• Published on Oct 21, 2019
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    When desntist stab your gum meme
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    Sales DynaQuest PC Month ago +972

    i like your videos and i SUBSCRIBED

    • Jupiter
      Jupiter 15 days ago

      Sanai the friendly fire just CALL THE POPOS!

    • Jupiter
      Jupiter 15 days ago

      Marvin elomina e

    • Sanai the friendly fire
      Sanai the friendly fire 15 days ago

      911 Likes... Call The Police!

    • Marvin elomina
      Marvin elomina 16 days ago

      Neptune The gas giant pepppa pig

    • Jayhotgamer
      Jayhotgamer 24 days ago

      No this is why i dont watch memes because of the fact that they force u to like

  • sour skxttlxs
    sour skxttlxs 12 hours ago

    alright but-


    JESUS BESUS Day ago

    GAME:IS $60

    JESUS BESUS Day ago

    Me: does anything
    Grades: u are fucked

    JESUS BESUS Day ago

    Why Katz and dogs

  • Jerry
    Jerry Day ago

    Bro my dentist is Chill af Genuinly think he in something

  • Angel Martinez
    Angel Martinez 2 days ago


  • Allison Smith
    Allison Smith 2 days ago

    I have 8 billion hair specs

  • Join The Shrek Mafia

    That Meliodas meme made me a little happier inside

  • T Jones
    T Jones 3 days ago

    Go subscribe to Davie504

  • Starrlit Nighmares
    Starrlit Nighmares 3 days ago +1

    Ok but why did the person texting the other person need their phone number

  • Taylor K
    Taylor K 4 days ago

    My orthodontist: *stabs gums to make them bleed*
    Me: ouc-

    Orthodontist: *"YoUr GuMs ArEnT sUPposED To bLEed LikE THaT.
    ITs BecAuSe yOU DoNt BrUSh yOur TeEth GoOd EnOuGH"*

  • WolfGirl 123
    WolfGirl 123 4 days ago +3

    *I actually used to be scared of the THX sound...*

  • Am snek 616
    Am snek 616 4 days ago +3

    Girls: H-
    Meme lords: *write this down*

  • Am snek 616
    Am snek 616 4 days ago

    Screw Karen Wilson
    SCREW Karen Wilson
    *SCREW Karen Wilson*

  • Dorky Rainbow Studios

    Like the video and subscribe or you'll have bad luck for 5 years
    Me:I'm 11 and I've had bad luck my whole life

  • karen mood
    karen mood 4 days ago

    Tge 1st meme is funny

  • #MIaSMa#
    #MIaSMa# 4 days ago

    I see a Lebanese Revolution meme, I like

  • Fantom King
    Fantom King 4 days ago

    4:21 when you say fuck you to the girl you like then she sais she's coming over Charisma 100

  • PugglBoy
    PugglBoy 5 days ago

    4:34 CONTEXT: There was a kid at a school who had been expelled and as he was leaving he said the N word to the security guard and the security guard said " don't call me N word", the school had a strict policy about saying it so the security guard was fired,it was not right for the security guard to be fired but this makes the school look racist rather than just ignorant.

  • Tenifi AJ
    Tenifi AJ 6 days ago

    13:15 I think it’s the joker from the LEGO Batman video game series, I think the first one

  • Aiden Jang
    Aiden Jang 6 days ago

    the ben 10 and bob the builder reboots hit hard:(

  • A Rare0622
    A Rare0622 6 days ago

    3:01 come on class clowns

  • Lord_Of_Gaming
    Lord_Of_Gaming 6 days ago +3

    Me. “ah I’m late shit-“
    Band “Peace was never an option”
    Also band Starts zapping me over and over as I swear everytime it Zapps me

  • Cupcake Marshmallow
    Cupcake Marshmallow 7 days ago

    Australia: yeah we’re up side down lol.
    New Zealand: no you not
    Antarctica: now listen here you two little *****.

    xXGHOST_SNIPEZXx - 7 days ago

    4:29 ok boomer

  • kyarri2
    kyarri2 8 days ago

    it sadens me how many ppl think cremation ash is actualy ppl, ppl do not turn to ash when burned

  • Kebin Kun
    Kebin Kun 8 days ago

    8:28 um Kevin is my name though

  • Pootis Birb
    Pootis Birb 9 days ago

    What if there’s another universe that pumpkins scoop up humans insides and put a burning candle and show it off for competition. Ain’t that a little something to think about?

