Neil Lennon on the Match | Lazio 1-2 Celtic | CELTIC WIN IN ROME TO PROGRESS TO LAST 32!

  • Published on Nov 7, 2019
  • Neil Lennon gives his thoughts as a superb Celtic performance sees the Bhoys reach the last 32 of the Europa League with two games to spare.
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Comments • 434

  • Gezobel
    Gezobel 24 days ago

    Neil Lennon must take huge credit for coming in and learning from existing staff like John Kennedy who clearly learned a lot under Rodgers.

    In my opinion Lennon is now better for us than Rodgers as he knows how to win in Europe whilst Rodgers was a disaster in that area,

    Beating Barcelona at their peak and winning home and away against a top Serie A club shows that Lennon can compete with the best in Europe with far fewer resources than most.

    Great to have qualified so early that takes a lot of pressure off us in the coming weeks. H H.

  • tbyjb
    tbyjb 27 days ago

    I gotta poop

  • Benbhoy9
    Benbhoy9 28 days ago

    As the Man said ...... “This is Just the beginning” ...... ☝️🇮🇪⭐️

  • transitny
    transitny 29 days ago

    Congratulations on the win. I was shocked when I read that you guys hadn't won in Italy before this, after having excellent teams in the past.

  • xoobo vola
    xoobo vola Month ago

    “Character” Brendan rogers has returned.

  • mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooi Month ago

    “Character” Brendan rogers has returned.

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss Month ago

    “Character” Brendan rogers has returned.

  • alida flus
    alida flus Month ago

    confidence excitement even in his voice at just what this group of players maybe capable of doing so spfl and the rest of Europe take note bring em on Mon the hoops hail hai

    • xoobo vola
      xoobo vola Month ago

      this club!! And Lenny i do believe you have earned the title Lenny The Legend!!

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan Month ago

    We are celtic what a night in Rome Hail hail

    • mikea hiooi
      mikea hiooi Month ago

      Had a wee bit of a sore heid this morning... Hopefully the 3rd Celtic fan stabbed recovers well,, Best wishes to him and his family,, HH

  • Brian Gorman
    Brian Gorman Month ago

    What a win that was papa Francesco oooooooooooooo papa Francesco oooooooooooooo papa Francesco oooooooooooooo com on the hoops only getin to see this nai i havnt been that well with a 2day hangover of drinking fuck me wat a win hahaha fuck nazio 🖕

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss Month ago +1

      Really proud of my team last night toped it off Lennon is the man . Who is brendin Rogers C.O.Y.B.I.G

  • bolso66
    bolso66 Month ago

    Ma proprio contro a Lazio one of the great Celtic nights?

    • alida flus
      alida flus Month ago

      Hail hail the celts are here 🍀🍀

  • kenzie wooton
    kenzie wooton Month ago

    fuck the celtic

  • Darren Henderson
    Darren Henderson Month ago +1

    Great result Lenny, from a Rangers man, we all want to see Scottish football making a statement in Europe.

  • scots bhoy
    scots bhoy Month ago

    Lazio beaten home and away. Barcelona beaten at home, etc. etc. Lennie has shown a new generation what it means to follow the hoops. He might not be valued as much as other managers on the world stage, but you couldnt buy his passion, belief and lifelong love of the 'tic...and that's what makes him special.

  • yroohj gouy
    yroohj gouy Month ago

    We are celtic what a night in Rome Hail hail

  • Liam Bruton
    Liam Bruton Month ago

    Golden history,(The Bhoys) Hail Hail Hail

  • MariNate
    MariNate Month ago

    “Character” Brendan rogers has returned.

  • MariNate
    MariNate Month ago

    Celtic won away in Europe? Fucksake

  • Vinegar Joe
    Vinegar Joe Month ago +1

    Another true Scottish paid for paddy so as per insignificant oh unless you believe kicking a ball is evolution hahaha

    • Vinegar Joe
      Vinegar Joe 27 days ago

      Offer up more than slurs I dare you

    • Vinegar Joe
      Vinegar Joe 27 days ago

      @mccann oh go root ya sister and call yourself a Democrat

    • mccann
      mccann 27 days ago

      Vinegar Joe Joe, you’re a gibbering buffoon. Stop now.

