Agust D ‘give it to me’ MV

  • Published on Aug 18, 2016
  • Agust D ‘give it to me’
    Agust D’s ‘Agust D’, the first mixtape album with 10 songs, includes the title track ‘Agust D’, ‘give it to me’, ‘so far away’ and more.
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    Director: Sungwook Kim (OUI)
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  • jungkook's nd bts first nd last wifeu

    his laugh : hot AF
    my laugh: people die😂

  • らら
    らら 45 minutes ago

    I need you

  • ZsaZsa Nabila
    ZsaZsa Nabila 2 hours ago

    fighting 35 millions viewers in 5 hours-!!!

  • I have no name idea
    I have no name idea 2 hours ago

    I love thisss guy so much... He worked so hard just like the other members.... I'm so glad that his dream came true... He and the other members deserve the whole world.... Let's strea! This ARMYs!!!

  • Beyond The Seokjin
    Beyond The Seokjin 2 hours ago +1

    old but gold
    Agust D month

    GOPIKA K 3 hours ago +1

    He looks like Suga from BTS , or is it just me?

  • Kim TaeTae
    Kim TaeTae 3 hours ago

    Cute quá à

  • soyon kim
    soyon kim 3 hours ago


  • Simran Srivastava
    Simran Srivastava 3 hours ago

    Tomorrow is 3rd Anniversary of this song!!

  • Wasabi Chan
    Wasabi Chan 4 hours ago +1


  • Tzukook is real
    Tzukook is real 6 hours ago +1

    *We need a come back yeah*

  • Delilah Motaaa
    Delilah Motaaa 7 hours ago

    BiAs WreCkeD

  • That time When bts stole my wig

    Tmw is the give it to me anniversary

  • Emily Vue
    Emily Vue 8 hours ago

    His little bark at 1:25 😭😭❤

  • COPYCAT Bitch
    COPYCAT Bitch 8 hours ago

    Porque lo amo tanto :"v

  • Elena Viktorovna
    Elena Viktorovna 8 hours ago +1

    32 858

  • Louis Lou is
    Louis Lou is 8 hours ago

    you are quite a personality. i’m totally into you.
    i really love your voice, raps, talents, beautiful skin, pretty face and adorable smile. nope, i love your everything. you’re my everything. you are the best for me. all i need is youuu seriously. yoongi, i love you so much. 💜☁☁

  • Mitsuki Mochi
    Mitsuki Mochi 9 hours ago +1

    😱😱😱 the best music ever

  • Luiza Pelinzzer
    Luiza Pelinzzer 9 hours ago

    Amor da minha vida todinhaaaaaaa

  • Janera A real ArmY
    Janera A real ArmY 9 hours ago

    I'm Back again... Still strimming :) but I just want to say... Why some Army did'nt recognize this, all I heard is AGUST D but they don't even know some of the tracks in the Album😪... Love SUGA💜 😊✌Peace

  • i sell jams
    i sell jams 11 hours ago

    I miss this boi like the bad boy/e boy vibes he gave was unreal

  • Jeno _te
    Jeno _te 11 hours ago

    عــرب ٱرمــي 🍒❤

    • 전루비
      전루비 2 hours ago +1

      ايم رايت هير

  • Ritajaviera Delgadohernandez

    Aprovechando que reproduzco Agust D uwu , osea como no escuchar esta maravilla?

  • Andrea Salazar
    Andrea Salazar 12 hours ago

    Oi nomas esta joyita

  • •Hey Mochis•
    •Hey Mochis• 13 hours ago

    BigHit ... can I die now or later? just to know.
    BigHit ... Posso morrer agora ou depois?
    이제 BigHit으로 죽을 수 있습니까? 그는 나의 신이다. 나는 브라질에서 왔지만 4 가지 ediomas를 말할 수 있습니다. 저는이 아이들에게 특히 suga를주었습니다.

  • Juan Jose Ve Ga
    Juan Jose Ve Ga 13 hours ago

    Este hombre es la ostia madre mía😱😱

  • ;;Mora
    ;;Mora 14 hours ago +3

    2016: No
    2017: No
    2018: No
    2019: Ok,It's time to put this in her recomendations.


  • чимин хосок и sope

    God of the rap🙏

  • Bruna Rafaela
    Bruna Rafaela 14 hours ago +2

    He's beautiful

  • bunny
    bunny 14 hours ago +1

    Still waiting For a comeback

  • bliss bella.
    bliss bella. 15 hours ago

    Bogo shipda🔥

  • Clara Inman
    Clara Inman 15 hours ago +2

    I like how he's asking for a flashlight

  • Sererīa
    Sererīa 15 hours ago

    ¿Porque rayos tiene tantas pocas vistas? (0.o)/

  • Jesssica
    Jesssica 15 hours ago

    BTS: Yoongii! We're leaving, we'll be back in the night
    Yoongi: alright
    BTS : bye
    * leave *
    Agust D: let's play !!

