• Published on Sep 9, 2018
    in this errol spence video, spence criticizes terence crawford's resume and says its nothing but smoke and mirrors built up from bob arum

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Comments • 2 039

  • Ronald Beasley
    Ronald Beasley Hour ago

    You usually get what you ask for keep it up

  • NSUBigMac9
    NSUBigMac9 8 hours ago

    Errol is whack.. All this talking about a person.

  • SanctusDeus Cruor
    SanctusDeus Cruor 19 hours ago

    Errol doing his best Chris Tucker impersonation!!

  • Andrew Duncan
    Andrew Duncan Day ago

    Das all this fool talk's $$$$... Crawford will fuck dis FUCKING clown... fight him them

  • Jim Dandridge
    Jim Dandridge Day ago

    Rate this guy highly

  • Travis Maye
    Travis Maye 2 days ago

    Bro talking truth

  • Harambee Jackson
    Harambee Jackson 4 days ago

    Stop talking about resume and cross the street.

  • Harambee Jackson
    Harambee Jackson 4 days ago

    Sit yo drunk ass down

  • Dennis Bank
    Dennis Bank 4 days ago

    Spence my boy, but it seems like he's drunk to me🥳

  • Luxor Ra
    Luxor Ra 5 days ago

    Stop arguing Spence and sign the paper.

  • Round One
    Round One 6 days ago

    I think porter beats spence

  • Ghost’s Shadow
    Ghost’s Shadow 20 days ago

    Is it wrong for me to like both?

  • Johnny Floyd
    Johnny Floyd 22 days ago +1

    It's time for Spence to stop running. He hasn't faught anyone. He really doesn't want to fight Crawford.

  • tianna james
    tianna james 22 days ago

    Errol Spence is a great fighter but I can't knock Terrance Crawford not all he says he hasn't fought anyone but Crawford has a great boxing iq and technique so he shouldn't just say "he hasn't fought anyone". He should just test him himself like he said that fight would pull in great money so if he think he can beat him that easy(not saying he can't/not saying Crawford doesn't have a chance to win) they should make the fight happen!. This is what the people want to see.

  • sammy negron
    sammy negron 24 days ago +2

    🤔I know that Spencel is one of the best boxers in the at welter weight. 👉 But CRAWFORD is the 💪 Real Boogeyman at the welter weight 😳 . But no 👐 it's not Errol Spence

  • Steven Gonzales
    Steven Gonzales 25 days ago

    Drunk ass. Crawford gonna dust him

  • Andre DeShazier
    Andre DeShazier 29 days ago

    Spence Crawford Thurman and Pacquiao these are the fights... Thurman and Pacquiao is happening.....Spence and Crawdord next.... need to happen

  • Trevor Sabatine
    Trevor Sabatine 29 days ago

    Errol talks like he a lineal champ in any division LMAO up your out put. Everyone of these 147lbers calling out a guy who started at 116lbs and is 40. None of these guys @ 147 are hall of famers!

  • Ricky Pelland2
    Ricky Pelland2 Month ago

    how in 20 fights did Mayweather dodge u and bud?

  • Ricky Pelland2
    Ricky Pelland2 Month ago

    stop talking and fucking fight bud already, 2 undefeated boxers, psshh, just fight fuck the hype

  • Chuck Chillout
    Chuck Chillout Month ago 8:28 ..dude sitting down said if there's enough 'commas' down the road Crawford and Spence may happen...I miss the 90s and beyond in more than just boxing..each day america is growing more disgusting ,lame and filled with with tremendous deception that's believable by the same parties I'm referring to Lol..soft ass boxing dudes...I hope none of them fakweathers never fight..sissies...reminds me of the old 'NWA' contract lol..most boxers are getting pimped,and told what and what not to do...hilarious.

  • Marques Williams
    Marques Williams Month ago

    Crawford really hasn't fought any 1

  • Eazi Daniels
    Eazi Daniels Month ago

    Bud is more discipline and it will show and he will edge it out against Errol 💯💪🏾🥊

  • Sal Hardy
    Sal Hardy Month ago

    Will it's a year later and that pussy Spence will talk about Crawford all day, but that bitch won't fight Crawford. Same shit talking that Wilder does with AJ.

  • edwin arpa
    edwin arpa Month ago

    The Boogeyman speaks

  • Darock Iscooking
    Darock Iscooking Month ago

    Crawford would run circles around you buddy. Stop talking like you beat him already jump in the ring and show us.. talk is cheap

  • LaRon Chatmon
    LaRon Chatmon Month ago

    He isn't going to fight Espn fighter ?Well how can u be a p4p if he got a belt.U still got to come hus way regardless .

