Diddy Compares Pusha And Drake Battle To 2pac And Biggie, Talks The Four + More


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  • T. Stamp
    T. Stamp 2 months ago

    Knowing how smart and tactical BIG is with the pen that Hit Em Up response woulda been fuckin crazy

  • Gabrial Gordon
    Gabrial Gordon 4 months ago

    WOOOW so Biggie was gonna respond! But Diddy shut him down. They should have ask Diddy? What kind of response was Biggie gonna say??

  • 2pacthegreatestofalltime Makaveli4life

    Just for record. If biggie would of respond GOD MC would of ruined biggie career. Trust me on that one. Pac would had one better than hit them up. Makaveli is the nigga you don't want it with. Even long kiss goodnight by big still not fucking with Hit'em up. Big career would of been over. It's funny how everyone wants to release shit about what was going to happen or what they was going to do but no one said Shit when he was alive because career would of been over from the lyrical assassin. Smh

  • Matthias Horne
    Matthias Horne 6 months ago

    No comparison they don't really have a beef

  • Tweet DHE Boss
    Tweet DHE Boss 6 months ago

    Diddy Said How He Felt Gotta Respect It

  • Taneka Bellamy
    Taneka Bellamy 6 months ago +1


  • Joser Boi
    Joser Boi 7 months ago

    Drake took a L

  • M K
    M K 7 months ago


  • JAY-V Savage
    JAY-V Savage 7 months ago

    Why nobody ain't stop Nas n jayz then

  • EzrA A
    EzrA A 7 months ago

    This rap battle is no where near 2 pac and biggies drama

  • Be The Change
    Be The Change 7 months ago

    "Let's build a separate city for all the light skin black folk and call it wellkinda"....that shit is funny and I'm light skinned too.

  • Eben Sanders
    Eben Sanders 7 months ago

    I’m from Va but that’s not going to have an impact on what music I vibe with. With that being said Push came with that back in the day beef lyrically and said things that people get butt hurt over smh oh well drake still got it In him but push really let loose

  • Sam Rodgers
    Sam Rodgers 7 months ago

    Pac and Big were two of the fakest thugs frfr..

  • Jeffrey Moran
    Jeffrey Moran 7 months ago +1

    Now I wish Big would have responded to Pac he slick side did it on one track but never said Pac's name.

  • Moe X
    Moe X 7 months ago

    Diddy shut them dick suckers n never speak again fuckin batty boy I heard about you havin sex wit men. Diddy is a clown n a homosexual

    • Moe X
      Moe X 7 months ago

      I already know Drake is a homosexual

  • Damoskinos
    Damoskinos 7 months ago

    Diddly has the expression of the guy who has sole responsibility of just pressing the copy button on the Office photo copier.

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig 7 months ago

    Pussy puffy!

  • Janee Hall
    Janee Hall 7 months ago

    At the end of the day none of these rappers dead or alive has the emotional or cultural influence like Tupac and BIG had soooooo. For you to compare these two to legends is hilarious😂😂

  • shottaz777
    shottaz777 7 months ago

    i love charlamagne an the breakfast club

  • Ronan Raw
    Ronan Raw 7 months ago

    Am I the only one that Instead of puffy I could here more like tupac through that mic, the way he talks, the voice.

  • jon
    jon 7 months ago

    Just get us entertained dafties

  • smith housen
    smith housen 7 months ago

    So I guess after this we gon call Pusha T-upac... duck outta here.. I get the point diddy made though..

  • Charles Thomas
    Charles Thomas 7 months ago

    I like Pusha but he'll get his 5 minutes just like Remy with Shether but then everything will go back to normal with Drake dominating the scene just like Nicki went back to being the top female rapper.

  • Ibz John
    Ibz John 7 months ago

    How can it be more personnel they mentioned mum's wives and children

  • Ibz John
    Ibz John 7 months ago

    How can this man talk about God not to be judge and jury. But look at your life.U might think he blessed but this life ain't nothing.this life is a test weather u rich or poor we call have different hurdles put in front of us which are a challenge or test for us.

