Solo: A Star Wars Story: An Unbridled Rage


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  • MauLer
    MauLer  7 months ago +1608

    So that was something, at least we didn't expect much I guess......
    I really pushed on the editing for this one, let me know what you think. As for whats next, I want to go and cover the new Jurassic World but then we're on to extended coverage of Solo. I imagine it may take a bit of time but I will try and make it as fun as possible heh.
    Updates for the work can be found on Patreon - - Thanks for supporting the channel folks o/

    • Kortos Autumn
      Kortos Autumn 2 days ago

      [1]The imp probe droid makes the most sense for remote long duration missions. [2]The fact Qi'ra was given over to the Crimson Dawn was established in the beginning of the movie too, they mention she would be sold into slavery to a group like this if she was captured-which happened at the airport. [3] Solo claiming to be a beginner is part of poker, that's what sabacc is based on,kinda thought that one was obvious and so was Solo's reason for claiming to be a beginner. Not great criticisms, but the rest of the video was very good especially the parts about droids being literal tools. I laughed pretty hard at the L3 death scene too, love the way you put that.

    • jbot91
      jbot91 3 days ago +1

      Mauler, any thoughts on how the parsecs run would have been unnecessary if they had only brought a cooling system. In the beginning of the film we see Beckett and his crew stealing a special vehicle do they can haul a load, but I guess a refrigerator isn't possible to come by?

    • Nite Gamer
      Nite Gamer 11 days ago

      If they ever make another one just watch. The girlfriend is going to be the one who opened Canto Blight in the first place.

    • Gilgamesh Smith
      Gilgamesh Smith 15 days ago

      The Corellia thing was already there since the Expanded Universe

  • Hermann la Grange
    Hermann la Grange 2 hours ago

    Are my ears working right? Is one of the characters in this movie seriously called "This is America"?

  • The Blank King
    The Blank King 2 hours ago

    It didn't even have Greedo...

  • noleftturnunstoned
    noleftturnunstoned 3 hours ago +1

    This movie wasn't that bad. The worst part was the gratuitous action scenes and that.....robot.

  • Gabe
    Gabe 13 hours ago

    Wouldn’t the Falcon just do everything against Han’s will? Having the personality and navigation of the lover of the guy Han won the ship from.
    Sounds like a resentful and disobedient ship to me

  • Cellulanus
    Cellulanus 17 hours ago

    Wasn't Han a TIE fighter pilot in the EU? He went to the fucking Imperial Academy.
    But the whole thing with the droid isn't a problem the way I see it. It was well established in the EU that droids needed regular memory wipes or else they had a tendency to develop personality quirks that could lead to unexpected behavior.

  • Massan
    Massan 22 hours ago

    I thought i was the only one who laught when that feminist droid died

  • Chevy Woods
    Chevy Woods Day ago

    Every Disney sw movie proves that these hacks have actually never seen a Star Wars movie and don’t respect it one bit

  • helmic
    helmic Day ago

    I completely agree with most that you say, and I think this is a great video. But in the spirit of it I must also nitpick, it was already established that Han won the falcon from Lando in empire

  • YouveBeen KitFistoed

    Well that was entertaining and you pointed out a few things that didn’t bother me the first time I saw it...but I couldn’t even finish a second round, as the flaws became so extremely apparent. But one thing that really annoys me that you DIDN’T mention (well you kinda did perhaps) is how they just make young Lando Calrissian the «old Calrissian» with a young face - I mean, ESB made it kind of clear that Lando and Han had been in cahoots but that Lando was the lucky one who got rich and could become an administrator. So it doesn’t make sense that he’s wearing all these goddamned capes etc he should be more of a real scoundrel / smuggler at this point. But yeah this is minor compared to his droid escorte.

    • Kaleb Swager
      Kaleb Swager Day ago

      I didn't mind the movie but I dont think I'll ever watch it again. Like the OT, PM and RTS are rewatchable

  • Michael Washington

    Died laughing when Mauler starts talking about the fembot..

  • tadhg ogorman
    tadhg ogorman 2 days ago

    Oh my god when you said Darth Maul shows up I thought you were making a joke about how this film just wants to fill itself with fanservice, but its its actually real.

  • tadhg ogorman
    tadhg ogorman 2 days ago

    Does anyone find it fucked that there's so many allegories for racism that involve making characters non-human?

