Suicide Squad - Tamara's Never Seen

  • Published on Jun 1, 2018
  • Tamara finally checks out the colorful DC Comics movie, Suicide Squad. Does this movie deserve all the hate it got? Find out now!
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    Suicide Squad is a 2016 American superhero film based on the DC Comics antihero team of the same name, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. It is the third installment in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). The film is written and directed by David Ayer and stars an ensemble cast featuring Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Joel Kinnaman, Viola Davis, Jai Courtney, Jay Hernandez, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Ike Barinholtz, Scott Eastwood, and Cara Delevingne.
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Comments • 895

  • Tim Carder
    Tim Carder 29 days ago +1

    You'll have to watch Harley Quinns introduction, in "Batman The Animated Series

  • ADragonAmongRoses
    ADragonAmongRoses 3 months ago

    My recommendation is to watch Assault on Arkham. You'll then see why so many people say Suicide Squad is bad.

  • Fenris30
    Fenris30 3 months ago

    Cause burns hurt?

  • StarDragonJP
    StarDragonJP 4 months ago

    Slipknot was just there to die, they didn't even show him in the trailers.

  • NicoleAlone:)
    NicoleAlone:) 5 months ago

    I wanted more joker scenes

  • HuskyDJ2015
    HuskyDJ2015 5 months ago

    This is katana....she's got my back...

  • Honest Scammer
    Honest Scammer 5 months ago

    9:34 😢 so beautiful

  • Corbin Owens
    Corbin Owens 6 months ago

    Leto isn't a good joker, but neither is Ledger

  • Rollercoaster Rider
    Rollercoaster Rider 6 months ago

    Tamara as the Joker would’ve made that movie 100x better.

  • Deacon Frost
    Deacon Frost 8 months ago +1

    I'm sorry but that movie was terrible..........gross

  • xhagast
    xhagast 9 months ago

    Suicide Squad was a pretty decent movie I have no trouble watching again. It is funny and the characters are interesting. And I loved Harley.

  • KissMyAspergers
    KissMyAspergers 9 months ago

    "Amanda Palmer"
    Nooo, that's the Dresden Dolls. Band, not movie. ;P

  • David: Definitive Edition

    Your right Tamara, you did nail that katana cosplay. You also nailed this Harley Quinn cosplay.You rocked all those superhero costumes. But nobody be offended when I say this but is anyone else a little upset she didn’t put on the Superman costume

  • The Protean Geek
    The Protean Geek 9 months ago

    Harley sucked. Deadshot was cool. El Diablo was my favourite though. Waller is about as close to the animated series version as I think we will get as was appropriately nasty. They way she fired her staff >.>
    It wasn't a good movie but it wasn't unwatchable.

  • Knightcowboy89
    Knightcowboy89 10 months ago

    A ton of "I hate Suicide Squad just to sound cool and smart" people in the comments. The movie nowhere near as bad as you people put on.

  • Arni Thrainsson
    Arni Thrainsson 10 months ago

    There is only one Joker... Mark Hammill

  • Cee Bee
    Cee Bee 10 months ago

    I love you, Tam. You should kick off your own channel asap imo.

  • William McClanahan
    William McClanahan 10 months ago

    I actually got Paul Dini’s blessing and named my youngest daughter Harley Quinn

  • Michelle Varas
    Michelle Varas 10 months ago

    I don’t know if you have seen this but if you haven’t could you react to Forrest Gump

  • Tedybear315
    Tedybear315 11 months ago

    Thought Margo did a good job at Harley. Thought the backstory between "Harley" and "The Joker" blew monkey chunks. Sorry folks, that "Joker" was over the top bad, horrible...Just flat out lame. Just an opinion folks. Harley gets the thumbs up! Joker gets a thumb in the eye for being bad.... (btw: replies get auto ignored, so you can all save your flames trying to condemn my opinion. But if you want to waste your time? feel free....)

  • Trukkerkeps
    Trukkerkeps 11 months ago

    You nailed it at 6:50, but that applies to the whole movie. It was corny, completely void of logic and rationality and it had no side to route for. The perfect ending for this movie would be that the entire world is destroyed and the franchise comea to an end...

  • mightywizard
    mightywizard 11 months ago

    I like this movie more than most people.

  • Noobie2k7
    Noobie2k7 11 months ago

    I'd rather it have been an actual Suicide Squad movie. Not a Harley Quinn movie. In the entire SS comic run Harley isn't even really a main character for a lot of it. She has i think 1 full arc and that's it. It should have just been a netflix TV show or something.

