Vocal Coach REACTS to Do Kyungsoo (EXO) - For Life (English Ver.) live in SEOUL, South Korea

  • Published on May 30, 2019
  • Today I reacted and analyzed to Do Kyungsoo from EXO singing for live in english live in Seoul, South Korea. I love how he did the verses especially the 2nd chorus where he belted those A4s really nice and strong! I did some demonstrations myself and explained his technique so hopefully this helps some of you guys out there who is trying to learn to sing.
    I hope you guys enjoyed my reaction and learned something from this video about their technique and musicianship
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  • Marco WithoutThePolo

    React to ONE OK ROCK we are 18 fest live

  • Marco WithoutThePolo

    React to ONE OK ROCK we are 18 fest live

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    Salishma ky Month ago

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    : you might can sing greater and higher but you're not D.o

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    Roluv Month ago

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    Rhozelinda Azizah Month ago

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  • Disney Chanyeol
    Disney Chanyeol Month ago +1

    D.O is the Korean RNB Prince.

  • Sa Ra
    Sa Ra Month ago

    D.O s tell me what is love please its just my best song from the day it was out πŸ˜ƒ the one with 4 min not 3

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    Kelly Buan Month ago

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    Kate Park Month ago

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    kjiaestheticx Month ago

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    Maii Meo Month ago

    Thanks for your reaction!
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    Loveeee u

  • Nour Chaieb
    Nour Chaieb Month ago

    As you said he did great but he did better in their previous concert in Japan ( I don't know if you noticed but he is tired from the continuous performances , they do alot of shows at their concerts ,approximately 25 show , and in different countries in a short period (their tour ) ) .

  • Ba Julz
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    Erii Forever Month ago +1

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    Mahika Month ago +2

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  • Putri Sabawanti
    Putri Sabawanti Month ago

    Yes that is my penguin he has a good voice
    And i'm so sad because of his military enlistment

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    D.o can make one cry .... thanks for reacting ...

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    mayooo Month ago

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    aj asuncion Month ago +1

    D.O. my fav.

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    Black Pro Month ago

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    Ana Leah Millendez Month ago

    wrong video..huhu

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    It's an OST for his first acting movie "CART." The story is about a contract worker for a large discount store for the past 5 years and she would eventually be promoted to a regular full-time employee. But then learn that the contract workers will be dismissed. Amiss of the panicking, they form a union to fight for their rights. A struggle between the contract workers and management takes place. D.O. also was in this movie as estranged high school-age son of a lead actress.

  • Abby Juban
    Abby Juban Month ago

    The best performance of this song was when he was just standing there, wearing a suit with his hands on his pocket (so freakin' cool) and just belted those note with ease as if it's nothing!

  • Abby Juban
    Abby Juban Month ago +2

    The fact that Kyungsoo was sick in this performance and still manages to sing THAT good! Thank you for this!!

  • Abby Juban
    Abby Juban Month ago

    One of Vocal Coaches called D.O "The Professor of Runs"...

  • Abby Juban
    Abby Juban Month ago

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    Ana Mae Tormon Month ago

    Hope D.O will have his Station Too like xiumin before he enlist..cause ill fcking miss his voice. for two years. demn

  • Safi Djahara
    Safi Djahara Month ago

    I can't believe.... His going to military .....1st July....... I cant......

  • Sa Rang Kang
    Sa Rang Kang Month ago +1

    My tears just flowed when he was singing during the concert. The moment was simply magical.

  • ex'actly forever
    ex'actly forever Month ago +1

    Please react to CHEN's youtube covers. He has his own youtube channel and he sings there. He even covered his own song. That's a KING behavior hahaha
    Also, he has a solo album and each song there is a ballad and each of those ballads is a KILLER. Like seriously. You need to hear it.

  • Subiksha Ravi
    Subiksha Ravi Month ago +9

    Kyungsoo is known as a RnB Legend

  • Lucky One
    Lucky One Month ago +4

    #KyungsooπŸ’• D.O.

  • Zeenia Rathore
    Zeenia Rathore Month ago

    its not even the best ver. of his live performance. he was exhausted here. guys plz send him elyxion japan links not seoul ones for better audio.

  • Edith Rivera
    Edith Rivera Month ago

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    D.o kyungsoo Month ago +4

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    Exo OT9 Month ago +4

    I'm SO SAD right now.....I've cried the whole day.....Thank you for this video.....Kyungsoo is my ALL and his voice is divine!!!!

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    Deepakshi Koli Month ago

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