  • Hatesh Warkio
    Hatesh Warkio 2 days ago

    This movie should've been about Han acquiring his pilot and gun skills, learning Wookiee language, meeting Chewbacca (in a good way) and acquiring Millennium Falcon (in a good way).
    Let's make it this way: Young Han, like a child or teenager, is the only survivor of the Empire mauling down his town/city. Shocked and traumatized he wanders about trying to find some food and somewhere to sleep. After few days he is found by a Wookiee scavengers who takes pity on Han and rescues him.
    Few years pass during which Han is taught Wookiee language as his savior speaks only Wookiee but understands English. He is also taught some basic skills like how to pilot a spaceship, how to handle a gun and some smuggler's routes, bars, meet points etc.
    His Wookiee savior gets old and decides to stop with scavenging and smuggling returning to his Wookiee village with Han tagging along to introduce him to his (savior's) own family and friends as his adoptive son.
    There Han meets Chewbacca and say Chewbacca's father is a friend of this Han's savior.
    One day afterwards the Empire strikes and attacks this village in order to capture well-known smuggler, Han's savior. Chewbacca's father tries to protect him but he is killed in the process. The Empire leaves with Han's savior.
    Han and Chewbacca tag along to rescue Han's savior and thus avenge Chewbacca's father.
    During this time they meet Lando who helps them in the time of need.
    Etc. etc.
    Not gonna write a whole fucking script, just the base idea. I think this could work.

  • TotallyR2D2 Shit
    TotallyR2D2 Shit 2 days ago +1


  • Dane Glasoe
    Dane Glasoe 2 days ago

    Well, off to watch that mother's day Futurama episode.

  • KimoBliss
    KimoBliss 2 days ago

    You nailed it! Solo the movie is lazy story telling and I found it hard to watch.

  • Claudio Como
    Claudio Como 2 days ago

    You have a great talent for sarcasm, I'm rolling around on the floor!

  • Beretta249
    Beretta249 3 days ago

    You know are one of those "thirsty fans," right? Every time you call Rey a "mary sue" and then rant about how ridiculous it is that Han's so good at everything you're sharpening Disney's boner for offensively brain-dead content like _Solo_ ? That bullshit is the Star Wars legacy and much as I respect Mark Hamill he, and you, are being deluded when you shriek, and he gripes, about Rey and Fin and Poe taking Luke's glory and for being "Sue" for merely dividing up what used to be a single character's omnicompetence.
    You like logic so parse this: Solo is this way because _you_ want it to be about everything you worship magnified and glorified and stuffed into every pore of your corpus. "Femdroid" is that way because you rage-shit yourself about "SJW politics" and because, more "hard truths incoming, _droids have always been sapient_ .
    No, seriously. Unfuck yourself about the "OT" (goddamn that's shamefully lazy) and look for yourself: they have personalities, they respond to their environments and sometimes make choices that suggest some inner life, and form pack bonds for mutual protection. As far as can be determined with sapient as demonstrated by human baseline behavior they're "alive" and be extension are _slaves_ . It's staggering that this bothers you so much. Well, maybe not because:
    The reason Fembot is such a embarrassing strawman is because if she's not then every hero we've ever cheered for is at least complicit in a galaxy-wide slave trade -yes, I'm parroting Jenny Nichols on this one as she has the right of it. That's not something to condemn Star Wars for because Lucas is just enough a fucking imbecile who'd write in something as balls-achingly dumb as Lando emotionally breaking down about a droid physically breaking down and thus would not even begin to think through the ramifications of making computer hardware capable of suffering, but that is how it is.
    I really like your content and it's thrilling to enjoy hbomberguy revealed to be as towering a mediocrity as I thought he was but neither he nor I nor yourself are faultlessly self-assessing as we want to believe and for me that's so unbearably true that I _finally_ had to say something. Solo is aggressively puerile and offensively, shamefully low quality but so much of it's baseline flawed priorities exist because of your attitude about the "OT" itself; that it muse be exhumed, worshiped, and devoured bones and all so that you can be reassured about how worthy of your love it must be.
    Han is a Sue, Luke is a Sue, Rey is a Sue -this is what fans want, what _you_ want. You want a self-insert projection who can do so many of the heroic things that Star Wars can set up. And that's fine, that's myth-making. But Solo is a shallow, unctuous, sniveling project that took it's first breaths for you. I don't expect you to respect it for that but at least try your own formidable standards out once in a while and honestly face that every little stupid, insipid, meaningless thing about dice or Chewie or Han's gun is Disney mewling at your feet for another dollar because you say you need the OT so bad.

