i tested using RAMEN NOODLES to fix a broken toilet

  • Published on May 21, 2019
  • so i tried out this viral food hack to fix a broken sink or toilet using ramen noodles and resine. i'm so sorry but yes i swear this is 100% a real think. i hope you enjoy it and don't forget to subscribe for more stupid content like this, i love you!
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  • Dino Jai
    Dino Jai 8 hours ago +1

    Raphael what are you doing

  • Obby NoobGames
    Obby NoobGames 16 hours ago +3

    your suppose to use gorilla glue!!!

  • •Psychoxz•
    •Psychoxz• Day ago +3

    Naruto is literally crying right now.

  • Cammie's gaming channel

    This is a cruel comment section..wow good job though at this ramen fixing things challenge!

  • Nadin Kamil
    Nadin Kamil Day ago

    Dude why dont u just use e300 superglue and yeh know PATIENCE okay, you have to wait😑🙄

  • A tired foox with depression

    Guys he did it right, obviously, apparently you guys are blind

  • Shitposter9000 OwO
    Shitposter9000 OwO 2 days ago +5

    Your supposed to use gorilla glue...

  • Knifer J
    Knifer J 2 days ago +8

    You forgot the seasoning. Thats Why it didn't worked

  • Bella potato
    Bella potato 2 days ago +3

    WaIt FoR iT tO dRy

  • Nava Maor Malka
    Nava Maor Malka 2 days ago +1


  • IbKinHaan
    IbKinHaan 2 days ago +1

    This just made me laugh so hard xD

  • Divo Jadeja
    Divo Jadeja 2 days ago +5

    You didn’t do it right....

  • Sarah Shwartze
    Sarah Shwartze 2 days ago

    Is because of the baking soda in the ramen it creates a chemical reaction with the super glue

  • Walter Welch
    Walter Welch 3 days ago +5

    You screwed up. Simple

  • FallBaby 1112
    FallBaby 1112 3 days ago +11

    You did it wrong

    {GOG}D3AD,POOL 3 days ago +5

    Dude easy way lay it down on its side and the you use superglue fast hardening and then

  • T . Cereal
    T . Cereal 3 days ago +7

    Btw its superglue not ressing

    • T . Cereal
      T . Cereal 2 days ago +1

      @Simon Saul I ment what your ment to put on the noodles

    • Simon Saul
      Simon Saul 3 days ago +1

      it's resin

  • Adora Ng
    Adora Ng 3 days ago +5

    You’re supposed to use the extremely fast drying Super glue.

  • Justin Ys Girlfriend
    Justin Ys Girlfriend 3 days ago +13

    Ok so I noticed in his comments section he doesn’t have top commenters or something... so lets do him a favour and make this top comment:

    I love u, so don’t give up!

    • Justin Ys Girlfriend
      Justin Ys Girlfriend 3 days ago

      hello have a nice day then don’t reply and have a nice day 👋

    • hello have a nice day
      hello have a nice day 3 days ago

      @Justin Ys Girlfriend idgf

    • Justin Ys Girlfriend
      Justin Ys Girlfriend 3 days ago

      hello have a nice day I really don’t care if this becomes top comment because I’ve gotten top comment before, so I’m not thirsty for likes but he really deserves people with top comments to make him feel more... idk famous.

    • Justin Ys Girlfriend
      Justin Ys Girlfriend 3 days ago

      waste of oxygen look y’all idc if this becomes top comment or not I just want him to have a top comment.

    • hello have a nice day
      hello have a nice day 3 days ago


  • ManhaRockz
    ManhaRockz 3 days ago +5

    Bruh u suck at this

    • ManhaRockz
      ManhaRockz Day ago

      And plus your a noob idiot AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS ASSHOLE

    • ManhaRockz
      ManhaRockz Day ago

      So don’t judge a book by its cover stupid fat cow

    • ManhaRockz
      ManhaRockz Day ago

      And second of all I didn’t write this comment because my sister shares my account

    • ManhaRockz
      ManhaRockz Day ago

      How is this begging if I’m just saying he sucks is that begging

    • super Kat bros 445
      super Kat bros 445 2 days ago

      I just disliked you begfer go to ramen school

  • Sxmply_liyah
    Sxmply_liyah 3 days ago +6

    Well geese I tried to fix my life with some ramen... it didn’t work.

  • MV Daily
    MV Daily 3 days ago +4

    Your trash at this go back home to your mom and workout because your weak

  • Crystal :3
    Crystal :3 3 days ago +4

    RAMEN !!!

