Bizarre Things That Happened On The Set Of Harry Potter

  • Published on Feb 5, 2017
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    The Harry Potter films had some pretty strange things happen during shoots, from vandalism to actor accidents to hilarious hijinks that Fred and George Weasley would definitely approve of. Hearing about all these antics might just make you wish you'd gotten that Hogwarts acceptance letter after all, so load up on chocolate frogs and head to Platform 9 ¾ so we can revisit some of the strangest things to happen on the set of Harry Potter...
    Trashing the train | 0:21
    Hamster funeral | 0:53
    Close call | 1:23
    Tragedy strikes | 1:55
    Hogwarts alight | 2:38
    Class clown | 3:20
    Homework sessions | 4:03
    Sucker punch | 4:33
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  • Grunge
    Grunge  2 years ago +630

    What other movies with bizarre behind-the-scenes occurrences would you like to see us feature next?

  • Chad Reffner
    Chad Reffner 2 days ago

    That's nice

  • D.R. Pruitt
    D.R. Pruitt 3 days ago

    Holmes I hope you feel better

  • Emma Liu
    Emma Liu 3 days ago +1

    Were are my fellow Gryfinndors? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️

  • Maeve Cook
    Maeve Cook 6 days ago

    Can you do a Hunger Games behind the scenes?

  • Maeve Cook
    Maeve Cook 6 days ago

    Where my fellow Slytherin's at?

  • Anika Hart
    Anika Hart 6 days ago

    I would “accidentally” punch someone if I had the opportunity on a set

  • bluelettuce 15
    bluelettuce 15 10 days ago

    harry potters eyes were photoshopped out

  • aiden Inc 2TM
    aiden Inc 2TM 14 days ago

    C D
    E I
    D G
    R G
    I O
    C R

  • aamburgey69
    aamburgey69 19 days ago

    Harry was 12 in the 1st movie,Ron was 13,and hermione was 11

  • Isabel Daniel
    Isabel Daniel 23 days ago +1

    Whose David Holmes????
    Sorry I’m not a true fan

  • I Don’t Know What To Call This

    Permanent respect for Daniel’s stunt double 🙏🏻

  • Criss Angel & Tom Hiddleston Fan2008

    I feel so bad for Holmes seeing as how he is now paralyzed and in the wheelchair

  • Mrs Mom
    Mrs Mom Month ago

    I want to see Peeve’s scenes!!!

  • Tjen Broun
    Tjen Broun Month ago

    Ofcourse Watson turned 16 pages in 😂

  • Titanium Pug
    Titanium Pug Month ago

    777k subs

  • 정액kFap
    정액kFap Month ago

    Tsk peeves should have been there

  • Cracked Legend
    Cracked Legend Month ago

    Load up on chocolate frogs?! Sir do you know how much those are?!

  • AceripXF
    AceripXF Month ago

    i already knew about Rik Mayall

  • Blossom YT
    Blossom YT Month ago

    Poor holmes (think that’s how you spell it)

  • FaTe Swazy
    FaTe Swazy Month ago

    That. It was not real when they were practicing for the scene Emma Watson slapped him stupid

  • JJ Dreamgirl
    JJ Dreamgirl Month ago


  • Potters up!
    Potters up! Month ago +1

    I actually did get a letter to early.

  • nightmare illy
    nightmare illy Month ago

    It's sad about the paralyzed man and hermione's dead hamster, but fire could have killed people!

  • China-Cherié
    China-Cherié Month ago

    Strange.. Very Strange Indeed.

  • Sassy Antelope
    Sassy Antelope Month ago +1

    I think the thumbnail looks bizarre its a wonder how he could look so ugly

  • Ghux Superfan
    Ghux Superfan 2 months ago

    The Tom Felton thing at the end is actually he wanted to go over the slap before hand with her and asked her to slap him meaning movie slap but she took it literally and properly slapped him in the end the producers(or director someone like that) decided it should be a punch instead anyway.

  • budgiebreder
    budgiebreder 2 months ago

    Wow... that stunt double really served his purpose! And this is the first i heard of it! what a shame as that double did an amazing job!

  • emily cheetham
    emily cheetham 2 months ago

    Something missed out- Helen/bellatrix temporarily made Matthew/Neville go deaf for a short time due to pressing her wand too hard into his hear. Thankfully it was just a temporary problem and he recovered within days.

    HᎯN SQUIRREL 2 months ago

    As a kid I try to run through a column in the train station because I was trying to get to platform 9 3/4...Let just say I nearly broke my nose and face that day

  • The adventures of Jess & Cody

    What do s it with sorcers stone!! It’s the PHILOSIPHERS STONE!

