealing some of these recipe ideas 💖

  • Србомбоница
    Србомбоница 13 hours ago

    Јако слаб ручак и доручак,западни белци су чудни људи са чудном исхраном поготово Германи

  • Roopum Dixit
    Roopum Dixit 19 hours ago

    U use ghee it's a Indian butter how do u know abt it bcoz its better than butter

  • S fara
    S fara 22 hours ago

    well am not a fruit person this video makes sense

  • S fara
    S fara 22 hours ago


  • DaisyMae Shybu
    DaisyMae Shybu Day ago +2

    You are such an inspiration! I truly enjoyed this video and all the meals you made were something I think I can do. You're equally as beautiful. Great video, keep them coming.

  • Cathy Schrijner
    Cathy Schrijner Day ago +1

    If that is dinner for 2...damn..I can imagine her dinner guest leaving her house and heading straight to a snack bar

  • Rakhsana R
    Rakhsana R Day ago

    makes a change seeing a video of a model who actually eats! The portions were good and that food would certainly keep me going all day.

  • Love of Christ
    Love of Christ Day ago

    I love your meal ideas and your version of healthy Pad Thai! Thank you for sharing this, really helpful 💕

  • Hannan
    Hannan Day ago +2

    Anyone els in bed and eating junkfood while watching this

  • Candice & Andrew Stendahl

    Did she.... leave empty pans in her oven when cooking the granola....??

  • Lilinass Melinass
    Lilinass Melinass Day ago +2

    Theses are snucks for us 😊😊😊

  • Joyce Fernandez
    Joyce Fernandez Day ago

    For a model, you eat well.

  • Lin Ye
    Lin Ye 2 days ago

    When she said the dinner is two people portion...

  • amelia cool
    amelia cool 2 days ago

    this actually looks really awesome. better than some of the others ive seen. although obviously the portions are much smaller than i could eat haha, she seems to be very conscious of ensuring she is actually getting each of the food groups and all the necessary nutrients, rather than a lot of these kinds of videos that seem less concerned about actual health and more concerned about losing/maintaining weight

  • emoukou
    emoukou 2 days ago

    Just came from the video, about that guy that eats 12 thousand calories *a day* and wow its different....

  • Linda Hanekom
    Linda Hanekom 2 days ago

    This is a really healthy balanced diet, well done, some models don't eat healthy at all.

  • Daydreamer
    Daydreamer 2 days ago

    I love your vibe and the way you cook with so much love. It's really refreshing to watch.

    • Daydreamer
      Daydreamer 2 days ago

      @Sanne Vloet thanks love. for sure ☺☺😍😍

    • Sanne Vloet
      Sanne Vloet  2 days ago +1

      Hi! Thanks so much for leaving me a note. Do you focus on your health and wellness too? xx

  • Mia Meow
    Mia Meow 2 days ago +6

    organic avocado is a waste of $$$ most bugs don't attack them.

  • Rawan Abdullah
    Rawan Abdullah 3 days ago +1

    You haven't had a nice life ever :(

    • Sanne Vloet
      Sanne Vloet  2 days ago

      I think I have been very fortunate in this life! Hope you are having a wonderful summer Rawan!

  • stine watson
    stine watson 3 days ago

    i have a body like yours, but i wish i had a face like yours lol

    • Sanne Vloet
      Sanne Vloet  2 days ago

      Hi Stine! Do you enjoy cooking as well? Thanks so much for watching and I hope you are having a wonderful summer! xx

  • chadyfrs93
    chadyfrs93 3 days ago

    what about the tea? do you not strain it?

  • GirlnPointer
    GirlnPointer 3 days ago

    Hi! I came across your video by chance. What brand of pan is the one that you cooked the mushrooms in? It has an interesting lid!

  • pamypam〈3
    pamypam〈3 3 days ago

    Cereal sometimes or oatmeal

  • pamypam〈3
    pamypam〈3 3 days ago

    Wow usually I eat a egg or rice with sour cream sometimes beans

  • Nicolás Ignacio Arancibia Godoy

    I would be hungry with the schedule, although perhaps not with the ammounts

  • MaCoeur
    MaCoeur 4 days ago

    What does the baking soda in the granola do?