  • Mae Mae
    Mae Mae 3 days ago +3

    Use some shoe glue

  • Galaxy wolf
    Galaxy wolf 3 days ago +2

    Nu not the noodles NUUU also where are the 5 cent NOODLES GIMMIE THEM

  • blazin.kalinnn
    blazin.kalinnn 3 days ago +8

    My man, you did this completely wrong. Everything about it. Wrong.

  • Pamela _
    Pamela _ 3 days ago +6

    Why is this full of hate?

    • Sean Ajamy
      Sean Ajamy 3 days ago +1

      @ManhaRockz delete it then

  • Justin Ys Girlfriend
    Justin Ys Girlfriend 4 days ago +6

    He’s one of the most creative youtubers Ive ever watched literally he is mostly original! Like stop with the hate! He has a better life than y’all anyways

  • Kakashi 555
    Kakashi 555 4 days ago +9

    Applause to Raphael for buying a toilet just for a video

  • Unique Corn
    Unique Corn 4 days ago +4


  • Sinbreal Stokes
    Sinbreal Stokes 4 days ago +4

    Bruh so many hate comments what wrong with you people know days if you was him and you saw a lot of hate comments how would you feel like dang

  • Todorokie Fire and ice
    Todorokie Fire and ice 4 days ago +4

    U didn’t sand grate it

    • Chad Bihag
      Chad Bihag 3 days ago

      @Kawaii Squishy it wasn't glued enough then

    • Kawaii Squishy
      Kawaii Squishy 4 days ago

      Todorokie Fire and ice he tried but the noodles were falling off

  • Savvy Wierdo
    Savvy Wierdo 4 days ago +6

    You all is stupid I bet every one of you can’t even afford a toilet I mean he even bought one for this video get a life not everyone is perfect

    • blazin.kalinnn
      blazin.kalinnn 3 days ago +1

      Toilets aren't expensive LMAOO

    • Haziq Is'ad
      Haziq Is'ad 3 days ago

      Are you stupid he is doing an experiment not fixing his own toilet at the bathroom

    • Compact Cow
      Compact Cow 3 days ago +2

      At least I know how to open a box.

    • Sinbreal Stokes
      Sinbreal Stokes 4 days ago +1

      @Yvette Ross wow it sounds fine to me

    • Yvette Ross
      Yvette Ross 4 days ago +3

      What kind if grammar is that its "you all are stupid" not "you all is stupid"🤦💀

  • Max Colas
    Max Colas 4 days ago +1


  • Basicasiangirl
    Basicasiangirl 4 days ago +3

    Do you know how to open a box

  • MV Daily
    MV Daily 4 days ago +5

    You suck at this

    • MV Daily
      MV Daily 3 days ago +1

      Is it illegal to have my own opinion

    • Crystal :3
      Crystal :3 3 days ago +1

      Umm as I said before STUPID HATER

    • MV Daily
      MV Daily 3 days ago +1

      I don’t care that you guys are giving me hate

    • Haziq Is'ad
      Haziq Is'ad 3 days ago +2

      At least he can do but not you

    • Haziq Is'ad
      Haziq Is'ad 3 days ago +2

      How about you?

  • MV Daily
    MV Daily 4 days ago +4

    Your weak

    DAKSH BHATNAGAR 4 days ago +4

    You not good

  • Tigez Meyer
    Tigez Meyer 5 days ago +13

    They clearly used super glue In the videos, why the fuck do you use 3 different apoxys that wernt even used in the first place.

  • Fantasy Queen
    Fantasy Queen 5 days ago +2

    I think u should wait it to dry even more

  • Mark Viloria
    Mark Viloria 5 days ago +7

    Find a job dude

    • Fluffy-chan
      Fluffy-chan 6 hours ago

      ? I’m sure there’s a lot of dudes in this world and I’m not one of ‘em. Salt|

    • Mark Viloria
      Mark Viloria 6 hours ago

      @Fluffy-chan this dude salty af

    • Fluffy-chan
      Fluffy-chan 6 hours ago

      Specifically, He just did it the wrong way. Don’t assume These things don’t work.Everyone makes mistakes. Would you like to make a video and show me how you do it? Exactly.

    • Mark Viloria
      Mark Viloria 7 hours ago

      Fluffy-chan can we just agree that this dude is stupid

    • Fluffy-chan
      Fluffy-chan 7 hours ago

      Never asked :)

  • Felipe Valenzuela
    Felipe Valenzuela 6 days ago +7

    wow, this is probably the lamest video i ever saw on youtube.

    • Sean Ajamy
      Sean Ajamy 3 days ago

      @Sinbreal Stokes stfu

    • Sinbreal Stokes
      Sinbreal Stokes 4 days ago

      @Felipe Valenzuela how about you try to make a video

    • Felipe Valenzuela
      Felipe Valenzuela 4 days ago

      Dude, if you want to do a experiment, at least use the right things and try different options, The King of Random made a great video about this thing, this is bullshit.

