New Family Brings DRAMA! | Waterloo Road | Season 8 Episode 11

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • Sparks fly as the notorious Barry family joins the school, and Barry Barry immediately causes trouble as his affair with another pupil's mother is exposed. Scout inadvertently starts a feud with returning teacher Nikki Boston, and Imogen fears Christine is keeping Connor away from her.
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Comments • 281

  • Charlxox
    Charlxox 3 hours ago

    Can we get some episodes of Gabriella in them? X

  • Andy F
    Andy F 8 days ago

    barry is such a blatant copy of Finn Sharkey, waterloo road could have tried to go with some originality

  • Live Football
    Live Football 12 days ago

    Can someone tell me what happened to that niki teacher when they moved to Scotland

  • Elchapobollock 22
    Elchapobollock 22 13 days ago +1

    Somebody pleaseee tell me that song at the start I’m going crazy

  • Elchapobollock 22
    Elchapobollock 22 14 days ago +2

    Name of song at start of video ????🥺

  • Grant Godwin
    Grant Godwin 16 days ago

    Barry Barry's collar is pissing me off

  • Grant Godwin
    Grant Godwin 16 days ago

    Budgen "Now that's what I call punishment" *Smiles*

  • GoatWool - Fortnite and More!

    mum wheres ma futbal ket

  • Jack Hanna
    Jack Hanna 20 days ago +1

    Does anybody know the song at the start?

    • Jack Hanna
      Jack Hanna 13 days ago +1

      @Elchapobollock 22 sadly not

    • Elchapobollock 22
      Elchapobollock 22 13 days ago +1

      Jack Hanna , any luck? I’m going insane 😂😂

    • Jack Hanna
      Jack Hanna 14 days ago +1

      @Elchapobollock 22 have fun searching

    • Elchapobollock 22
      Elchapobollock 22 14 days ago +1

      Jack Hanna , I wish , been searching for it for ages now , if you figure it out let me know

  • Hari Morjaria
    Hari Morjaria 22 days ago

    37:20, for my advice.

  • kathryn doyle
    kathryn doyle 23 days ago

    I don’t like the Barry’s but the mums a laugh

  • ScaryGuy Guy
    ScaryGuy Guy 23 days ago

    My favorite season was 6

  • Victoria Hutchison
    Victoria Hutchison 25 days ago

    Add all the seasons please 🤟🏻

  • idk really
    idk really 28 days ago

    Wait liberty what about tariq

  • Princessa G
    Princessa G Month ago

    I want to see Christine gone once and for all. She’s continuing to mess up Connor. She’s an alcoholic but she also has an evil side to her 😡

  • Uk videos jeffery
    Uk videos jeffery Month ago

    Bubbly's in the fridge

  • Boss Man
    Boss Man Month ago +1

    Got maths tomorrow should be asleep 😂

  • frie 38
    frie 38 Month ago

    Denzil Kelly best moments

  • xokay
    xokay Month ago +5

    Who names their kid *Barry* when their last name is *Barry*. Imagine explaining at dentists and doctors when he was little "Oh yeah, Hid name is Barry Barry B-A-R-R-Y B-A-R-R-Y Not Just Barry"

  • lostindarkness you’remyfocus

    why does the guys mum look like the eveil person from mi high ya know that cbbc show about teenaged spies

  • bran
    bran Month ago

    barry is so fit i can't cope

  • Erin Keegan
    Erin Keegan Month ago

    its really not convenient that these popped up in my recommended in exam season

  • SLK Tomato
    SLK Tomato Month ago +5

    41:11 can't stop laughing. That's what I call punishment (budgen 2019)

  • Siddy Hod
    Siddy Hod Month ago +4

    There should bring back WATERLOO ROAD!!!!!!!

