The Most EPIC Indian Wedding Ever!


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  • Yon Lion73
    Yon Lion73 7 hours ago

    Indian weddings are fun to watch. Not that the wedding is weird.

  • Dalila Alonzo
    Dalila Alonzo 10 hours ago

    What does they mean day "1"? Of the wedding..

    PRINCESS FATOU 15 hours ago


  • All around Skyler and Madison Heider

    Hyper are you guys both friends. I have a lot going on this weekend and I’m going to have some fun tomorrow night and then we have some time to go and get some work done and then we have to go to the gym and get some stuff for the girls tomorrow night and then... go to have some fun tomorrow night and then we have some fun tomorrow night 🏈🍿🍫🍬🍪🏋🏻‍♂️🥇

  • Yelena Valdes
    Yelena Valdes 3 days ago

    Or ya braders

  • Jesus Carrillo
    Jesus Carrillo 3 days ago

    I love Riyas dances

  • Family Is forever
    Family Is forever 4 days ago

    I just gotta say this was really fun to watch 😫

  • Ashanti Kaur
    Ashanti Kaur 5 days ago

    I’m Indian when I try to explain how are weddings are they go
    Uhhh I feel sorry for u there so long lol
    U get used to it

  • Noor Vlogs
    Noor Vlogs 9 days ago

    It looks fun

  • Kok seng Wong
    Kok seng Wong 10 days ago

    Is Riya a Indian

  • Aykut Dogan
    Aykut Dogan 10 days ago +1

    I saw a Indians wedding on the TV!

  • Unicorn Videos
    Unicorn Videos 11 days ago

    Wait is that bahar

  • Asha Omar
    Asha Omar 12 days ago

    Indian weddings look sooo cool i want to be at a indian wedding

  • Tanya Patel - Ross Drive PS (1419)

    Riya you look so pretty

  • Unicorn Heart
    Unicorn Heart 13 days ago

    I want to go to a Indian wedding

  • Unicorn Heart
    Unicorn Heart 13 days ago


  • Keira leigh & Travis j

    They are good darnsers

  • Mirtala Hernandez
    Mirtala Hernandez 14 days ago

    I cring

  • Ria Takpaul
    Ria Takpaul 14 days ago

    Did anyone else feel weird while they were mad touchy feely just me

  • sujman
    sujman 14 days ago

    Are they boyfriend and girlfriend

  • Lamiya Alam
    Lamiya Alam 15 days ago

    I can relate to this on all levels

  • Saima Yasir
    Saima Yasir 15 days ago

    Omg laila main laila was on

  • Joy Rizal
    Joy Rizal 16 days ago

    Next Sunday I'm going to a nepali wedding it's way different

  • gacha storytelling
    gacha storytelling 16 days ago


  • Ryana Holcomb
    Ryana Holcomb 16 days ago

    This is so funny watching you rhea is the best

  • Iris Umana
    Iris Umana 17 days ago

    Lol 👏👏💍

  • Jagvir Dhatt
    Jagvir Dhatt 17 days ago

    0:43-1:09 that was the WORST bhangra i've ever seen i should know cuz i'm a part time bhangra coach, but oh well at least you tried

  • Mia Gazze
    Mia Gazze 17 days ago

    4:49 Dan: Are you nervous?
    Bride: No
    Dan: You should be

  • Alyson Ramos
    Alyson Ramos 18 days ago

    hope they have a baby😉😉

  • Galaxy Gaming
    Galaxy Gaming 18 days ago

    Omg I wish I was there even tho I’m not Indian!! It looks and sounds so fun! And congrats for your brother and his bride!

  • habiba atcha
    habiba atcha 19 days ago

    Daniel you are very funny 😂

  • Allie M
    Allie M 20 days ago


  • Amanda Vazquez
    Amanda Vazquez 20 days ago +1

    Is Riya your girlfriend because every video you are a couple

    CECE MONTREY 21 day ago

    I love the bride dresses and the wedding

  • Maya Gromul
    Maya Gromul 21 day ago

    I’m so happy for her brother I did not cry come on let it out

  • Maya Gromul
    Maya Gromul 21 day ago

    I learned that dances lol on a movie I’m so bad

  • Suger Pump
    Suger Pump 21 day ago

    I love those song because I am a Indian

  • Joanna Banana
    Joanna Banana 21 day ago

    I'm saving up money for my wedding when I grow up.
    So my wedding can be *aesthetic*

  • Millie Cavanagh
    Millie Cavanagh 21 day ago

    I saw that you

  • Fereshteh Rahimi
    Fereshteh Rahimi 21 day ago

    I have never seen riya cry

  • Z The Gacha tuber
    Z The Gacha tuber 21 day ago

    Lots of dancing

  • Tiffany Farris
    Tiffany Farris 22 days ago +1

    Is anybody talking about that math teacher one when he said I want to have a big Indian wedding

  • Selina Pineda
    Selina Pineda 22 days ago +1

    The ending was beutifull i cried 😢😢😢

    LAVA GIRL 22 days ago

    I'm Sri Lankan

  • Jose Campos
    Jose Campos 22 days ago


  • Amana Jamil
    Amana Jamil 22 days ago +1

    1:56 I saw Tia Bhatia clapping when 2 people were dancing

  • Sankalpa Chakraborty
    Sankalpa Chakraborty 22 days ago


  • Gemma Ali
    Gemma Ali 22 days ago

    I’m a Bangla person which is all so a indie Bangla/India last year I went to Bangla and this year I’m going to India yayyyyyyyyyyy

  • Frostbite Kittens
    Frostbite Kittens 23 days ago

    Xawww soo cute! I love Bollywood dancing! Leave a like for who else loves dan and Ria!!!😁

  • Burhan Senih
    Burhan Senih 23 days ago

    The first time I went to a wedding I ended up in a hospital long story😄lol

  • Jackie Moreno
    Jackie Moreno 24 days ago

    The Indian weddings are so awsome

  • Geon Arifi
    Geon Arifi 24 days ago

    I was dancing with Riya even that i didn't know what she was doing

  • Suk Tamang
    Suk Tamang 25 days ago

    I don’t want dan and riya to get married because I want her to have a Indian husband.

