I Tried Conor McGregor’s Workout 💪🏽 (Mayweather Vs. McGregor)

  • Published on Aug 26, 2017
  • You can try the workout here! mcgregorfast.com/partners/idevaffiliate.php?id=110tid1
    In anticipation of the big Mayweather vs. McGregor fight, I decided to try out Conor McGregor’s cardio training program! It was tough! (BTW - I tried my best to also find Floyd’s workout but couldn’t. Let me know in the comments if you know where I could find it!)
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  • Brianna Cox
    Brianna Cox 5 hours ago

    Make a video about learning to row crew and then doing a race! Someone else commented it down below too.

  • Caitlin Nicell
    Caitlin Nicell Month ago

    My brother is mad about ya said your 🔥❤️🥵af

  • Fabian Law
    Fabian Law Month ago

    nice shovel hook. legit

  • Fabian Law
    Fabian Law Month ago +1

    Isn't the chick from buzzfeed that sparred with the other chick from buzzfeed?

  • Joseph Wolf
    Joseph Wolf Month ago

    Form will come with practice mad respect for trying

  • Dystany
    Dystany Month ago

    I love how McGregor, the guy whos famous for gassing after 2 rounds, makes a cardio program promising to take your cardio to the next level

  • john ng
    john ng 2 months ago

    How effective is this program if McGregor is famous for gassing out after the 2nd, 3rd round?

    AL SQUEEMP 3 months ago

    Honestly here everything is bad just an all around SMH moment

  • Best Ever !!
    Best Ever !! 5 months ago

    I would love to fuck her from the back while she sweatyy 💘

  • rolling on the mat break the grip

    Great, but how can I monitor my Bmp during heavy bag session?

  • lovefrompraha
    lovefrompraha 11 months ago

    Lmao a loser cardio program. He was gassed by like round 3. His cardio program is terrible for endurance sports like boxing. Hell it barely cuts the cheese for MMA, you always see him gas and run. At least you look good doing it. It's a good program for the average person.

  • Vikas Ugale
    Vikas Ugale Year ago

    Your form was terrible lol 😂

  • Georgieboy _19
    Georgieboy _19 Year ago +1

    She knew not to try mayweathers workout 😂😂

  • Paul Woelke
    Paul Woelke Year ago

    Her form is surprisingly good considering she did this kind of stuff for the first time ever like a year earlier.

  • Casual Fanboi
    Casual Fanboi Year ago

    All of this program yet he still has horrible cardio. SMH

  • Vikas Ukey
    Vikas Ukey Year ago

    Pls rply me

  • Vikas Ukey
    Vikas Ukey Year ago


  • royale yt
    royale yt Year ago

    Nice butt 👍

  • Blooper News
    Blooper News Year ago

    Funny he lost because he wasn’t in good shape like mayweather.. mayweather training has to be 2x harder

  • Joseph Doyle
    Joseph Doyle Year ago

    you are one fucking impressive woman

  • Corey91666
    Corey91666 Year ago

    you should try to train like japanese kendoka :)
    its not only tough but also pretty good for mind and eye... you can try it out if you like but you might need an expert. but you should have those in the us. their nationalteam is not too bad.

  • Chuckle Honeybear
    Chuckle Honeybear Year ago +1

    Lmao all those jealous little boys who are whiny excuses for human beings need to SHUT THE HELL UP its getting hilarious watching them get triggered... Like we all know Michelle can beat you up in five seconds, now go sit down and suck a binkie

  • Suaim Khalil
    Suaim Khalil Year ago

    Girl you really need to take some fighting lesson for a long period of time. You punches were pathetic and really soft and your kicks were like a baby.

  • Teh jokur
    Teh jokur Year ago

    why would you want a conor mc gregor cardio

  • Jesus Mosqueda
    Jesus Mosqueda Year ago

    Conor Has NO fucking cardio 😂

  • GL Clan
    GL Clan Year ago

    You need more subcribers your videos are fire

  • Katie Jones
    Katie Jones Year ago

    currently binge watching your vids. YOU ARE A MACHINE! So inspirational. Love from New Zealand xx

  • B hernandez
    B hernandez Year ago


  • Shariq Torres
    Shariq Torres Year ago

    The heavy bag won the second round 😂

  • Beaverlicious100
    Beaverlicious100 Year ago

    I love you, please marry me!