  • Anti Social Postal
    Anti Social Postal 2 months ago

    God they should have kept Peeves in.

  • Louise Jenkins
    Louise Jenkins 2 months ago


  • Not
    Not 2 months ago

    Harry Potter and the studio of fire

  • Myley cringe
    Myley cringe 2 months ago

    I had a harry potter ad

  • TheLegalRoZe
    TheLegalRoZe 2 months ago +1

    Anyone else feel uncomfortable seeing Potter without glasses 😂

  • Eylül Öztürk
    Eylül Öztürk 2 months ago

    I am selling hermoine's punch for a like !

  • androplus song
    androplus song 2 months ago

    She didnt die from heart attack,ik that
    Harry and ron WERENT arrested
    Thats so wrong

  • androplus song
    androplus song 2 months ago

    This is NOT true

  • Kyle the Ravenclaw
    Kyle the Ravenclaw 2 months ago


  • ashley klotz
    ashley klotz 2 months ago

    That really does suck about the stunt guy who was paralyzed from being hurt so badly, I did hear about it when it happened and the interview I saw was of Daniel saying that he felt absolutely terrible for it happening and wished that they would let him do his own stunts so if something happens it's on him, even tho if it were him he would be paralyzed, he never would have wanted someone to get a scrape let alone being paralyzed and also had offered to pay hospital bills

  • ashley klotz
    ashley klotz 2 months ago

    Why would you destroy anything on a train? Regardless of what train it is... why would you do it?

  • Angelique Rhodes
    Angelique Rhodes 2 months ago


  • Rickus Kruger
    Rickus Kruger 2 months ago

    I feel sorry for stunt double

  • XxGalaxy AfshaxX
    XxGalaxy AfshaxX 2 months ago


  • Margaret Semple
    Margaret Semple 3 months ago

    Why do I even bother? Because I love all the books and movies!

  • AMB BlackBee
    AMB BlackBee 3 months ago

    5:02 it sounds like she’s cracking his skull XD

  • Teri Goracke
    Teri Goracke 3 months ago


    FUR ANIMATION 3 months ago


  • Scarlette Cowley
    Scarlette Cowley 3 months ago

    I already wish I had gotten the letter

  • DaWolfDoesAnime
    DaWolfDoesAnime 3 months ago

    The punch made it better so..........lesson learned:If you punch your co star friend you’ll make a movie waaay better

  • Aesthetic Queen
    Aesthetic Queen 3 months ago

    Actually, Draco was so worried about his, now sadly dead, wife's health when she was pregnant and made a promise that he would never day mudblood for the sake of their child. Draco is a good man if you think about it.

  • Kitten Kitty
    Kitten Kitty 3 months ago

    Someone better give me a hogwarts letter for my eleventh birthday! 😡

    Also, if you know some harry potter haters, yell, "she's beauty, she's grace, she punch draco in the face!"

  • Tamara Mason
    Tamara Mason 3 months ago

    Sorry but the me is FALOCIFORS stone

  • lovelove gamer
    lovelove gamer 3 months ago +1

    Has anyone realised that toms head got smacked up against the rock? Lol

    LARRY STYLINSON 3 months ago

    I feel sooooooo bad for David Holmes

  • Satria Sutena
    Satria Sutena 3 months ago

    "Oh poor hamster" -a lot of comments
    Yeah ok but what about the guy who was paralysed

  • Satria Sutena
    Satria Sutena 3 months ago

    "Silver and green symbols"
    So slytherin vandalised the train

  • Joseph Gallagher
    Joseph Gallagher 3 months ago

    How the hell do you know if a hamster has a heart attack?

  • Bipraviyani Thapa chhetri

    WTH Daniel and Rupert got arrested?!?!?this is wrong this is SO wrong

  • the cup RM throws in the Run MV

    that poor stunt double

  • Superior O
    Superior O 3 months ago

    Oh she cracked his ass.

  • Jay Wizzle
    Jay Wizzle 3 months ago

    HALLOWS! Not hollows, you fucking shitmouth.

  • Ghost Bleach
    Ghost Bleach 3 months ago

    1:25 I see twilight crossover with harry potter.

