• Published on Nov 22, 2019
    Watch this video and find a new collection of clothing ideas that will help you to solve small problems. All these tutorials won’t need any skill or expensive tools. You will learn how to stretch small jeans and baseball cap, how to quickly dry your clothes using a towel, how to take care of your lace underwear. Dry your socks and place them into the microwave until they become dry. Use baby powder to quickly iron a white t-shirt. If your favorite color has lost its color, we know what to do! Wash your t-shirt and add black pepper before washing. You will love the result! Put some aluminum foil under the clothes before ironing. Foil becomes hot fast, and this is how your clothes can be ironed from both sides.
    You will learn how to revamp your clothes, turn a boring t-shirt into fancy ones and more. Even if you are not a fan of sewing projects and feel nervous using a needle, you won’t believe how easy these projects are. Borrow an old and long hoodie from your boyfriend and cut it! No, it’s not a joke! You will learn how to turn a hoodie into a cool sports costume with a crop top and a skirt. Grab your scissors and chop-chop!
    00:10 How to stretch your jeans
    01:37 Microwave your socks
    03:56 Cut your old hoodie
    04:55 DIY Denim skirt
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  • Melody Gao
    Melody Gao 7 days ago

    No offense
    I’m a girl
    Gj thinking of all of those hacks

  • jnie swartz
    jnie swartz 7 days ago

    You will set your house on fire if you put clothes in the microwave please do not listen to these idiots

  • Abby Hanson
    Abby Hanson 12 days ago +1

    That thumbnail tho...

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  • mjaystyle
    mjaystyle 14 days ago

    So great ideas, Thank you ✌️

  • The Owl
    The Owl 15 days ago

    The cover

  • Adama Sawi
    Adama Sawi 16 days ago

    2:34 she really thought she was slick.

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  • My Random World
    My Random World 16 days ago +1

    Porrrrnasian Parappio

  • Clarisse C.
    Clarisse C. 16 days ago

    I'm always watching these hacks every night before I go to sleep 😴🛌

  • Shweta Talwar
    Shweta Talwar 17 days ago +1

    "Wet your jeans" Woowwwwww😂

  • Quỳnh Ngọc
    Quỳnh Ngọc 17 days ago

    Nghi sao mà dem quan ra vay

  • • Jay •
    • Jay • 18 days ago

    Are we not gonna talk about the thumbnail

  • Julia Gidlund
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  • Terri Seaton
    Terri Seaton 18 days ago +1

    Quit watching after showed putting hot water in with lace to wash. Best way to ruin lace. Figured rest of ideas may be bogus.

  • Bunny Playz
    Bunny Playz 18 days ago +1

    How come every time they do a underwear hack they use a thong

  • Kiara Potočki
    Kiara Potočki 18 days ago +1

    Love tu

  • Charlotte Eventing
    Charlotte Eventing 18 days ago

    Love your channel but use eco friendly materials and talc and mics free stuff

    PRESENT HUNA 18 days ago +1

    Tumbhnail hahahahah

  • BaamaÑ N
    BaamaÑ N 18 days ago

    This is What u Need 👆 👆🔥

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  • Alexandra Rebecca
    Alexandra Rebecca 18 days ago

    wow dic laifhaks is madig

  • Lilly Murray
    Lilly Murray 18 days ago

    Literaoly the same hacks with different caption😠😠😠and front picture!!!!!!TRY BE ORIGINAL !!

  • Neapolitan gurl1
    Neapolitan gurl1 18 days ago

    WOAH That thumbnail tho

  • Techno Arhaan
    Techno Arhaan 18 days ago

    Y this 5 min craft showing old hacks.Too bored to see this hacks again nd again😑

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    10-Second Riddles 18 days ago

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  • Khuman singh Bhati
    Khuman singh Bhati 18 days ago

    13.1 movement is use full

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  • Rowan DeLillo
    Rowan DeLillo 18 days ago

    i can't wait to watch more videos watch like this

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  • Sohaib Malik
    Sohaib Malik 19 days ago

    Finally Found This Cute and Crazy Girl From 5-Minute Crafts | Lyubov | 2019.

  • scherazade saidi
    scherazade saidi 19 days ago

    traus coule

  • Freidheim of Prussia
    Freidheim of Prussia 19 days ago +12

    I hate this channel, and I have more reasons than you can imagine.

    • Hasham Ahmad
      Hasham Ahmad 11 days ago

      I hate your life

    • Oliveah Bitler
      Oliveah Bitler 17 days ago

      Whats your reasons?

    • SomeRandomGal YT
      SomeRandomGal YT 18 days ago +2

      Like honestly all they do is make women take off their clothing unneccecaraly and abuse fish (see recent vid, they leave fish in little pipes without filter, it's disgusting)

    • Freidheim of Prussia
      Freidheim of Prussia 18 days ago

      @Lydia Warfield so I can comment this and go

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    Universe Essence• 19 days ago

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    Kidstv 19 days ago

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    very very nice

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  • Connectivity
    Connectivity 19 days ago

    Hey guys, i welcome you to my new channel, please join and subscribe,

  • Connectivity
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    Hey guys, i welcome you to my new channel, please join and subscribe,

  • Kate Me
    Kate Me 19 days ago

    What is the Boy Doing in your under short "

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    charlie weir 19 days ago

    Show some skin


    Winter hacks please

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    Chris L 19 days ago

    "Still wet." Yeah, baby, yeah

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    Ashutosh Mohanty 19 days ago

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  • gee is a Cinnamon roll
    gee is a Cinnamon roll 19 days ago +2

    Please for the love of God don't put your socks in the microwave🙏🙏🙏

    • gee is a Cinnamon roll
      gee is a Cinnamon roll 4 days ago

      @Davion Dorsey
      Just in case the five year olds on TheXvid see this and think it's a good idea then inevitably burn their house down.

    • Davion Dorsey
      Davion Dorsey 18 days ago

      Okay. Never was planning to.

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  • Md Imbesat Zahid
    Md Imbesat Zahid 19 days ago

    Hi bro how are you ??
    I would suggest you please make a video on what will happen when india , Bangladesh and Pakistan merges again (it will gain you millions of views for sure )

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  • Sarita Rajguru
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    I liked it because it is new hacks keep it up

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    good 😁😂

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    Who loves this show like and coment me ple....

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    200th common

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    Sky is blue
    I like my own comment because no one can do

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    Algunos si sirven hay otros que de plano nd más no
    Edit: quiero mis likes

  • Poshinite3D
    Poshinite3D 19 days ago +24

    At five minute crafts, you'll be turning Jeans into Shirts, Shirts into Pants, Pants into Skirts, Shoe into Hats, Gloves Into Socks, Pants Into plant holders-

  • Kennadi Andrews
    Kennadi Andrews 19 days ago +2

    Also a good way to start a small tiny fire

  • Maxine Pina
    Maxine Pina 19 days ago +1

    U Make it look so easy

  • no B
    no B 19 days ago +10

    1:37 You CANNOT microwave fabrics! It will start a fire!

    • Poshinite3D
      Poshinite3D 14 days ago

      @no B Not if the clothes are wet and Doesn't have any metals Objects on Them. (Jeans no jeans) . I've microwave clothes before with my lil sister (i microwaved shirts and Socks Underwear etc Except Jeans and because of the metal fragments in them)

    • Jerzi Mellinger
      Jerzi Mellinger 18 days ago +2

      no B agreed