Now That I've Found You

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
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    Now That I've Found You · Liam Gallagher
    Why Me? Why Not.
    ℗ 2019 Warner Music UK Limited
    Engineer, Programmer: Adam Noble
    Backing Vocals: Antoinette ''Toni'' Scruggs
    Backing Vocals: Briana Lee
    Backing Vocals: Charissa Nielsen
    Keyboards: Christian Madden
    Drums: Dan Mc Dougall
    Engineer: Jacob Munk
    Vocals: Liam Gallagher
    Mixer: Mark "Spike" Stent
    Backing Vocals: Mark Diamond
    Mixer: Michael Freeman
    Guitar: Mike Moore
    Guitar: Nick Zinner
    Masterer: Randy Merrill
    Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion: Richard Craker
    Additional Producer: Richard Craker
    Backing Vocals: Richard Craker
    Producer: Simon Aldred
    Assistant Engineer: Will Purton
    Writer: Liam Gallagher
    Writer: Simon Aldred
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Comments • 202

  • Campo
    Campo 5 days ago

    I'm in love

  • dnalpu ca
    dnalpu ca 12 days ago

    Instant hooked!

  • Cheryl Spandley
    Cheryl Spandley 13 days ago

    Fantastic Liam. Does Molly like this song,you and her should sing this together, a dad/daughter bonding song I reckon, that would be a memory, she wouldn't forget! what say you? Cheryl Little Legs. P.S. yes ou do sound lots like John Lennon sometimes a bit spooky, how much.

  • TheMozza1968
    TheMozza1968 16 days ago

    We all have our favourites, but boy ! This is arguably the best album I’ve listened to from start to finish👍

  • Angela RankeillorGallagher

    ON CEE

  • Peter
    Peter 20 days ago

    Well that was a disappointment. The first album songwriters Greg Kurstin and Andrew Wyatt did managed to penn som good songs but this time it seems the Beatles melodies ran out. It`s not anywhere near the songs they wrote for Liam on the first album. Dont get me wrong, Beatles are there, high and low, but there are to few really good ones.

  • Leigh Pearson
    Leigh Pearson 24 days ago

    Great song... might have to buy the album now after hearing this!!

  • stephan stertz
    stephan stertz 26 days ago

    This song is fucking great !!!

  • Jason Torres
    Jason Torres 26 days ago

    A bit of power-pop touch on this one. I like It.

  • Eoin Maher
    Eoin Maher 26 days ago

    Reminds me of a song that is played at the happy ending in a movie

  • MoonwalkerWorshiper
    MoonwalkerWorshiper 27 days ago

    Man this hits home, I'm shaking. The uplifting world of it is stronger than the pieces from Heathen Chemistry.

  • Mabel Hubrise
    Mabel Hubrise 28 days ago +1

    No wonder Liam is singing and writing such brilliant stuff. You can hear a contented man in this song...true enough to surrender. Love it.

  • Ash Almond
    Ash Almond 29 days ago

    Liam has just found his beloved brother Noel again!

  • rick padilla
    rick padilla 29 days ago

    Bloody hell. What a great song. Pure joy. Rock and roll is alive and well. Thank you Liam. Great album. Just ordered it. Love this version and the mtv unplugged one too.

  • Bob Trump
    Bob Trump 29 days ago

    In other news, rockstars don't read youtube comment sections.

  • Brad Yakubovic
    Brad Yakubovic 29 days ago

    Great song!! Among so many.

  • Kye Todd
    Kye Todd 29 days ago

    Class song

  • Sam Quarmby
    Sam Quarmby 29 days ago


  • aa yy
    aa yy Month ago

    band on the run??

  • Baby Irene
    Baby Irene Month ago

    What is this crap? Snap out of it dork.

  • bobbie parke
    bobbie parke Month ago

    Fuckin brilliant simple as that Liam Gallagher you're the master (sir)

  • Craig Cherubini
    Craig Cherubini Month ago +1

    I listen to it every day

  • Craig Cherubini
    Craig Cherubini Month ago +1

    This is my dads fave song ever

  • Craig Cherubini
    Craig Cherubini Month ago +1

    Love u Liam Gallagher u the best my dad loves u so much and I do to

  • Craig Cherubini
    Craig Cherubini Month ago

    This song was made 2 weeks ago

  • Craig Cherubini
    Craig Cherubini Month ago +3

    This is the best song ever

  • Craig Cherubini
    Craig Cherubini Month ago +1

    Love u Liam

  • todd heath
    todd heath Month ago

    Brilliant record .....about to see Liam open for the Who

  • dola ji
    dola ji Month ago

    사운드가 과하지않게 필요한 부분만 있어서 담백함이 느껴지는 록!

  • dubseedz757
    dubseedz757 Month ago +2

    Beautiful song written for his daughter... It seems like Liam's head is in the right place, it makes me happy... Hope your album kills it legend...

  • Scott Lepir
    Scott Lepir Month ago

    This could have easily been a BSide on BHN. Very Stay Young feel. Most Oasis track on the album.

    • mesquita _
      mesquita _ Month ago

      guitars are blasting loud enough to be a track on be here now, nor is it at least 5 minutes long... this is more at home on heathen chemistry or don't believe the truth.

  • Konson Heb
    Konson Heb Month ago

    Sounds like that Monkees tune.. Can't remember the name.

  • Nick Dearnaley
    Nick Dearnaley Month ago +1

    Is that Street fighting man at the start?

    • Nick Dearnaley
      Nick Dearnaley Month ago

      And for 3 points can you tell me which oasis song they copied the guitar from stereophonic same size feet?

