De Ligt having Juventus medical ahead of transfer ►Daily News

  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
  • On Today's Daily News - Juventus to finally complete de Ligt move, Gareth Bale offered Spurs return, Barcelona must sell to buy, There’s exciting times ahead at St. James’ Park and there’s transfer talk from around Europe including Sebastien Haller moving to West Ham and Delph's Everton move!
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Comments • 339

  • Onefootball English
    Onefootball English  Month ago +135

    Is Gareth Bale ruining his career? Is a move to Tottenham a good idea?

    • Nickalos Gowdie
      Nickalos Gowdie Month ago

      Staying at home playing golf, is ruining his career

    • Sumer Rana
      Sumer Rana Month ago

      He's running after money, after 3 years he can go to China on a free transfer. Already 30 years old, this money, he's getting out of scamming real Madrid, smart badass in a nutshell

    • Davids Neymar
      Davids Neymar Month ago


    • Royal Pinto
      Royal Pinto Month ago

      If u think as Gareth bale u will get money and get a china move at end of his contract

    • N P Goel
      N P Goel Month ago

      He should move to Spurs then they can start him as a RM in this way > GK Lloris RB Aurier CB Vertonghen CB Sanchez LB Davies CDM Wanyama CDM Winks/Dier CAM Eriksen (or Alli if he transfers) LM Son RM Bale ST Kane

  • Sagyan Shrestha
    Sagyan Shrestha Month ago

    I don't understand why does President of FC Barcelona
    Josep Maria Bartomeu has forgotten that Barça are not supposed to be big spending team, they should promote new talent and spend big only when needed but now it's like spend to buy whoever you want and recently it hasn't worked out for Barça. So make good signings, promote youth players and don't spend like maniac.

  • Tronka Bricks
    Tronka Bricks Month ago

    Sorry but Everton are being sponsored by a game for 8yos 😂😂😂😂

  • Json Clarke
    Json Clarke Month ago

    Av him, the greedy Sod ...Hate player's like him ..Ain't gunna B no leader with that greedy Ass mentality...Should take a leaf out Ov De jongs book ..Topclass humble player!!

  • Nina
    Nina Month ago +3

    What Bale is doing is disgusting, if your team doesn’t want you just go to another team, don’t extort them.

  • tecnoBOLIVAR
    tecnoBOLIVAR Month ago


  • Faizal bahri
    Faizal bahri Month ago

    Come to city

  • Mark N
    Mark N Month ago

    Lol Angry Birds

  • OlympiqueGaming
    OlympiqueGaming Month ago

    Keep coutinho and dembele is more worth than cashing in for neymar tbh

  • Dornel Mccaw
    Dornel Mccaw Month ago

    De ligt➡➡➡➡➡➡➡juventus
    #Official I wanted him at barça 😔😔

    • lol
      lol Month ago +1


  • Prince 13
    Prince 13 Month ago

    Why Cristiano, why would you do this to us?😭(man united fan)

  • Gregg Buford
    Gregg Buford Month ago

    Bale does he want to play football or just get his fat paycheck? Another player just doing what his agent wants or working with him to help his agent be rich

  • Ben Angh
    Ben Angh Month ago +4

    Finally de ligt saga is over.
    Who is next?

    • AudioSLAV
      AudioSLAV Month ago

      Neymar to Barca Bullshit is next😂

  • Wubb Dubbz
    Wubb Dubbz Month ago +2

    Edson Alvarez 🤩🤩 ya nos reconocen en Europa chavos. Ya la hicimos 😤😤

  • Ugly Duck
    Ugly Duck Month ago +1

    Bale is a fucking Idiot!!

  • Angelo Mazza
    Angelo Mazza Month ago

    Juventus? Don’t you mean Piemonte Calcio🤔😂

  • Randy Partlow
    Randy Partlow Month ago

    Neymar isn't going anywhere anytime soon & it's a shame because the whining diva deserves Barca & vice versa.

  • Will Parrish
    Will Parrish Month ago

    Friends separated by goats

  • John Blessed
    John Blessed Month ago

    Matt, Dembele is staying at Barça

  • Ronak Mandavia
    Ronak Mandavia Month ago

    Who is more important
    Hazard for Madrid or griezmann for Barca

  • Daniel Regalado
    Daniel Regalado Month ago +3

    i still think de ligt should have gone to barca and link up with messi, griezmann, de jong etc...

  • Utube is Bad
    Utube is Bad Month ago

    I can’t believe I heard exiting and st James park in the same sentence

  • Thomas
    Thomas Month ago +6

    Neymar was chilling out in the sunshine in Brazil because he spent too much time in Mbappé's shadow lol 😂😂🙄🤦🏾‍♂🤷🏾‍♂

    • Thomas
      Thomas Month ago

      @Forza Juve Yeahh well 😂😂

    • Forza Juve
      Forza Juve Month ago +1

      Thomas stolen comment

  • King178to
    King178to Month ago

    Take Bale on loan, Spurs.