  • Acoustic Silk
    Acoustic Silk 7 months ago

    Nobody has tv anymore, i feel like they should have done it on facebook watch or youtube.

  • Mehek T
    Mehek T 7 months ago

    Long Kiss Goodnight was definitely a Tupac diss.

  • John 3:16
    John 3:16 7 months ago

    Respect to Rick Ross he let Meek fight his own battle and didn't get involved

  • D. A.
    D. A. 7 months ago

    P. Diddy is a hammite... Noah knows.

  • Justin Keith
    Justin Keith 7 months ago

    Charlamagne is such a bird sometimes

  • John Khaos
    John Khaos 7 months ago

    So diddy spoke on some shit that he literally been through but people said he don't know what he talking about haha haha ..smh

  • John Khaos
    John Khaos 7 months ago

    "Wellkinda " ...haha haha

  • Chucktha2s
    Chucktha2s 7 months ago

    Envy said love you back smh

  • A.G LOVE
    A.G LOVE 7 months ago


  • Robert Edwards
    Robert Edwards 7 months ago

    Diddy lying

  • Paul Callaghan
    Paul Callaghan 7 months ago

    Talks a lot, says nothing.

  • Dani Malik
    Dani Malik 7 months ago

    Gangsters back then - Guns and fights, todays gangsters - blah blah blah blah blah

  • Jessica Floyd
    Jessica Floyd 7 months ago

    All y'all jumping on the pusha t bandwagon and y'all know that pusha haven't a hit since grindin and y'all the same fools who play Drake and was in the clubs when his reggae songs hit the radio. Stop it. This beef ain't that serious. Pac and biggie had a east coast vs west coast against each other.

  • Babyfacekilla Pink
    Babyfacekilla Pink 7 months ago

    thexvid.com/video/HeCYZGcZRnM/video.html trash media Overrated FACTS

  • wink wink
    wink wink 7 months ago

    This is a stretch. Like a heavy weight boxing a light weight. Big & Pac had whole coasts beefing. This mess between Drake & Pusha T is nowhere near that.

  • john phillips
    john phillips 7 months ago

    Eternity is to long to get this wrong. Accept Jesus Christ today, we are not promised a tomorrow. Do yourselves a favour and check out these channels, ODD Reality and Truth Happens.

  • shebashine1
    shebashine1 7 months ago

    Everybody keeps talking about Drake vs Pusha. It's about their camps and affiliates that would have been the problem. The people that have been around other beefs back in the day realize this .All you need is a couple of people going off on their own making moves. These two people are not going to shoot anybody, but it is others that will take matters into their own hands whether these two people tell them or not.

  • Michelle watts
    Michelle watts 7 months ago

    A positive voice. Big Up P.D.GOD is GOOD 100% 70""VE

  • kader3kad
    kader3kad 7 months ago +1

    9:39 was he referring to the time diddy slapped drake?

  • Big BoyXXL
    Big BoyXXL 7 months ago

    Diddy go home! Ur not famous anymore!! Trying to talk about modern "artists" to gain some attention. Fucking idiot!

    JT STAR 7 months ago

    but Drake and Pusha aren't thugs. I don't know shit about Pusha but he looks more like a thug then Drake

  • Dre Wright
    Dre Wright 7 months ago

    Diddy needs to sit down. He must've forgotten that he himself physically assaulted Drake because he stole his beat.Diddy probably sees money in drake that's why he's being 2 faced towards him.

  • Natty Pearce
    Natty Pearce 7 months ago

    Diddy, STFU

  • Johnny Boy!
    Johnny Boy! 7 months ago

    Comment section full of stupid people who ain't even watch the clip

  • Annyonomus 777
    Annyonomus 777 7 months ago +1

    I was really hoping that someone would kill Drake or his mother.