    • Nick Dearnaley
      Nick Dearnaley Month ago

      It’s just the same isn’t it? But it doesn’t take away what a epic tune this is

    • Lee Walker
      Lee Walker Month ago

      Very similar mate. I see where your coming from. 🤟

  • Robert Adam Rox
    Robert Adam Rox Month ago

    Happy birthday Liam, thanks for your present!

    JETRONG Month ago +8

    Why did noel make 32 different accounts to dislike this song?

  • LSD
    LSD Month ago

    Fifa 20 tune

  • Rinyapam Shatsang
    Rinyapam Shatsang Month ago +1

    Liam is the man

  • jim rose
    jim rose Month ago

    Liam you are like wine...older=better

  • utkarsh shrivastava
    utkarsh shrivastava Month ago +1

    Bring on album No.3

  • 306gti666
    306gti666 Month ago

    Anybody else think the verses sound like 'Burned' by Neil Young? Love the song though :)

  • JAA
    JAA Month ago +1

    Getting tired of all these Beatles comparisons in the comments. This is LIAM GALLAGHER!

    • MoonwalkerWorshiper
      MoonwalkerWorshiper 28 days ago

      @NIVEK Why does he get so much attention for being a shitty copy of the most popular band in history? It's one man. How is one man a copy of an entire band? Why are you here listening to his music if it's shitty? Questions, questions, questions... never an answer.

    • NIVEK
      NIVEK 29 days ago

      But Liam Gallagher is a shitty copy of them

    • MoonwalkerWorshiper
      MoonwalkerWorshiper Month ago

      @JAA And I'm waiting for him to deliver a heavy metal tune.

    • JAA
      JAA Month ago +1

      Cyberhaaris 32 I’m not saying that. I’m just tired of that everything that Liam does gets compared to the Beatles. I swear Liam could write a heavy metal tune and it’d still get compared to Beatles lol..

    • MoonwalkerWorshiper
      MoonwalkerWorshiper Month ago

      @Cyberhaaris 32 Why not.

  • J G
    J G Month ago

    Or just, !!!Music Lover Must Read!!!....
    Can you imagine from about 2.20 to the end....orchestra comes in, starting with strings - violins, cello, you know, louder louder, filling the gap and creating a background for the other instruments to write upon! Like that Harrison-style guitar which I imagined then really goes for it, Then, beautiful choir voices fill that background gap we never realised was there! That's when we become aware of the McCartney plucking guitar notes and his inimitable harmonies strongly complimenting Liam to give a very tight, solid OH WOW MAN it'
    A .... kind.....of........
    Once I hear it in my head, it's just there. And I could listen to that for fucking hours.
    I'm not trying to cry about the past or the present here, I wasn't even able to see the Beatles first time. But I know Sgt Pepper and I know Oasis and yeah, I know music and have played and sung it myself for years. Nah, I'm not crying for the past. I'm celebrating the present. And thought I'd share that moment with any other wee fans of that music that gets into yer soul,head,feet!!

  • Liam Ball
    Liam Ball Month ago

    Loving this tune so much & the entire album, the opening guitar riff reminds me of Band On The Run 🎸

  • wes bruce
    wes bruce Month ago


  • Louis Jeon
    Louis Jeon Month ago +1

    If my Uber driver doesn’t play this during my ride I’m getting my money back 😤

  • 미소
    미소 Month ago +3

    This is speechless Liam. Literally speechless!!!!.... Cant wait to go to your gig !!! Biblical, as always, at your most !!!!!! Love you and your work :)

  • Roy M
    Roy M Month ago +1

    Just puts a smile on your face

  • anthony valentine
    anthony valentine Month ago

    wow its a belter love it an hope the beautiful moll loves it too bless her

  • Beatle Stories
    Beatle Stories Month ago

    I like it because it's Liam but as a song it's very disappointing.

  • Jonathan Mackie
    Jonathan Mackie Month ago

    Great Song 💙🇬🇧

  • Lisandro Velazquez
    Lisandro Velazquez Month ago +31

    Lennon, Harrison even Mccartney comes to my mind when I listen this"!

  • Stephen Kelly
    Stephen Kelly Month ago

    Sounds like Glenn Tillbrook and Squeeze, not that it's a bad thing.

  • Richard Barnes
    Richard Barnes Month ago +6

    Great many mega songs! Congratulations Liam !!

  • Thiago Serra
    Thiago Serra Month ago

    Liam is God

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones Month ago +39

    Considering what this song is about is absolutely lyrically brilliant. Upbeat but very touching. Heres to liam and molly

    • Ryan Jones
      Ryan Jones 16 days ago

      U can never make up for lost time with kids but the lyics about being late for lullabies and the futures yours and mine must surely mean he knows he could have done better before. Hes older now and the way he is with lennon and gene i suppose he would be the same with molly

    • Allyson Rose
      Allyson Rose 24 days ago

      @Simon Williams yeah he's a shitty ass father as well with Genma, but he said it was like having her in his life now so... I guess it makes kinda sense

    • Simon Williams
      Simon Williams 29 days ago

      not really she wasn't exactly lost, from what I read he was just a deadbeat dad.
      kinda makes the song a little stupid really.

  • Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

    Sounds more like Noel than Noel himself

  • Ismael Beltran Hernandez

    Liam Liam Liam 🎸🎙️🎙️🎙️🎶

  • katoness
    katoness Month ago

    Little gem of a tune.

  • Bryan Soto
    Bryan Soto Month ago +9

    That part about it being too late for lullabies, love it. Hits all the right places.

    • Ryan Jones
      Ryan Jones Month ago +3

      Same here i could have shed a tear. Because of what the song is about its lyrically brilliant

  • lxwisx_
    lxwisx_ Month ago +6

    liam: now that i found you
    noel: why did i lose you