  • queen Rose
    queen Rose 25 days ago

    Aww Riya don’t cry

  • Muffin Vlog’s
    Muffin Vlog’s 27 days ago +2

    Why every indian Look pretty?im jelous:( i Look like friking potato!:(

  • GachaFever
    GachaFever 27 days ago +1

    Riya's dancing is AMAZINGGGGG!!!

  • Jose santos
    Jose santos 27 days ago +4

    I really like the red dress is so bright I really like the red

    • Selina Akter
      Selina Akter 13 days ago

      MwekokkkmlksikkkkskooIaiaoqoaooqoqosoaozxjuwiisi saw o as 0ow lslwosowls was aks aikqolsoiw1k9lowslwkwlo1 siwko wkwkkqkqoowoo1owkskwkkskskskskwlwolwqlijfkskdiwoosozososkiwkowookjedjiosllwo was

  • Anna Rentschler
    Anna Rentschler 27 days ago +2

    I love her dance so much

  • YellowIdiot Boi
    YellowIdiot Boi 27 days ago +8

    Indian weddings are legit the best.

  • Sarah A
    Sarah A 28 days ago +8

    Riya is beautiful and so is your relationship 😍❤❤

  • Jaymee Plays
    Jaymee Plays 28 days ago

    Wait if Daniel is riyas boy then why did Rita get married with another guy and kiss that other guy

  • Mareli Camacho
    Mareli Camacho 28 days ago +6

    My cousin said "is Dan gay" 🤣

  • Yasmeilyn Nunez
    Yasmeilyn Nunez 28 days ago +1

    Song: Shape of you😁

  • ayomipo Jubril
    ayomipo Jubril 28 days ago +1

    Don't need to cry

  • ayomipo Jubril
    ayomipo Jubril 28 days ago +1

    Good dancing

  • Asma Al-Ashabi
    Asma Al-Ashabi 28 days ago +1

    When that lady slipped that was not FUNNY!!! Don’t put lol

  • Anum Anum
    Anum Anum 29 days ago +1

    Did that lady fall by accident or on purpose

  • chloe bennett
    chloe bennett 29 days ago +1

    Oh so happy for your brother wish him the best love your videos

  • Mya Liddell
    Mya Liddell 29 days ago +1

    The brides dress was STUNNING

  • Miguel Vivian
    Miguel Vivian Month ago +2


  • beautygamer Gacha
    beautygamer Gacha Month ago


  • Ghost_PlayZ
    Ghost_PlayZ Month ago


  • goldie singh
    goldie singh Month ago

    I am Punjabi and I went a resection yesterday I danced a lot there

  • Ayla Alayna
    Ayla Alayna Month ago

    Which country do you live in

  • Emily Wang (Student)

    Riya's dance was lit!

  • Ofer Sanchez
    Ofer Sanchez Month ago +1

    Congratulations ,Karen Rermeer

  • Karina Tv
    Karina Tv Month ago

    Daniel: so my name is Daniel and I’m from the bride and groom side
    Me: Daniel what side are you on LOL but really what side are you

  • Giavanni WONGSEE
    Giavanni WONGSEE Month ago +1

    Go Riya 👸 hi I'm Riya

  • Natthaniha Sarakham

    6:17 Is it only me or did she say time to pottieeeee

  • Melvin Karl
    Melvin Karl Month ago +1

    Ed Sheeran Indian remix

  • lola Ryan
    lola Ryan Month ago

    Dan and Riya are so cute #💍💏

  • Dasmallpotato 123
    Dasmallpotato 123 Month ago

    Dan tell Riya to merry u!

  • zoila Acosta
    zoila Acosta Month ago

    ehid h dbdb e uh

  • Adilene and friends forever Forever

    You guys are Indians!

  • Ni Family
    Ni Family Month ago

    So I’m new to this channel and do dan and rea date

    HTHEBEST Month ago

    omfg congrats for yo bro!

  • Chandrica Kowlessar

    Are u from India

  • Atif Raja
    Atif Raja Month ago +1

    Riya I love love you 😘

  • Pari Mobaraki
    Pari Mobaraki Month ago

    I know all the songs and what they mean

  • Analiah Marquez
    Analiah Marquez Month ago

    that looks like the best wedding ever it was beautiful i hope your brother is happy reyah

  • Beanafsha Yusufzai
    Beanafsha Yusufzai Month ago +1

    I'm Afghan

  • Asi Imi
    Asi Imi Month ago

    I speak Indian laguig

  • MaeMae’s World
    MaeMae’s World Month ago

    Riya I’m Indian too so I know how it is to be at a Indian wedding AND THEY ARE AWESOME

  • Seleste Selena
    Seleste Selena Month ago +1

    I'm an Indian so I'll have a wedding like that yay

  • Natasha Martinez
    Natasha Martinez Month ago

    Who's her brother

  • Avika Rastogi
    Avika Rastogi Month ago

    my family is from india

  • Fatima Patel
    Fatima Patel Month ago

    I'm Indian cause me dad is to and most of my family even my dad is from India

  • Faraz Eman
    Faraz Eman Month ago

    I have listen half of these songs

  • Faraz Eman
    Faraz Eman Month ago

    Why is daniel wearing mehndi