    • Vinegar Joe
      Vinegar Joe 27 days ago

      @mccann oh FO you intellectual refund, you bring nothing to evolution but a reminder why the pro choice have a argument

    • Vinegar Joe
      Vinegar Joe Month ago

      @mccann I admire your spellcheck,guess I write it as i think it boohoo

  • marmaduke hussy
    marmaduke hussy Month ago

    Great win.
    Hope the fans are okay disgusting behaviour by the s.s lazio (abapt name ).

    Any 1 noticed - you can't comment on Holyrood "parliament "....
    Well.. here goes ..why is it cramed full....I mean beyond Belief full of prods (no dis to them). might as well be a lodge meeting .

  • Utopian Dreamer
    Utopian Dreamer Month ago

    I was a doubter and will always stand up and admit it. But, Lenny must know that operation stop the 10 is now in full flow and he MUST instil that into the team. Celtic must treat every game like a cup final. Cos Sevco are gonna get every assistance from the rest. But, if we win every match, our destiny is in our own hands. We must keep winning. Other sides will lie down. Of such there can be no doubt. We cannot afford to slack in any game. We are the best and must show that in every match now. The 10 is the Holy Grail and we must grasp that Grail and never let it slip.

  • Stuart McDonn.
    Stuart McDonn. Month ago

    Then 1 Night In Rome!!! {;-)

  • eXpired gaucamole.-. 123

    Morgan’s uncle wow

  • Lou Young
    Lou Young Month ago

    What a game....Olli with that wee dink talk about sexual!! As for Jamesy he always comes through when you need him most. He is so underated and yet he does so much for this club!! And Lenny i do believe you have earned the title Lenny The Legend!!

  • Colin Mclean
    Colin Mclean Month ago

    Had a wee bit of a sore heid this morning... Hopefully the 3rd Celtic fan stabbed recovers well,, Best wishes to him and his family,, HH

  • Robert Macmillan
    Robert Macmillan Month ago

    Really proud of my team last night toped it off Lennon is the man . Who is brendin Rogers C.O.Y.B.I.G

  • Jack McGuinness
    Jack McGuinness Month ago

    Hail hail the celts are here 🍀🍀

  • alex aikman
    alex aikman Month ago

    simply legend

  • Bindass Boy Shivam
    Bindass Boy Shivam Month ago

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  • Neil O Connor
    Neil O Connor Month ago

    Ive noticed there is a lack of epl fans and rangers fans talking shit

  • Gaming ca la carte
    Gaming ca la carte Month ago +1

    All of you were saying that Lennon should be suck after Celtic 3-4 CFR but now all of you want him

  • joe bellic
    joe bellic Month ago

    Don't think we controlled but we definitely created great opportunities, special night HH 🇮🇪🇮🇪 and Lenny you know he feels it.

  • robert kennedy
    robert kennedy Month ago

    To think. Some supporters laughed some ridiculed some were angry about the appointment of NL. Huns were saying it was the best news they could have had Now?? 1 Neil Lennon 🇮🇪🇮🇪

  • Glasgow Bhoy
    Glasgow Bhoy Month ago

    Respect Neil , hail hail

  • Rab Belfast
    Rab Belfast Month ago

    Celtic 2 v 1 Nazio :) Like myself is everyone else also getting that deja vu feeling :)

  • Tom Lafferty
    Tom Lafferty Month ago

    Lennon goes away in Europe and doesn't pander to the opposition, they didn't settle for the draw, even if it left us more exposed we took the game to Lazio and got what we deserved. HH Lenny plays the Celtic way

  • Sean Fallon
    Sean Fallon Month ago +16

    When you consider all that he has been through over the years, you have to admire him and say that he is Celtic to the backbone, respect to Lenny. Hail Hail