  • Joel Ycfc
    Joel Ycfc Month ago +1

    Where was Tariq and josh

  • GachaLife Minimi
    GachaLife Minimi Month ago +1

    Idk if you guys remember but Jack's mum was the crime minister from MI High

  • frie 38
    frie 38 Month ago

    Can you put up the scene where Denzil throws up at the fashion show I think it was cut from the episode and also the one where he sits with Emily at lunch Both were deleted scenes I think thanks

  • LucasRyan Lindsay
    LucasRyan Lindsay Month ago +3

    Has anyone else brought any of the merchandise and received their items

  • More Makeup lover
    More Makeup lover Month ago +12

    Wow the actress who plays Jadis in the walking dead started in Waterloo Road well you learn something new everyday

  • Hide Barnes
    Hide Barnes Month ago +3

    I hated Niki Boston she was like all in the job and didn't care about the pupils themselves she even made Jodie clean floors during lesson hrs that's breaking the rules in its self

  • I’m Quadz
    I’m Quadz Month ago

    Barry is better than Finn

  • Amy Inker
    Amy Inker Month ago +7

    Am i the only one the finds mr burn handsome.

  • Rebecca Henden
    Rebecca Henden Month ago +2

    I miss loads of people that are gone!!!!anyone know of there arestill being filmed or just all old....x

    • Keira Wright
      Keira Wright Month ago

      They are all old its not filming Waterloo Road anymore

  • BenBanjo87
    BenBanjo87 Month ago +19

    Imogen is still beautiful even after her injury ❤️😊

  • MitchTheLich
    MitchTheLich Month ago +1

    Can someone recap me on what happened with imogen?

    • Vicious Loris
      Vicious Loris Month ago

      From what i remember Conor set fire to his mum's classroom and got trapped, Imogen got injured trying to get him out.

  • Laetitia Bluebrooke
    Laetitia Bluebrooke Month ago +1

    And so we're on another binge x)

  • The AG
    The AG Month ago +31

    Im surprised alot of people are watching these episodes for the 1st time. Waterloo road was massive back when i was in primary and high school.

    • TRAPZY
      TRAPZY 4 hours ago

      trust it was a primary ting still

    • Nina Thomason
      Nina Thomason Month ago +1

      I was too young to watch them when they first aired so I'm glad I can watch them here

  • Chloe xoxo
    Chloe xoxo Month ago +2

    54:00 love the song in the background 💜 it's also in the vampire diaries

  • J W
    J W Month ago

    Anybody know when dynasty and Kevin get together

  • Chloe xoxo
    Chloe xoxo Month ago +1

    Thank you so uploading so quickly 💜💜

  • Chloe xoxo
    Chloe xoxo Month ago +1

    Poor imogen 💔

  • King Slimran
    King Slimran Month ago +1

    If u use your common sense
    If these videos already came out, how are they still in Glasgow

  • jason4275
    jason4275 Month ago +41

    *_00:59_**_ Holy Crap it's Jadis From The walking dead._*

  • Wrota Webber
    Wrota Webber Month ago +41

    is it just me or does jacks mum look like willy wonkas sister

  • jason4275
    jason4275 Month ago +5

    *Why does Dynasty looks like she's the oldest student, she looks like she's 25.*

    • aliyah king
      aliyah king 6 days ago +2

      Probably the mask of makeup on her face

  • Scotty Bee
    Scotty Bee Month ago +3

    Knocks knocks that’s not my ma isn’t in oh don’t let her in 😂

  • Scotty Bee
    Scotty Bee Month ago +2

    At least let me wash my hands 😂

  • Scotty Bee
    Scotty Bee Month ago +6

    Im Timeing you that’s what all the birds say 😂

  • Scotty Bee
    Scotty Bee Month ago +2

    We’re be dealing with Barry Barry 😂

  • Jordan Davies
    Jordan Davies Month ago

    Honestly I love with the starting song

  • Scotty Bee
    Scotty Bee Month ago

    You are Barry Barry 😂

  • Scotty Bee
    Scotty Bee Month ago

    How bad can it be about as bad as it gets

  • Scotty Bee
    Scotty Bee Month ago

    Smiles ite m8 😂

  • Scotty Bee
    Scotty Bee Month ago +1

    Barry Barry 😂

  • Scotty Bee
    Scotty Bee Month ago

    Naughty Barry 😂

  • the divine dave
    the divine dave Month ago +1

    I despise barry

  • -ultsyusra
    -ultsyusra Month ago +6

    love the return but did you have to do it doing gcses? gonna put the revision on hold to watch this

  • ELIT3
    ELIT3 Month ago +1

    I swear the football match has Eminem's music lool!!!