  • King178to
    King178to Month ago

    Bale back to London? Yes, yes and yes!

  • Olofinlade Ayomide
    Olofinlade Ayomide Month ago +2

    I love you matt your the best

  • Sneak Peek
    Sneak Peek Month ago +1

    De Jong with Messi, De Ligt with Cristiano. Good balace Thanos would be proud

  • Rafa Garcia
    Rafa Garcia Month ago

    Good to hear we getting more Mexicans in Europe. Viva Mexico cabrones!!!!!

  • pat
    pat Month ago +1


  • Ignacioredi Gaming
    Ignacioredi Gaming Month ago +4

    Welcome Fabian Delph⚽️⚽️

  • Francis
    Francis Month ago

    Why is Haller going to west ham that makes no sense for me. Nico explain

  • Odaine Campbell
    Odaine Campbell Month ago +2

    Lol did you say excited times at Newcastle😂come on bro!smh is just ruining his own career because of money.

  • Lwando Madikizela
    Lwando Madikizela Month ago +1

    De Ligt is now a Juventus provided if he completes a medical.
    No way in hell Spurs can sign Bale. Even if they have the money, they can't pay his wages. Bale will stay in Madrid again even though Zidane doesn't want him.
    Barcelona just signed Griezmann. No way they can sign Neymar unless they sell Coutinho or Ousmane Dembele.
    Newcastle is still in a mess as long Mike Ashley is running the club to the ground. He makes the Glazers look like great owners.

  • Nuclear Atoms
    Nuclear Atoms Month ago +2

    I want to see Bale play regularly, so I think it's best to move to Spurs!!! And that's coming from me a Real Madrid fan!!!

  • Daragh Newton
    Daragh Newton Month ago

    Maybe Barca have the Neymar money aside so that’s why they took the lone out .sorry I didn’t watch the videos the last week I was an holidays with no WiFi

  • David Barker
    David Barker Month ago

    Which whanker wud be willing to pay such insane transfer fee for Dembelel and/or Coutinho?

  • Rees Small
    Rees Small Month ago +2

    Ha 1000th like 😍love u guys and the app continue making amazing videos Love it

  • Pritam Biswas
    Pritam Biswas Month ago +3

    Ajax and Frankfurt is paying the price for having a good season. Ajax losing De Jong and De Ligt while Frankfurt is now on the verge of losing Sebastien Haller also after Luka Jovic. So they'll be left with only Ante Rebic out of the fav 3 they had upfront last season. It was expected and looked inevitable. This is the reason why I get bored with football at times. Clubs like Leverkusen, Leipzig, Monaco, Benfica, Porto, Ajax do all the hard work and the big, Eagles and Vultures(Barca,Real,PSG,Juve) lurks around with truck load of money and pounces upon them for these young talented players. These big superpower clubs should invest more money in their scouting system instead of snatching away others food(youngsters in this case) from their mouth(club in this case)...
    Money is ruining football, demolishing even the slightest of hopes of the underdogs of achieving something big, something that's not expected from them, creating history. Also players these days are so very disloyal they're becoming a little too professional for my liking, a little too robotic. Why young players aren't feeling attached to a mediocre team and why aren't they dreaming of leading that mediocre team and then turn them into a big successful club with their skills and become a club legend and stay there forever instead of joining big clubs to win prestigious trophies to earn more money and to be successful? Players are refusing to join team's practice session if they are not getting their desired transfer move. People like Neymar should be ashamed of himself. Same applies for Griezman. These 2 fucking bustards are doing exactly what they didn't want to do a year or 2 years back. They didn't want to be in the shadow of Messi but guess what Neymar and Griezman you 2 will always be in the shadow of Messi bcoz you 2 motherf***ers aren't as good as him. Had lot of respect for Laurent Koscielny but after this recent incident that's gone. We need more Gerrards,Tottis, football needs more one club legends.
    Anyways sorry about the length of this text message, I'm very passionate about football hence even the little intricate things wines me up. Good job Matt as usual...
    Your longtime subscriber

  • Crazy Chicken367
    Crazy Chicken367 Month ago

    When does the transfer window close?

  • Wes LeFlore
    Wes LeFlore Month ago +13

    "How will they make it without his 2 goals per season?" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • vex 13
    vex 13 Month ago

    Why would bonucci out? Chiellini is great but 2 year older than bonucci.

    • King178to
      King178to Month ago

      Sometimes it seems like Bonucci is not as good as usual when he doesn't play along Chiellini. The Chiello is definitely the better choice as long as he's on that level.

