KEVIN THE CUBE IS BACK?! - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #650

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
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    What's up guys, back with Episode 650 of our Fortnite Fails & Funny Moments! In today's Video, we have put together some of the funniest Fortnite moments including wtf moments to funny fails! Can we smash 40,000 likes for Episode 651 Tomorrow!? Subscribe & join the road to 11Mil subs -

    Here's Episode 649 of Fortnite Funny Fails, WTF Moments & Epic Kills if you haven't seen it!
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  • BCC Trolling
    BCC Trolling  Month ago +1196

    Hey guys! As you may have noticed, we overlooked a couple of things in today's episode. Just want to apologize for that and we'll do better in the next episode! we hope you all still enjoy today's video and GGs only!

    • FaZe_Jack 90s
      FaZe_Jack 90s 18 days ago

      You Are Amazing

    • The Dawsons
      The Dawsons 27 days ago


    • Chase Koons
      Chase Koons 28 days ago

      What do you mean this is my favorite episode

    • Tony Mosh
      Tony Mosh Month ago

      BCC Trolling As beautiful as my new game “Wild Ball 3D” 😃 Download on the App Store 🙏🏻

  • Shujaat Ali
    Shujaat Ali 14 days ago +1

    like and sub and use code BCC

  • Sarkoco
    Sarkoco 15 days ago +2

    9:01 Fortnite should add this game mode but you can only have a little light

  • flyboii rico
    flyboii rico 18 days ago


  • FaZe_Jack 90s
    FaZe_Jack 90s 18 days ago

    You Are Amazing (funny dude)

  • Riley Brenner
    Riley Brenner 18 days ago

    1:09 is what you came for!
    Btw use code bcc in the item shop!

  • Allurid ALI
    Allurid ALI 22 days ago +1


  • Wilson Fernandez
    Wilson Fernandez 23 days ago

    give some love for kevin the cube

  • Abiding Peak
    Abiding Peak 23 days ago

    0:54 PS4 trash

  • Uzay Kubilay
    Uzay Kubilay 27 days ago +2

    1:15 is what you are looking for!
    Don't forget to use code BCC in the Fortnite Store ❤️!

  • madelyn a
    madelyn a 28 days ago

    an idiot Oliver the orb is here not kevin

  • osheri gaming
    osheri gaming 28 days ago

    Plis miosik in viduo

  • Sam Baillie-ivey
    Sam Baillie-ivey 28 days ago

    Stop doing fails and do SICK CLIPS

  • Glenna Kerapa
    Glenna Kerapa 28 days ago

    1.10 is what you came here for
    Don't forget to use BBC in fortnite item shop😜

  • Epic Fang
    Epic Fang 28 days ago

    The memorial thing, everyone pretty much knows about it, and do stuff in a real game and not playground or creative please

  • Fletcher Cattanach
    Fletcher Cattanach 29 days ago

    Phyv AKA Alex is from the school I go to

  • DEX 2k
    DEX 2k Month ago

    Jeff star licks u sub to undo

  • sonix 2.0
    sonix 2.0 Month ago


  • jaden studios Meatly

    1:17 that's a memorial at loot lake the cube spawn and yeah okay it's not that the cube is back

  • Myra Jackson
    Myra Jackson Month ago

    Sorry I’m late but congrats for 10 mill subs!

  • Eyo
    Eyo Month ago +1

    8:58 that's happened to me 10 times, maybe cuz of my 1000 ping

  • Eyo
    Eyo Month ago +2

    2:20 IS THAT TRIDZO????

  • R0Y4L Clan
    R0Y4L Clan Month ago

    Give 1 reason why kevin should come back dont say *COOL*

  • Jimbo 1080
    Jimbo 1080 Month ago


  • Jonathan Zenteno
    Jonathan Zenteno Month ago

    I summit my video and I dont see it in non of this Videos you have post niceeeeee🙂

  • TheMineBloxPlayer123 _

    Its a statue to represent him.