  • Aldo Vallier
    Aldo Vallier 11 months ago

    THIS IS KITANAAAAAA!!! But no seriously it wasn't horrible just terribly underdeveloped and wtf was Killer Croc

    UNDERSTAND THAT! 11 months ago

    7 Pounds is a Movie that Will Smith said was his most Uncomfortable Role... Therefore he did Not play himself in that. It's a Great Movie and Definitely Worth a Review. I love when people play themselves in Movies but it's Nice to see them in Character as well... Ex.Tommy Lee Jones in Cole Miners Daughter & Blown Away was a Breath of Fresh air in his Career Highlights. But I still Love most of his Tommy Lee Jones as Himself Type Movies.

    UNDERSTAND THAT! 11 months ago

    I Liked Suicide Squad for what it was. People Hate it for what they wanted it to be. Also Amanda Palmer makes some really Good Music, Very Underated...Coin Operated Boy, Want it Back, Killing Type etc.

  • Faktor13
    Faktor13 11 months ago

    I liked the movie too, yes it could be better but compared to BvS oder JL this is gold

  • Mark Vilstrup
    Mark Vilstrup 11 months ago

    I actually cared more for El Diablo than the rest. His story was at least a bit cool. I thought Margot Robbie was a horrible Harley, but mostly due to the script. I'm sure she could have played it better if given the opportunity. Also I hated the marketing of the movie just focusing on her.
    Killer Croc gave the funniest line of the movie, 'not me shawty, I'm beautiful".
    What made this movie NOT work for me, besides the weak plot, badly lit scenes and boring as shit monsters they fought (the pawns, not the actual villains), was that for a movie based upon different well defined characters working together, they focused entirely too little on the actual character of those people, and instead judt used them to promote a stereotype. It wasn't Harley being silly and deadly, unexpected and insane it was 'look at that hot clown chick'. It wasn't Captain Boomerang being sarcastic, a bit cowardly because of the knowledge that at the end of they day he's just a guy with boomerangs, but still being unexpectedly versatile in combat, it was 'here's the asshole'. It felt like the characters were plot points, only put in to fit some dated idea of how characters are supposed to act, not the defining traits of the movie that the plot could be built around, and I thought that was too bad. That's the charm of suicide squad, that you can legimately go outside the norm of storytelling because the characters are each their own.

  • adankseason ADS
    adankseason ADS 11 months ago

    I also loved the film. People just think it's cool to hate new movies. Fuck that, this movie is cool.

  • Nas
    Nas 11 months ago

    Agree so much with you on this. There's some really fun and cool stuff in this movie but at the same time there's so much shit that doesn't work and is either pointless or ridiculously bad.

  • Hanbei Hood
    Hanbei Hood 11 months ago +1

    I will choose to respect your opinions Tamara and be way more civil than I typically am about this... less than desirable comic-to-movie adaptation.
    I don't read a whole lot of comics, but I do tend to keep up with HQ, the BatFam, & Gotham City big-timers (w/ some honorable mentions) because the animated series pretty much spoiled me and gave such a reasonable bar of standards for these characters.
    While HQ was one of the biggest role models of growing up for me (not on the crime side, but for like, growing as a person and dealing with serious issues [thank you, Ivy, for helping out]), she hasn't really had a respectable role outside of the nostalgic roles she's had in the older animated appearances (hoping for Batman Ninja to change that). This HQ is literally so distasteful and backwards in terms of her character growth to me that I don't even really count her among the other iterations. (I can't condone anything that tries to keep the HQ-Joker "romance" alive.)That aside, Killer Croc and Joker, while not the focus, should've been handled so much better than what they got, i.m.o. They're 2 of DC's biggest and most compelling villians (each for a different reason but still), and the fact that you were disappointed with those characters just drives it home.
    DC's villians are some of my favorite characters to watch (the Bat's villians taking precedence and HQ right at the top as she and Ivy transition out of just villians [closer to anti's if not straight up anti's from how I gage 'em] and grow as people), and this movie didn't deliver for me. I'm glad you got something out of it, but this representation of a few of the handle of comic characters I keep up with was just a huge let down. Again, to anyone, enjoy this movie if you do; I just can't.

  • tokenblackaspie
    tokenblackaspie 11 months ago

    Were you, by any chance, listening to Amanda Palmer before or after you saw the show, Tamara?

  • wolfman571
    wolfman571 11 months ago

    This movie's biggest problem is the pacing. The other problems are negligible.