  • GoldenNugget _XD
    GoldenNugget _XD Month ago

    I really like onefootball im using it everyday!!

  • XxAquaFreshGxX
    XxAquaFreshGxX Month ago +4

    Finally something about Mexican Players🥺

  • Pedro Cummins
    Pedro Cummins Month ago +39

    Neymar is just trying to get some sunshine and a tan out in Brazil because he spent all season in Mbappe's shadow

    • Shlok Balchandani
      Shlok Balchandani Month ago

      Karl Court umm how does that make any sense?

    • Karl Court
      Karl Court Month ago

      Shlok Balchandani so he was in Mbappe’s shadow

    • Aparna Bhandary
      Aparna Bhandary Month ago


    • Shlok Balchandani
      Shlok Balchandani Month ago +3

      How could he be in anybody’s shadow when he’s clearly miles better than Mbappe and was injured for a lot of the season.

    • Randy Partlow
      Randy Partlow Month ago


  • Random Kingdom
    Random Kingdom Month ago +4

    Apparently , de ligt will be second highest paid player at Juventus after Ronaldo

    • Jonas Salinas
      Jonas Salinas Month ago

      @justin verbon not really bc he could've went to psg where he would've earn 15

    • justin verbon
      justin verbon Month ago

      @Boogyboy 666 football is boring these days, its all about the money lolzz

    • Boogyboy 666
      Boogyboy 666 Month ago

      Yup 12 million a year

  • Sher sher Mayers
    Sher sher Mayers Month ago

    Sorry Neymar but u took all what u had for granted

  • iii SCOOP iii
    iii SCOOP iii Month ago


  • Shaun Santosh
    Shaun Santosh Month ago

    Will de jong replace busquets in the future in defensive mid position???

  • fat cabbage
    fat cabbage Month ago

    Bale is pathetic what a money hungry Cunt.

    THE KNIGHT Month ago +2

    Barcelona the best club

    • lol
      lol Month ago +1

      @THE KNIGHT you do realize they lost a 3 goal lead

      THE KNIGHT Month ago +1


    • lol
      lol Month ago +1


  • ABSays S0
    ABSays S0 Month ago +2

    the year of return
    bale and coutinho

  • Incognito
    Incognito Month ago

    No news of Fekir to Betis?

  • Alexopoulos1312
    Alexopoulos1312 Month ago

    Fuck spurs

  • Arex - Brawl Stars
    Arex - Brawl Stars Month ago +1

    Always knew De Ligt is a money grabbing bitch.

    • MAF
      MAF Month ago

      Even though he was going to be paid the same at Barcelona and MORE at PSG?

  • _Abir22
    _Abir22 Month ago +29

    Sebastian Haller close to transferring to West Ham..WHAT A SIGNING!

  • Player Nou
    Player Nou Month ago +1

    If De Ligt will be officially confirmed, only Neymar is left and then we are finally freed from these stupid transfer rumours.

  • Sajal Dua
    Sajal Dua Month ago

    PSG are trying 100% to stop Neymar transfer at least this window but his transfer is surely to happen either its Barça or else

  • lil
    lil Month ago +2

    anyone else wanna see coutinho back at liverpool

  • Mohamed Ahsanullah
    Mohamed Ahsanullah Month ago +1

    barca formation next season 4-1-5 with de jong in midfield and messi,griezmann,suarez,neymar,coutinho up front

    • TrashN Trash
      TrashN Trash Month ago

      That team would get absouloutley battered in midfield

    • Cookie Monster's opinion is better!
      Cookie Monster's opinion is better! Month ago

      @Onefootball English Really? Well my bad then. I just remember him being weak defensive wise in the UCL.

    • Onefootball English
      Onefootball English  Month ago

      @Cookie Monster's opinion is better! Cant defend? He has played CB on occassion for Ajax and had some of the best defensive stats in the league...

    • Cookie Monster's opinion is better!
      Cookie Monster's opinion is better! Month ago

      Plus he can't defend for shit, so that formation would be god awful.

  • Navaneeth Devaraj
    Navaneeth Devaraj Month ago +1

    De Ligt:Done
    Like:Pogba to Real
    Comment:Pogba to Juve

  • Shubham Chowdhury
    Shubham Chowdhury Month ago

    De Ligt will should have choosen Barça anyday ahead of Juve. But still, he's not going to PSG

  • Cookie Monster's opinion is better!

    Why do people think De Jong is the new coming of Iniesta / Xavi..?? He is not better than Arthur, Rakitic or Busquets..

    • iii SCOOP iii
      iii SCOOP iii Month ago

      @Onefootball English ye, weird..