    • brandon diaz
      brandon diaz Month ago

      LaRon Chatmon he said he’s never going to fight on espn

  • LaRon Chatmon
    LaRon Chatmon Month ago

    Man Crawford don't get no less then 5 million a fight n that was awhile back.Spence had one pay review fight n he think he baaad.Don't talk about it be about,make that fight or shut up!!!

    FUCKING GENIUS Month ago

    Thats Why Hes Champ!!

  • therealsongstress
    therealsongstress Month ago

    That’s right baby ...Terrence Crawford then are smoke and mirrors

  • John Moore
    John Moore Month ago

    I like Spence but they ducking my nigga Crawford....

  • Hailu Hailu
    Hailu Hailu Month ago

    This guy needs the mike more #1 boxer right now,skills,talent,grit.

  • kba148
    kba148 Month ago

    So just fight Crawford and settle all this ...

  • manu M
    manu M Month ago

    thanks porter for fighting anybody, you really dont care who th h it is, learnnn chick crawford, fighting the khans and the benavidez is not what a pd for pd best do.

  • In The Loop Radio 2000

    Lol Amir Khan arguably beat Peterson, Khan beat Algeri and is in talks to face Kell Brook(a competitive fight). That leaves us with Mikey vs Horn! Which is a better win?

  • John Trejo
    John Trejo Month ago

    what does smoke and mirrors mean ?

  • Christopher Ayamba
    Christopher Ayamba Month ago

    Sorry Crawford cannot beat this guy period.

  • Richard Mccall
    Richard Mccall Month ago +2

    Errol Spence no boxing everything you say is the truth Errol Spence new name is Thanos of boxing nobody wants to see him any comments I like to hear your virgin he will be the Undisputed champion of the world pass down

  • Zac Zaring
    Zac Zaring Month ago

    I understand everyone has to make money the boxing has become way too much about it it's about the heart and spirit and the fighting not a Floyd Mayweather type mentality for me

  • xAce99x
    xAce99x Month ago

    Spence your one dimensional unlike Crawford

  • xAce99x
    xAce99x Month ago

    Spence your the lie and Crawford would prove it

  • Jessie Casanada
    Jessie Casanada Month ago +1

    Top Rank is sinking and Crawfords is stuck.
    Bud aint going no where😂😂😂😂

    • David T
      David T 24 days ago

      Jessie Casanada they better get over to dazn asap😼

  • Lijha Lew
    Lijha Lew Month ago

    Errol vs Crawford would be way more entertaining then Keith Thurman

  • Ian Johnson
    Ian Johnson Month ago +1

    At the end of the day you ducking Terrence Crawford

    • iveywebb
      iveywebb Month ago

      In the beginning, afternoon, early evening, & end of the day, Bud fanboys are delusional.

  • Josh Hicks
    Josh Hicks Month ago +1

    Come on Errol this is sucker shit you both are good you sound crazy that brother can fight and the only way to prove who's best is to stop talking that 70-30 bullshit 60-40 is good let the games begin Manny is a old man

  • Short Bus
    Short Bus Month ago

    This guy needs to quit making excuses, make the damn fight happen!!!!!! DAZN!!!!

  • mm.
    mm. Month ago

    I like spence better, bud is protected as fuck he's definitely hasn't fought anyone good he keeps fighting washed up fighters he's Bob arums bitch that's why he's known.

  • Alberto Ramirez
    Alberto Ramirez Month ago +1

    errol "the booze" spence

  • Chris Holland
    Chris Holland Month ago

    Nigga you scared

  • Christian
    Christian Month ago +1

    Lol - no one wants to see you fight thurman. Everyone wants you vs crawford.

  • Jerome Jax
    Jerome Jax Month ago

    Spence feeling a little too cocky. Yes you are very good have and a great talent but ANYBODY can be BEAT on Any given day. Remember that...🤔

  • Gary Emanuel
    Gary Emanuel 2 months ago


  • BossMane#100
    BossMane#100 2 months ago +1

    That drinking gon fuck his whole game up he'll have 2 losses soon

  • Harris Khan
    Harris Khan 2 months ago

    But hes too pussy to fight him... .

  • jed davies
    jed davies 2 months ago

    Errol Spence didn't like the questions thrown at him. Talked Chris Alfieri being one of the fighters on his résumé. Algieri is a punk. Paquiao cleaned his clock.
    For me, Terence Crawford beats Spence. As for ESPN, It has 3 million subscribers. Showtime can't match that, neither can FOX. SHOWTIME will throw in the towel like HBO in the not too distant future.

    • Craig Earl
      Craig Earl 2 months ago

      What about Peterson and brook? BOTH TKO WINS

  • manuel matias
    manuel matias 2 months ago

    Chris Algeri stop just fight the man and all the talk stops.