  • Gogoroth2
    Gogoroth2 11 months ago

    This video wins the Oscar for best Makeup and Costumes

  • Asd Kjh
    Asd Kjh Year ago


  • 88Hyo
    88Hyo Year ago

    I somehow like this more than nostalgia critic. Also, the movie would be much better If It was Amanda Palmer.

  • Dave Katzin
    Dave Katzin Year ago

    LOL. how dare you besmirch the good name of Amanda Palmer?
    Kidding aside, I will acknowledge that Suicide Squad definitely isn't a good film, but it's entertaining. It kind of feels like the feelgood dumb video game adaptation we need. You have an army of faceless respawning minions, Rick Flagg constantly reminding you of the objective and target ("you've got to cut out her heart"), a bunch of characters whose skill sets would honestly make for some funny puzzle games, and some ridiculously aesthetically over the top final bosses that deserve to be reimagined on a PS2.

  • hobo quillz
    hobo quillz Year ago

    you a snack

  • ShepHawke
    ShepHawke Year ago

    The Joker was the one good thing in this movie FOR ME. I didn't like Harley, I didn't like how this premise was presented, but by god did i like the joker.
    You can kill me now internet, my body is ready

    • Daragh O'kane
      Daragh O'kane 11 months ago +1

      Anjelica Russian I'm reporting you for hate speech that was the worst joker

  • James Mayhew
    James Mayhew Year ago

    Lits put a smile on that face

  • James Mayhew
    James Mayhew Year ago

    Why so sereus

  • MichaelNicle
    MichaelNicle Year ago

    Jared leto was always an EXCELLENT Choice for the joker. He just happened to work with people with the wrong vision and direction. It's not Leto's fault. They should just stick to the comics joker.

  • danc012
    danc012 Year ago +1

    Watch the animated "Batman Assault on Arkham". You will come back to this movie and be like "The live action is trash in comparison."

  • Nikki S.
    Nikki S. Year ago

    Saw it in theaters, I REALLY didn't it and until Justice League, it was def one of my most hated films. To be honest, there was QUITE a decent amount of moments/scenes that aren't actually all that bad... But the editing and pacing are garbage and Enchantress was WAY better before she went from Grudge Girl to Wiggke Hip Girl. Viola Davis was FREAKING AWESOME as Amanda Waller. Biggest issue was the main story... that felt pretty useless...
    But in all honesty, I had too highly set expectations because I LOVE most of these characters, Villains and Anti-heroes are more my style than typicsl heroes amd with Harley Quinn, Joker & Deadshot, I grew up with this characters.
    But yeah, it's better than Iron Man 3 & Justice League which both royally pissed me off

  • frozenaorta
    frozenaorta Year ago

    Horrendous film. I tried watching it twice on HBO Go, and I turned if off halfway through both times. Couldn't take it.

  • doggfacejr
    doggfacejr Year ago

    Finally! I was worried that I was the only one who really liked it a lot.

  • Phil Armstead
    Phil Armstead Year ago

    For some reason I had always pictured Tamara recording these videos in an actual living room in front of the actual TV she watched the films on. Sitting in front of large sheets of paper and a camera makes way more sense 😀

  • Kudzaiishe Ziyera

    The problem with any Joker who has a Harley in the same movie is that in this day and age it won't be acceptable or appropriate. Joker basically treats as property, it's a very abusive relationship. If they were on an equal footing they might pull it off but you would have to sacrifice Joker's sociopathic nature for that, which would just mess the character up for future movies.

  • Synthetic Frost
    Synthetic Frost Year ago

    I know I'm going to be hated for this... But I liked Mark Hamill's Joker better than Heath Ledger's. In the same vein, the reason why I dislike the movie, and DC movies in general, is because after growing up on DC's stellar animated content, the live action movies basically say "fuck you" to all of the related source material. Not only do they skip it, but what story they do tell isn't even remotely close. Marvel on the other hand has been about as faithful to the comics as they can be on the screen. They RESPECT the work of previous writers rather than just saying "Hey! We bought the rights to these characters!"

  • Danbob96
    Danbob96 Year ago

    I thought it was a fantastic movie, really don’t get all the hate. I’d say it’s better than most Marvel movies. I don’t think it’s just style other substance at all as there were plenty of emotional moments too (e.g. El Diablo’s arc in this film is quite captivating and the bar scene where Harley tells him to own that shit is awesome). Yes I do think it has some flaws, e.g. the save the world giant beam in the sky thing is the Justice League’s business, luckily the animated film Suicide Squad Hell To Pay got that right but I still thought this one was fantastic 8/10, Hell To Pay 10/10

  • Alena S.
    Alena S. Year ago

    So it is kind of a non-logical but still enjoyable movie to you? I can get behind that. I actually kind of liked the first half, but the end was terrible. For me not questionning anything about this movie just doesn't work, especially because I like good-written anti-hero's.

