Solo: A Star Wars Story: An Unbridled Rage


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  • MauLer
    MauLer  23 days ago +1083

    So that was something, at least we didn't expect much I guess......
    I really pushed on the editing for this one, let me know what you think. As for whats next, I want to go and cover the new Jurassic World but then we're on to extended coverage of Solo. I imagine it may take a bit of time but I will try and make it as fun as possible heh.
    Updates for the work can be found on Patreon - - Thanks for supporting the channel folks o/

    • Gackt4awesome
      Gackt4awesome 22 hours ago

      Fanboys like you are very much the problem. You can't accept the fact that The Last Jedi didn't fufill your shitty fan theories or be written like a wookipedia article, so you lash out and make rage induced videos that are LONGER THAN THE ACTUAL MOVIE.
      You are what is wrong with Star Wars. I don't like Rogue One and I didn't see Solo, but I'm far more interested in what is going on with the Sequel Trilogy than your manchildren whining.

    • Mattias Hicking
      Mattias Hicking 3 days ago

      MauLer yo MauLer the jurassic world movie was a COMPLETE marketing stunt. I get now why they are so behind shutting you up. They released a mobile game. It's basically Pokémon GO with dinosaurs and a battle system. That's why it got the dumb story but great visual treatment. So parents say yay to the in-game purchases they even got the nostalgia Actors. Medicine lady and clone kid get the ''hippy'' parents on board. I should start to wear a tinfoil hat.

    • User Name
      User Name 3 days ago

      What happened to the jurassic world video? I'm sure it was up...

    • lordjimbo2
      lordjimbo2 3 days ago

      Probably a bit of both to see if people complain.

    • lordjimbo2
      lordjimbo2 3 days ago

      Um, she IS a one trick pony.

  • joker818ish
    joker818ish Hour ago

    Solo had the perfect storyline in the original cannon books and should've been a trilogy.

  • David Stanic
    David Stanic Hour ago

    Hahahaha nice work. I positively enjoyed your short video over Solo.
    I spent half of the movie eating.
    I even went to the lavatory whilst Solo was streaming on my mate's t.v.
    It's like Solo literally gave me the shits. One thing about the movie that didn't hurt as much though was the plot, because honestly I expected Disney to fuck Solo up so watching it was hardly painful. I knew it was going to be a comedy and instead of cringing on certain moments of embarrassment, I simply laughed because the story, the acting and the ending was shitter than TLJ.
    Instead of getting better Disney are sucking more and more. Star Wars has gone now from heart.
    I hold onto the original trilogy and the prequels along with
    Rouge One to fulfill my need for Star Wars.
    So glad this Star Wars fan didn't need to enter a cinema to see Disney's version of a Han Solo movie.

    Fuck you Rian Dick Johnson,
    Fuck You Kathline Kennedy
    and Fuck You Disney for fucking up another Star Wars film.

  • urafaget
    urafaget 2 hours ago

    There's nothign wrong with robosexuality

  • Murcia doxial
    Murcia doxial 2 hours ago

    the whole droid bit... was that character writen by david cage?... cause she sounds like she was taken straight out of detroit: become human

  • MetroidJunkie
    MetroidJunkie 3 hours ago

    You know what would have made the Millennium Falcon much better? If Han still won it but it was just a standard freighter, and he’s the one who gave it its name and, because he’s an underground smuggler, managed to acquire a lot of parts that made it what it was. I’m pretty sure that’s what the OT heavily implied, that it was his baby and he’s the one who got it running as well as it does, that he knows it inside and out. Please don’t let this be canon, it ruins so much potential.

  • The Hippiecrite Gymnast

    ...and what a dark schmeeer on Ron Howard's directorial reputation.

  • John C B
    John C B 3 hours ago

    You could of easy included one of imperial cadets as a young Crix Naden from return of Jedi
    Yes I know may spelt his name wrong

  • R. Kade
    R. Kade 3 hours ago

    Rogue One was the best of the post-prequels movies so far.

  • DrDoJo ?????
    DrDoJo ????? 5 hours ago

    I thought fembot was supposed to be a parraody

  • Jason Johnson
    Jason Johnson 7 hours ago

    Why is Solo so dark? Did they not have a lighting budget? Normally I like seeing the faces of characters on screen.