  • jbot91
    jbot91 3 days ago

    Good anyone else notice that all they needed to do to prevent the girl from exploding was a fridge. We actually see Beckett and his crew in the beginning stealing a special vehicle before the actual job. In this case though they just had to throw all caution to the wind, there is no way with so that technology to have a going system in board... The screenplay was not thought through. However, I did enjoy this movie more than 7 and 8. I might watch it again.

  • p5rawQ
    p5rawQ 3 days ago

    Do you remember? Stumbling out of the Cinema filled with pure wonder? Asking yourself-- days after, how … how this mundane life just continues? Experienced such a world, felt any hunch as if you were the protagonist itself, engraved their stories in your fibers … how does it come that the world is not turning backwards? How is down not up and the night not bright? Instead all … THIS … goes on … unchanged? Until your realized, it did not changed the world around you, no, it’s doing was much more profound ...
    Those days ... where are they? Lost in milking and merchandising, planing for a target audience, it is not a craft anymore, there is no time for growing and pondering about
    , today it is designed for ... made up to ... a carbon copied to target the target audience ...

  • mark lloyd
    mark lloyd 3 days ago

    This is a masterpiece

    DAN WRINKLE 4 days ago

    Just stop treating it like a star wars movie and it gets better. I literally forgot it was star wars until Darth maul showed up and ripped the biggest dump on the movie and left.

  • 100% Jeff
    100% Jeff 4 days ago

    Bud just ignore the Disney canon and just keep reading legends books

    NUCLEAR WINTER 4 days ago

    Han new his last name he actaully spent years trying to find other solo's and he did but couldnt get to them oh wait fine crafted stories those arent lore and crude ones are

  • syousef
    syousef 4 days ago

    Crimson Dawn is dishwashing detergent isn't it?

  • UFO Skizz
    UFO Skizz 4 days ago

    Thank you for your service. I made it 10 min into this shit festival and watched your review instead.

  • TheGranitePerson
    TheGranitePerson 4 days ago +1

    These fucking hurricane of Star Wars movies make Jar Jar look like the best written thing Star Wars has ever done. Can you please stop saying Ranger Solo, it makes my brain vomit. Wet fart? This film is projectile bloody diarrhea. And what fucking dice are we talking about? This was a greatly scripted and edited, funny, brilliant video but this movie was so bad it was hard to watch this review. Episodes 1 to 3 are looking amazing right now.

  • Golan Aldent
    Golan Aldent 5 days ago

    Omg let the droid thing go, at least after the 4th time you go on about it. Wasn't there a scene in the OT that explains that driods develop quirks if they arent wipped? So... There is some continuity to the OT.
    Everything else I agree with.

  • Eliya
    Eliya 5 days ago +1

    George Lucas really lowered his standards, seeing as he gave *Disney* the reigns to the Star Wars franchise. I get the feeling they are just in it for the money. They are milking out mediocre films at best just to promote new Star Wars merchandise. Let's just say I am not surprised, simply disappointed. 😒

  • Victor Velie
    Victor Velie 5 days ago

    the criticism about putting characters in danger when we know they will survive is idiotic, that's pretty much every time the main character is ever in danger in almost every action movie and tv show, it has nothing to do with you knowing the character will be okay or not. Did anyone ever think Indiana Jones was going to die? The idea is absurd, but the excitement is to see how the character gets out of the situation

    • Harry Lime.
      Harry Lime. 3 days ago

      Yeah I thought of Indiana Jones as an example. We know he's going to survive but the danger is still thrilling regardless.

  • DAudIcI
    DAudIcI 5 days ago

    Wait why would the Rebellion even fight a crime syndicate? Have these people not heard of "enemy of my enemy"? I'd understand stealing from criminals, as it's morally grey, but to deliberately fight against the criminals is just a waste of time and resources which are diverted from fighting the Empire.
    (btw what kind of name is Crimson Dawn anyway? Maybe just because of Red Faction but makes me think of communist partisans, not gangsters. Dawn of what?)