  • Saint_ D3L3ON
    Saint_ D3L3ON Year ago


  • John Fraley
    John Fraley Year ago

    gods i could use a friend with your optimism

  • Talia al Ghul
    Talia al Ghul Year ago

    LOL The way you changed costumes reminds me of Q from Star Trek.

  • andymac4883
    andymac4883 Year ago

    I watched this movie a while back, and to be honest I found that I just didn't care about anything that was happening. The rapid fire character introduction didn't grant me any attachment to said characters, so I didn't care about what was happening to them, the editing seemed pretty choppy and it was a fairly casual viewing so I lost the plot once or twice, which made me less inclined to be invested, and it was not much fun all around.
    And yeah, me losing the plot can be as much my problem as the movie's, but it wasn't doing anything to make me want to follow it, so I'd still count it as a point against.

  • David Meir
    David Meir Year ago

    Tamara, can your beautuful ...eyes, be any bigger???

  • Alex Ke
    Alex Ke Year ago

    тамара блин

  • Erik MS
    Erik MS Year ago

    I hated Deadshot, because it didnt feel like Deadshot - It felt like it was just Will Smith, playing as... Well, Will Smith. Bland, boring and way too "normal" to be a bad, dangerous villian, to join something called "The Suicide Squad". Only person I liked in that entire movie was Amanda Waller and Harley, but that simply wasnt enough to hold the entire movie - Too many small things that got under my skin. Gave it a 5/10 on Imdb. Pretty boring and bland, when everything was said and done.

  • grkpektis
    grkpektis Year ago

    I knew BVS was going to be a giant pile of dog shit so I didn't care that it sucked but I had high hopes for this movie. This fucking POS movie is so much worse than BVS

  • Kartissa
    Kartissa Year ago +1

    2:50 There's no such thing as 'too much superhero lingerie.' And I would love to see you in that.
    (I'd also love to see *me* in that, but that's a different story....)

  • PokéNastic
    PokéNastic Year ago

    Enjoy your videos. I thought Suicide Squad was pretty even though everyone else hated it. A lot of good characters. Harley and Will Smith did a stellar job.

  • Seven Tools
    Seven Tools Year ago

    I really really hated the movie especially the joker. They did a big tease with Joker only to have him be the butt of the joke like some team rocket trying to rescue Jessi- I mean Harley from prison.

  • Brycelego1
    Brycelego1 Year ago

    Also, She is on dope

  • Fancy Dan
    Fancy Dan Year ago

    Tamara: You see Batman, Robin and Superman's deaths were referenced, but Wonder Woman wasn't even mentioned! **moves on**
    Me: Wait... Flash was there. Tamara, you can't leave out Flash! He's the Flash!

  • Xaldyn Nemo
    Xaldyn Nemo Year ago

    She should watch the animated one.

  • Mitchell Guyon
    Mitchell Guyon Year ago

    Oh and DAYUM you’re fine as Robin

  • Mitchell Guyon
    Mitchell Guyon Year ago

    Can we pleeeeeaaasse see the Superman lingerie???

  • Black Leg Cobain
    Black Leg Cobain Year ago

    Enchantress messed up the whole movie for me.. dancing doesn’t mean possessed- DC is all about winning over Bad guys who’s a legit threat and Enchantress acting was shiiittt !!! Joker - I don’t know what to say about him, I hated him in some part with that bitch ass tattoo but still liked him in some part

  • Christian Guevara

    It's easy to say you would watch SS2 if it's free. But for $16, pass.

  • ADivingQueen
    ADivingQueen Year ago

    This movie got me into DC comics. What happened? I saw Killer Croc and got really interested.