    • Onefootball English
      Onefootball English  Month ago +1

      Seems like you have a crazy agenda against de Jong... give him a chance atleast ;)

  • Barry Michael
    Barry Michael Month ago +3

    Newcastle are already Relegated without knowing.

  • Shahed Ali
    Shahed Ali Month ago +76

    "Only £300,000 a week"
    Man 😂😂
    Football pay is just insane.

    • Jojo Junior
      Jojo Junior Month ago

      @Carl Lorenzo kinda my situation right now 😕

    • Shahed Ali
      Shahed Ali Month ago +1

      @Carl Lorenzo It requires a lot of dedication!
      It's like working out, you can't just do it for other people, you have to do it because you want to, it's a long and painful journey, yes but if you have the right motivation you'll succeed.
      If not you'll give up.

    • Carl Lorenzo
      Carl Lorenzo Month ago +4

      Makes me wonder, i should be serious footballing during my teen, but again my fam did not let me to.

  • Jack Barnes
    Jack Barnes Month ago

    You forgot to mention Rondon reuniting with Rafa in China

  • Shahed Ali
    Shahed Ali Month ago

    De Ligt isn't a true leader, he let Raiola control him!
    At Barcelona he'd have players like De Jong, Also this current ear will be gone by the time his at the peak of his powers, the future of Barcelona looks bright, because of Victor Font who wants to bring Barcelona back to it's roots!
    Apparently there's a release clause, can imagine Raiola did that, because he'll want De Ligt to move again, because he'll make money from commission!
    Greedy bastard, he wants Pogba to leave as well, so again he makes money.
    De Ligt really shouldn't have Raiola as his agent, because De Ligt will be like "I want to Win UCL at Juve" let's say he doesn't then Raiola will "advise" him to leave, certainly not for his own benefit.
    You'll be earning a lot if his your agent, but football shouldn't be about money!
    I feel De Ligt's leadership qualities is all a facade to get move to earn lot's of money (I hope it's not!)
    Because Raiola will constantly tell you to move if times at a club is at a low, e.g knocked out of UCL early on, he will tell you short term success rather than long term you might eventually win UCL.
    Because Juventus really need to fix that midfield, & I don't think Ramsey, & Rabiot can be the only ones for the job!
    It takes time to reestablish a team.
    Though Juventus has always been the old lady anyway!!!

    • Premier League Freak
      Premier League Freak Month ago

      Mino riola doesn't care if de ligt wins UCL or not, of course he would love if he wins one, but it's not about that entirely, he just wants more money for himself

    • Shahed Ali
      Shahed Ali Month ago

      @Onefootball English Nah I'm a football fan
      I think personally a move to Barcelona would have been better, because when Xavi becomes a coach with Vctor Font as president he would do a lot better.
      But guess it's his choice.
      I like watching football btw, not just Barcelona!
      I admired the Tiki Taka style of before, these days it's cowardice & defend!

    • Onefootball English
      Onefootball English  Month ago

      Sounds like a Barca fan is angry they didnt sign him? Maybe he was promised more game time at Juventus and saw it as a bette opportunity to develop..?

  • Abhijith Anoop
    Abhijith Anoop Month ago


  • Its Everything
    Its Everything Month ago +1

    Ney should be happy at Barca but can't happen at all

  • Grim LEEDS BoY
    Grim LEEDS BoY Month ago +12

    I’d take the money if was bale you crazy 600k a week lmao

    • Drench 15
      Drench 15 Month ago +1

      Haha I know right, if he wants to play he should ask for a loan move then he still gets payed a shit tone

  • Its Everything
    Its Everything Month ago

    Bale is waste now ❓

  • Grim LEEDS BoY
    Grim LEEDS BoY Month ago +1


  • Revolution
    Revolution Month ago +25

    The dembele leaving rumours are so stupid bartomeu said he doesn't want to sell him and dembele looks happy when he is training who spreads this lies🤦🏻‍♂️

  • monis sardar
    monis sardar Month ago +1

    they have taken a loan because madrid wanted all 120 mil upfront

  • Sumer Rana
    Sumer Rana Month ago +19

    Mina Raiola is an excellent agent,
    He made de Ligt the winner in this transfer Saga, he's got money, guaranteed place in team, a move on clause, and more

    • Sumer Rana
      Sumer Rana Month ago +2

      @Zachariah Rizk
      People describe him as greedy to others and extremely loyal to his inner circle which contains his clients.

    • Zachariah Rizk
      Zachariah Rizk Month ago

      He is a greedy agent, he would have pressured De Ligt into signing for any club that got the biggest paycheck. Not what is best for De Ligt.

  • Prince Hillside
    Prince Hillside Month ago

    Any liverpool news?