    • DAudIcI
      DAudIcI 3 days ago

      +Harry Lime. So was Cloud City in the OT, yet Lando eagerly turned against them at the first opportunity. Here the boss was introduced slaying a high ranking Imperial. Also the mission was literally to steal from the Empire so you can't say he Crimson Dawn has much love or loyalty to the Empire. At best they are allies of convenience, easily turned if the right incentive presents itself. That's the kind of faction you should antagonize the least.

    • Harry Lime.
      Harry Lime. 3 days ago

      IIRC the boss rebellion girl said the Crimson Dawn were in cahoots with the empire.

  • iamverynicesir
    iamverynicesir 5 days ago

    I feel sorry for you, but in truth I feel sorrier for your fans. This video is lie after lie after exaggerated lie. Using a mix of vitriol towards TLJ (which is justified, it was a shit movie) and hyperbole you made sure people would hate what was actually a redeeming movie from Disney. Solo was a GOOD movie. Your rant about the “fembot” is both unwarranted and untrue. She is clearly painted as both an annoyance and clearly disliked by all but Lando. Her scene of describing a love life between them is the most obvious joke I have ever seen. Emilia Clarke looks obviously uncomfortable so the audience can see it is a joke. It wasn’t a perfect movie and I can’t go into everything but this movie didn’t deserve an hour long rant about it. They actually made the white guy look good, and competent to boot. He even gets the last laugh on lando in the last scene. This video is clearly desperate reaching to hate a movie you thought would be as bad as the last jedi but turned out decent. Yet you have your fans to appeal to and that clearly overcame any desire to tell the truth. Forget the actors and crew that worked hard to make a decent film that the vast majority of people could enjoy, TLJ sucked so their can be no forgivness despite the fact its an entirely different set of actors and NOT rian johnson behind the helm.

    • Harry Lime.
      Harry Lime. 3 days ago

      Yeah TLJ was a mess but Solo wasn't that bad imo. One of the things I liked about Solo is it didn't need Jedi or the force. It also didn't focus on the empire either for a change. It's like a heist movie where the protagonist is still a bit green and not as cynical as he is at the start of A New Hope.
      The fembot was annoying, there's a scene where even Lando sighs because she's so over the top and unrelenting. I'd assume the character was meant to be a bit of a parody.
      Not a bad film imo and it doesn't deserve a rant video.

  • Gordon Goodly
    Gordon Goodly 5 days ago

    "This film is a wet fart" LMAO

  • A Persona
    A Persona 5 days ago

    When we said we wanted an apology for The Last Jedi, this is not what we meant.

  • damienblauwald
    damienblauwald 5 days ago

    Ha! Thick plot armor. Excellent.

  • kingjonny
    kingjonny 6 days ago

    I don't count Disney star wars as cannon

  • Glenn Funderburk
    Glenn Funderburk 6 days ago

    6:25 it was an elective in Asgard

  • jmorris023
    jmorris023 6 days ago

    I just finished this movie last night. Man, what a steaming pile.

  • Valkry Acetorphenol
    Valkry Acetorphenol 6 days ago

    Hello, I suffer from BPD and severe depression and your work has really helped me over the last few months. When I've been at some of my lowest points I have been able to watch/listen to your rants and star wars critique and it has immensely lifted my mood, I even play your videos often before bed or when I have hours crawling by and am too depressed to cope without the drugs I normally use. I am going through cold turkey withdrawal from pain meds and have spent the last two days in bed crying, the brightest part of these days has been listening to your videos. You have an unparalleled sense of realism and art, as well as where and how they mix and have a talent for discerning what is objectively good for it's artistic and emotional value, what is objectively bad for the lack thereof, and where the lines blur. Thank you for making these videos and providing me with an escape the incredible pain of recent months. I'm looking forward to your weekly critique of The Force Awakens.

    Good luck and God bless. -Valkry

  • Blair Cox
    Blair Cox 6 days ago

    Yeah, except Chewie was with Yoda in attack of the clones

  • MrPrincepop
    MrPrincepop 6 days ago

    I did refuse to see it when it released. After the Last Jedi, could you blame me? It's on Netflix so I decided to watched it. I don't need to say anything this review hasn't already stated. I'll keep the original trilogy to my heart. Otherwise, I would be letting Disney scar my wonderful adolescence memories of Star Wars. Lesson here: don't buy the green alien breast milk Disney is trying to sell you. Run!