  • Mark Chang
    Mark Chang 8 hours ago

    51:00 Well, my friend said it was bad. I didn't see what he meant. Now I see. I do see the milking of the name.

  • Vetur Voss
    Vetur Voss 9 hours ago

    so, droids need to be programmed, in phantom menace it is established when we find that wee little Ani built and programmed C3-PO, so some little SJW shit built and programmed it to say and think shit like that, it is not sentient, it is programmed to think it is. this is further established in the original trilogy when C3-PO states that he is programmed not to lie!
    da fuck? who thought that was a good idea? Star wars universe needs to watch terminator!

  • Grim Plissken
    Grim Plissken 9 hours ago

    I'm Han Solo dancing can't be unseen

  • Gustavo Silveira
    Gustavo Silveira 9 hours ago

    Wow your pessimism is too toxic for me. The movie was pretty good actually

  • DarkAtHearts
    DarkAtHearts 10 hours ago +1


  • Timmy2Wheels
    Timmy2Wheels 11 hours ago

    It's okay, Solo bombed and Disney took a hit in the wallet.

  • Archon331
    Archon331 12 hours ago +1

    You should made some series about prequels, after the last jedi disaster I came back to rewatch it to see if its really as bad as people remember. I must say the bad things somehow felt even worse like Hayden Christensen or Jar Jar binks and some of the CGI didnt really aged well but there are some really great moments so the movies have highs and lows, but the new series are just bad all the time, only good thing is they look and sound pretty, but everything is just disaster (after feeling so meh about force awakens I didnt bothered to watch Rogue one and watched Last Jedi just to see if its really bad as people say it is).

  • Razzah
    Razzah 12 hours ago

    The editing was spot on! Had so many laughs!

  • 4G64SicKShoT
    4G64SicKShoT 13 hours ago

    i loved how u called gambino "this is america" through the whole video, brilliant lol

  • ForgottenCrowd
    ForgottenCrowd 15 hours ago

    so, basically.....Lando fucked the Millennium Falcon?

  • Александра Меньшикова

    Totally in love with your manner to lay things out and voice, MauLer. Diction, intonation, articulation are awesome. Thanx, cant get enough of your videos.

  • The Lazy Man's Hustle
    The Lazy Man's Hustle 16 hours ago

    If the movie ended with Han Solo telling the story, it would make more sense.

  • Ivanperez 128
    Ivanperez 128 17 hours ago +1

    I’d rather have a Bossk movie than this

  • scotthebruce2
    scotthebruce2 18 hours ago

    I actually really liked the fat tentacled thing singing in that odd voice...that was a bit of fun in an otherwise dull movie.15:30

  • Diddy Melone
    Diddy Melone 18 hours ago

    yeah fuck, they thought "what do people love about han solo?" well he´s dashing, good looking, clever, a maniac, a rouque, with a heart of gold somewhere, eloquent, big mouth, charming, sleezy, smirky, an asshole(sometimes), badass, awesome shot/pilot.
    so whatever, they threw all this stuff together and said "witness, Han Solo!" ... without the bigger story, the other characters, he has dynamics with(especially Luke and Leia), he´s just another boring dude in this galaxy, covered in plot armour, that screams "VIP - for reasons not yet present in this continuity, but we had to do it anyway".

  • Diddy Melone
    Diddy Melone 18 hours ago

    in all of these new movies, the galaxy is so damn small, so many characters from the ot are present and important for no other reason than they´re important to us. like Han Solo, Jabba the Hut, Chewie, Lando ... how Han lived his early 20´s isnt as interesting as his arc in episode 4 and how he became a major player on emotions in empire - Han, you were important! "I know" ... ah
    so this movie isnt good, but the real issue for me is that its so pointless from the start.
    I also dont need to see a movie about how obi wan lived for 20 years on tattooine. srsly, they will do that, right?
    he couldve been doing anything during the time, but thanks to the prequels, we already know that he was in hiding there from the moment luke was born ... yeah sure why not, but it doesnt sound very entertaining!
    These characters are a smaller part of a larger story! isolated and put into weird random stories, its not the same effect!
    its not even that they are extremely good characters, whom which kind of you´ve never seen before! its about the ride, the story, that grows them and makes your bond grow with them and when you take away the fact that this guy is "han solo", but not the "han solo" I knew so far, than this is a movie about some random guy, who´s got way too many talents for no reason, visually stunning but uninteresting aside from that.
    but its star wars so I cant shut up about it...