    • Ryann Seese
      Ryann Seese 4 days ago +1

      That's rude Felipe Valenzuela he tried his best

    • Cheryl Ann
      Cheryl Ann 5 days ago +1

      @lemon :p exactly! Get a life Felipe Valenzuela😒

  • Yosef Andrei Hernandez
    Yosef Andrei Hernandez 6 days ago +9

    that's happen cuz you didn't put the seasonings
    me still believing the video*

  • Yosef Andrei Hernandez
    Yosef Andrei Hernandez 6 days ago +2

    me fixing the vase i break when mom aren't around

  • Henry Nguyễn
    Henry Nguyễn 6 days ago +1

    Super glue 502 or otger glue same as it. Other glues wont make a trick

  • Henry Nguyễn
    Henry Nguyễn 6 days ago +1

    You must use a special glue for fixing tool made feom metal or plastic. This kind of glue is very effectice but pretty cheap

  • Henry Nguyễn
    Henry Nguyễn 6 days ago +2

    Wrong glue

  • Diggin Dan
    Diggin Dan 7 days ago +3

    You open a box like a fool.

  • Daniella Camia
    Daniella Camia 7 days ago +5

    7:12 he just said oh sh*t

  • Vision_fredepo
    Vision_fredepo 8 days ago +8

    You didn’t even sand it nearly enough

  • L From DeathNote
    L From DeathNote 9 days ago +2

    Lol, lots of ramen noodles

  • urtina. shatri
    urtina. shatri 9 days ago +12

    First of all why are you filming a toilet video on your kitchen?

  • jaden nguyen
    jaden nguyen 9 days ago +8

    Guy: puts noodles glue and moulds it.
    Him: Jams nasty glue ramen and tries to rub it in.

  • Drei Dei
    Drei Dei 10 days ago +1

    I MeAn aRE yOu KiDDinG mE

  • Mike Vaneyck
    Mike Vaneyck 10 days ago +3

    Who watching this eating ramen noodles I am

  • I_HaveHellaFeelingsFor You

    he had to crush some of the ramen noodle parts, thats why it didnt work

  • DetectiveBean
    DetectiveBean 10 days ago +4

    This was a waste of my time, and that's also considering skipping the really really idiotic parts.

  • MGC 8
    MGC 8 11 days ago +1

    The ramen wasn’t maruchan that’s why

  • Paul
    Paul 11 days ago +2

    Bruh really spray painted inside his house

  • jimmers1221
    jimmers1221 11 days ago +9

    Look at him, of course he is clueless. Doesn’t even know how to use scissors

  • Raymond Mataka
    Raymond Mataka 11 days ago +2

    Florida man dies from toilet explosion.

  • Jesse Linton
    Jesse Linton 11 days ago +3

    Poor beef flavor my Ramon noodles:(

  • Fallenstar Studio
    Fallenstar Studio 12 days ago +9

    Your doing it all wrong

  • Makarov Fox
    Makarov Fox 12 days ago +5


  • Dom official
    Dom official 12 days ago +4

    U use the wrong glue

    BLUEMOON 12 days ago +2


  • Brendan Noah Vallejos
    Brendan Noah Vallejos 13 days ago +12

    This dude is a IDIOT

  • It’sIndia
    It’sIndia 13 days ago +5

    think people forget the fact that his videos are clearly for entertainment. he’s the one getting your views and money 😂

  • johnny
    johnny 13 days ago +6


    • Cheryl Ann
      Cheryl Ann 5 days ago

      johny stfu

    • Ruby x
      Ruby x 7 days ago +1

      johnny he’s getting paid from your comments and views- so if u don’t like him don’t watch him🤣

    • Cloey Gonzales
      Cloey Gonzales 13 days ago

      johnny ya

  • GracieGirl325
    GracieGirl325 15 days ago +2

    The puffy super glue dries in less than a minute like 30 seconds so you could have literally saved like 3 or 2 hours doing this

  • GracieGirl325
    GracieGirl325 15 days ago +3

    You need super glue the one that puts up then you shape it

  • N3000 Liang
    N3000 Liang 15 days ago +2

    It works, you need to cover the noodles in super glue

    FUCKYOCHEKENSTRIPS 16 days ago +3

    Im wondering if he used super glue like your supposed to

  • Raza Pahlavi
    Raza Pahlavi 16 days ago +3

    No Raphael Gomeses were hurt during making of this video 😀

  • Necessary Evil
    Necessary Evil 18 days ago +8