Lionel Messi's perfect response to Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimović's arrogance | Oh My Goal

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic are as well-known for their talent as they are for their eccentricity. When Messi was asked about these two players’ capacity to show off, Lionel Messi had this brilliant answer, which is a good reminder that the Argentinian has an exceptional sense of team spirit.
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    Oh My Goal - News  25 days ago +203

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    • Naser Shehadeh
      Naser Shehadeh 17 days ago

      As Ronaldinho once said :
      Sempre Messi ❤

    • Abhishek Nath Choudhury
      Abhishek Nath Choudhury 19 days ago

      @LuCaS PLAYS hey bitch 😊

    • BiG sHaQ
      BiG sHaQ 22 days ago +1

      Who here came expecting Messi to give a savage response?
      Agree : Like
      Disagree : Comment (What did you expect?)

    • BiG sHaQ
      BiG sHaQ 22 days ago

      @Tim Hortons Cup Series hello

    • Victor Unuebholo
      Victor Unuebholo 24 days ago +1

      Stupid video considering amongst three of them Messi plays the shitiest for his country 😂 so why should Argentina make him a statue.... SoMeoNe iS ruNnINg oUt Of COnTenT

  • Saurabh Srivastav
    Saurabh Srivastav 3 hours ago

    Messi has a store on his name. Messi store. Ha ha 😂 😂

  • Dota 2 Guide by #Pub-Star

    this was one of this shiitest video ever

    IPYES 9 hours ago

    Some people don't understand Zlatan. He doesn't mean it serious. He likes to make jokes. He knows that Cr7 and Messi are better than him. Everybody knows this, including himself. Cr7 really thinks that he is the best. Which I can understand. Messi thinks that he is the best too, but doesn't say it

  • Sree Tharan
    Sree Tharan Day ago

    Leo is more like a team player while the other two are individualistic players that's why they both willing to change teams to get a new experience but unlike Messi he's too attached to his own team .. messi knew there's no other team that could keep up with his form and playing style.. so in this case different players have different personalities and perspective . So let them be.. they have the talent and they have the rights to say nice about them , if Messi don't speak about himself, that's his thing..

  • amr k21
    amr k21 2 days ago

    What a stupid video I've seen

  • Ozymandias
    Ozymandias 2 days ago

    Nahh, he's just a shy dude

  • Stanko418
    Stanko418 2 days ago

    History of Zlatan, no... Zlatan of history

  • Damy taylor
    Damy taylor 2 days ago

    Messi has Asparger síndrome, it takes a lot to express himself. It’s a hard condition. Stop comparing Messi and Ronaldo instead enjoy them. Zlatan is a butcher not a champion take him out of here. Zlatan doesn’t belong to that table.

  • Prabhat Rai
    Prabhat Rai 2 days ago +1

    "Messi is like a PlayStation player" -Zlatan

  • Areen Mehta
    Areen Mehta 3 days ago

    Zlatan is arrogant Ronaldo has self confidence messi has football talent

  • TheEnes2000 /
    TheEnes2000 / 3 days ago

    why is this channel so against ronaldo

  • cesar rocha
    cesar rocha 3 days ago

    Muy bien que asi lo piense sobretodo cuando juega para su pais cuando juegas para tu verdadero pais ????? El barca

  • Harish Ram
    Harish Ram 4 days ago

    Tell me the background message i loved it more

  • Harish Ram
    Harish Ram 4 days ago

    Whats the background music for Messi @oh my goal

  • Eternal VZ
    Eternal VZ 4 days ago +6

    “A King that needs to remind the people that he is a King, is no King at all” - Tywin Lannister

  • Thankso Malo
    Thankso Malo 4 days ago

    King never praise himself, he show by his work.

  • Amanuel Gezahange
    Amanuel Gezahange 4 days ago

    Only those who have inferiority complex talk.

  • Ant_82 Man
    Ant_82 Man 5 days ago

    Ibrahimovic isn’t even one of the greatest.!!!!! His mouth for talking shit is

  • Rodrigo
    Rodrigo 5 days ago

    Messi, can you help Griezmann?

  • Luis Felipe Salas
    Luis Felipe Salas 5 days ago +1

    messi ♌️ legend of legends

  • M.Hussain Mehdi
    M.Hussain Mehdi 6 days ago

    Oh My Goal: Messi doesn't have self-confidence
    Meanwhile Messi ;Put consecutive two free kicks in the goal in the same way from the same spot 😏
    (edited: )many times

  • Nischl Tiwari
    Nischl Tiwari 6 days ago

    Have you heard of the phrase “Empty vessels make the most noise”? It's a proverb that means that those with the least talent and knowledge usually speak the most, speak the loudest, and create the most fuss - whatever makes their presence felt the most. Same here

  • Ricky Munoz
    Ricky Munoz 6 days ago

    The reason is simple, not everyone has the same personalities but you can be two of these: an extrovert or an introvert, Ibra & Ronaldo are extroverts meanwhile Messi is an introvert. That’s it

    • Ricky Munoz
      Ricky Munoz 6 days ago

      Oh & another reason is he only speaks one language which is not English 😂

  • Dusonan Patek
    Dusonan Patek 6 days ago

    Fuck u ronaldo fuck u mother

  • FireSlays250
    FireSlays250 6 days ago +1

    "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken"
    -Oscar Wilde

  • saurabh pawar
    saurabh pawar 7 days ago +4


  • Ben's Tuan Ben's Tuan Ben's Tuan Ben's Tuan

    Cr 7 fans like here

  • T C
    T C 7 days ago +2

    Cristiano: best among men
    Zlatan: legend among men
    Leo: messiah to men

  • Sieberj
    Sieberj 7 days ago

    Messi is just a pussy

  • Muhammad Khairulizat Bin Amrin

    A humble player

  • Abi Nash
    Abi Nash 7 days ago

    Not everyone's choice is the same and it never will be. Some prefer those who boast like Ronaldo while some prefer those who don't, like Messi.
    None of their differences matters or determines who's better footballer. What matters is their performance in the field. Messi doesn't talk much but creates magic while Ronaldo boasts but also backs up his talks in the field remember that and stop making silly comparisons.