  • GameoverUK
    GameoverUK 7 months ago

    Sorry, I came from a Rita ora video, didn't even watch this rubbish, just had to comment on the title. CGOD is a knob head

  • Leon King
    Leon King 7 months ago

    In short diddy agreed that Tupac handed him a HUGE L

  • Detroit Red
    Detroit Red 7 months ago +1

    Drake is a pop artist. He's a suburb white kid.

    • Dre Wright
      Dre Wright 7 months ago

      Detroit Red for real and he's not even from the states he's from Canada.

  • Troy K
    Troy K 7 months ago

    Puff talks about black excellence so why he working with Fox?

  • Edi Skenderov
    Edi Skenderov 7 months ago


  • Eric Bell
    Eric Bell 7 months ago

    04:18 - Ice cube voice "I push rhymes like weight."
    Its funny AF cuz you cant tell for sure if; it was a joke? or was the literal name "Weight Watchers" SO spot-on that Diddy just speaking regular English... accidentally stumbled into a clever word-flip that just happened funny AAMF...
    FAAMF(funny.as.a.mother.f##ker, copyright BISH... do yo' GOOGLES, N166A!. ....sike).

  • 乔恩
    乔恩 7 months ago

    Daddy lol

  • caramel king200000
    caramel king200000 7 months ago +1

    Puffy = A F*k N!@@a !!! (see: rat like his father)

  • o zekeo
    o zekeo 7 months ago

    For the record I don’t agree but for shits and giggles who is big and who is pac when it comes to the artistry? In the words of pusha t “dope dealing aside writing records aside”

  • 503 Johnson
    503 Johnson 7 months ago +1

    Diddy want some attention

  • defektev
    defektev 7 months ago

    Diddy trying to instigate rap beefs into real violence again?

  • Shan Shan
    Shan Shan 7 months ago

    2pac 4 lifeee

  • kia golphin
    kia golphin 7 months ago +1

    Damn CTG, give fat people a fucking break!!! We try!!!😂😂😂

  • Audioplugg Music Productions, LLC

    1st off Pac and Big didn't battle. Pac was battlin himself cuz Big didn't want NOOOOO smoke 😎

  • JumpOffBiggSean
    JumpOffBiggSean 7 months ago

    DRAKE Is A JEWISH CANADIAN!!!!! What makes this clown J prince think Drake is gonna take it to the streets?? OK fine if Drake has this "amazing diss record" that's gonna end careers then restructure the record and come out with a good diss record.

  • Tyler Mitchell
    Tyler Mitchell 7 months ago


  • Mike Lowery
    Mike Lowery 7 months ago

    Diddy bugging!!

    MISHIT KINGS 7 months ago

    Why is he even bringing up Big and Pac beef up again? This story is sooo old already. Comparing DRAKE? lol

  • Don Juan
    Don Juan 7 months ago

    Why does anyone actually listen to this fruity homosexual weirdo anyway?? This weird motherfucker said Rick Ross the cop was the "new Biggie". Straight up retarded.

  • S-AR
    S-AR 7 months ago

    Stop comparing Pac to these fools.there is no comparison

  • Donny Ray
    Donny Ray 7 months ago

    Pretty sure 2Pac and Biggie both died ... so not really a comparison but ok

  • E Walt
    E Walt 7 months ago

    THOSE SOUTHSIDE CRIPS THO, smh puff full of shit

  • Stating the Obvious
    Stating the Obvious 7 months ago

    Diddy is such a fuckin instigator. This beef is no where like the 2Pac and Biggie beef. He just doesn't like Drake!