  • Cary Hawkins
    Cary Hawkins 7 days ago

    OMG I never thought about how Solo doesn't explain how Han knows Wookie, the only thing that one might care about in his backstory (not really though)...ha! Goodness it was awful.

  • Fleur Puttock
    Fleur Puttock 7 days ago +1

    Can we all agree the Disney Star Wars movies aren't canon?

  • E100Omega123
    E100Omega123 7 days ago +1

    "The extended universe is dead"
    "Also here's some references to the extended universe."
    Thanks Disney. It's one thing to piss on something I love. It's another to rub my face in it.

  • FoodLiquorCool
    FoodLiquorCool 8 days ago

    I'll admit it, I actually liked this movie. I didn't like the last jedi, and didn't really care much for Rogue One, but i thought it was a fairly right movie with a great lead actor. Then again my expectations were low

    • Harry Lime.
      Harry Lime. 3 days ago

      Yeah, I thought Solo was all right. Not as bad as I was led to believe by rant videos like this one.

  • Mr Zeus
    Mr Zeus 8 days ago

    Watched Solo and I thought the actor playing him was actually quite good. Overall the movie was pretty average to me just one of the many that Disney will make in the coming twenty years.

  • Dexter Dextrow
    Dexter Dextrow 8 days ago

    By listening to this I saved about one hour and twenty minutes of my life and still feel as if I came away with a more wholesome experience then the movie would have delivered. A movie that had a multimillion dollar budget no less.

  • iHoRst2000
    iHoRst2000 8 days ago +2

    Solo has its flaws and L3 is maybe the worst character ever after jar jar rey and rose but its still far better than ep 7&8. I can enjoy it at least a bit.
    Can anyone relate or is it just me ?🤨

    • john Taylor
      john Taylor 8 days ago

      +iHoRst2000 yes, dumbest funniest thing I've ever seen.

    • iHoRst2000
      iHoRst2000 8 days ago

      Wtf pacific rim ?!😂

    • john Taylor
      john Taylor 8 days ago

      Not just you, a mate of mine quite liked it. The imperial ship lit by flashes of space lighting was my favourite 2 seconds of a movie so far this century. I only like 4 films: 7 Samurai, Ratatouille, There will be blood, Pacific Rim. I know what's what.

  • Iceose
    Iceose 9 days ago

    26:05 This is when I just couldn't stand to watch any further and turned the movie off...

  • 3x7project
    3x7project 9 days ago

    thehhuhuhuh SPACEPOPE

  • Victor Balaguez
    Victor Balaguez 9 days ago

    hey Mauler, didn't han solo Got his blaster skills from the army?

  • Blue team John, Fred, Linda, Kelly

    I never understood why the range troopers had such fat legs, Disney does realize the Clone Wars show is still canon don't they? I mean we've seen multiple times clone troopers use magnetic shoe/boots and they were just incorporated into regular armor, they didn't wear these big fat hunks of metal attached to there lower legs.

  • Corey Ciepiela
    Corey Ciepiela 9 days ago

    Just glad I didn’t waste my money on this crap. Great editing , much better video than any movie Disney has made lately

  • johnnylarue
    johnnylarue 9 days ago

    I don’t know, I thought the movie was pretty darn good. I say this as someone who hated Episodes 7 and 8. I thought it was surprisingly well paced and fun.

  • Steven Stefano
    Steven Stefano 10 days ago

    disney's main problem was they underestimated the intelligence of the star wars fanbase. they just thought, pander to this group of nerds by giving them mediocrity and nothing new and we'll cash in. i wouldn't be surprised if that's an exact quote too. also this is one of the most well edited videos i've ever seen, good job mate.

  • TheWrathfulPanda
    TheWrathfulPanda 10 days ago

    This move was so boring I cauldn't finish it because I kept fall asleep every watching.

  • F
    F 10 days ago

    Solo was crap. But really, you complain about that fuel thing again? Even in clone wars and rebels, fuel was a thing. There are at least three mentionings of fuel, once on "the Zillo Beast" where Malastare is important to the republic because of it’s fuel resources. The fuel is even important later, as it’s used to fight the Zillo Beast. Second in season 5, on the episode with Gregor, where he talks about how Rydonium, which is a fuel mined on the planet of Abafar.
    And last but not least in rebels where Gouverneur Pryce blows up the TIE-Defender Fuel depot to kill Kanan.
    How else are people supposed to power their starships?