  • CANDY __
    CANDY __ Month ago +1

    idk if it was just my wifi but one scene came up twice

  • Ethan H
    Ethan H Month ago

    I forgot how fit Dynasty was😅🔥

  • MellowGamer 1999
    MellowGamer 1999 Month ago +1

    It's the trash woman from The Walking Dead.

  • Dippy2k
    Dippy2k Month ago

    Mitsubishi Outlander? That’s a Mitsubishi L200

  • Kylie 2009
    Kylie 2009 Month ago

    What is the song at the beginning?

  • LeeLee Cee
    LeeLee Cee Month ago

    I can't understand dynasty one bit

  • RSA Buzzrd
    RSA Buzzrd Month ago +1

    weres tariq

  • Hey It's Cerian
    Hey It's Cerian Month ago +9

    The Barry family reminded me of the Kellys, anyone else?

    • Hey It's Cerian
      Hey It's Cerian Month ago

      @Chloe xoxo I think she means "Clearly not" as in I haven't read the comments.

    • Hey It's Cerian
      Hey It's Cerian Month ago

      @Angel Delight And? Does it matter? 😂

    • Chloe xoxo
      Chloe xoxo Month ago

      @Angel Delight it reminded HER of the Kelly's so yes it did so why you saying Cleary not when they clearly do when she just said it does shut up

    • Angel Delight
      Angel Delight Month ago

      Hey It's Cerian clearly not

    • Chloe xoxo
      Chloe xoxo Month ago

      @Hey It's Cerian heyyy

  • Alina Khan Year 10
    Alina Khan Year 10 Month ago +1

    When is episode 2 coming out?

    • Emily Mae
      Emily Mae Month ago

      Alina Khan Year 10 it already is, it's unlisted. To find it click the link at the end.

    • Angel Delight
      Angel Delight Month ago

      Alina Khan Year 10 an hour

  • Mark Corrigan
    Mark Corrigan Month ago +48

    Grantly “Now that’s what I call punishment”😂😂

  • Jordan Davies
    Jordan Davies Month ago +1

    I don’t know how I feel about the new Waterloo road ?

    • Jordan Davies
      Jordan Davies Month ago

      I’ll always like the old Waterloo road more ngl

  • Mark Corrigan
    Mark Corrigan Month ago +3

    I feel so sorry for jack but couldn’t help laughing when Tom shouted at him😂

  • Tom Watts
    Tom Watts Month ago +3

    The day Waterloo Road truly died

  • Waywell bro
    Waywell bro Month ago +1

    This episode is really good👍🏽👍🏽

  • Marie Goodwin
    Marie Goodwin Month ago

    so hyped 4 new vid

  • CorrieDale Road
    CorrieDale Road Month ago +1

    Were did Steph Haydock go?

    • Chloe xoxo
      Chloe xoxo Month ago

      Does nobody watch all the way through, jeez

    • james terrett
      james terrett Month ago +1

      CorrieDale Road She left at the end of series 5 but came back for 1 episode in series 6

  • CyBeR :D
    CyBeR :D Month ago

    What happened to tariq..??

  • Moonlight Katie
    Moonlight Katie Month ago +14

    “now that’s what i call punishment” 😂

  • Chemical1234
    Chemical1234 Month ago +4

    Ment to be studying for an important assessment tomorrow. It's now 01:11...

