I Bought The Entire SIDES Menu (SIDEMEN MUKBANG)

  • Published on Nov 30, 2021
  • Sides is out now, and I'm trying it all! Good? Bad? Let's find out!
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    December 6th at The Grace London
    December 8th at The Bodega Nottingham

    Thanks to the @Sidemen & eatsides.com

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  • YouTube
    YouTube  +6

    sheeeesh looks like this was mukbanging πŸ”₯ what can the boys not do

  • Insanistic

    watching Randolph chuckle at everything enjoying his time is the best thing ever

  • FriedBagel

    The fact that the sidemen give a halal option shows you how they care about all cultures, something really rare in a food chain and in general. Big up the guys.

  • Dhrubo Fardin

    Damn you can clearly tell Randy is much more comfortable on camera than ever

  • Ethan Mason

    Never seen John being treated so well

  • TDoesCovers

    Randy what's happened to you?! You've got so much more confidence , humour and all your jokes land. Big x

    SVSTARZ  +688

    Gotta love Randy always supporting his friends he a real one

  • Vishaal Anand

    not really surprised that Randy thinks most is good, the lads always put tons of effort into their projects no matter what it is, and always make sure their stuff is top tier before releasing it, big up the Sidemen

  • xDaZez
    xDaZez  +585

    That salad actually looks class tbh. Hopefully it comes to the west of Ireland at some point.

  • Saatvik Sharma

    not naming the slaw, 'wroetoslaw' is a missed opportunity.

  • Will Hopley


  • Vizerm
    Vizerm  +135

    don’t mind me, just my mouth watering whilst being all the way across the sea in Denmark wishing the menu would magically appear in my fridge

  • Elias Moreno

    I like how Randolf cares for everyone around him in the video.

  • Yxsuf
    Yxsuf  +320

    Need to get sidemen to do this for MoreSidemen

  • Jack Conway

    Randy the guy , unintentionally funny and always supportive to others πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ‘‘

    CLASH  +160

    This was actually such a great video idea tbh

  • Haleem
    Haleem  +102

    sides: we have sold out thanks to all of you for supporting

  • JCVP11
    JCVP11  +15

    Watching this has made me want to order it again! πŸ˜‚

  • Morality Speaks

    Its a good start for the sidemen to do a very limited menu option. They've gotta start small and gradually build overtime because too much can be stressful for the workers and for the business etc.

  • Fred
    Fred  +10

    love the fact he's supporting his Boys but keeping it real at the same time, lotta love