  • Daran G
    Daran G Month ago

    were a better team under lennon than we were under rodgers , this is the best celtic team since 2003

  • Nando Vee
    Nando Vee Month ago

    This is the man the nay Sayers said was a step down from BR. We would have lost that game under BR. Absolute joy to watch. Hail hail

  • Yorkshire Bhoy
    Yorkshire Bhoy Month ago

    who needs Brendan we've got Lenny

  • mick callaghan
    mick callaghan Month ago

    best 2 euro games I have watched for a long time gr8

  • Moravcik 25
    Moravcik 25 Month ago +1

    Just simply - Thank you Neil, a "real" Celtic Man to his core!

  • shelby edgar
    shelby edgar Month ago

    the lennon doubters were laughable lennons European record is and was far superior to the traitors

  • Saor Alba
    Saor Alba Month ago

    Neil fuckin Lennon 💚


  • sean morgan
    sean morgan Month ago +1

    I owe lenny and his staff a massive apology doubted he could make us better than Brendan's team but he has and I'm glad I was wrong! Hail hail🇮🇪🍀

  • elflakeador09
    elflakeador09 Month ago

    Hail Hail! 😎

  • Dave Cook
    Dave Cook Month ago

    Can’t wait to here what Lenny’s got to say about 0/0 against Motherwell on Sunday

  • Aidan Brannan
    Aidan Brannan Month ago

    There comes a time for the moment , tonight was one of them

  • burants
    burants Month ago

    This is how it feels to be Celtic....Lennon is a born winner and glad he's shut up all those want him gone after we got knocked out the champions league

  • Joseph Maxwell
    Joseph Maxwell Month ago +1

    Neil Lennon, the best signing of last season, now coming into his own!
    Many Thanks, Boss!🍀🍀🍀😂😇😎

  • 1985mfs
    1985mfs Month ago

    If you build it, they will come 🤘

  • Colin Sweeney
    Colin Sweeney Month ago

    We came in our thousands , I came in my pants ! Fcuk lazio n their scummy fans.... outta Europe, 3rd in the group KARMA ya pricks

  • david quinn
    david quinn Month ago

    Great result but slow down. The top teams in Europe are in champions league. Lazio are the same us us not in that league. Let's keep it going but not get carried away. Hh

    • Michael Kavanagh
      Michael Kavanagh Month ago

      It's a phenomenal 2 results against them they were unbeaten at home this season before us and beat Milan at the San Siro last week! Stop being like those bitter English cunts from that tourist league down south

  • George Bisacre
    George Bisacre Month ago

    As someone who clearly remembers "Lisbon" I say great result but we haven't quite got the the "Neil Lennon Stand" yet. Don't rule it out though!

  • collette whitney
    collette whitney Month ago +1

    Well done I knew we had this one in the bag hail hail hail Neil lenonn and celtic I am so happy and hungover but worth it from a very happy hooper 💚💚💚💚💚🇮🇪😁😀👍🤩😍

  • Maclad1888
    Maclad1888 Month ago

    On nights like that we as Celtic fans have to remember on days when it’s not going our way , just step back and think about the 2 games against lazio we were fantastic in both , that’s how we can play when it’s all coming together , and on the days when we’re off it just back the team the club and the manager , really proud of what the club as a whole have done ✅ HH

  • Kenneth MacLennan
    Kenneth MacLennan Month ago

    He's done it again, everything they put in front of him,he achieves, with two games remaining, brilliant manager

  • Ana Cameliu-Ionuț
    Ana Cameliu-Ionuț Month ago +1

    Thank you so much Celtic🤝From a Cfr Cluj (your rivals) fan !

    • Michael Kavanagh
      Michael Kavanagh Month ago +1

      Go finish the job v Lazio and join us in the last 32 👍

  • Brian Reilly
    Brian Reilly Month ago

    Lennon proves yet again he is better in Europe than rogers as a manager that was amazing result

  • Jonathan Brown
    Jonathan Brown Month ago

    Am very happy for Lennie. He was sh*te at ER but.he is a perfect fit at Parkheid