The Netflix Series That Was Also Scary for Adult James

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
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  • mammaK Mammat
    mammaK Mammat 14 minutes ago

    At 5:20 you say wrong the name of that skeksis call Skeksil.
    An i am also a dark crystal fan i have watched the movie and the full series. And i can the most of the names of the skeksis. Here i go! Skeksil, Skeksal, Skektek, Skekekt, Skeklech, Skekvar, Skekrak(I think), Skekmal, Skekgra and i think he's name is Skekok.
    And also everyone in school hate me beacuse i watch the dark crystal but i dont care😂

  • pendurado prays
    pendurado prays 15 minutes ago

    hey james can you look hue cat chanel please,he talk about you in one video i am brazilian and i dont know what write more.

  • kesitainian gaming
    kesitainian gaming 23 minutes ago

    Eww no 2020 vid

  • daniel valderrama
    daniel valderrama 32 minutes ago


  • TeRtAtiD TTVBtw
    TeRtAtiD TTVBtw 42 minutes ago

    Did you get your captain sparkle shirt yea

  • Leela Tibbitts
    Leela Tibbitts Hour ago

    my b day is may 26 2010

  • Enzo Esquivel
    Enzo Esquivel 2 hours ago

    Hola , me encantan tus videos

  • Abraham Vasquez
    Abraham Vasquez 2 hours ago


  • shreyas silwal
    shreyas silwal 2 hours ago

    I love how u say gona

  • wolf Roberts
    wolf Roberts 2 hours ago

    There a magic the gathering games show

  • Jack Want
    Jack Want 2 hours ago

    James. Used to be funny

    MAXIM CHAN! 3 hours ago

    Algum br?

  • GamingGuy _Cat
    GamingGuy _Cat 4 hours ago


    VİDEO DÜNYASI 4 hours ago +1

    hi i'm a follower of you and your videos are great:) but i am turkish and i can't understand their videos so i can put more Turkish subtitles on your videos ??? :):

  • adrienne therese
    adrienne therese 4 hours ago +1

    Umm, hi James, did u know that Danplan has fallen apart?If u don't know about it then go to thier channel, it's very sad, they even lost some subscribers

  • Franquito Alvarez
    Franquito Alvarez 5 hours ago

    Alguien argentino

  • Firegamer M
    Firegamer M 5 hours ago +1

    School buses don’t have seat belt so it should be James worst nitemare like if you agree

  • 100k subs with 7 videos

    I actually watched the series

  • Wolf_ Girl
    Wolf_ Girl 6 hours ago

    It's been too long I need a new video 😂😂🙁 it took me about half an hour to watch your video because I kept pausing to see the pictures ❤😊

    Edit: yes ik bout ur second channel and yes I watched all ur video on both accs

  • Alina Max
    Alina Max 7 hours ago

    Ты знаешь русский? На твоих прошлых роликов было в описании написано на русском 0-0'""

  • Mister li
    Mister li 7 hours ago

    Hello Jemes I don't English no you top the Russians '' Hello Dabic crabic''

  • Mister li
    Mister li 7 hours ago

    Привет как дела

  • Celia Rivera
    Celia Rivera 7 hours ago

    Creó que soy tu único fan que no es de Estados Unidos

  • Celia Rivera
    Celia Rivera 7 hours ago

    Teodd1saut porque no vas a centroaerica

  • Rainbow fire blade Just do it

    What would you do if you had superpowers

  • Barak Mental
    Barak Mental 7 hours ago

    Wow you already got 13.6 million subscribers!

  • Dariuz Playz
    Dariuz Playz 7 hours ago

    I want to do a collab with James because he is my favorite youtuber and I subscribed and hit the bell plus I talk about him in school

  • Cigam Girl
    Cigam Girl 8 hours ago

    I think the only reason the series exists is because James video was so popular that more people bought the movie and the Henson company thought it was doing amazing so they made a Netflix.

  • Ronie Bitong
    Ronie Bitong 9 hours ago

    Pls post some vids ur all vids are awesome but you post is 1 or 3 month's pls 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Oh Brother!
    Oh Brother! 10 hours ago

    Why is he not uploading??

  • P A N
    P A N 11 hours ago

    If you look closely you'll see that it's Theodd1'sout

  • White Box
    White Box 12 hours ago

    Hey J A M E S i think youve been gone for a long time
    H U H?

  • Issiah Miles
    Issiah Miles 13 hours ago

    there is a game on xbox

  • Lion and friends 2.0
    Lion and friends 2.0 13 hours ago

    Your a furry and I have proof by TheXvid

  • Bill Sison
    Bill Sison 13 hours ago

    I mean making

  • Cookie the cat :3
    Cookie the cat :3 13 hours ago

    Yessss im getting your plushie James! $24.00 for me

  • a lil panda
    a lil panda 14 hours ago

    james, its ur fault that u made dark crystal popular again

  • ・Rat God・
    ・Rat God・ 14 hours ago

    im eating dinner for a whole 10 minutes.

  • David Oliva
    David Oliva 14 hours ago


  • Allie Jennings
    Allie Jennings 14 hours ago

    I even watch that and I’m 10! Wow James. Wowwwwwwwwww.......

  • Rbx Gaming
    Rbx Gaming 15 hours ago

    Check this james

  • Rylee Britsky
    Rylee Britsky 15 hours ago +1

    James really can sing

  • ThE even 9s ARe in
    ThE even 9s ARe in 15 hours ago

    It’s fine I am a furry to

  • ThE even 9s ARe in
    ThE even 9s ARe in 15 hours ago

    And it’s name is chip

  • ThE even 9s ARe in
    ThE even 9s ARe in 15 hours ago

    James u have a fur sona haha I found out

  • what am I doing with my life?

    6:17 is asmr

  • Everlasting Summer
    Everlasting Summer 15 hours ago

    I think when I watched the original movie I was either too young to understand it or was a demon child that loved it for some reason.

  • Brennon Glancy
    Brennon Glancy 15 hours ago

    What is his highest fuck

  • Bbgamer129
    Bbgamer129 15 hours ago

    James you should do a play though on Pokémon sword and shield like on your Second channel like what you did with super Mario odyssey

  • Brennon Glancy
    Brennon Glancy 16 hours ago +1

    James make a new video

  • Nico Vartolone
    Nico Vartolone 16 hours ago

    It is called the Dark Crystal Age of Resistance Tactics and its $20 and come out February 4th

  • Nico Vartolone
    Nico Vartolone 16 hours ago

    Hey James just to let you know their is a Dark crystal game on Xbox so that could be your next vid

  • Noah Ford
    Noah Ford 16 hours ago +1

    More videos

  • The Gaming J
    The Gaming J 16 hours ago

  • Zodiac Sisters
    Zodiac Sisters 16 hours ago +1

    This isn’t about this video but I wanna know

    What is the meaning Of “Life is Fun” is it depression or how great life is?

  • Yurek Ledesma
    Yurek Ledesma 16 hours ago

    I feel like I'm at school cause I'm getting educated in a good way so yay

  • Dereck Rodriguez
    Dereck Rodriguez 16 hours ago

    Btw James my favorite submarine sandwich is the meatball marinara.

  • freddyfazbearblogger4587 fnaf


  • Jurassic West 25
    Jurassic West 25 16 hours ago

    James Shout our my channel Jurassic West 25

  • Matthew Marczak
    Matthew Marczak 16 hours ago