• Published on Oct 17, 2019
    Check out a collection of household ideas that will change your life:
    -Carpets usually tend to roll in the corners or even slide. If could be dangerous as you can fall. We share a quick idea that will help to secure your rug easily. Attach velcro straps to the corners. This method also works with mats in the bathroom and all rugs throughout the house.
    -The next craft is cool - you can make massage and cleaning slippers that will cost you a penny
    -We share a cool lifehack on how to easily seal a plastic bag to keep cookies or candies fresh. Place items in the cello bag and place the bag between the heated curling iron and hold for a couple of seconds
    -Use magnets to organize kitchen tools
    -Babies and toddlers love to climb and you should keep them safe from falling wardrobes and chests of drawers. Watch our video and find tips for securing furniture to a wall
    -One more collection of cool crafts is about ceramic tile. You will learn how to decorate ceramic tile, how to reuse ceramic tile at home
    -Do not buy cleaning wipes at the store as you can easily make them at home and you will love the result. You will need to mix lemon juice, water, vinegar, alcohol, baking soda, and Dr. Bronner’s soap
    -Air fresheners may contain a lot of chemicals and might be dangerous for your health. We offer you an easy way to make air fresheners at home from natural ingredients. Take vodka, add essential oils and leaves of mint. You saved a lot of money and all the ingredients are natural
    00:40 DIY Massage slippers
    03:35 Repairing ideas
    06:29 How to decorate ceramic tile
    09:40 DIY Natural cleaners
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  • nitin mathew Thomas
    nitin mathew Thomas 2 days ago

    Check this out thexvid.com/video/_b7ig6Zh7gY/video.html

  • Irene Armentrout
    Irene Armentrout 7 days ago

    9:46 who has pink tolite paper😕⁉️😵

  • Victoria Good
    Victoria Good 8 days ago

    Anybody watching in... Hm.. 2810?

  • Shadow_ Stormz
    Shadow_ Stormz 10 days ago +1

    Me:I'm breaking them so I can put them in the wall for decorations.
    My mum:And where did you get this from?
    Me:5 minute crafts

  • JacL57
    JacL57 13 days ago

    5:53 wow you fix wall by using compound made to fix that

  • SirSavage
    SirSavage 16 days ago

    Air freshener for an alcoholic 🤣🤣

  • Mary Rotoli
    Mary Rotoli 16 days ago

    5 minute craft? Not if you have to wait to hours

  • Josh Vanderstoep
    Josh Vanderstoep 17 days ago +1

    I had no idea this was an anti Christian channel but after listening to the music I can definitely tell

  • Disabled Account
    Disabled Account 17 days ago +1

    How literally it takes more time to do this than to just do it normally.

  • Rebecca Gutierrez
    Rebecca Gutierrez 18 days ago +5

    These folks have some incredible faith in hot glue.

  • Jessica Snow
    Jessica Snow Month ago +1

    Oh boy! The same 30 hacks from the same 400 videos. Revolutionary!

  • Anxiety At The Club

    5:52 The thing is, hot glue doesn't stick to smooth surfaces very well, since it's basically melted and cooled rubber, so the pins will pop off the plates pretty fast

  • Makaela Davis
    Makaela Davis Month ago +6

    Am I the only one who questions their song choices

    • Josh Vanderstoep
      Josh Vanderstoep 17 days ago +2

      There sing is anti Christian I dont like that because I am a christian

  • Moms Account
    Moms Account Month ago

    Some of these arent bad, stop hating.

  • запах сирени

    Tolko russkie poimut chto zdec napisanno :p

  • qing cai
    qing cai Month ago

    0:52 easy-feet:”are we a joke to u?”

  • Andrea Lewis
    Andrea Lewis Month ago

    The 13:09 trick wouldn't stop stuff from splattering on you, it would stop stuff from flying straight into the air, soooooo, HAK. BUSTED. (Oh, and like all of your thumbnails and titles are clickbait. Guess how many other people think that too?)

  • Chloe's Corner
    Chloe's Corner Month ago

    0:09 "Okay lemme just bend the spoon with my bare hands"

    • Poppy Davies
      Poppy Davies Month ago

      Chloe's Corner I do that for fun some Rhône’s 😹

  • Saima Akram
    Saima Akram Month ago

    What’s next your house is going to be made out of cardboard

  • puppylover9 j
    puppylover9 j Month ago

    Fake doll your are so bad

  • puppylover9 j
    puppylover9 j Month ago

    I don't like it

  • Nura Abdullayeva
    Nura Abdullayeva Month ago


  • Alex Ceillam
    Alex Ceillam Month ago

    11.18 or you could just use detol

  • Alex Ceillam
    Alex Ceillam Month ago

    @4.30 unless they were drilling the supports directly into the support for that wall they would not only bring down the wall after a small amount of weight was even applied but the “life hack” wouldn’t even be effective!

