JOKER Deleted Scene Revealed! Alternate Villain Explained!

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • Joker Alternate Scenes and Deleted Characters Explained! What scenes did you miss in the Joker film, and why were they removed? Erik Voss and Marina Mastros break down the significant deleted scene from Joker (2019), and what major way it would have changed Joker’s deceptive narrative. Who was Arthur Fleck’s original antagonist in Joker, and what role would his inclusion have played in the story? How could the most violent murder in Joker had a very different emotional effect in Arthur’s descent into madness?
    Written by Erik Voss and Marina Mastros
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    Twitter: newrockstars
    Dallas Anderson
    Jake Storm
    Kelly Hopper
    Matthew Salvas
    Miguel Mendoza
    Pony Stark
    Samuel Morse
    Todd Slawsby
    Producer: Erik Voss
    Producer: Zach Huddleston
    Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
    Post Production Supervisor: Devin Cleary
    Editors: Joshua Hurd, Devin Cleary, Aaron Carrión
    Music: "Sci Fi" from
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  • Big Dummy
    Big Dummy 3 days ago

    MurrAY's mind was definitely blown!

  • Cacilia Why
    Cacilia Why 4 days ago

    What no one realizes is that the word Fleck means spot or stain. A good way to describe Arthur.

  • ochaze1
    ochaze1 6 days ago

    Alternate Villain....

  • enis is great
    enis is great 7 days ago

    Yeetuz deletuz. I still have diabiatas

  • Curveball
    Curveball 8 days ago

    @ 3:13 -3:15, why did you have to identify the color of the three guys? "... to kill three rich WHITE DUDES on the subway...." Let me guess, Democrat voters, yeah?

  • The Blogsman
    The Blogsman 8 days ago

    I never saw that one scene where Arthur is in a red suit holding an umbrella

    • Ozthewizard 1
      Ozthewizard 1 4 days ago

      The Blogsman pretty sure

    • The Blogsman
      The Blogsman 5 days ago +1

      Ozthewizard 1 maybe his “mother”

    • Ozthewizard 1
      Ozthewizard 1 5 days ago

      The Blogsman Ive heard that the scene was a funeral scene

  • Dalek Supreme
    Dalek Supreme 8 days ago

    You know you don't have to shout when you have a microphone.

  • Ana Palombini
    Ana Palombini 9 days ago +3

    I am still part of the theory that Randall giving Arthur the gun was also in Arthur's mind. When Arthur says he still owes him, Randall makes a genuinely bewildered face. This scene you showed could have been Randall trying to confront him towards what he meant by saying he owed him. Don't forget Randall told their boss that Arthur tried to buy a gun from him. There is no further evidence that would suggest Randall being a jerk to wanting Arthur to lose his job.
    Randall was a bully, but he also knew Arthur was not mentally well and he would not be crazy to just hand him a gun like that. Maybe it is true Arthur tried buying from him and he warned the boss because he was worried about what could Arthur do... It could just as easily have been all in Arthur's head.
    Makes you think...

  • John Hojek
    John Hojek 9 days ago

    Yes should have kept it.

  • Clint Westwood
    Clint Westwood 10 days ago +2

    It was a good idea to leave the scene out because it’s a redundancy. Redundancies are the enemy of storytelling. If they would’ve left the scene in there would’ve been no point to Randall confronting Arthur about the situation in the apartment right before Arthur kills him.

  • bluegoldginger
    bluegoldginger 10 days ago +2

    Why are three"rich" guys taking the subway in the first place?

  • Floris Fiedeldij Dop
    Floris Fiedeldij Dop 10 days ago +2

    Saw the movie today, and nah .. i prefer it was left out. Great decision on the editor.

  • iimax
    iimax 10 days ago

    No glad they didn’t put it in

  • Xxx Aknado
    Xxx Aknado 10 days ago +1

    I’m gonna see the joker movie today

    ACHRAF GHOST GAMER 11 days ago

    5:03 you that red noose on floor and he put he foot on it

  • Shahrukh Knight-99
    Shahrukh Knight-99 11 days ago +3

    The movie is perfect there no need for this scene. Arthur is too confident in this scene too early.

  • A1ez
    A1ez 11 days ago

    Ezevezeva dezevezeva nere morale ezevezeva

  • rnttnzr
    rnttnzr 12 days ago

    Why was it necessary to point out that the three rich dudes were white

    • D A
      D A 10 days ago

      I mean, they were?

  • Kristo Kontos
    Kristo Kontos 14 days ago

    what did their race have to do with anything?

  • Leonard Halbert
    Leonard Halbert 15 days ago

    Should have deleted some of the endless bad dancing in the dirty baggy underwear and replaced it with some of the violence that was all fussed about, and I don't even like too much gratuitous violence, but Joker seemed a little tame after all the scary build up (Yawn)

  • Tat Vela
    Tat Vela 15 days ago

    Misleading title or badly explained

    LAZY ANIMATION#1 16 days ago +1

    Just smile

  • Brendan Hall
    Brendan Hall 17 days ago +3

    Jojo Siwa has infected these people and made them into screaming morons.

    NUFCMVFC 18 days ago

    From what I've heard of them it seems to have been the Right decision to leave the scenes out

  • YaNoAwantoMas
    YaNoAwantoMas 18 days ago

    We're all part of the Joker's mind.

  • Angry Santa
    Angry Santa 18 days ago

    It needed to be cut. The scene would answer the question if the unreliable narrator should be believed and Randall gave Arthur the gun, or the more likely reality, Randall couldn't care less about Arthur and sold him the gun and then betrayed him and told their boss he was asking about buying a gun.

  • Brandeezy Alexandeezy
    Brandeezy Alexandeezy 19 days ago

    She's hot.