  • hanaislate
    hanaislate 15 hours ago

    wdym 6.6k dislikes??!!

  • An_ny_z точка что-то

    Здравствуй русский человек,читающий это сообщение,подскажи мне ,это новый клип шуги?

  • なぁたろ
    なぁたろ 16 hours ago

    3주년 축하해 ㅠㅠㅠㅜㅠㅠㅜㅠ

  • なぁたろ
    なぁたろ 16 hours ago


  • Marisol Quino marca
    Marisol Quino marca 16 hours ago


  • Cookie Satan
    Cookie Satan 18 hours ago +3


  • Mayte Lozano
    Mayte Lozano 18 hours ago


  • llsanall kpoper
    llsanall kpoper 19 hours ago


  • • ttae1e •
    • ttae1e • 19 hours ago


  • Katerin Morales
    Katerin Morales 19 hours ago

    que hermoso y soy muy feliz siendo ARMY 💗

  • Martyna Lewandowska
    Martyna Lewandowska 20 hours ago +1

    2019 ?

  • Wafaa 22
    Wafaa 22 20 hours ago

    يلا عاد سوو ستريم شق ام ام الاغنيه شق

  • Jung Cloe
    Jung Cloe 21 hour ago

    it's august bois

  • Alice_ Mein_ life
    Alice_ Mein_ life 22 hours ago +1

    Наш котик, говорили они,
    Мин Юнги милый, говорили они..

  • dream hope keep going
    dream hope keep going 22 hours ago


  • dream hope keep going
    dream hope keep going 22 hours ago

    I can't wait for Agust D 2 to come

  • dream hope keep going
    dream hope keep going 22 hours ago +2

    :how badass do you want to be?
    Agust D: YES

  • я конечно не идеал, но ведь и ты не Даня Кашин

    Окей гугл: Как перестать кончать от его ЯЗЫКА?!

    • Love BTS
      Love BTS 17 hours ago +1

      Окей гугл:никак (я тоже не могу перестать слушать и смотреть)

  • noor alyamany
    noor alyamany 22 hours ago +1


  • Creepy Child
    Creepy Child 22 hours ago

    Why am I just seeing this now!

  • Taetaelien GIRLWITHLOVE

    August D
    Me:August Daddy😉

  • Kieth Zanya Chacon
    Kieth Zanya Chacon 23 hours ago +1

    Savage...😦😘😘 Love you meow meow meow 💜💜

  • Suga Oppa
    Suga Oppa 23 hours ago

    Suga so cool

  • Euphxia morphix
    Euphxia morphix Day ago +2

    32 m v*ews?!

  • ᑎᗩᗰᒍOOᑎ ᗪIᗰᑭᒪᗴᔕ

    Bruh....this is just....2019/2020 ANY FRICKEM YEAR.....ITS JUST PERFECT

  • ATaylor Productions

    I bet all the people who doubted his rap are trying to say they vibe to it now... HAHAH.
    I never doubt people... I LOVE YOONGI man.
    I also want to see more rap songs and MV with Namjoon Jhope and Suga.
    I'm proud of BTS they're so inspiring.

  • bngtndbby x
    bngtndbby x Day ago

    we have two days to get this to 50M lets go armchairs !

  • Muchmmad Ikhsan
    Muchmmad Ikhsan Day ago +1


    Fot Army indo

  • Ashley Morgan
    Ashley Morgan Day ago

    Well who’s gonna tell my parents I’m pregnant now

  • Ken Michui
    Ken Michui Day ago

    Yes give it to me ... This is my jam

  • 海山
    海山 Day ago

    3녕 축하

  • Dzakira Zamzamy
    Dzakira Zamzamy Day ago

    16 august ?

  • markus baloongar
    markus baloongar Day ago +2

    That moment when you realize Yoongi finally convinced Bighit not to put their intro logo on this one.....

  • j k
    j k Day ago

    I love you suga♡♡♡♡♥♡♥♡♡♡♡♥♡♥♡♥

  • Kay Waweru
    Kay Waweru Day ago +1

    Just here for the anniversary of this song.

  • SaU
    SaU Day ago


  • Giovanna Castro
    Giovanna Castro Day ago +1

    Enjoying these masterpieces. I love Yoongi so much. I'm literally never gonna have other person on the level I have him. I have so much respect to him for loving music so much and being a genius on creating it. AGUST D 💙 Can't wait for new music!

  • Husain Malik
    Husain Malik Day ago

    What do you mean by agust

  • Miracle Solomon
    Miracle Solomon Day ago

    Hubby material

  • Yuii Chan
    Yuii Chan Day ago +1

    Do you love Suga????
    Very love=comment :3

  • Emilia Osses
    Emilia Osses Day ago

    #WeLoveYouMinYoongi #SUGA _ $UGA 💛 😎