  • Karina Musheli
    Karina Musheli 4 days ago

    Hi! Sanne I tried everything you posted in this video and loved it!!! Im in NY so is easy to find the ingredients! I tried the cashew coconut yogurt and also like it a lot it is a great substitute instead of the milk ones. Thank you so much!!! Warm regards, Karina

  • Vânia Alexandra Silva

    You re so beautiful! Don t you feel weak at all during the day? I m trying something similar but you are way ahead in this you know your stuff 😘

  • Mrs Retrofavorites
    Mrs Retrofavorites 4 days ago

    maca powder reminds me of graham crackers.. flavorwise)

  • Janeth Rosa
    Janeth Rosa 4 days ago +15

    I really like how she doesnt waste any food. . . 😊 I dont like to waste food either. . . Makes me uncomfortable. . .

  • Kaia Höl
    Kaia Höl 4 days ago

    So inspiring 😊 Hope you will share more recipes 🙏

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 4 days ago

    Say that we can eat evrything😂

  • paul joseph
    paul joseph 4 days ago

    Never cook honey in the oven SV; it breaks down to compounds that are toxic for the body (ancient ayurvedic knowledge). All your stuff is good!! Stay healthy.

  • Andi Rei
    Andi Rei 4 days ago +1

    Sanne Vloet, you are lovely and perfect in every way, the food looks lush! Thanks for sharing.

  • michelle T
    michelle T 4 days ago

    You are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  • Carolyn Norton
    Carolyn Norton 4 days ago

    Her breakfast is strange, but she looks very healthy. We should try it.

  • The Uberman
    The Uberman 4 days ago

    Don't forget the organic non gmo coke!!!

  • ASMR SouthernBell
    ASMR SouthernBell 5 days ago

    Fun stuff! What you put in the body is so important! Good job!💖💖💖

    • --
      -- 3 days ago

      Especially when it's a penis. It means the world to the dude .

  • Cool Panda TR
    Cool Panda TR 5 days ago

    yogurt is Turkish food

  • misa e.k
    misa e.k 5 days ago

    Sabahtan beri 1 tane mantıklı bir şey yemedin be kızım

  • Julie Gal
    Julie Gal 6 days ago

    Omg I wish I could eat this healthy!!!!

  • Ashley Conner
    Ashley Conner 6 days ago +5

    Everything you have made looks absolutely amazing!!! You should start your own healthy restaurant chain.

  • Violetta Koss
    Violetta Koss 6 days ago +1

    Sanne you are the best love all your videos! I’ve tried some of your recipes and they are absolutely delish. Especially the cauliflower curry. Thank you for your posts!

  • Lila Toualbi
    Lila Toualbi 6 days ago

    Which blender do you use? It looks like its powerful but not too big at the same times

  • Ben Shepherd
    Ben Shepherd 6 days ago

    If the almond milk only contains Almonds and Water. Why not save the packaging and cost and jsut add water and Almonds ?

    • Elmhurst 1925
      Elmhurst 1925 5 days ago

      That's always an option too! But if you're ever in the mood for almond milk and don't have time to make it yourself we're here for you

  • Heidi Maus
    Heidi Maus 7 days ago

    You are so sweet! Thank you for sharing. I'm excited to make the sauce and I'm happy to learn there is a soy sauce substitute. 🙂

  • Brittany Hinckley
    Brittany Hinckley 7 days ago +2

    Very healthy and the lunch looked very yummy and quick!

  • Alexandra Aldea
    Alexandra Aldea 7 days ago

    dinner meal looks so delicious and tasty

  • Blob Art
    Blob Art 7 days ago +1


  • complicated simplicity Swarna

    a lot of fun to see this bt r they really gd to taste XD!

  • Ditte Christensen
    Ditte Christensen 7 days ago

    Your dinner looked sooooooo good 😍🤤🤤

  • Sabrina Lim
    Sabrina Lim 7 days ago

    she cuts ginger like its cheap

  • no name
    no name 7 days ago +2

    I want to eat like that.
    Everything looks healthy and delicious!