  • ivan _
    ivan _ Month ago

    RIP kevin

  • AlFaShArK 246
    AlFaShArK 246 Month ago

    Who here remembers the old intro

  • AWARE_Innocence
    AWARE_Innocence Month ago +1

    Only like this this comment if u hate bcc honestly their vids are trash now

  • herinful
    herinful Month ago +1

    1:11 is what you came for

    Use code bcc in item shop

  • MrPuffarn
    MrPuffarn Month ago +1

    3:17 actually made me laugh

    MUXJT Month ago

    It's a small memorial

  • Abay_Ayan Ps4
    Abay_Ayan Ps4 Month ago

    Какрй Kevin?Его зовут Саня!

  • DHM
    DHM Month ago +1

    3:04 I've heard of a headshot before but this is ridiculous

  • C R E D E L O U S
    C R E D E L O U S Month ago +2

    Clickbaiter. Thumbs down, mate!

  • Featherrr.
    Featherrr. Month ago

    did anyone else just by looking at the kevin memorial, it would give a lot of mats? just me?

  • ahking __revived
    ahking __revived Month ago

    Where is the Minecraft content lol

  • Storiter10
    Storiter10 Month ago


  • Berlize
    Berlize Month ago +1

    1:12 is what you're looking for

    Don't forget to use code BCC in the fortnite item shop 😊

  • Go Gaming
    Go Gaming Month ago

    That was og tilted on that one last clip

  • Maria Byrne
    Maria Byrne Month ago

    I love 4:30 when he just peeks his gun through

  • Master play
    Master play Month ago +1

    5:48 Y’all see? The mech isn’t invincible just deal with it

  • dark_wheel yt
    dark_wheel yt Month ago


  • Gaming With SHERU
    Gaming With SHERU Month ago

    1:17 is what u came for use code BCC in the item shop

  • Sawyer Daniell
    Sawyer Daniell Month ago

    How did my clip not make the cut?

  • MadCheekyMonkey
    MadCheekyMonkey Month ago


  • MasalaChai Gaming
    MasalaChai Gaming Month ago +2

    Hey thanks for featuring me BCC! My clip is at 1:39.
    I’m a small TheXvidr BTW (ch do my name). Thanks a lot BCC!

  • Fernando Aguilar
    Fernando Aguilar Month ago +1

    Laik siquiera que el cubo Kevin regrese

  • Lionel Suarez
    Lionel Suarez Month ago +2

    Yo, i have got 1500, what is the best skin to buy. Help i am struggling

  • Daily videos of 2019
    Daily videos of 2019 Month ago +1

    Im gifting the next 30 subscribers a dance and if you are lucky you can get a skin and if you think i am lieing i have renagade raider add me XbrazySpiderr so subscribe

  • Kebb_0
    Kebb_0 Month ago

    alguien mas se aburrió de las personas que piden likes?
    y por eso ahora denme likes ... na es broma :)

  • Yung Splash
    Yung Splash Month ago +1

    3:57 is why people switch to ps4

  • Yung Splash
    Yung Splash Month ago +1

    3:19 is demonstrating how they walk off from the game

  • Yung Splash
    Yung Splash Month ago +1

    on 2:18 you can see someone elses loot fall

  • Yusuf Ali
    Yusuf Ali Month ago

    I really wanted to what the rest of the last clip

  • Anthony Adams
    Anthony Adams Month ago +1

    *If anyone needs ᴠ-ʙᴜᴄᴋꜱ just use ➨ *** ☾☽
    *I have tons now!* ✔👌. *You should try this*

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  • Glo-trixXxYT
    Glo-trixXxYT Month ago

    Can y’all please like in subscribe to my channel I’m only 7 years old my game broke so went to mobile because I can’t get another one can y’all plz just help me out thx form glo

  • levi Temoananui
    levi Temoananui Month ago +1

    Hey maybe instead of thanking yourself (fortnite) with the cube how about giving credit to the dancers who you took the dances from

  • AtlBeasty
    AtlBeasty Month ago

    1:13 is what u came for
    Use a Code:BCC in the item shop