  • Tanzila
    Tanzila Month ago +1

    Sorry I havent watched all the episodes but what happend to imogen

    • tiara mufasa
      tiara mufasa Month ago

      Connor(Mrs mulgrews son) started a fire. and she tried to help him but it blasted in her face

    ZENON Month ago +3

    19:49 undertaker vs cm punk WM29 theme

  • Alicia’s Covers
    Alicia’s Covers Month ago


  • The AG
    The AG Month ago +45

    Season 1 to 5 were the best.. the barrys are B-tech versions of the kellys

  • Micah Hill
    Micah Hill Month ago +10

    Barry Barry I cant get around from saying his last name twice

  • TicTacTom
    TicTacTom Month ago +1

    When Barry says combie at 24:23 what does it mean

  • Jake Holland
    Jake Holland Month ago +9

    Barry Barry is hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  • Al-zein Kusmantoro
    Al-zein Kusmantoro Month ago +47

    "Shame you don't have them on the side"
    -Rhiannon Salt (pretty much burned Nikki Boston when she said "I got eyes on the back of the head Rhiannon")

  • 로라
    로라 Month ago +3

    Miss boston 😍

  • Mason Clarke
    Mason Clarke Month ago +9

    Getting closer now to the death of Tom Clarkson

    • XxX-MMA-G0D -009
      XxX-MMA-G0D -009 Month ago +2

      i agree i haven’t watched anything past s8 ep30 because Tom dies

    • Chloe xoxo
      Chloe xoxo Month ago +1

      Plz not mention it

    • Hey It's Cerian
      Hey It's Cerian Month ago

      Don't remind me. 🙃

    • Mason Clarke
      Mason Clarke Month ago +5

      @Alex Jackson Waterloo road is unwatchable after Tom Clarkson dies

    • Alex Jackson
      Alex Jackson Month ago +2

      I will miss him so much

  • francesca solis
    francesca solis Month ago +6

    i miss josh we need more gays in this program

  • Al-zein Kusmantoro
    Al-zein Kusmantoro Month ago

    Does everyone notice that Sleigh Bells song at about 41 mins in. That's the same song used in Vacation (2015 film).

  • Chloe Dylan
    Chloe Dylan Month ago +10

    I thought Liberty was with Tariq???

  • francesca solis
    francesca solis Month ago +1

    high hopes brendon urie panic at the disco emo lonelyness depression self harm deth

  • evie xoxx52
    evie xoxx52 Month ago +5

    Amazing episode i love watching thisssss xxxx❤❤❤❤❤❤😘

  • Al-zein Kusmantoro
    Al-zein Kusmantoro Month ago +8

    Eh Rules are Rules
    -Carol Barry

    • Mark Corrigan
      Mark Corrigan Month ago

      Al-zein Kusmantoro “erm can I have that in writing?”

  • Kieran Vids
    Kieran Vids Month ago +179

    Finn was better than Barry (my opinion)

    • George Knight
      George Knight 4 days ago


    • Octopus Food
      Octopus Food 13 days ago

      Kieran Vids nah mate nah

    • RJPPER
      RJPPER 26 days ago +1

      @Hazza true but this season does have some good parts

    • Chloe xoxo
      Chloe xoxo Month ago +1


    • Hazza
      Hazza Month ago +4

      Kieran Vids all day everyday. The show only got worst at this point

  • Al-zein Kusmantoro
    Al-zein Kusmantoro Month ago +12

    Golly Golly Golly Gosh it's Dynasty Barry. Also, Nikki Boston returns. Don't mess with her.

  • Charlie Thomas
    Charlie Thomas Month ago +6

    Ledgen says that clock is still at 5:30

  • Scott Jackson
    Scott Jackson Month ago +26

    set 8 kids bout to struggle finding episode 12.. XD

  • Cara Calandra
    Cara Calandra Month ago +4

    It’s Jadis from Twd ❤️

  • Korbain Knowles
    Korbain Knowles Month ago +28

    I have waited for ever for this to come out iam so happy 😀 😃

    CKN XOTHOA Month ago +10