  • iasel dominguez
    iasel dominguez Year ago

    Are you making sound effects on the heavy hands????😄😄😄😄😝

  • Danielle Powell
    Danielle Powell Year ago

    You are so fit! wow really impressed with you. That is a really tough workout !

  • Rich Piana
    Rich Piana Year ago

    I hate her :( so much

  • Are we Still doing Phrasing

    Connor giving cardio advice... The dude was gassed round 6 by Floyd and he doesn't run

  • Commando Master
    Commando Master Year ago +39

    She actually has better form than most guys commenting on her form.

  • jessica r.
    jessica r. Year ago

    I love how I'm watching her fitness videos and eating 😂🙂

  • SK N
    SK N Year ago

    Punching bag: haha u punch like a girl

  • Araceli
    Araceli Year ago

    Your form on the rowing machine was slightly cringy (not hating, just a rowing trainee :p)

  • Robert Torres
    Robert Torres Year ago

    You only hit 170? I've hit 200 before. Granted I felt like absolute shit afterwards

  • SlapHappy
    SlapHappy Year ago

    Im gonna be that person. Hitting a punching bag for "5 rounds" is not at all like MMA fights. (UFC for those of you who only know the company & not the style)

  • ratata gniela
    ratata gniela Year ago

    u did so great job. thumb up.

  • Inebriatd
    Inebriatd Year ago

    So much for the Crossfit background.

  • Jason Lang
    Jason Lang Year ago

    View whore had to put that in title

  • Phillip Pohole
    Phillip Pohole Year ago

    Sadly Conor has no cardio

  • Pach Pacheco
    Pach Pacheco Year ago

    Conor's cardio workout. Now that's a joke.

  • Bishnu Deb
    Bishnu Deb Year ago

    Hi, you've got to do an ironman competition, i hope to see this come to fruition.
    you are looking great, and I enjoy your athletic and diet content not to mention the cinematic's

  • Isho Juárez
    Isho Juárez Year ago

    oh boi I think my own heart rate went up just from looking at you do this workout :S

  • Jesse Custer
    Jesse Custer Year ago

    Michelle you are so awesome. You are not afraid to try anything. I wish I was more like that. Also you are stunningly beautiful

  • upuntil6
    upuntil6 Year ago

    You should probably try Floyds instead.

  • BunnyFett
    BunnyFett Year ago

    You have my favorite outtro.

  • Alex Lara
    Alex Lara Year ago

    Mcregor suck cause he didn't even last the 10 round

  • Averil Mae
    Averil Mae Year ago

    Please don't do floyd mayweather.. he's been accused of domestic abuse. Don't give a wife beater more attention

  • Rodman Cropper
    Rodman Cropper Year ago

    I need T.P

  • IanMaCee
    IanMaCee Year ago

    It takes your cardio and makes it a potato

  • yes Yes
    yes Yes Year ago

    that shit didn't help lol.floyd whipped his ass!!!! hahahhahahaah. you have some skills with those hands though baby!

  • J&K Newb
    J&K Newb Year ago

    Your thumbnail doesn't make sense showing a pic of you looking like ya want fucked but in a fight stance? Lol these mofos!

  • P8M3
    P8M3 Year ago

    How did this appear in my notifications when I'm not even subscribed?

  • mike carson
    mike carson Year ago

    the MCgregor work out didn't help his cardio against Floyd..you should've tried the proven workout Floyd has done for 21 years first.

  • schwabz of some loud

    I remember years ago when this chick was ugly and chubby. Nows shes ugly and slim

  • J3SS3 H
    J3SS3 H Year ago

    Although he didn't win the fight (just like we all knew he wouldn't), at least you trained like a UFC champion did. So respect to you.

  • Rog er
    Rog er Year ago

    his program really paid off against Floyd..

  • Ivan Joseph
    Ivan Joseph Year ago

    Hahaha what an adorable little girl.

  • Xxxricky Meza
    Xxxricky Meza Year ago


  • Ketan Kadam
    Ketan Kadam Year ago

    why is this trending? like seriously



  • Daniel
    Daniel Year ago

    Well done ! That looked real hard

  • T4FSEER 93
    T4FSEER 93 Year ago

    U still Have better fitness then mcgregor at least

  • Stupendous Jia
    Stupendous Jia Year ago

    Ok Imma try a mini version of this

  • Paloma Pereira
    Paloma Pereira Year ago

    You got 5000!