  • Sweetpotatopie
    Sweetpotatopie 8 days ago

    Thyroid disease will make you gain ten pounds on this diet

  • Larsa Gi
    Larsa Gi 8 days ago

    I love your voice/accent

  • Accurate Gamer
    Accurate Gamer 8 days ago

    I didn't find what I came for

  • Chloe
    Chloe 8 days ago +5

    I actually love how she says Ninja at 8:09 lol it’s so sweet, her accent is beautiful

  • lisa
    lisa 8 days ago

    Many commenters admit Nothing of what they Actually eat.

  • FunDreya
    FunDreya 8 days ago

    Why do you use baking soda for your granola?

  • Jayne Taylor
    Jayne Taylor 8 days ago

    Too much time on your hands go EST some real food !

  • Rachelle McKellips
    Rachelle McKellips 8 days ago

    Dinner looked delicious, nice diet plan!

  • Chellspecker
    Chellspecker 9 days ago

    Very sweet and lovely video with wholesome down-to-earth food that looks appetizing. Some of the ingredients are a bit faddish (maca powder etc.) but overall the ingredients would be available to most people. Some simple suggestions for a healthy diet are all here: whole grains, no refined starches or sweeteners, water instead of juice or soda, fresh veggies, careful portion control. She brings a lot of mindfulness to her eating habits. Maybe the video is so relaxing because she didn't drink coffee all day?

  • J L MS
    J L MS 9 days ago

    Sooo half the ingredients she used..if you don't like then what

  • GuidedWithLight
    GuidedWithLight 9 days ago +39

    I felt so relaxed while watching this video. Your voice is so calm and soothing. And the jazz music is lovely. I can’t wait to try your healthy tasty recipes! Thx for sharing and making the instructions easy to follow. Please share more recipes and lifestyle tips 👍

  • Isabellacatlove bernshausen

    Are you just all ignoring the fact that she dipped her chocolate in her tea ?!

  • Rhonda Teris
    Rhonda Teris 9 days ago

    I don't think I could eat the whole breakfast myself. I'm not hungry in the morning, but it looks good! Definitely going to try it, I've been vegetarian for almost 30 years.

  • bye bye
    bye bye 9 days ago

    That dinner looks so good

  • Saana Smith
    Saana Smith 9 days ago

    she uses lots of healthy diet food but the pans she uses may not be as healthy. might be wise to use either cast iron pan or stainless steel.

    • Liloh Loves Subtitles
      Liloh Loves Subtitles 6 days ago +1

      I'm always surprised at the amount of teflon I still see health-concious people on YT using! I thought everyone knew how toxic it was by now D: Anyway just a little oil, butter, or water stops your food sticking on the bottom of the pan, no need for teflon!

  • X X
    X X 9 days ago +8


  • V M
    V M 9 days ago

    Thank you for this you are so beautiful

  • Melody Loves
    Melody Loves 10 days ago

    It’s midnight and now I’m hungry

  • Mike L
    Mike L 10 days ago


  • Val Rada
    Val Rada 10 days ago

    You're completely lovely.

  • sixstringsher
    sixstringsher 10 days ago +56

    I thought this would be some ridiculous diet but it's actually very healty and... make sense! Thanks for sharing.

  • cosmogirlteri
    cosmogirlteri 10 days ago

    aint nobody got time for that

  • Christy Hughes
    Christy Hughes 10 days ago

    I can't wait to try the pad thai! I have all the ingredients on hand and will make it with a side of the eggplant fresh out of my garden!

  • Myrthe Marie
    Myrthe Marie 10 days ago

    I'm trying to eat healthier and devide my food into better more regulated portions but its sooo hard lol. Having been born on a dutch farm, i'm really used to eating bread for breakfast and lunch like two to three slices per meal. I gues i got that from my dad who eats two slices of bread during breakfast and takes 6 with him to work lol.

  • Lori Faith
    Lori Faith 10 days ago +1

    living like a model seems soooooo exahstiinggg.