  • Suman Neupane
    Suman Neupane 8 days ago

    thank you messi for playing football showing the most unique way of doing it... whenever you touch ball its amazing to see

  • Mulangira Top
    Mulangira Top 8 days ago

    maradona did argentina more than what messi is dreaming of,messi will be in barca folklore but maradona will be chapters in argentine history

  • Edwin Vasquez
    Edwin Vasquez 9 days ago +1

    Of course he isn’t gonna say he’s the best cause he’s not

  • Think Panther
    Think Panther 9 days ago

    Character is also a big thing in marketing a player as a brand.
    So this video doesn't make me love any of these players more than I already do.

    This is just another kiss ass video on TheXvid

  • Tony 'La Haya'
    Tony 'La Haya' 9 days ago


    LOKENDRA MALVI 9 days ago

    Messi is GOD OF FOOTBALL.

  • Afshin The Great
    Afshin The Great 9 days ago +4

    "I came like a king I left like a legend" - Zlatan
    "I came as no one and became a G.O.A.T" - Messi

  • Emilia del Pedregal Quiroz

    Overly dramatic and exagerated thing... anyway I prefer Messi

  • Arthur Louie
    Arthur Louie 10 days ago +1

    What the hell happened to oh my goal
    Nowadays posting always known to people

  • king james jo fashion
    king james jo fashion 10 days ago

    This is very funny.... Messi was part of the reasons so many great Argentina players like dybala, icardi, tevez not live up to expectations.... They are always constructing the team to suit him.... He is shy but he is not humble, he craves to be the best like anyone else, for him to promise Barcelona to bring back the UCL shows how proud he is in his ability, all human beings are different.... What works for you can't work for me

  • shaddy daddy
    shaddy daddy 10 days ago +1

    Messi is the best of all periodt.

  • Asif Ansari
    Asif Ansari 10 days ago

    Perfect response?😂🤦🏻‍♂️ he's minding his own business man. He don't give a f*** about what goes on in their life amd vice versa. Perfect respo- my ass

  • Wilson Yanqui
    Wilson Yanqui 10 days ago

    This channel is just made to chat sh*t

  • Mohammad Waqas
    Mohammad Waqas 10 days ago

    And what messi has they cant have its a poetry of soccer.

  • Ronaldo Ronaldo
    Ronaldo Ronaldo 10 days ago

    messi 👑 the king of football .

  • Ringo Rikhi
    Ringo Rikhi 10 days ago

    Being humility is his image. Hero doesn’t need to brag, his followers will brag.

  • Minato Namikaze
    Minato Namikaze 11 days ago

    What the fuck happened to oh my goal ???

  • Jake1995
    Jake1995 11 days ago

    I love it when greatness is modest .

  • Anish Sinchuri
    Anish Sinchuri 11 days ago +3

    He didn't call himself as best
    But fact is he is greatest of all time
    Best in the history

  • 1904 18
    1904 18 11 days ago

    Also i can cook fabulous food, and i dont tell anyone. But when people sits on my table they look at me like"who da fook is that guy" ahahaha. My beautiful wife has a lot of tattoos, like 30 or more, and when somebody asks her where she have done them she says "it was Sérgio, my husband" and one more time they go "whaaaaaaat?!".. And for me its amazing not to tell everyone what i am capable off.. Is just way better see their faces when they know. Anyone feel the same?

  • 1904 18
    1904 18 11 days ago +1

    As a portuguese citizen, im not blind as almost all portuguese people, who says that Ronaldo is the best, or even the best ever... Ive seen Zidane, Ronaldo fenómeno, Ronaldinho, ive seen trully amazing players, pure class, not pure muscle. When football was just a dream to watch and enjoy. So for me Messi is everything i want to see nowadays. Messi is little, is shy, is humble. But his talento was born with him, not build like Ronaldo. I am Portuguese and fuck all the blind fools who says that Ronaldo is the best, just because is Portuguese. If Ronaldo was from Argentina and Messi from Portugal, for this people Messi would be the best. And for me Eusébio was the best ever. Done what he have done in Benfica, in Portugal team, in that time when everything was more harsh, the pitch, the ball, the training... Not even comparable. Ronaldo is amazing, a pure machine. But for me football is not about who shoots harder, or runs faster. Is about TALENT and CLASS. And Messi is from a planet far away. Ronaldo is product of hardwork, Messi is a product of the football Gods.

    ANONYMOUSCRACKER 11 days ago


  • soccer steve
    soccer steve 11 days ago

    Action speaks louder than words, football is a game of passion just enjoy it.

  • Entro God
    Entro God 11 days ago +4

    When coin falls on the ground it makes noise but when a note falls it doesn't...

  • Terry van scorpio
    Terry van scorpio 12 days ago

    De bruyne is very similar to this

  • SuperMattiaskarlsson
    SuperMattiaskarlsson 12 days ago

    Wow you just trying to make Messi look like the best haha

  • SuperMattiaskarlsson
    SuperMattiaskarlsson 12 days ago

    Well thats just boring, Zlatan is the real King, MESSI is not.

  • Savvas pro10
    Savvas pro10 12 days ago

    Fuck Ronaldo and Zlatan
    Only Messi!!🔥💪🔝