  • jbot91
    jbot91 10 days ago +2

    Honestly though, the fembots dialogue was terrible especially during her while uprising scene.

  • jbot91
    jbot91 10 days ago +1


  • Pendragon44321
    Pendragon44321 10 days ago

    I watched it for the first time the other day and didnt think it was bad but that's because I was expecting it to be bad so I didnt have high expectations for it anyhow.

  • darkman80723
    darkman80723 10 days ago +2

    I feel like I owe you an apology MauLer. I doubted that this movie could be as atrocious and boring as you portrayed it and finally having seen it I can say that you were kinder than this trash deserved.

  • Worf
    Worf 11 days ago

    The melting face from Raiders after Tico had me dying 2:49

  • Ross Taylor
    Ross Taylor 11 days ago

    The more wound up he gets, the more Welsh he sounds

    DRFESTERPUS69 11 days ago +1

    Best part was when L3 or whatever died

  • Sky Says Hi
    Sky Says Hi 11 days ago

    You didn't watch this in Cheltenham, did you?? Cause I was in screen 1 with about a dozen people and ran out during Kessel cause I had to go pee :3

  • L1qu1d S1lenc3r
    L1qu1d S1lenc3r 11 days ago

    Guess you didn't catch they were actually making fun of Kathleen Kennedy with that Droid L3, hell her name is L3-37 like leet(elite) because Kathleen Kennedy is an elitist.. u took all that shit seriously lol. Oh also there is a whole video out there that talks about how han thinks he's lucky but obi wan tells him there is no luck plus you don't need to be a Jedi to use the force.. a lot more stuff you missed or didn't get but I really don't feel like explaining all of it to you.. ya the movie wasn't that great and a huge portion of it didn't make sense along with the bad writing but most of the points you made are just misunderstandings on your part.

  • Robert Friel
    Robert Friel 11 days ago +1

    Star Wars and Star Trek are both in an awful place.

  • Gorm the Slorm
    Gorm the Slorm 11 days ago

    All of these new star wars movies felt like a big fat chubby advertisement.

  • Renegade Vile
    Renegade Vile 12 days ago

    Droids have never been sentient in the Star Wars universe, specifically because it removes the cliche conflict of droids rising up. Wars between man and machine aren't a theme in Star Wars so droids were clearly made limited in their programming to avoid that issue altogether. They can only do what they have been programmed to and have no real AI.

  • Renegade Vile
    Renegade Vile 12 days ago +1

    I would say they chose Corellia because it is featured heavily in the EU but... what am I saying, they totally chose it because they saw that line in the movie and didn't bother to do any further research or thinking. Otherwise they would have gone for something more interesting like Kuat.

  • Jeremy Wickersheimer
    Jeremy Wickersheimer 12 days ago

    Why so much complaining about how the hero of the movie "can't die" ... that's just the rule of how 99% of movies/stories work.

  • Kurt Smith
    Kurt Smith 12 days ago

    Did anyone pick up on the continuity error with Darth Maul? Are we to believe that this film takes place prior to Episode 1? This would put Han Solo at least the same age as Obi Wan. Or are we to assume that Darth Maul is still alive?

    • Rexy 1776
      Rexy 1776 5 days ago

      Maul survived. Watch The Clone Wars and then watch Rebels.

  • Ian P
    Ian P 12 days ago

    Just watched Solo on Netflix, BUT it doesn't show up when u search for it, for whatever reason. ONLY way I found it was, go to Discover, scroll down to sci-fi & fantasy, then scroll down All the Way in the movie listings, its at the bottom. English version at bottom and Spanish version a few rows above that!
    Enjoy! Cheers
    Not great, but worth the ride! Better than rogue wan, IMO! 6.5 out of 10!

  • Foxymew
    Foxymew 12 days ago

    Why are there so many fancy looking storm troopers if this is before the OT?
    Kinda weird to me.

  • Wittmann73
    Wittmann73 13 days ago

    Fortunately we will never get a sequel. This movie will stay SOLO

  • DemstarAus
    DemstarAus 13 days ago

    Your accent is weird.

  • Solanumtinkr
    Solanumtinkr 13 days ago

    Han supposedly modified the blasted ship! It's like they didn't bother to do any research...

  • Solanumtinkr
    Solanumtinkr 13 days ago +1

    Oh for.... Kessel is all about the spice mines, NOT FUEL! Spice had nothing to do with fuel!!! If Spice was the only source, no one would have achieved hyperspace! But who needs logic, right? Must have gotten confused between Dune and Star Wars.