  • Easton Shearer
    Easton Shearer 10 days ago

    Me: joe has a crush on you
    Nobody: who's joe
    Me: ligma balls
    Nobody: Thomas has never seen such bullshit before

  • Lewis Family
    Lewis Family 10 days ago +1

    I'm 11 and I get the villian's and love the heros.

  • Dat Asian boi
    Dat Asian boi 10 days ago


  • Hi! Bye!
    Hi! Bye! 10 days ago +2

    5:00 it took me 3 min to figure this out. 😂

  • Jaesean Maxey
    Jaesean Maxey 10 days ago +1

    Your welcome

  • Alexa Patono
    Alexa Patono 10 days ago

    The burrito 😂

  • Mr. Explosions
    Mr. Explosions 11 days ago


  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic 11 days ago


  • Noam Dorenbush
    Noam Dorenbush 11 days ago

    White girls in school when they see and incest:
    Get those numbers up, those are rookie numbers.

  • T-Series
    T-Series 11 days ago

    10:49 IKR!!!

  • Noob Master Productionz
    Noob Master Productionz 13 days ago +1

    namuh ton er'uoy ,siht daer ot eganam uoy fI

  • northern lights
    northern lights 13 days ago

    Subscribe right now or have back luck for next five years
    Me: difference?

  • green leaf
    green leaf 13 days ago +1

    i like that macaulay culkin meme
    that’s it

  • GamingBeastStar22
    GamingBeastStar22 14 days ago

    I straight pulled a joe mama joke on my teacher. I said she forgot joe ( she exuses us for recess ) and she said who? And then i said Joe. Then she said Whos Joe? Then, the drill, Joe mama! She managed to hold her shit.

  • Alex Osuna
    Alex Osuna 14 days ago


  • Noah Thompson
    Noah Thompson 14 days ago

    Who else remembers this music from super Mario 64 ❤️

  • doofer oodle
    doofer oodle 14 days ago

    Penis is broken please use finger

  • no thanks
    no thanks 14 days ago

    4:46 never thought id see Class 1-A (MyHeroAcademia) in a normal meme video.

  • Crilchan
    Crilchan 15 days ago

    2:35 thought it meant gay nation

  • ThatOneWeirdFriend_ 829

    1:14 how much of that do you think are children tho...

  • The Demandin Path
    The Demandin Path 15 days ago

    Where’s my veterans discount for recognizing LEGO Batman 1 joker?

  • Aizah Ali
    Aizah Ali 15 days ago

    5:50 he is texting that person from the phone. Number.

  • Steven T
    Steven T 15 days ago

    For the one with the Matt mii, I think you need to flip the images

  • Isaiah'sGameHouse
    Isaiah'sGameHouse 15 days ago

    Assassins creed syndicate climbing the same world cup and pillage coming out of the mayhem sails and i love my life song element animation is permited

  • TheGlowingOrange
    TheGlowingOrange 15 days ago

    11:07 it’s my Boi devilartimis up In this biatch

  • Blazingbadass 420
    Blazingbadass 420 15 days ago

    Davie504 is a professional bass slapper look him up he really made that cooking spaghetti video

  • Joker Salad bar
    Joker Salad bar 15 days ago +7


    Absolutely no one:

    Pedophiles: hey what's so fun about making out with 28 year olds??

    There's 20 of them 😈😈😈😈😈


  • Roman Beard Jr
    Roman Beard Jr 15 days ago +8

    Mom: what do u want for dinner.
    Son: PEAS
    Mom: Peas was never a option

  • Gnome
    Gnome 15 days ago

    Actualy Nobody
    Not the Entire Universe
    not even the black hole
    Me when i see my Friend Playing Minecraft
    A Roblox Player:Ok **Get In**