Are you a LAZY mess? ME TOO

  • Published on Aug 22, 2018
  • Lazy people everywhere UNITE! I'm not gonna write anymore cause uuuhhh.... lazy. Thanks to our sponsor VRV.CO/ALEX
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  • Balletgirl two
    Balletgirl two Year ago +2198

    I bought the song and it’s great

  • Keano K
    Keano K Day ago

    Yeah being lazy is amazing

  • Law & Haleigh
    Law & Haleigh Day ago

    Mom: wake up
    Me: no
    Mom: why
    Me: i have to sleep for 22 hours a day 23 on saturdays
    Mom: thats next level lazieness
    Dad: you think thats lazy i stay in bed asleep for 24 hours a day i live my life in my dreams

  • CrashTest Dummy
    CrashTest Dummy 3 days ago

    I like to do a lotta nada. Except I watched this before I went to school today :')

  • ObjectShow Fun
    ObjectShow Fun 3 days ago

    Me to I’m a animator

  • Ninjacreeper 7424
    Ninjacreeper 7424 5 days ago

    I’m lazy

  • Tony Lee
    Tony Lee 5 days ago

    That's why we have a phone to call other people to bring the cookies to us

  • Bunny T Club
    Bunny T Club 6 days ago

    we are lazy i think everyone is lazy in their own ways , each one has their lazy way ^^ keep on lazy and stay relaxed.

  • GiaGio808
    GiaGio808 7 days ago

    2019 September - November?

  • dennis wofford
    dennis wofford 9 days ago

    Nobody is lazyer then me I was to lazy to start the car

  • Sans Pascual
    Sans Pascual 10 days ago

    i am lazy

  • Silver_ 217
    Silver_ 217 10 days ago

    I want this song!!

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson 11 days ago

    I’m very lazy Alex

  • TabibMaster
    TabibMaster 11 days ago

    hes clearly not lazy cuz hes an animator and animating is very time consuming

  • Lashawn Johnson
    Lashawn Johnson 11 days ago +1

    I love you Alex

  • Lashawn Johnson
    Lashawn Johnson 11 days ago +2

    My house is 1821 North Ward

  • Boombeno Rusinova
    Boombeno Rusinova 12 days ago

    I’m in my moms bed so I’m put my face in the pillow :D

  • 8th Table
    8th Table 13 days ago


  • MasB Playz
    MasB Playz 13 days ago

    I’m the same

  • Foxy Productions!
    Foxy Productions! 14 days ago

    I am lazy to wri-7

  • Dez ghidrah balderas
    Dez ghidrah balderas 15 days ago

    Cereal cereal swallow

  • Michela Neal
    Michela Neal 16 days ago

    A support group for chronic cerel eaters

  • Boris Sings
    Boris Sings 17 days ago


  • jennifer aurelio
    jennifer aurelio 20 days ago

    I almost fell asleep in the middle of this video I’m so tired and another thing are used three straws to connect to each other so I don’t have to get up and use my hand to pick up the cup I just use a straw instead from like 15 something away I forgot I oh and by the way good video I really liked it

  • SuperSans64
    SuperSans64 20 days ago

    Who isn't this century? That's tue better question

  • Rainbow unicorn Love
    Rainbow unicorn Love 20 days ago +1

    I bought the song and it’s awesome 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • tasty bread
    tasty bread 20 days ago

    When i need something i will get with my feet

  • Marco Van rensburg
    Marco Van rensburg 20 days ago +2

    Math 👎😭😭

  • Some Plebs On YouTube


  • Randall Halstrom
    Randall Halstrom 22 days ago

    You rock

  • Drew The Dinosaur
    Drew The Dinosaur 23 days ago

    I’m LAZY

  • Pizza Marrita
    Pizza Marrita 25 days ago +1

    I know someting!

    Go tO AMstErDaM

  • purplecatlover1825 randompizza


  • Jessica Hall
    Jessica Hall Month ago +1

    Aww I wanted to buy that amazing song

  • Yetta Li
    Yetta Li Month ago

    Me: the couch is so far away MUUUUUUUUM carry me to the couch please
    Mum: but the couch is so close to you
    Mum: *sigh* fine

  • Wrestling
    Wrestling Month ago

    Lazy? Fr that's what wrong with this generation. You cant be lazy you need to change yourself till it's your time (death)

  • Bailee Downing
    Bailee Downing Month ago +1


  • Epic Boys
    Epic Boys Month ago

    I don’t care

  • Sans Pascual
    Sans Pascual Month ago +1

    I am lazy

  • Marsh Jellow
    Marsh Jellow Month ago +1

    1:07 this is obviously fake. We all know the earth is flat.

  • Arshad Arshad
    Arshad Arshad Month ago

    Alex i love you soooooooo much🙂🙂

  • Abraham Garcia
    Abraham Garcia Month ago

    I'm a Filipino lazy too😃😃😃😃😃

  • Yolo Unicorns
    Yolo Unicorns Month ago +1

    When someone tells me to get them something I’m like “eh, it’s so far.”

  • Malyna Skafidas
    Malyna Skafidas Month ago

    I bought the song, it’s great

  • Xx Dynam1c xX
    Xx Dynam1c xX Month ago +1

    Your animation is great man.

  • Dawda Kah
    Dawda Kah Month ago

    U have the best and funniest songs ever u should be rewarded

  • Ramon Garcia
    Ramon Garcia Month ago +1

    I'm also lazy. Can you tell meh where the lazy group is!😆

  • Michael Leahy
    Michael Leahy Month ago

    um so lazy sum Times í dót boder tót go go thetuylet

  • Mr_Minion_Man & Herobrine_611

    wait is there really that song on I tunes?! O-O
    I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • derpy giraffe
    derpy giraffe Month ago

    I'm from West Virginia and I can't get out of bed

  • Arifin Affandi
    Arifin Affandi Month ago

    i am indonesia i live in jakarta my house is pondokelapa barat 1 nomor delapan u should google translate so u know what i mean

  • Kiko Simas
    Kiko Simas Month ago

    I live in portugal

  • Mann Cebs
    Mann Cebs Month ago


    BEAZT J Month ago

    Watching this video I legit almost fell asleep

  • Jacob and Michael 2
    Jacob and Michael 2 Month ago +1

    4:03 my favorite part

  • RealAvengerPlayz
    RealAvengerPlayz Month ago +1

    The Dapper Tv

    Im not linking the channel(because i cant) go search it yourself you lazy cuck

  • Exploding Narwhals
    Exploding Narwhals Month ago +1

    Slacker strong

  • Gabriel Lopez
    Gabriel Lopez Month ago

    There is a cup of juice in front of me and I asked my dad to grab it for me

  • Sydnee Bannister
    Sydnee Bannister Month ago +1

    I will be the first person to join the laziness support group

  • plush boy
    plush boy Month ago

    A lot of nada