  • Ingmar Fraser
    Ingmar Fraser Year ago

    She's not going to get any work done on the rowing machine like that

  • Arun Bakshi
    Arun Bakshi Year ago +1

    #18 on trending in the UK

  • T3chm1cal
    T3chm1cal Year ago

    Sorry, you are?

  • Lance Raboy
    Lance Raboy Year ago +1

    I don't think you should do these work outs if you wanna take your cardio to a whole new level😂😂

  • Al
    Al Year ago +4

    Do it naked next time

  • ToastyUK
    ToastyUK Year ago +4

    Lol uploaded 2 days ago and only 267k views but for some reason it's trending. TheXvid really need to stop forcing terrible content down people's throats and make the trending page algorithm based again

    • ToastyUK
      ToastyUK Year ago +2

      Butter Squach not jealous, more annoyed at the fact that other youtubers who have actual trending videos don't end up of the trending page because TheXvid manipulate it so whoever pays the most shows up

    • Butter Squach
      Butter Squach Year ago +7

      FilthyBeats your just jealous 😂

  • Kenneth Martinez
    Kenneth Martinez Year ago +1

    Im a big Conor fan, But if this takes your cardio to the next level why he gassed out vs Mayweather? Fucking bullshit, Conor needs to do rope skipping.

  • TGN Modz
    TGN Modz Year ago

    Its funny how pepole respect conor mcgregeor I bet if floyd mayweather lost y'all would've hate him I wanted to see conor layed on the floor

  • Nick
    Nick Year ago


  • B Studios
    B Studios Year ago +1


  • mickobee
    mickobee Year ago

    She stopped running 6 minutes too early

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez Year ago

    You used 14 oz. gloves right?

  • Tom F
    Tom F Year ago

    Now all you've got to do is get TKO'd. Then the workout will be complete.

  • Terry Smith
    Terry Smith Year ago

    This workout program wasn't gonna help him against Mayweather, so it's trash.

  • Zubair Miah
    Zubair Miah Year ago

    Ha bitch mayweather won

  • iChaseDinero
    iChaseDinero Year ago


  • Nun Nunya Business

    You're a woman trying to do a MAN'S workout - you are biologically different.

  • Jae Ray
    Jae Ray Year ago +3

    Looks like your going to have to find Mayweather's workout

  • LRPL
    LRPL Year ago

    Hey you have the same last name as my mom's maiden last name!!

  • Joe Gilstrap
    Joe Gilstrap Year ago +6

    Connor might have a hard time selling his conditioning program after he gassed out against Mayweather. A 40 year old guy ran circles around a 29 year old Connor. LOL.....

  • Smurfy
    Smurfy Year ago

    DramaAlert thumbnail

  • Who isThat
    Who isThat Year ago +2

    No one Khares

  • Jacura2 StaffordCity

    Congrats to Michelle because by medical research and science males have stronger hearts by body structures than females. A female could have a stronger heart in the future just depends on generation change. Overall she did very good.

  • nick
    nick Year ago +1

    The first run a treadmill up to 9mph is easy! no wonder you can't do any of the other stuff lol

  • Ghost of Sparta
    Ghost of Sparta Year ago

    yeah McGregor don't work out like that

  • spindles
    spindles Year ago

    Hi Michelle, do you think you'll pick up a single martial art and stick with it for a longer period time, than just for a week or a month for your videos?

  • Get Big
    Get Big Year ago

    Everyone trying to be a TheXvid star this girl is dumb

  • Fred Weekes
    Fred Weekes Year ago


  • Balls Mcgee
    Balls Mcgee Year ago

    I'd start mayweathers work out... lol

  • Becca 123
    Becca 123 Year ago

    Any IRISH 💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • Kelsey Chessey
    Kelsey Chessey Year ago

    Great work! I enjoy watching all of your videos, even if I'm usually eating lunch and feeling inadequate while I do haha. Just one comment because I don't want to see you get hurt! If you're going to keep up with the erg (rowing machine) check out some videos on proper form. I know you were probably super tired by the point you got there, but the form you used is going to end up hurting your back or you're going to shortchange the actual muscular benefits of the workout.