  • Thom smith
    Thom smith 7 months ago

    Diddy off his tits

  • Timothy Doggett
    Timothy Doggett 7 months ago

    Nah diddy , BIG put out a diss called " long kiss goodnight" 🤔🤔🤔

  • Andrew Alexander
    Andrew Alexander 7 months ago

    Somehow, I think it got personal.
    ' thexvid.com/video/aN5sZF8K-Ko/video.html '

  • Annu Naki
    Annu Naki 7 months ago

    More like 2pax and mob deep

  • J Alford
    J Alford 7 months ago

    Why Charlamagne aint have this to say about Drake when J. Prince was in the building? And Diddy letting Charlamagne ask him id he wished he had let Big drop the diss since it turned out the way it did anyway is sad. Cowards by thr pound.

  • Siddy king
    Siddy king 7 months ago

    Puffy or p.diddy both 😅🤣😂are #hypocrites "Who shot ya" was a response to hit'em up . And the biggie verse "favor in ya hear" remix "not from Houston but I rap-a-lot pack da gat a lot da flav bouta drop"

    • Chana Ziggy
      Chana Ziggy 7 months ago

      salute to brother love okey,gud chana Dar Tanzania UBUNGO

  • Lisyghettostory
    Lisyghettostory 7 months ago

    Nothing about people getting fired and a million dollar painting being bought

  • Simon Toro
    Simon Toro 7 months ago


  • NDZ
    NDZ 7 months ago

    Diddy be trying to revive the 90’s, like that shit ain’t coming back. He should have realised that when he hired the gun.

  • NDZ
    NDZ 7 months ago

    The beef is already done. Bloody Logan Paul and ksi had a longer run. About as big as biggie and pac, my man got shot and was out for vengeance. Drake had a baby.. okay smh

  • sacoope1
    sacoope1 7 months ago

    I totally disagree with Diddy. Tupac and Biggie drama was hardcore in he hood drama. Drake and Pusha T is soft beef.

  • Risen Phoenix
    Risen Phoenix 7 months ago

    What BIG had written? Big didnt write. Team darkskin CTG? You was bleaching. You look a little darker now...

  • Champion Heart
    Champion Heart 7 months ago

    Wellkinda Lol 🤣🤣

  • Comment Beast
    Comment Beast 7 months ago

    Ok breakfast club click baited the headline

  • Edward Ricketts
    Edward Ricketts 7 months ago

    Charlamagne is nuts ... "Wellkinda" PMSL

  • YaGirlification
    YaGirlification 7 months ago +1


  • Darius Young
    Darius Young 7 months ago

    Does anybody know wtf Angie be talking about ? Lol. She throws the whole vibe off

  • k
    k 7 months ago

    Well Kinda 😭

  • Prime Time
    Prime Time 7 months ago

    It not the same snitch go sit your black azz down somewhere

  • loso way
    loso way 7 months ago

    Fuk drake

  • Chelley Will
    Chelley Will 7 months ago

    Does Drake really have "secrets" on Pusha or is that bs rumor made by Prince to allow Drake to take a L? I remember Pusha saying he doesn't have any secrets, so what did Drake spend $100k on to not release? ...🤔

  • Fine Art
    Fine Art 7 months ago

    Ye lookin fine in this one

  • David deitoros
    David deitoros 7 months ago


  • 1zzy Duz It
    1zzy Duz It 7 months ago +1

    Diddy made the PAC & Biggie reference cuz he's saying how he knows exactly how it feel to be Drake in this situation. Tupac's "Hit Em Up" diss hurt and embarrassed the whole bad boy squad-but realized they couldn't act off emotion...it'll cause more issues, so they stepped away *hence Drake not responding * but that seemed to go over yall heads

  • diane long
    diane long 7 months ago

    Can't nobody touch Drake lyrically or nothing and Diddy knows that Not even him So sit down and they all been warned It's the Fans and these radio DJs who hype this mess UP creating confusion so I'm glad JPrince shut every body down haha even CMTG Had to stfu about it

  • al zolez
    al zolez 7 months ago

    wouldve been nice to have one biggie dis track against pac. you know that shit wouldve bodied pac. Big was too nice.

    • issiahsilva
      issiahsilva 3 months ago

      al zolez go listen to Long KISS Goodnight