  • Wolfymoonlightx gacha
    Wolfymoonlightx gacha 3 months ago

    I know how Emma cells I had 2 that died

  • Nyan Cat
    Nyan Cat 4 months ago +1

    Yeah no that punch one went a different way, they were practicing when Tom said to just “movie slap” him, but Emma actually slapped him and that’s where she said that she didn’t know what she was thinking. That was also a movie punch ;-;

  • Alex David
    Alex David 4 months ago

    Rlly? A hamster dying is devastating for a 11 year old???? I'm not even 11 years old and I rlly don't care that both of my hamsters died.... I only care that my mom died...
    Edit: oh wait I'm late 😂😂😂

  • LilianObsidian Plays
    LilianObsidian Plays 4 months ago

    Is it only Britain who call it the philosophifus stone

  • Isabell Ramos
    Isabell Ramos 4 months ago

    my 3 hamsters died when i was 7 or 8

  • RyAnn Niaves
    RyAnn Niaves 4 months ago

    Emma's punch was so funny though I'm glad that happened

  • GeekGirl101
    GeekGirl101 4 months ago

    Actually the punch story is somewhat wrong. Tom and Emma were REHEARSING what was written in the script as a slap. Tom asked Emma to slap him and instead of "movie slapping" him she slapped him right across the face😂

  • Fletcher Bishop
    Fletcher Bishop 4 months ago

    R.i.p Robert hardy, Alan rickman and harry x hermione

  • Trinity Uhrlaub
    Trinity Uhrlaub 4 months ago

    I never realized that peeves wasn't in the movie

  • Olivia Gay
    Olivia Gay 4 months ago

    The essays part is wrong Emma wrote 6 pages Daniel wrote emotions and Rupert didn’t turn his in the directier asked why and Rupert said cause Ron wouldn’t turn it in.

  • 사랑 일본Kookiee
    사랑 일본Kookiee 4 months ago

    The arrested one is hella fake smh.

  • I Got A Spoon
    I Got A Spoon 4 months ago

    3:34 That’s a shame I would have loved to have seen Drop Dead Fred in Harry Potter

  • Julian Crooks
    Julian Crooks 4 months ago

    Books were better

  • David Levesque
    David Levesque 4 months ago

    Harry Potter books.
    Gang world set in alternate universe. And uses idea of mythical magic to white wash it.
    Just like this halo effect line grab report does for the Harry Potter actors.

  • Susana Liu
    Susana Liu 4 months ago

    I would rate this video 9¾

    (This is so unoriginal)

  • Kylie G
    Kylie G 4 months ago

    When he looked up and saw her fist he was probably like oh no

  • Mia Li
    Mia Li 4 months ago

    Geez I didn’t know she for real punched him 😂

  • Trismic
    Trismic 5 months ago

    i fucking hate your voice

  • ElDantae
    ElDantae 5 months ago

    0:55 I never watched that one

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown 5 months ago

    I dont read or watch such derivative trash

  • Ellis Wahlstrom
    Ellis Wahlstrom 5 months ago

    Rip Millie

  • ann spears
    ann spears 5 months ago

    Movies me love them

  • Krishy G
    Krishy G 5 months ago

    Who else cringes when he says ‘Sorcerer’s Stone’?

  • Epicness With Grace
    Epicness With Grace 5 months ago

    The movie is not called Harry portter and the sorsers stone its philosopher stone 🙄

    Not to be rude

  • Master Bidoof
    Master Bidoof 5 months ago

    Also anyone else realise David HOLMES, Emma WATSON.
    Illuminati confirmed.

  • Master Bidoof
    Master Bidoof 5 months ago

    Its called the PHILOSOPHERS!!!!!!!!! Stone. Not the sorcerers. The English version is the original and therefore correct. Otherwise good video👍

  • Lana Grguric
    Lana Grguric 5 months ago +1

    Rest in peace Millie...

  • Andrew Nadeau
    Andrew Nadeau 5 months ago

    I would have loved 2 c PEEVEZ in the films..
    O well

  • Alc Shot
    Alc Shot 5 months ago

    I didn't know about the twins being placed like this on purpose. Thanks. That helps a lot

  • Unhallowed
    Unhallowed 5 months ago

    PHILOSOPHER'S STONE. now go sit in the corner and think about your words.

  • Philippa Kilgannon
    Philippa Kilgannon 5 months ago

    I got an advert for Harry potter b4 watching this XD

  • WhiteWalker
    WhiteWalker 5 months ago

    so das why peeves was not in the movies

  • Ángel Kitty Life
    Ángel Kitty Life 5 months ago

    When I heard the scene about Hermione punching Draco, it reminded me of a joke that said:
    Draco:Once, Hermione punched me in the face and it was awesome!
    Hermione:I felt bed punching him
    Draco:I love Hermione Granger

  • Anna Marie Smutná
    Anna Marie Smutná 5 months ago

    I´m glad that Tom Felton didn´t hit the rock behind him...

  • darren brown
    darren brown 5 months ago

    Its filosifer stone

  • røse16
    røse16 5 months ago

    I love HP, but *wow, I CAN"T BELIEVE THEY PARALIZED SOMEONE!!!!!* (not on purpose, of course) I give him respect