  • Haakonson
    Haakonson 21 hour ago

    Jar Jar Binks, a Star Wars Story.

  • AJ Freitag
    AJ Freitag 21 hour ago

    I appreciate the RedLetterMedia shout out! Those guys are great

  • Mike Truck
    Mike Truck 23 hours ago

    "Let's make a half-assed heist movie and slap Han Solo's name on it." -Kathleen Kennedy

  • Rafael Morgan
    Rafael Morgan 23 hours ago

    They *originally* made that one line about "... local bulk cruisers ..." and "... real Correllian ships ..." into a book trilogy....

  • Bottom Text
    Bottom Text Day ago +1

    OBJECTIVELY, your opinion is garbage and I am your superior overlord.

  • leslie white
    leslie white Day ago

    Ok It's now official...I've lost the plot completely. Nurse? where's my meds?
    What happened to the movie that defined my youth?????

  • BurritoKiller 26

    I dont care what anyone one says but everybody is getting their panties in a twist over this movie and im a pretty big star wars fan and in my opinion solo was a good movie it was a cool story and fun to watch everybody who is getting all pissed off over it because the new movies are not as good as the first 3 that came out need to be quiet none of these new movies will fully live up to them. everyone is taking these movies to seriously and just need to enjoy them for what they are instead of criticizing every little thing they dont like no movie will be exactly how you want it so stop taking these movies so seriously and being a ass every time they make another. P.S I think Jar Jar is the only thing we can be mad about reasonably

    • Silent_Stalker
      Silent_Stalker 20 hours ago

      BurritoKiller 26
      Thank you for the rationality
      I do agree with the enjoy what you can, I do have some trouble enjoying The Thing 1982 in later parts of it, but those appear late in gloom and are simply a design change, adding sound effects and so on to the scenes where previously there were none
      Some of the stuff Kennedy is doing for the franchise is a very very stupid idea, such as changing to force to female
      I think the main problem is with current films we get the ‘no Holt’ plots, where little to no problems are in the way for long and don’t add much to the story or even change the direction
      And the flood gate of trying to include everything in the film, but not really expanding on that thing very well or just touching it and leaving it there with nothing more

    • BurritoKiller 26
      BurritoKiller 26 21 hour ago

      Some of your comments i dont know who or what you are referencing but about your reference to lando he was not good because of the droid the droid helped him navigate and pilot the ship same as how Chewbacca helps Han fly the falcon. But i do agree with you on everything else the comments and decisions they made towards certain things were definitely stupid. But overall i didn't think solo as a movie was bad. And again i also dont agree with alot of the decisions being made but i also find it old that every single time one of the movies comes out we all get pissed i just feel we should try and appreciate what parts we can and i know you may disagree with me but that is just what in think of this whole matter. But again i can agree that some of the recent decisions have been very very stupid

    • Silent_Stalker
      Silent_Stalker Day ago +2

      So, taking a character and making them where they can literally fuck anything- then try to ship them with a certain character is good?
      Taking a character that was said I be a good pilot and making it where he’s only ‘good’ because he has a feminist droid in his computer is ‘good’
      Killing off characters that we were led to believe had a backstory and give nothing, and make a joke about their death is ‘good’
      Making a character that understood English no longer understand English is ‘good’
      Making droids basically people trapped in tin cans is ‘good’

      Be quiet and enjoy the movie, same can be said about twilight, and other series.
      This is the first Star Wars movie to flop and loose 80 million dollars.
      Making the force Female is ‘good’
      Changing and killing off characters because women can’t relate to them is ‘good’
      Attacking your fans is ‘good’
      Calling your fans misogynistic white men babies is ‘good’
      Purposely dividing your fan base and attacking the remaining of it is ‘good’
      Mary Sues are ‘good’ characters

  • Per Shop
    Per Shop Day ago

    I love how the scenes you have picked, work so well with what you're saying at the time. You must be remembering all these scenes and thinking how else they could have been used (including when lips look like they are saying what you're saying!). Amazing and wonderful video.