  • 『 α l m o n d 』
    『 α l m o n d 』 10 days ago +1

    I'm in love with her accent omg

  • LoVe To LaUgh
    LoVe To LaUgh 10 days ago

    You eat kiwi skin? You might as well lick a hamster 😄 ... I love kiwi so I'll try it 😁

  • Amarea Witt
    Amarea Witt 10 days ago +11

    When you are in college and dont got time for this 😥

  • jill zafreak
    jill zafreak 10 days ago

    Nice shaved Adam’s apple

  • Gretchen Bily
    Gretchen Bily 10 days ago

    This is great, let me file this under videos that make me wanna kill myself.

  • Debra Wilson
    Debra Wilson 11 days ago

    What do you do to work out? You must be able to eat so much because you are tall and have a fast metabolism.

  • Danz Dow
    Danz Dow 11 days ago +1

    This makes me depressed

  • Bahar Aciksoz
    Bahar Aciksoz 11 days ago

    Is she literally eating kiwi with its skin:) My Godness:) why all models are simple idiots?

  • Whitu - Foxu c:
    Whitu - Foxu c: 11 days ago

    ik kon gewoon horen dan dat Nederlands bent, i wou het al vragen maar je zei het al, haha!
    Ik heb je hulp beetje nodig.. ik ben niet heel erg over gewicht, maar er mag wel wat af. Ik heb echt, in mijn ogen, hele dikke benen. Mijn moeder zegt dat het niet heel dik is maar wel een beetje aan de dikke kant. Hoe haal ik hier iets van af? In sommige broeken wil ik gewoon niet naar school want het ziet er gewoon te dik uit. Ik heb nu vakantie dus ik kan er lekker aan werken :P. kan je helpen? :)

  • Indunil ඉඳුනිල්

    Super healthy love it

  • Asus Kybd
    Asus Kybd 11 days ago


  • Asus Kybd
    Asus Kybd 11 days ago

    European breakfast: Espresso and a wafer of chocolate. Maybe a pastry but I RARELY saw anyone indulge over there.

  • Asus Kybd
    Asus Kybd 11 days ago

    WOW, she eats BREAD! Evil girl, witch.... burn the witch..... ;^)

  • Asus Kybd
    Asus Kybd 11 days ago

    So WHO is ever gonna be good enough to bed you? That's the trouble with models.

  • Beverly Blair
    Beverly Blair 11 days ago


  • Melody Upham
    Melody Upham 11 days ago

    I wanted to hate this because you yet another “model” was going to post her famine style diet and talk about how “full” she was. However, these were actually very nice meals and once people get used to eating the appropriate amount of foods, meaning before they are stuffed to the gills, they’d find this was plenty of food. I say this as someone who has fought with my weight all my life.

  • Shelley King
    Shelley King 12 days ago

    I am a kiwi lol. Kiwi is slang for New Zealander. So the kiwi in your video is actually called 'kiwi fruit' It's all good though, it does make me laugh, and I loved watching your video. Next stop,,,,supermarket to find the ingredients as it all looks delicious. Thanks so much. :)

    • Liloh Loves Subtitles
      Liloh Loves Subtitles 6 days ago

      Kiwi here as well :D it seems that everywhere in the world (EXCEPT Aotearoa) people say "kiwi" to mean the fruit, we are the only ones who call it "kiwifruit" I think to differentiate from the name we call ourselves. We were actually the original mass exporters of kiwifruit (hence how it got its name, and the similarity to our native bird's body, haha) so one would think people would be more likely to call it the same name we use, but nope the rest of the world seems to have defaulted to 'kiwi'. But yes Aotearoans as a people are called Kiwis, I just don't think too many people are aware of that!

    • Varuni Parihar
      Varuni Parihar 9 days ago

      That is a kiwi, u are a person, you shouldn’t have to specify fruit, of the other word is slang, maybe you’re a kiwi person

  • Hagi Van der Walt
    Hagi Van der Walt 12 days ago

    Loved this so much i subscribed

  • Katja G
    Katja G 12 days ago +3

    The lunch looks so good! I’ve never thought of putting goat cheese on avocado toast before

  • Ira Ramadhani
    Ira Ramadhani 12 days ago

    nice sanne, healthy food😊 Good to see you still eat dark chocolate to fight sugar cravings