  • C C
    C C 2 months ago

    Fuck Keith turman his always injured, fight bud Crawford and stop talking like a bitch

  • SuperCushcush
    SuperCushcush 2 months ago

    Chris Algieri and Lamont Peterson are punching bags and trash. Kell Brook fought Errol after having his eye socket broken against GGG. So in reality Errol has not fought anyone. Al Haymon got his fighters in jail wherebye they can only fight other PBC fighters and no one else. Errol Spence don't wanna see Crawford because Al Haymon is blocking it. Period

  • SuperCushcush
    SuperCushcush 2 months ago

    When you don't want to fight, you make excuses. This guy is campaigning not to fight. Errol will eventually lose credibility if this fight don't take place.

  • Sergio Yeyo
    Sergio Yeyo 2 months ago

    That’s the fight everybody wants to see and Spence just doesn’t want it. It’s obvious and such a shame.

  • jose ledesma
    jose ledesma 2 months ago

    Action action stop the trash he is waiting for you. Do it then

  • Durandisse84 Durandisse
    Durandisse84 Durandisse 2 months ago +2

    Terrance Crawford still hasn't fought anyone, I'm not giving him Amir Khan credit. Okay maybe a little.

    • SuperCushcush
      SuperCushcush 2 months ago +1

      I can argue that Errol has not fought anyone. Kell Brook coming off an broken eye socket against GGG- plus up on cards before his eye got hurt again. Chris Algieri is a punching bag- Manny knocked him down 6 times, Amir Khan beat him before he lost to Spence. And lets not talk about the human punching bag Lamont Peterson. WHO HAS ERROL SPENCE BEAT. FOH

  • Mark McDonald
    Mark McDonald 2 months ago

    T Bud Crawford is gonna beat that ass he's talking too much shit and underestimating him he already admitted he can't switch and can't throw all angles like Bud, don't get me wrong he's a good fighter with reach and powerful punches but Bud is better with more ring experience and a real Tactician.

  • Will Power Prosperity
    Will Power Prosperity 2 months ago +1

    All facts...

  • aaron pryor
    aaron pryor 2 months ago

    Love Spence but Im a Bud fan because he is dedicated to the sport and doesn't drink like Spence and I wouldn't be surprized if Spence has the odd snort with his bro Broner. Crawford like Mayweather sleeps, eats and drinks boxing and he has nurtured his shit to a very high level. Spence aint winning shit if he ever fights Crawford, he better stick to fighting mediocre fighters like Mikey and Brook LMAO

  • lony barnes
    lony barnes 2 months ago

    Who has Errol fought, honestly Gamboa would beat everyone he has faced pound for pound, THIS FOOL DRUNK!

    • Will Power Prosperity
      Will Power Prosperity 2 months ago

      You outta your mind... Terence didn't start fighting Gamboa until the 4th round. Two rounds later Gamboa was on the mat. Peterson, Algeri, and Brook would wipe the floor with Gamboa.. Who have Crawford fought glass chin Khan, come forward and get punched Jeff Horn, and one-legged Benavidez, Party boy Gamboa...come on bruh stop drinking the koolaid.

  • Matthew Howell
    Matthew Howell 2 months ago

    With all that money and especially the amount that he put into that necklace why is this man rocking a little sweater that he got from Goodwill at a press conference. The shit he's saying makes a lot of sense but I can't take my eyes off that horrible shirt.

    • Matthew Howell
      Matthew Howell 2 months ago

      If you dropped $1,000 for that sweater I don't think I can help him but fuck it as long as he's enjoying it.

    • Never lose sleep over the small stuff
      Never lose sleep over the small stuff 2 months ago

      I believe its Fendi. They supposed to have that fitted look.
      If it's not Fendi it's Kenzo. I can't tell but it's one or the other.
      Fendi sweater runs over $1000
      Kenzo sweaters run $500

  • Brandin Schulze
    Brandin Schulze 2 months ago +2

    He on drugs drunk whatever showtime fox.. ESPN watever TV bud Crawford the best pound for pound fighter in the world.. he gonna keep dodging

  • Brandin Schulze
    Brandin Schulze 2 months ago

    Bud Crawford would beat that ass.. on the hood.. he dodging

  • MrKingtexas100
    MrKingtexas100 2 months ago +1

    T bud the truth tho he definitely ah a level fighter

  • MrKingtexas100
    MrKingtexas100 2 months ago

    Keith Thurman ah hoe

  • Josh Mon
    Josh Mon 2 months ago

    that's why his name is the truth people!
    bob arum is all smoke and mirrors. everyone was hoping for a pacquiao vs crawford fight, but he gave the fight to a nobody (jeff horn) and rigged the fight to make horn win, because no way in hell that pacman lost that fight unless your blind. then arranged for a horn and crawford fight for an easy win for crawford, bob arum is scared that crawford will lose to pacman. that is the undeniable truth.