  • Ryan Kim
    Ryan Kim Day ago

    ...wait, didn’t Yoda refer to Chewbacca as “Chewbacca” in RotS? And didn’t Chewbacca already have his ammo belt in RotS? Did the writers completely forget RotS when writing the script?

  • Zephyr dyno
    Zephyr dyno Day ago

    Can you please stop showing that damn milking scene? Its actively grossing my ass out.

  • kaiokendo
    kaiokendo Day ago

    44:03 and sony says...THIS NIGGA IS THE SHIT!!!

  • MegaRudeBoy69
    MegaRudeBoy69 Day ago

    Even Citizen Kane has plotholes, that's not what necessarily makes a film bad. What makes Solo bland is that it's just not exciting. Indiana Jones has impossible shit going on too, but it has tension and it's fun. Making a good film is not easy. It's easy to pick a product apart, but producing it is another matter.

  • kaiokendo
    kaiokendo Day ago


  • Matthew Moran
    Matthew Moran Day ago

    God i love futurama

  • Attila Szabo
    Attila Szabo Day ago

    I watched Solo about a month ago, and i can not remember what the main storyline was. I have random scenes in my memory, and i really don't have that kind of itchy feeling to see again the movie. Its like i don't really want to go back there, not because i have seen everything, but a kind of feeling that ok.. i think i'w seen enough, thanks but no thanks.

  • Anthony Manning
    Anthony Manning Day ago

    Yes. But way better than the last jedi.

  • Henry Kater
    Henry Kater Day ago

    I reckon every Disney SW movie plot could be written on the back of a napkin, with a few squiggles...they must think the audience is brain dead.

  • Andrés Louis
    Andrés Louis Day ago


  • Dylan Block
    Dylan Block Day ago

    You know what fuck your opinions on Solo and The Last Jedi, those films we’re great

    • Dylan Block
      Dylan Block 22 hours ago

      SicParvisMagna123 yeah because People hate Last Jedi because there theories were wrong

    • Ákos Kovács
      Ákos Kovács 23 hours ago

      Dylan Block wasn't you the one who left a bunch of comments under Maulers TLJ?
      You should know what problems he had, though given your inability to create a coherent sentence makes me question your level of understanding.

    • SicParvisMagna123
      SicParvisMagna123 Day ago

      Silent_Stalker Newer news:
      They were nothing more than unconfirmed rumours.

    • Silent_Stalker
      Silent_Stalker Day ago

      They said they may make a solo trilogy if it does so, meaning 2 movies may be canceled or put on hold
      The obi wan movies 3 again rumored have been put on hold
      Same for bobo fett
      So a total of 7 movies possible, along with two possible tv shows

    • SicParvisMagna123
      SicParvisMagna123 Day ago

      Silent_Stalker I assume you have proof for that second part?

  • Ivory Oasis
    Ivory Oasis Day ago

    Solo was good....just crybaby manchildren are still raging about "OMG WOMENZ AND BLAKS?!" they are DESPERATE to try and shit on anything star wars to push their agenda.

    • Silent_Stalker
      Silent_Stalker Day ago +1

      Lol, try actually giving a argument.
      Also where in this video or why video do people cry about the person souls being a women or a black character?

  • Jazen Valencia
    Jazen Valencia Day ago +1

    Yoda calls Chewbacca by name in ep 3, it's not a nickname, it's his name.

  • Adam Redmayne
    Adam Redmayne Day ago

    I can totally see you playing or voice acting some sort or Imperial Admiral or general with your awesome accent, calling out his superiors and/or subordinates on their utter stupidity thereby proving the empire does actually employ competent people haha.

  • This comment is literally

    This story resembles something I wrote back when I was in 4th grade.

  • phil cowbreath
    phil cowbreath Day ago

    its like a plot to destroy the franchise what the hell is wrong with those fucktards..

  • Coramelimane
    Coramelimane Day ago

    to be honest, I completely wiped my hands of the series when ep. 7 and rogue one were both announced.

  • Sam Worrall
    Sam Worrall 2 days ago +2

    I enjoyed your last jedi critique. However after viewing your TFA and solo "reviews", it has become clear that upon reviewing a half decent film, you half to reach so far up your arse for problems that ur hand comes out of your mouth along with a pile of shit

  • Joseph Morris
    Joseph Morris 2 days ago

    bro, i have to watch the films now just because of the way u describe things.
    oh.... never drop the way u name people...... priceless. "vision" lol & "this is america" lol.
    keep it up man. i should be watching this atleast 20 times im sure lol.
    fast and furious next rofl.