    THE BRONZE GOD Year ago

    Sucied squad won best make up because
    Killer croc have no cg on him at all
    No cg at all
    What the fuck

  • H: a comic by Alyssa Stehle

    The first time I was exposed to this film it was on in another room and just listening to that horrid cheese-ball script turned me off from the film completely. Line after line it was so baaaaad. It was like they were writing specifically for that sweet sweet 13 year old "too edgy" demographic. Gross :/

  • Taylyn Hopkins
    Taylyn Hopkins Year ago

    Okay I understand why others like it my opinion of it is lesser than newcomers to the comics because I know everything about all of these characters and the portrayal of them didn’t meet expectations to me. So I guess that is why I don’t care for the movie......also i don’t like how people now want a relationship like Harley and joker thanks to the movie ..... because they have a bad relationship where joker doesn’t love Harley and actually abuses her

  • Gehtea.
    Gehtea. Year ago

    Wish I could subscribe to you without getting all the other stuff from this channel , love your stuff the rest of the channel can eat it

  • Gehtea.
    Gehtea. Year ago

    Still love this movie will Smith is always a win

  • Paholala
    Paholala Year ago

    Even the joker in Gotham is better

  • Alex Kerley
    Alex Kerley Year ago

    Leto's joker was fine, people just like to jerk off to heath's meh joker. Luke Skywalker is best jokey boy

  • ZeroArmour
    ZeroArmour Year ago +1

    Soundtrack was disappointing. Basically the golden oldies of rock.

  • Tadicuslegion78
    Tadicuslegion78 Year ago

    I swear Warner Bros intentionally sabotages the DCEU because they're that stupid

  • Mymy648
    Mymy648 Year ago

    watch little shop of horrors and clue the movie

  • Dragon Lynx
    Dragon Lynx Year ago

    Please watch Attack on Arkham

  • Rose K
    Rose K Year ago

    Okay so now i know not to trust your opinion. The characters are garbage. Harley was only good relative to everyone else. Her accent was shit

  • H2Finest
    H2Finest Year ago

    Add Tamara to the list of Shills like Campea and Smith if she liked this movie

  • Blue WinterSpring

    I liked it the first time I saw it. Liked the characters more then the story it self.

  • Infinite Ronin
    Infinite Ronin Year ago

    Have you seen "Focus"? If you like Smith and Robbie together, you might like Focus

  • Ali Almarri
    Ali Almarri Year ago

    The reason this movie released is to give us more dudes in Injustice IOS

  • manbenitez247
    manbenitez247 Year ago

    that cleavage is legendary!!!!

  • Samuel Robinson
    Samuel Robinson Year ago

    Watch the animated DC film Assault on's a GOOD Suicide Squad movie. I know that you seemed to enjoy this film, but, I think you could use a better frame of reference as a basis for comparison............. And as an added bonus; since you wanted more Harley and Deadshot, Assault on Arkham gives you A LOT more Harley and Deadshot.

  • MysticJhn
    MysticJhn Year ago

    Batman: Assault on Arkham did it better back in 2014.

  • TheJohno95
    TheJohno95 Year ago

    I loved Suicide Squad. And I would definitely watch a Robin movie starring Tamara! Damn! I have to say I do like Captain Boomerang, though. He's pretty much like how he was in the 1980's comic series. He's a raging drunk, pathetic villain. And funny as hell. And I agree. Joker sucked. He's less like the Joker and more like a Juggalo's butch. Finally, omigosh, Tamara is even MORE hot as Kitana! Amazing! Ok, I'll shut up now.

  • OwensboroMusicMan07

    Beautiful as always, Tamara!

    • Alex
      Alex Year ago


  • Mystic Mandalorian

    Its taken a year to finally express my feels. You're my webcrush. Lol. It's ok tho.. I'm just a fanboy. Love your vids and your smile. You make my day when you review things. Keep it up.

    • Alex
      Alex Year ago


  • Venus8 Infinity
    Venus8 Infinity Year ago

    You have to watch Attack on Arkham. Deadshot and Harley is honestly the best part in the whole movie

  • e val79
    e val79 Year ago


  • Stefan Eriksson
    Stefan Eriksson Year ago +1

    Ledger was worst Joker.

    • Alex
      Alex Year ago

      uh uh, my ass

  • max the channel
    max the channel Year ago

    Do tamara never seen deep blue sea

  • Gotis
    Gotis Year ago

    While I enjoyed watching this movie, it could have been much better.It would have been great to have seen these characters as villains in other movies first.

  • sneakymia1
    sneakymia1 Year ago

    the movie sucked, the costumes were great, and making the joker psycho is never a good idea

  • Angela Stumbaugh
    Angela Stumbaugh Year ago

    by the way, i saw the technique on your intro that you borrowed from clarissa explains all from nickelodeon

  • Angela Stumbaugh
    Angela Stumbaugh Year ago

    loved the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even the minor peps. the soundtrack even meshed well with the scenes. loved harley. when she was in her original outfit and saying pudding, she sold me on the player. diablo was epic. the jocker was even more ganster and shaggable.