  • Khadijah Brown
    Khadijah Brown 2 months ago

    Let Terrance Crawford and him step in the ring first. Then I will love to see the press conference... it’s a big money fight but he won’t do it.. Boxing is so boring right now..

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 2 months ago +3

    Spence afraid of Crawford

  • Kenneth Rodgers
    Kenneth Rodgers 2 months ago +2

    Errol Spence is a great fighter however I believe he has totally unestimated Terrence Crawford’s ability and the way
    Errol Spence is a real professional and would not take a drink before an interview

    • Mike rosser
      Mike rosser 2 months ago

      He doesn't take Crawford lightly he just believes he can beat him that's called confidence

  • ras gan
    ras gan 2 months ago

    Crawford vs Spence is gonna be a good fight but is gonna be very hard fight for Spence

  • Anthony Carlyle
    Anthony Carlyle 2 months ago +2

    “When the Henny’s in his system.....”

  • darren strathdee
    darren strathdee 2 months ago

    Man you speak to much
    “Errol spence” do something about it

  • RideLow357
    RideLow357 2 months ago

    This trash ass bum! Protected ass Cherry pickin bum! Lol 😂 this dudes trash! Couldn't even KO a fat lightweight LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • M K
    M K 2 months ago

    Def had couple drinks

  • Aa Bb
    Aa Bb 2 months ago

    He actually wrong unfortunately

  • Anthony M
    Anthony M 2 months ago

    Errol has been watching Soulja Boy interview on Breakfast Club 😂💀 Errol still sensitive

    • KeJa
      KeJa 2 months ago

      he speaking 100% real shit .. period

  • Miguel Garcia
    Miguel Garcia 2 months ago

    Good interview Errol your da man

  • NickS. ••
    NickS. •• 2 months ago +1

    I am a
    But dude
    If Algeiri is your best opponent
    (Brooks was way better)
    Aint much to boast about.

    • NickS. ••
      NickS. •• 2 months ago

      Demarcus Newsome

    • Demarcus Newsome
      Demarcus Newsome 2 months ago

      NickS. •• he said name someone better than Chris that Bud has beating? Not that Chris is his best...

  • PalealYah Bayn Yisrael
    PalealYah Bayn Yisrael 2 months ago


  • witness3rd
    witness3rd 2 months ago

    Thank God he said Thurman, and monetarily Danny is a money fight somewhat regardless that he's dethroned now. Terence V Errol is worht more money come sometime next year after say Thurman V Porter 2, Spence V Thurman, or say Crawford V D. Garcia or Craw V any other Champ in the weightclass (not Errol). Terence and Errol have the most star power imo, and they still need to build the storyline for fans, even unconvinced ones, to buy into the story which eventually will be Spence V Crawford. Pacquiao is a money fight regardless whether he wins or loses, but the consensus is that all other belts are the better storyline for becoming their own PPV earner.

  • Daniel Griffin
    Daniel Griffin 2 months ago

    move up in weight, problems solved.

  • deek the pict
    deek the pict 2 months ago

    what is soul ?

  • Chris Shanklin
    Chris Shanklin 2 months ago

    Lmao I cried when I heard Ab

  • Multi Vids
    Multi Vids 2 months ago

    Both fighters still got a lot to prove...

  • B Wade
    B Wade 2 months ago +4

    I got Spence beating Crawford.

  • Srinivas Pillai
    Srinivas Pillai 2 months ago +3

    Erroll in ring can take and give it, so from the pulpit or dais, he showed his other side, can speak intelligently with civility, great champ, love from me your fan, best wishes, God bless.

  • Paulo Aman
    Paulo Aman 2 months ago


  • Paulo Aman
    Paulo Aman 2 months ago


  • tv auto
    tv auto 2 months ago +35

    He drunk and sober at the same time

    RICHIE PORTER 2 months ago

    Crawford easily outboxes Spence!

  • CR Jr.
    CR Jr. 2 months ago

    He trying to say Terrance Crawford smoke and mirrors lmao yeah right this fight will happen hopefully and when Terence beats him let Errol say who Terence beat 😂

  • Ayaz China
    Ayaz China 3 months ago +1

    Errol for president. We believe in the truth. Errol would win Crawford. His work rate is on another level.

  • thie hunter
    thie hunter 3 months ago +1

    Errol be hating on bud he's stronger than bud but to me bud is the better boxer.

    • King BaBy
      King BaBy Month ago

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 you smoking penis

  • bizz 84
    bizz 84 3 months ago +2

    I like Spence off that Henny 🗣🤣😂