  • Nerdicon
    Nerdicon 2 days ago

    Jokes aside, I actually enjoyed Solo.
    Also the ship doesn’t come back for Han that’s just another ship flying off. They are just about to take off when Han & Chewie show up.

  • HiddenPalm
    HiddenPalm 2 days ago

    Mauler is absolutely clueless about Star Wars. He sounds like he was born yesterday. Some gobot/exosquad reject trying too hard to make people believe he's a Star Wars fan. Son, you ain't. Go grab your Ninja Turtle toys and take a bath like the tiny dick scrub that you are.

  • cortedemico
    cortedemico 2 days ago

    if a star wars movie blows in the cinema and i didn't see it, is it still canon?

  • Ryan Whitear
    Ryan Whitear 2 days ago

    It was okay-ish

  • kyleaca
    kyleaca 2 days ago

    As far as I know IG 88 is the only sentient droid, I wish he could've been the one to kill fem bot.

  • kyleaca
    kyleaca 2 days ago

    As far as I know IG 88 is the only sentient droid, I wish he could've been the one to kill fem bot.

  • GalloViking
    GalloViking 2 days ago

    Dinsey has killed Solo twice now.

  • PanPaulie
    PanPaulie 2 days ago

    *M-m-muh, Disney Wahs uhh.*

  • Julian K
    Julian K 2 days ago

    Well robot rights will soon become a legitimate ethical problem, as with the possibly inevietable rise of AGI, artificial general intelligent entities will be as conscious if not more than humans. Fuck that shoved in robot with no personality though

  • Angh balahr
    Angh balahr 2 days ago

    Soylo: showing that sucking dick is way more productive than honest work.

  • FullHalfCircle
    FullHalfCircle 2 days ago +2

    32:28 I can tell you WHY the Empire shows up!
    Because, in ANH, Han mentions: "I've outrun Imperial starships. Not the local bulk cruisers mind you, I'm talking about the big Corellian ships now."
    So, in true Disney-spell-it-all-out-by-the-numbers-for-dummies fashion, they included a scene in which Han outruns one of those "big Corellian ships".
    Now, let's assume that, in ANH, Han meant Imperial Stardestroyers (although it's never made 100% clear, but it's certainly save to assume that "big Corellian ship" is synonymous for "Imperial Class Star Destroyer"). Of course, EU literature told us all eventually that Imp Destroyers are Corellian - and of course SOLO shows us Corellia. So, that's settled.
    The reason I am having an issue with the way the Imperial encounter in SOLO is portrayed is that I always thought Han was implying that he (quite regularly) outruns Corellian ships when smuggling or doing other space pirate stuff. In no way did it ever cross my mind that it was ONE specific event in which he ONCE outran a Star Destroyer.
    But hey, Disney knows best, right? Right?!

  • FullHalfCircle
    FullHalfCircle 2 days ago +1

    Do you think that... one... out of the many thousands of clicks is maybe by the director of this flick... and that... anotherone is by K.K.? I always wonder if they ever watch these critiques.
    I also wonder if they are saying to themselves "can't please everybody", or "this critic just doesn't get it"... OR do they... in a moment of utter shame... admit to themselves that "I might have gone to far in a few places" or "yeah, is mostly right, unfortunatley"...
    Probably not... they are so fed up with all their money that they don't care...

  • MrBthomp
    MrBthomp 2 days ago

    No reference to the Robot Revolutionary Front from Astro boy? For shame.

  • FullHalfCircle
    FullHalfCircle 2 days ago +1

    "Top lieutenant" might also suggest that she is always "on top" of him when they're having sex. Remember Xenia Onatop in Goldeneye? On top? ONAtop! ^^

  • Dragonage2ftw
    Dragonage2ftw 2 days ago

    Super great how film studios refuse to put up with you now, by the by.