  • Madern
    Madern 20 days ago

    Good that they deleted the scene

  • hellninja123
    hellninja123 21 day ago

    There should be a extended version of the movie

  • Uriel1816
    Uriel1816 21 day ago +2

    It was good they deleted the seen.

  • Keeping things naunced

    I remember seeing this on youtube.

  • ACE _
    ACE _ 21 day ago +2

    Guys I think that Arther not the joker was planing to kill himself because we saw him pretending about it or “joking” about it
    But since Mmmmuuuuuurrraaaayyyy worked him up he decided to kill him instead

  • xMouseHunteR77x
    xMouseHunteR77x 22 days ago

    Yes should kept the scenes but somebody was not having it

  • HellFire800
    HellFire800 22 days ago

    Yeah don't forget to mention they were white! Ha ha because we all know that's just as bad as, if not synonymous with, being aggressive, violent, arrogant and predatory right?

  • Horny Toads
    Horny Toads 22 days ago

    5:07 what the hell is Randall chasing??? If you Look at Randalls Feet you can spot the clown nose Arthur Fleck threw away... Randall clearly stepped on top of his clowns RED NOSE at the Very START of the chase.. Randalls just chasing ghosts!!!

  • Evan Snyder
    Evan Snyder 22 days ago

    Also it looks like he genuinely laughs in that scene but I think they wanted to save that for the end

  • Wio
    Wio 24 days ago

    Yes, the more Joker the better

  • Freemano6969
    Freemano6969 25 days ago

    I don't think it should have been in the movie. If it was everyone would've known he would kill him later on and expect it and when it happens they're just like "ok" instead of the "OH MY GOD IOSEJGOSEJGJOG" like it was

  • Sharjeel Tariq
    Sharjeel Tariq 26 days ago

    At what point did they explain the alternate villain?

  • Jacob Sarnes
    Jacob Sarnes 26 days ago

    Wait, why does it matter if he killed White Guys. The scene would have been just as impactful with any other color.

  • *Insert username*
    *Insert username* 26 days ago

    Another missing scene I've noticed is that in the first trailer, you see Arthur getting pushed out of Wayne Hall off a red carpet, and that was not in the movie

  • ẘἶɕƙἔȡ ḣἔ ɓǻȡ

    I don't like how there's two ppl talking in the vid gives me head aches if this continuous umma need to find a different TheXvidr

  • Jerome Shalom
    Jerome Shalom 26 days ago

    He says, " You're not real"

  • Boston
    Boston 26 days ago

    Is Gary going to be a super Villain? Since joker traumatized him with killing Randal

  • Virtual Fright
    Virtual Fright 26 days ago

    Lmao literally blowing people's minds

  • kama kaze 2
    kama kaze 2 27 days ago

    The way he acts punching the punch in/ out box before he comes out ..I don't think it would of alter that scene much anyway .so should of left it in

    FILM N SHOOT CO 27 days ago

    It doesn’t matter, or manner.

  • bruh incorporated
    bruh incorporated 27 days ago

    Joker has been "blowing people's minds" since it's come out 0:04

  • Explore Greer
    Explore Greer 27 days ago

    Stop calling Arthur's mind sinister!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    • Marie ELSTER
      Marie ELSTER 10 days ago

      Even Joaquin said Arthur is Narcissist expecting admiration and applause for no bonafidal reason then getting angry when he doesn't receive it. He even said it wasn't "society's fault" for his actions. He even said that the street muggers stealing sign and beating Arthur up, were just part of his fantasy life (not in these exact words). There's an interview on YT with his sisters.

  • Political accountable Theory

    robert de niro should be nominated for an oscar , hes the reason i seen it. i want to know how many psychiatrist abused their patients to make this script.

  • Dendrox den
    Dendrox den 28 days ago

    Eh, this one wouldn't change the movie too much imo. I think that the best deleted content that should have been in the movie was one that I heard last week. The original script had it where Arthur owned a cat. As he descended into madness, he'd start talking to the cat more and more until you see it sitting on a window sill and it has no reflection, meaning that the cat was in his head the entire time. Right after that scene, Arthur would shoo it away and tell it to go free, symbolizing that he was setting himself free.

  • i mo chónaí
    i mo chónaí 28 days ago

    Unctuous, oily presenters.

  • Telegram Productions
    Telegram Productions 28 days ago

    It's hinted in the movie that Arthur did in fact ask Randall for the gun and the scene where Randall hands it to him as a favour (thereby potentially setting him up for the sack) is part of Arthur's deluded state. If Randall then has another scene questioning the delusion by asking why Arthur is saying that he "owes" Randall for that one and leading to a Joker confronts Randall scenario then it's giving the game away a bit. I can see why they left it out.

  • Fynn the Fox
    Fynn the Fox 28 days ago

    I hope we get an Extended Cut of Joker. Or at least these deleted scenes make it on Blu-Ray as part of the special features.

  • Ryan Cox
    Ryan Cox 28 days ago +1

    It’s just a deleted scene guys lol

  • Sepulturo24
    Sepulturo24 28 days ago +1

    0:59 Batman?!?!?...

  • Don Juan Corzo
    Don Juan Corzo 28 days ago

    They should have kept that scene. It would not have hurt the movie, but extend the experience.

  • Heathen in the Dark
    Heathen in the Dark 28 days ago

    I like how theyre trying to be family friendly by not cursing and this alpha of a male throws "fucks" around like its a pamphlet

  • LMF'S workout clips.
    LMF'S workout clips. 28 days ago +3

    When the Joker (Health Ledger) died , another joker rose from the ashes ....
    much like a Phoenix.

  • Mark Pereira
    Mark Pereira 28 days ago

    I read all lips! 😜