Happier Than Ever - Billie Eilish (Live From iHeart Radio Music Festival)

  • Published on Sep 17, 2021
  • Espero que TheXvid no me baje el vídeo :'D

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  • Maddie Scandle

    I would die to see this song performed live in person omggg

  • Mia Veranika

    It is like sound in 50s in the beginning, like something your grandmother would listen in the broke radio to remember his lover who died in world war 1 then the transition hit, boom! You got 80s rock, but the lyrics are millenial. This is called genius.

  • Day×♡
    Day×♡  +443

    It's impossible not to cry over the music and Billie's sweetness as she expresses her emotions in the music 😢! I love her cute way, kinda dark and also Simple making life have more color and freedom ❤

  • Lightning Shorts

    This song was amazing! The first time I heard it I had immediately fell in love. Billie keep doing what ever your doing! 😃

  • massiel consuelo

    lo que me molesta es que la gente no la ayude a cantar, es decir... la canciòn es hermosa! por què no cantan junto con billie!! T_Tç

  • anael sanVar

    Imposible no llorar con esta canción.. Es demasssiiiadooo! Aconsejo acompañarla con vino..

  • Gail Olson

    There is pain in every syllable- she’s amazing

  • éperdu
    éperdu Day ago +5


  • Beatriz Garcia

    I got goosebumbsonly from watching it on youtube, I cantimagine how it must feel live!

  • Gabriella Oliveira

    Emociona, toca, liberta e fortalece. Essa música é tudo isso e muito mais. Billie perfeita😍💜🤗👏🏾👏🏾🇧🇷

  • Shane GUO
    Shane GUO  +29

    This song is a masterpiece

  • Caio Godoy Da Conceicao

    billie, musicao pai, tu é foda demais irmão

  • Bres Gijón

    Pese al deplorable sonido de este video, Billie & Co. siempre nos traladan emociones.

  • Neto Mendes

    14/11/2021. Como ela é muito Bonita e canta demais, te Amo Muitíssimo

  • Victor
    Victor  +21

    Es angelical su voz y la letra desgarra el alma... ❤️

  • cate littlemonsters

    En Argentina lo daríamos TODO. Ojalá venga pronto. Va a saber lo que es el buen público 🇦🇷♥️

  • IceMetalPunk

    Amazing song, and a great performance. I just hate that the mixing in the second half was such that her lead vocals were drowned out by the harmonies/backing vocals; hopefully that sounded better in person than on video!

  • vulgo baiana

    ameii , que conexão

  • SANDRA 24 FF

    I love this song <3

  • Worst Case Scenario

    I only knew her by name until I heard this from car radio today. She is so awesome