  • AsiaNPC
    AsiaNPC 13 days ago +1

    Did Disney or whomever is at their beck and call forget that Yoda knew Chewbacca as Chewbacca back in Revenge of the Sith? Or how about Ashoka having survived on a hostile planet with Chewy from The Clone Wars? No, okay, Han gave him a bullshit name like some idiot gave him his name.

  • Gruffin77
    Gruffin77 13 days ago

    I still say L3-37 was a parody, mainly with the whole "equel rights" thing being said to a black man. I think they knew her character was a joke and the only reason why I laughed is cause she it was stupid how serious she tried making it out to be.

  • Michael554466
    Michael554466 13 days ago

    damn gary stew, its as if disney doesn't know how to write characters with any depth...

  • Arsio12
    Arsio12 13 days ago

    Sorry for commenting on an old video, but one thing I do disagree is treating the death of a droid. It's not explained in the movie, which is a big problem with the death itself, but just fixing a dead droid doesn't actually bring it back to life in many respects. Droids develop personalities and sentience when they haven't gotten a memory wipe in such a long time that the AI develops. When a droid dies like in Solo that personality won't come back, since after all the only thing they could salvage of her memory were her charts. Basically it'd be like reviving a human but without their personality, memories and other things that defined their character, you just brought the body back to life.
    Only exception to this rule seemed to be C-3PO but that could be explained as either George Lucas not believing in this idea, C-3PO's AI being so advanced he already has a base personality, much more than most other droids, or the time gap between Episodes III and IV was enough for him to essentially re-develop his past quirks. Answer is obviously the first one, but the story answer probably being the second.

  • Patrick la Chiffre
    Patrick la Chiffre 13 days ago +3

    "i didnt even think u could ruin the ship, but you found the way Disney" xDDDDD

  • El Danny
    El Danny 14 days ago

    This Is Subverting My Expectations In America

  • inflate able
    inflate able 14 days ago

    a Gary Stu

  • Jason Profitt
    Jason Profitt 14 days ago

    Honestly I really liked solo (and rouge one too) it was fun and entertaining and that’s all I’ll ever ask from a movie

  • Russell Peach
    Russell Peach 14 days ago

    Solo and rogue one are almost up there with the original trilogy. They have the same feel. They are that good. All the rest are not very good. The force awakens is so bad I've not cared about seeing the last Jedi. And I won't see number 9 neither.

  • Seminko
    Seminko 15 days ago

    the dice are obviously there for the merch factor...

  • YBF91
    YBF91 15 days ago

    Every time MauLer said "Crimson Cringe" I turned into a giggly mess. Loved this!

  • Joshua Dao
    Joshua Dao 15 days ago

    Didn't Yoda call Chewbacca by his name in Episode 3?

  • ckaz007
    ckaz007 15 days ago

    I was wondering where you got "This is America" for Donald Glover and had to search for it. I found a better name for him from one of his earlier roles listed on IMDB, Bro Rapist, from Bro Rapist: A Newsline Investigative Report.

  • skypara
    skypara 16 days ago +1

    Dude, I can’t stop laughing 😆
    I really hope Disney keeps spawning more of this crap to fuel your channel...

  • fl00dsm0k3
    fl00dsm0k3 16 days ago

    Quick question. Who knew about the golden dice before TLJ?

  • fountleroy tinkertoy
    fountleroy tinkertoy 16 days ago

    thank god i didn't go watch this during the 5 days it was at my theater . star wars is dead .

  • Hivolt Arc
    Hivolt Arc 16 days ago

    You forgot one thing, Fem-bot was a WHITE wahman. Because muh intersectional-interracialism!

  • Blair Buskirk
    Blair Buskirk 16 days ago

    Funny thing is there were perfectly good series of books establishing all of the relevant elements of Han's origin story they could've drawn from including how he could speak and understand wookie speak.

  • skypara
    skypara 16 days ago

    "...NAZI!!!" - Every time I'm cracking laughing :) :) :)

  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan Rodriguez 16 days ago +1

    "Uncle Owen, this droid has a bad motivator!"

  • Ivan Karamazov
    Ivan Karamazov 16 days ago

    "You never tell him the odds, do ya Disney? FUCK off!"