Real Play Button vs CHINESE CLONE

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
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  • Fabio Mora
    Fabio Mora Day ago

    I can replace you with Google... How many times a day will Linus employees heard that?
    Maybe you can import another from the Chinese Taipei

  • 揚小
    揚小 19 days ago


  • Tyler Barnes
    Tyler Barnes 20 days ago

    You can hire me to be channel super funs event coordinator. Then Dennis or Alex and I could go on exciting informational trips. like calculating g force from sky diving. or over amped power wheel races. super car challenges. testing body cams on roller coasters. testing and reviewing underwater filming equipment while scuba diving. Lots of tech opportunities along with super fun to be had.

  • Anthony C
    Anthony C 26 days ago

    The OG Play button looks like an actual play button compared to the new 1

  • Ctuchik
    Ctuchik Month ago

    Holy crap bilibilis video player is actually better! It has everything youtube does PLUS a semi fullscreen mode that sticks to inside the browser window, i love that!

  • ska hu
    ska hu Month ago

    Actually you can have a bank account with a foreing passport so u can get Money or u can make a alipay or wechat pay

  • Zes Jerome
    Zes Jerome 3 months ago

    no such thing as clone or not, do any nmw s ok

  • Auburnfan2008
    Auburnfan2008 4 months ago

    That's not what small mirrors are used for.

  • LRX
    LRX 4 months ago

    Where is NCIX Tech Tips Play button?

  • K Florence
    K Florence 4 months ago

    Poor Dennis lol

  • Cheeki Chan
    Cheeki Chan 4 months ago

    for those who don't know what is bilibili and think it a youtube Chinese clone ,nope bilibili is a China-based video sharing website themed around anime,manga and video games , there's a lot of features on bilibili i wish youtube can have it ,and no there's many way to watch youtube in China just because youtube is big didn't make anything else a clone

  • Uncultured Barbarian
    Uncultured Barbarian 4 months ago

    I like Dennis. He's fun :)

  • john fabrizio
    john fabrizio 5 months ago

    channel super fun wasn't the same w/o Nicky V

  • Tobias Johnson
    Tobias Johnson 5 months ago

    I appreciate the wide aspect ratio

  • bibert 357
    bibert 357 6 months ago

    Please have Dennis translate everything just just pull up words and have him translated to English this was so much fun to watch and I can't wait to see more of him

  • Virgil Kellogg
    Virgil Kellogg 6 months ago

    Not what your thinking rofl

  • Little Goose
    Little Goose 6 months ago

    Where do you get the clone

  • 神清必
    神清必 6 months ago


  • Seth Harvey
    Seth Harvey 6 months ago +1

    Yall should turn channel super fun into a gaming channel with lets plays and full playthoughs

  • ShroudedWolf51
    ShroudedWolf51 6 months ago

    Yeah, I agree. The TheXvid buttons almost feel....generic. Like, just bought from a shop.

  • Robert Patton
    Robert Patton 6 months ago

    I WANT A DENNIS T-SHIRT.......Dennis you are LEGEND!!!!!

  • Thomas Langford
    Thomas Langford 6 months ago

    need coffee cup in merchandise store!!

  • Jimmy Hintz
    Jimmy Hintz 6 months ago

    I REALLY wanna see the Chinese one decked out in full RGB

  • Houssein K
    Houssein K 6 months ago

    So instead of bullying those early translators for pirating your content, you gave them jobs. Thats how its done folks.

  • Vlad Iordache
    Vlad Iordache 6 months ago

    could i hove some of the money from chanel super fan for my new gaming pc. I love your chanels.

  • John Snow
    John Snow 6 months ago

    isnt that the tivo logo....copyright strike..

  • Kagemand Andersen
    Kagemand Andersen 7 months ago

    I think the title is making people believe this was a button they just purchased. They got it because they have their videos up on BiliBili, which is a Chinese video sharing service similar to TheXvid.
    Here is their channel:

  • xIpodTouchGoeroex
    xIpodTouchGoeroex 7 months ago

    its because dennis hasn't mastered the english language yet, and because his native language is so different from english, a germanic language. Bigger factor is probably that this is live, with lots of people watching, I tend to have a harder time translating in front of a crowd

  • Flesh
    Flesh 7 months ago +1


  • DaGreatAC
    DaGreatAC 7 months ago


  • Integer0verload
    Integer0verload 7 months ago

    China can make money off the USA website but USA cant make money off the China website. How convenient.... should know to expect that stuff by now

  • a b
    a b 7 months ago

    I feel like Linus speaks extra fast here.

  • StreetDreamzTT
    StreetDreamzTT 7 months ago

    Good job dennis

  • StreetDreamzTT
    StreetDreamzTT 7 months ago

    I need that jersey

  • legomeaker101
    legomeaker101 7 months ago

    so... the translators were doing it for free and you told them not to and started paying them?

  • cl banfen
    cl banfen 7 months ago


  • Roland zhang
    Roland zhang 7 months ago

    You can’t use TheXvid in China!!!!! I’m using a vpn

  • tehnimax
    tehnimax 7 months ago

    What I understood from this hodge-podge: there are content creators in desperate need of viewers and recognition thru a media platform, and there are media platforms in desperate need of recognition thru content creators and viewers. Oh, the menage a trois irony...

  • Atoool K
    Atoool K 7 months ago

    awww Channel Super Fun is dead? :( Wish I was in Canada, I would totally help :D

  • Atoool K
    Atoool K 7 months ago

    RGB it!

  • Cake Mix
    Cake Mix 7 months ago

    Dennis shave your armpits

  • Devin May
    Devin May 7 months ago

    Linus you should bring your pink civic down here to the US and enter the 24 hours of lemons race with it

  • Bastian Springer
    Bastian Springer 7 months ago

    WTF there are different Chinese fonts?
    BTW: we need CSF

  • Sokar80
    Sokar80 7 months ago

    but how many Hearts you gets ?

  • Sokar80
    Sokar80 7 months ago

    today is Chinese new year

  • Niko Yochum
    Niko Yochum 7 months ago

    This entire video is just LTT flexing

  • PATR01T
    PATR01T 7 months ago

    love this channel lol thanks linus tech tips

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith 7 months ago

    Down voting just because you used clickbait four your title.

  • π
    π 7 months ago

    I wonder if people ship Linus/Dennis love?

  • AphroditesCrush
    AphroditesCrush 7 months ago

    Dennis Tech Tips

  • ragepoweredgamer
    ragepoweredgamer 7 months ago

    UwU play button is UwU

  • Yang Xu
    Yang Xu 7 months ago

    TheXvid is banned in China so they have equivalents for youtube like bilibili, youku, iqiyi
    Google, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Twitch ect. are also banned

  • campion\everixx
    campion\everixx 7 months ago


  • Twink
    Twink 7 months ago

    The OG play button is way way better looking. The new one looks pretty cheap. The Chinese one looks tacky.

  • Pendleton 115
    Pendleton 115 7 months ago

    You say a lot of viewership are on mobile, but that includedes tablets, and lets be honest 18.9 looks absolutely awful on tablets.

  • Sarreq Teryx
    Sarreq Teryx 7 months ago

    10,000 is a myriad, so 10 myriad

  • PetrosRZ
    PetrosRZ 7 months ago

    The bilibili button is better than the google one 😂

  • Francis Dolbec
    Francis Dolbec 7 months ago

    Congrat guys!

  • xxeshalxx
    xxeshalxx 7 months ago


  • xxeshalxx
    xxeshalxx 7 months ago