  • Tenhys
    Tenhys 2 days ago

    _"Hum... the whole idea that the Empire has to move stuff on a train is... laughable. They have these things called space ships."_
    Actually... it's not that laughable. It's true that cargo transport ships do exist and, depending on their size, can carry thousand, dozen of thousands to even hundreds of thousand tons worth of supply into their hold. But here's the thing, uncontrary to ships : *trains cannot stray away from their path.* When a spaceship can technically go wherever the pilot decide to - especially with a hyperdrive - a train's ability to manoeuver is sorely restricted to the rail on which it's locked onto. That means that it becomes extremly easy for the Empire to control the transfer of sensitive material between facilities connected by rail considering that, as it's pretty much a one-way ticket from point A to B, it drastically reduces the negative outcomes of an hostile hijacking (which is to simply bail out through hyperspace.)
    That fact is clearly underlined in the movie ; where Han Solo & co ARE indeed attempting to hijack a train. Had the Empire planned to transport it's stuff using a ship, it's a certainty that Han Solo & co would've simply gone to take it whole and not bother with what they did in the movie. Giving credit where credit is due, having the Empire using their own private train system *actually* make sense.

  • luciano tapia
    luciano tapia 2 days ago

    Exept rogue one was good.

  • Daniel Wheels
    Daniel Wheels 2 days ago

    I went and saw this movie “finally”... I went alone, and there were two other people in the cinema.. they were both alone too 😂😂😂😂

  • Tylr
    Tylr 2 days ago

    After "the force awakens" - I said I wouldn't pay to see a mainstream Disney SW movie - so my friend and I went to rogue one
    After "rogue one" - I said I wouldn't pay to see a Disney SW movie - so my friend said he would pay for me to see the last jedi
    After "the last jedi" - I said I wouldn't allow my nostalgia blind friends to PAY ME to see a Disney SW movie
    After "Solo" - My friend was very sad that I wouldn't go see this dumpster fire with him
    Not kidding, before we saw last jedi, his advice to me was and I quote "It's great if you just imagine that there are no other starwars movies"...

  • K. Johnston
    K. Johnston 2 days ago

    Watched again...can't stop laughing...this review, not the movie.

  • Tina Carson
    Tina Carson 2 days ago

    You’ve saved me from wasting $1.50 at red box. Thank you. ❤️

  • Imp Salazarth
    Imp Salazarth 2 days ago

    I swear that there are just corporate saboteurs working for Disney trying to bankrupt them with shitty movie after shitty movie.

  • Nikodimos Triaridis
    Nikodimos Triaridis 2 days ago

    How to fuck up an origin story 101

  • Tello 64
    Tello 64 2 days ago

    My favorite part of the video.... 29:24 - 29:41

  • King Of The Posers
    King Of The Posers 2 days ago +1

    18:21 Had Me Rolling!


    Incredibles 2, an unbridled praise?

  • Warlocke000
    Warlocke000 2 days ago

    Femputer from Futurama = Bea Arthur = Ackmena from The Star Wars Holiday Special.
    i.e.: Futurama is Star Wars canon.
    Most tortured and tortuous logic ever, but I'm going with it as a defense mechanism against Kennedisney's Star Wars parodies.

    And why WOULD any business in the food service industry want droids roaming around their establishment? Droids don't eat and don't drink, so all they're doing is taking up space that PAYING customers would otherwise be using.

    Obvious Bait: Are Starbucks and I the only two entities that understand this basic business concept? ; )

  • KelsonArwhi
    KelsonArwhi 3 days ago

    "Sir, I don't know where your ship learned to communicate, but it has the most peculiar dialect." -Threepio
    Well, now it all makes sense. Femputer-31337 was probably spouting off about the evil patriarchy and calling Threepio an "uncle tombot house droid" for trying to help Han fix the hyperdrive.

  • Jake Moore
    Jake Moore 3 days ago

    You're surprise of Darth Maul being alive wasn't really founded. It's been canon that he survived for years, way before Disney got their shit covered hands on the series.

  • Nathaniel Torres
    Nathaniel Torres 3 days ago

    Wet shart.

  • Nathaniel Torres
    Nathaniel Torres 3 days ago

    Come on, when you are smoking pot, anything you write sounds great.

  • Nathaniel Torres
    Nathaniel Torres 3 days ago

    The feminist bullshit is designed for the children. Guaranteed you will meet someone that saw this movie as a child and believes this very bullshit, because kids will buy any bullshit. Mission accomplished.

