Advent Calendars 2019 Day 8 | Ashens & Nerdcubed

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
  • This is basic plucking
    or "The Staunton Lick"
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  • ihartevil
    ihartevil Day ago

    so why would somebody who likes fortnite like that calendar and why does dan keep losing when his stuff is clearly better

  • ihartevil
    ihartevil Day ago

    the perfect size to fit the next days thing in hopefully
    i think that was a good looking sled at least
    maybe there should be a semi vote from the audience what item is better (then you can either veto it or agree with it) just so we can see what the audience thinks
    there is a way to do that i forget how dashie sets it up

  • fuzer909
    fuzer909 28 days ago

    The Old Ones will arrive soon Dan and Stuart.

  • Pɥıןʇɥʎexe
    Pɥıןʇɥʎexe Month ago

    from a few days ago

  • Alex Gale
    Alex Gale Month ago

    Poor Dan

  • L Haviland
    L Haviland Month ago +1

    Tomorrow: Dan actually gets a ghost pepper.

  • L Haviland
    L Haviland Month ago

    Their reactions when it says "extra spicy" are a microcosm of human joy and suffering lol.

  • L Haviland
    L Haviland Month ago

    I'm just waiting for the jokes on day 14.

  • jamew85
    jamew85 Month ago

    *german here* And I seeeeriously would love to try those spices now. Usually when they say "spicy" here they mean " a little hot" but apparently this calendar plays it straight.

  • TheHylianBatman
    TheHylianBatman Month ago

    Half of Dan's near-deaths are just from Ashens being too damn funny for him to handle.

  • Andrew Marsden
    Andrew Marsden Month ago

    Wow, the close-up cam REALLY blows out the white on that sled.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago


  • Name2site
    Name2site Month ago

    Poor Dan got the exact opposite of his expectations

  • The Ranting Brummie

    Ashens 5 & 1/2 : 2 & 1/2 Nerdcubed

  • Geek Chorus
    Geek Chorus Month ago

    "Jesus F'n Christ"-Nerdcubed, Christmas themed video 2019

  • Daniel Bohnen
    Daniel Bohnen Month ago

    I have a weird feeling that all the spices were meant to be mixed together by the end

  • bryony mason
    bryony mason Month ago

    Please say you mixed all the rubs together and made a steak, that would be so great 😂😂😂

  • Peri Peri Chicken
    Peri Peri Chicken Month ago

    Extra spicy? It’s just chilli flakes. They are super tasty

  • Glasses&Mouthplates

    4:18 Dan gasping in pure pain from the chili pepper sounded like a silent Wilhelm scream.

  • Driving Cat
    Driving Cat Month ago

    I'm glad I can read some German, it makes it better.

  • Man-Eating Monkey
    Man-Eating Monkey Month ago

    That’s not a sled, it’s a toilet bowel on skis!

  • umbaupause
    umbaupause Month ago

    Get scharfed!

  • Ben H
    Ben H Month ago +1

    So, I think that yellow 'bar' on the bottom of the sled is supposed to be reigns you attach to the reindeer that you fold out, and the sled is supposed to hold the presents. The Reliable Reindeer(tm) kept talking about delivering presents, after all.

  • Pikachu132
    Pikachu132 Month ago

    I can tell Dan is starting to regret getting that punishment calendar.

  • Soulless Pinkamena & Pinkamena Diane Pie

    Someones going to have the screaming shits xD

  • Jord Wylde
    Jord Wylde Month ago

    Are these all filmed/opened on the same day?

  • Matthewbly91
    Matthewbly91 Month ago

    This years calendars video are bad. Ashens hates what ever he gets so the win is entirelu based on what nerd cubed gets. And the punishment calendar is always the same its some kind of spice that taste bad because they are eating it straight. :/

  • Linus
    Linus Month ago

    You can not feel very good after all these videos :P

  • Parker Erich
    Parker Erich Month ago

    I have developed a sympathetic ulcer.
    Solidarity, Dan.

  • Month ago +1

    The sled was clearly the best of the two here. Justice for Dan!

  • Ceirque
    Ceirque Month ago

    Would have loved to try those chili peppers. I love chili peppers :3

  • fornaxian
    fornaxian Month ago

    I'm just hoping the last episode you open your spice bag and it's just filled with grass masks and then the camera pans up and you are both wearing giant grass masks and our Dark Lords will finally have their day.

  • S-28
    S-28 Month ago

    Dan without glasses looks like Russian priest.

  • RBTech
    RBTech Month ago

    I have to say. I look forward to these advent calender's with immense excitement and seasonal feelings....However. The Funko pop one is possibly the worst calendar EVER on this channel. Even worse than the early faux Lego and last years Porsche! Its so sterile. No random door placement. No Christmas decoration, No variety. Its bloody awful. At least the Vtech one IS designed for toddlers and is trying (its actually quite good when you think about it and its desired audience). I have to admit though when looking for my own this year there was a void of "new ideas" and i ended up with an old fashioned card and glitter one!

  • Astor Reinhardt
    Astor Reinhardt Month ago

    Day 8: Super Mario - Red Yoshi. Reese's - 4 Reese's Pieces. Mom - Frozen 2 Soapflakes Berry Scent.