  • Lotje
    Lotje Month ago

    Finally some of these were 5 minute crafts XD

  • Ima Cat Playz
    Ima Cat Playz Month ago +1

    Um I have to say something

    I still trip on the rug even when it’s stuck to the ground 😥😅

  • Adrienna Berrien
    Adrienna Berrien Month ago

    There is no way anyone could trip like that over a carpet😓

  • Tater Tots
    Tater Tots Month ago

    Just don’t have it on high speed start slow and gradually go up

  • Pink Skys51
    Pink Skys51 Month ago

    How do you bend a spoon. this person is a super human!

  • Ellie Chester
    Ellie Chester Month ago

    You know you can also tell your kid to not climb on those things

  • Fatima Attariya
    Fatima Attariya Month ago

    4.46 but the things will fall down then how it is safe

  • fatin ariesya
    fatin ariesya Month ago

    Soo good

  • peejaydee8t6
    peejaydee8t6 Month ago

    3% : OK yeh that's pretty good
    7% : OK yeh but why?
    90%: who the f**k has epoxy resin and a hot glue gun in the house?!

    • peejaydee8t6
      peejaydee8t6 20 days ago

      @Ginger Avacado lol I'd never even heard of epoxy resin before these videos lol

    • Ginger Avacado
      Ginger Avacado 22 days ago

      I have a hot glue gun but I use it for putting Christmas/Halloween decorations 😀

  • Xx Gachas
    Xx Gachas Month ago

    12:47 Bruh whats so hard about cutting it on a firm surface. You’re gonna cut your hand off if you make a wrong move

  • Himan Artists
    Himan Artists Month ago


  • Mr.Duck1 24
    Mr.Duck1 24 Month ago

    Life hack! When you wreck a wall, fix it! Using the only good thing to fix a wall! Wow five minute crafts, you are genius

  • Kelly L. Head
    Kelly L. Head Month ago

    how has the same song been playing for 13 minutes?

  • Kelly L. Head
    Kelly L. Head Month ago

    umm hope my mom does not get mad at me for smashing the only vase, thing she had left of my grandma!!!

  • Kelly L. Head
    Kelly L. Head Month ago +2

    right cause everyone has tile ashesive laying around in there house and how did one tea cup smash into 3 half parts plus bunch of pieces this just disobeys physics

  • Clarity MacDonald
    Clarity MacDonald Month ago


  • Sero furry OwO
    Sero furry OwO Month ago

    This is fake :-(

  • MusicLover18
    MusicLover18 Month ago

    Jenna Marbles doesn’t like you so I don’t like you either.

  • Prarthan Rindani
    Prarthan Rindani Month ago

    chal ae 4 laphe

  • Ne0 san
    Ne0 san Month ago

    You ever just intensionally trip on your purposefully folded carpet?

  • Paddendel gaming
    Paddendel gaming Month ago


  • Honey
    Honey Month ago

    Fantastic 😱

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Month ago

    These hacks are actually useful

  • Kendra Cole
    Kendra Cole Month ago

    5:14 like that's gonna help what if you press it against the wall crooked then what?
    6:34 you realise you just primed that white so you don't need to paint it white after right?

  • cb2410cb2410
    cb2410cb2410 Month ago

    five (5) minute crafts???

  • tomato tomato
    tomato tomato Month ago

    Whou it is det

  • wan npp
    wan npp Month ago


  • Salimou MARIE
    Salimou MARIE Month ago +1

    je deteste vo musique

  • Elizabeth Griffin
    Elizabeth Griffin Month ago

    It's not called cork it's bulletin

  • Steph Weasenforth
    Steph Weasenforth Month ago +6

    Have you never heard of drywall anchors? Unless you're on a stud, the screws will rip right out.

  • Weirdotopian Stories
    Weirdotopian Stories Month ago +1

    8:49 when you fall dramatically and drop 3 cups, breaking them in the exact same place each time.

  • Celeste Gomez
    Celeste Gomez Month ago

    Wowwwwww 🎊 🎏 🎈 🎉 ✨ 🎇 🌌

  • iiWillowii Tree
    iiWillowii Tree Month ago +2

    My question is... Why does that hot glue take so long to dry??? 🤔

  • JoAnna Lincoln
    JoAnna Lincoln Month ago

    Those screws are way too short to hold that bookshelf into that wall. Unless those screws hit studs, they're going to tear right out of the drywall when a kid climbs on it. You're going to get somebody's kid killed. You need to think about what kind of content you are putting into the world and the possibilities of it's use, even if that use is unintended. If someone secures a bookshelf the way it is shown in your video and their kid climbs on it and gets crushed when the shelf falls, YOU are responsible. Maybe not legally, but you're still responsible. Reporting for dangerous content.

  • Kayla Larue
    Kayla Larue Month ago

    4:18 the bolt was 8.8 and the wrench was 1.9

  • Sunny Scott
    Sunny Scott Month ago +1

    When did "useless tips " become " awful hacks " ?