  • Nathaniel Torres
    Nathaniel Torres 3 days ago

    Parody is the sincerest form of fartery.

  • Nathaniel Torres
    Nathaniel Torres 3 days ago

    Ever smelled a wet dog?

  • Nathaniel Torres
    Nathaniel Torres 3 days ago

    Han knows wookie because a baby wook lived in his pants for five years.

  • Nathaniel Torres
    Nathaniel Torres 3 days ago

    Han Solo: Empire Days.

  • Nathaniel Torres
    Nathaniel Torres 3 days ago

    The Disney executives don't understand the last three movies should have been based on George Lucas story ideas. All other spin-offs might have been forgiven. George had ideas for nine movies but Disney cut that cord. There is now no continuity. Disney can partially fix this problem by having three separate science fiction authors* write a trilogy of novels based on lucas's ideas. It would be a nice gesture of reconciliation with the fans. A wonderful gift. A nice way to say we do respect the source material, and the original creator. Release one book every month in a three month period, which is the kind of marketing thing Lucas would do. They'll make their money back if the books are good. A single consistent book editor of all three would be nice, that book editor would help set the tone and voice of the series so it has consistency. Having Lucas read drafts and offer creative advice on rewrites would give the products even more credibility.
    *the reason why I say 3 (co-)authors is to have the overall project finished in a shorter period of time. And I mean well-known tried and proven authors, and real stars wars fans. Each author having some kind of limited say in the other books would be excellent so the collection feels more like a collaboration.
    You can have Lucas write brief introductions to each book. And you can have directors of other star wars projects, cartoons, comic books, video games, write exclusive afterwords, this would give the books an added sense of novelty. Of course they have to sign non-disclosure agreements.
    Oh and keep the makers of the Disney star wars movies as far away and possible. GPS can keep track of them. Come within a mile and the disney storm troopers will arrest and assault.

  • MN Schlatz
    MN Schlatz 3 days ago +1

    these are honestly my favorite videos on youtube for a while now lol

  • Red Pill Germany
    Red Pill Germany 3 days ago

    Hans Olo sounds more natural to me....

  • MOON
    MOON 3 days ago

    I love your videos! lol

  • SRT8Driver
    SRT8Driver 3 days ago

    'crimson dawn'??? didn't I hear about that same 'faction' during the first Die Hard movie, or X-Men or whatever... LOL!
    meanwhile, well when lib-retards write movies like this, expect THIS type of pure rancid rampant insanity that just ruined Han Solo F-O-R-E-V-E-R and the Millennium Falcon along with him!! how in the name of the Holy and unholy did 'Han' not have a last name??
    any last name, call him Han Dinglehammershmidt or something, anything! Han decided to change his name because he's always hated it, and now he's a lone-wolf bad-ass smuggler etc..etc.. going 'Solo' cuz it sounds cooler etc.. etc..
    but to be 'named' like one would name a pet, by some turd sample??!! he's now Han Solo because he didn't have a name...oh the hell with it...
    Star Wars death by SJW....just ugh! fcukin' hell let me just jump out of this window and be done with it....

  • Wernher Wölf
    Wernher Wölf 3 days ago

    FIRED all SJW Femminazis Lucasfilm Now #NotMyStarWars

  • Canem Cave
    Canem Cave 3 days ago +1

    feminist crap has taken over Hollybullshitwood

  • Dorian Ertymexx
    Dorian Ertymexx 3 days ago +2

    Just a small side note... remember how in "A New Hope" Chewbacca went haywire over the prospect of getting handcuffed, and Han had to calm him down? So... how come Chewie is so happy about being cuffed now, before he even knows Han, let alone the other bandits?? Or am I being a bad Viewer thinking too much again? ;-)

  • TheTargetMaster
    TheTargetMaster 3 days ago

    I used to be really pissed that Disney retconned the expanded universe, now I'm fucking glad that some of my favourite parts of Star Wars are far, far away from their influence. Imagine disney making a film based around KoTOR, thank God its locked away in the legends category and essentially exists within its own canon.

  • Kev's Channel
    Kev's Channel 3 days ago +1

    how did chewy go from a war hero on kassyyk to a disrespected slave of some sort by the empire