  • Jason Shock
    Jason Shock Month ago +1

    I feel like the final episode needs to have Barry Lewis cooking something with all the spices and the person who lost the most has to eat one whole bite of it.

  • Rick Ryan
    Rick Ryan Month ago

    now im just waiting for him to accidentally rub his eyes... >.

  • Billie Billington
    Billie Billington Month ago +9

    I have to say, I do love "i'M a ReLIable ReInDEeR"

  • Travis Lambert
    Travis Lambert Month ago

    Called it! haha

  • Blue Coyote
    Blue Coyote Month ago

    When I was in Barnes & Nobles yesterday and passed their wall of Funko Pops (right next to the humor book section) all I could think of was the scathing critiques each offering would get from Ashens.

  • Vash TS
    Vash TS Month ago +1

    I put way more chilli flakes on a small slice pizza. He really can't stand spicy things huh?

  • Sharkke Bunni
    Sharkke Bunni Month ago

    Start the hashtag "#Danwasrobday8" it should have been a draw

  • darke fox
    darke fox Month ago +1

    For anyone who can be bothered to give a damn This year I'm doing my own advent calendars to go along with Ashens and Nerdcubed. One is a Mars Favorites Candy Calendar that cost 8.00$ and the other is a Paw Patrol Calendar That cost 2.00$

    Mars Favorites Candy: Another Milky Way (The fact that the 2.00$ is catching up just goes to show it's now how much it costs but how picky the 21 year old man child is).

    Paw Patrol Calendar: chocolate in the shape of a ice skate(At lest it's winter themed this time).

    Mars Candy Points:5

    Paw Patrol points:3

    • The Runaway Kid
      The Runaway Kid Month ago

      Kougaji Sciacallo yeah he seems to be this years nightenstaff

    • Kougaji Sciacallo
      Kougaji Sciacallo Month ago

      Awesome! I think it's fun when someone in the comments does an advent calendar with them...

  • Sharkke Bunni
    Sharkke Bunni Month ago

    decided to cheat and yes that shed does get a animal to sit in it btw the yellow part can connect the Reindeer

  • Tom Wheatcroft
    Tom Wheatcroft Month ago

    Terrible acting from the other guy...but enter-fucking-taining...thanks

  • ElvanLady
    ElvanLady Month ago +1

    Mister Innsmouth, perfect.

  • Steve Brandon
    Steve Brandon Month ago +1

    Why do the Mini-Pops (the toys as seen here, not the 1980s "kids singing pop songs" novelty albums) have proper expressions? I don't think I'd like regular-sized Funko Pops if they had these relatively lively faces but I wouldn't hate them with them with a passion like I do with the regular Pops as they are now with their blank, soulless faces.

  • Carol Lovesherkids
    Carol Lovesherkids Month ago +1

    Rather you than me, I can’t even handle the mildest spice. 😂

  • Colten Sullivent
    Colten Sullivent Month ago

    Your people conquered the world for these spices and now you get squeamish when you gotta eat em.

  • Scott Nootz
    Scott Nootz Month ago

    You should combine a little bit of all of them and have the loser of the whole calendar have to taste it

  • Glasswolf 01
    Glasswolf 01 Month ago

    Did Dan look this sunburned when this first started?

  • PixelNymph
    PixelNymph Month ago

    a nose which is weird for a funko pop. earlier videos well funkos never have hands. typically the bodys aren't very detailed. I've come to the conclusion they've never seen a real funko pop. except for the black eyes comment although their oversized typically. I mean, they are bobble heads desgin wise although you can still get some with a spring for a neck.

  • MrMegaPussyPlayer
    MrMegaPussyPlayer Month ago

    4:27 Be glad! It could be worse ... I have a chili powder that claims to be at least 1mio scoville.

  • MrMegaPussyPlayer
    MrMegaPussyPlayer Month ago

    3:33 Don't lie! We all know you film these in batches.

  • MrMegaPussyPlayer
    MrMegaPussyPlayer Month ago

    3:18 Nice! I knew it had to be in there and was waiting for it.

  • Alec J
    Alec J Month ago +4

    Uh oh. Sharp, right? That is not going to mean mild.

  • MrMegaPussyPlayer
    MrMegaPussyPlayer Month ago

    2:04 Awful elaborate construction for just holding the bottom and the top part together.
    Could it be that you can flip out the yellow part and attach it to the reindeer?

  • TheBrokenchalk13
    TheBrokenchalk13 Month ago

    Is it bad I kinda really want that spice one? I am chef and it seems quite fun

  • Supernautus Streams

    "Kids Love Screws" Tomorrows headline, "Norwich man added to sex offenders register"

  • stuart paterson
    stuart paterson Month ago +1

    Advert before video played was for the really good whiskey company Advent calendar. Imagine the 'punishment' was to have to drink the whiskey behind every door (we know it was all filmed together rather than day by day) so imagine towards the end of the Advent, how pissed you would both be. Well, enjoy your spices. Enjoying this series a lot

    • Dahn
      Dahn Month ago +1

      And Dan doesn't drink, so he'd be hammered by day 2 ;-)