WHAT on earth is THIS in Fortnite!?

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
  • Fortnite Chapter 2 - What's going on!?
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  • Ali-A
    Ali-A  25 days ago +249

    Download Battle Breakers for free here: pixly.go2cloud.org/SH1Q9 👈🏻
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    • Real fjaps
      Real fjaps 18 days ago


    • Zoe Laffin
      Zoe Laffin 20 days ago

      You said chapter4

    • Player524
      Player524 22 days ago

      @Tevs 2:30 "Epic games has sponsored this video"

    • Bot Boi
      Bot Boi 22 days ago

      No I don’t think I will use your code

    • Karim El-Nahas
      Karim El-Nahas 22 days ago

      You look like a bot now

  • Xephrox484 _
    Xephrox484 _ 6 days ago

    It’s week 10 and nothing has happened... and now it’s going until February

  • Landon Ramram
    Landon Ramram 7 days ago

    I still play fornite I don't game like alia

  • Tresha Dedier
    Tresha Dedier 7 days ago

    You are a pro ail a

  • Spino Frost
    Spino Frost 8 days ago

    Sub m plz

  • Ann Mullen
    Ann Mullen 8 days ago +1

    Ali you stopped playing minecraft play more

  • Connor lol
    Connor lol 13 days ago

    I played on xbox, which I have a high level on, but when I went to my pc account which im level 10 on, the bots were less around than when the season began

  • BL 2509
    BL 2509 13 days ago

    Roxanne montage on my channel

  • Carpsi
    Carpsi 13 days ago

    Is a event in a week

  • Jose Olivares
    Jose Olivares 14 days ago


  • Manav Sing
    Manav Sing 15 days ago

    I remember when i used to love Fortnite until season 6

  • María Hernández
    María Hernández 15 days ago

    Aila friend me Josuegohard on fortnite

  • KillerPotatoZ
    KillerPotatoZ 16 days ago


  • ARoD YT
    ARoD YT 17 days ago

    Jasón is not proud of you

  • Enormous Pineapple
    Enormous Pineapple 17 days ago

    It’s fake don’t believe it

  • Lone Wolf Gaming
    Lone Wolf Gaming 17 days ago

    Season 11 is literally the Big Bang theory

  • Savage 3408
    Savage 3408 18 days ago

    No joke I’m actually a higher level than Ali a

  • silviavaz25
    silviavaz25 18 days ago

    You use clickblate

  • Landon Chambers
    Landon Chambers 19 days ago

    Skill based matchmaking is the reason there are less bots higher level less bots

  • Yeet god
    Yeet god 19 days ago +3

    No one

    Literally no one
    ThE cRaCkEn Is HeRe

  • Sleeping Siren
    Sleeping Siren 19 days ago

    I'm currently using your creator code. Thanks for keeping your content clean. Both me and my son love watching your videos.

  • ShazamEAL Omg
    ShazamEAL Omg 20 days ago

    Ali a is the second best person in the game

  • Molly Reed
    Molly Reed 20 days ago

    I used code alia I sware

  • Molly Reed
    Molly Reed 20 days ago

    Can you friend me my name is FartBoyNasty28

  • hhhjjj Yu
    hhhjjj Yu 20 days ago

    What if the robot came back

  • Yogurtsnipe 05
    Yogurtsnipe 05 20 days ago +1


  • Darryl Johnson
    Darryl Johnson 20 days ago

    I cannot find any bots anymore.

  • Anton Yudin
    Anton Yudin 21 day ago

    The plane in sweaty sands has the words ego on it and the skins this season are named ego. The skins are the secret government agency/group

  • Anton Yudin
    Anton Yudin 21 day ago

    Bot numbers are the same, epic just made them better. Now they actually have accuracy and build ramps, floors and walls

  • Dion Amirsonis
    Dion Amirsonis 21 day ago

    I do get less bots in my game, but i like that because i like the challenge.

  • Hyp3r
    Hyp3r 21 day ago

    I downloaded battle breakers the other day and I love it

  • Infinite Gaming Adventures

    I just got an Ali-A ad.. Watching Ali-A...

  • Luis Jemio
    Luis Jemio 21 day ago

    -everyone 2019"
    -everyone 2019""
    -Me 2019

  • Carlesha Marie
    Carlesha Marie 21 day ago

    if save the world becomes free im gonna need a refund.

  • Logic GamesGG
    Logic GamesGG 21 day ago

    He doesn’t realise he’s a meme does he

  • KD FootBall skills
    KD FootBall skills 21 day ago


  • Duke Perretto
    Duke Perretto 21 day ago

    chapter 4?

  • Daven Kella
    Daven Kella 21 day ago

    00:59 he said chapter 4

  • Nathan Sheridan
    Nathan Sheridan 21 day ago

    I am still playing Fortnite Alia

  • coen Sloan
    coen Sloan 21 day ago

    Tbh I think the event will be the landing of the visitor rocket

  • Marta Dobrzanska
    Marta Dobrzanska 21 day ago +1

    im plaing fortnite from seson 6

  • Toxic Bat55
    Toxic Bat55 21 day ago

    the monster eye ball in the side of polar pete XD

  • Kathryn Swan
    Kathryn Swan 22 days ago

    everyone go check out my best pals channel... Syfe Fades

  • Mr BS Soul Knight
    Mr BS Soul Knight 22 days ago +1

    Ali a 2019-"polar pete"

  • Lewis.
    Lewis. 22 days ago

    I’m getting less bots

  • ChAzZ- ColbyD
    ChAzZ- ColbyD 22 days ago +1

    Can you do GTA

  • Zachary Lyon
    Zachary Lyon 22 days ago

    Ali A your so trash I will clap you no joke

  • VorteX Harrison
    VorteX Harrison 22 days ago +1

    This mans said “chapter 4” mate what do u mean

  • ace reyes
    ace reyes 22 days ago

    ok will use alia

  • Jayden Davis
    Jayden Davis 22 days ago

    The kraken is on fortine

  • Ryan Ramsey
    Ryan Ramsey 22 days ago

    My epic is SapphireBacon24 please add me Alia I want to play with you

  • Hunter
    Hunter 22 days ago

    Apparently lg stylo 4 can't download battle breaker

  • Rainbow Guy
    Rainbow Guy 22 days ago

    Ali a:epic games aren’t communicating with us
    Epic:let’s sponsor Ali a

  • Ryan Wilcox
    Ryan Wilcox 22 days ago

    Sub to me and stay sub trying to get to 150 subs

  • jhedaii mathurin
    jhedaii mathurin 22 days ago

    There’s a kraken in the water!

  • JACOBY Jdogg
    JACOBY Jdogg 22 days ago


  • Ps4 KillingfireTTV
    Ps4 KillingfireTTV 22 days ago

    I come across 7 bots only

  • JonahRulez
    JonahRulez 22 days ago

    Everyone sub to cashton Hampton

  • Hal Warren
    Hal Warren 22 days ago

    Yeah my servers are filled with sweats, its so annoying

  • devin noel
    devin noel 22 days ago

    chapter 2 season 1 is like chapter 1 season 1 barely any updates and idk if there was patch notes back then but think about it.