• Published on Nov 1, 2019
    Do you know a clever way to eat pistachios? Yes, it sounds strange but we prepared a video that will help you to find brilliant food ideas you haven’t seen before. You will learn an easy way to peel pistachios and it’s a perfect trick for girls with long nails as it will help to save your beautiful manicure. Moreover, it’s better to know etiquette rules as they are an important part of social life and it’s better to avoid some mistakes. Everybody should know table manners as they make the eating process more attractive.
    Find out how to easily get chips out of a Pringles can. You will need a sheet of paper, fold it and insert it inside the container. Slide the sheet of paper and you will easily get chips. Always use a spoon when you eat spaghetti. Find an awesome lifehack on how to eat hot corn using chopsticks. Everyone who loves pizza at least once faced a problem is when you want to enjoy pizza and try to bite it but the topping slides out of it. Check out what to do to avoid this situation and share this trick with your friends.
    Another collection of ideas will help to solve various annoying problems. When you work a lot, your eyes become tired. Check out a perfect recipe for tired eyes - take two cotton pads and soak into cold milk. After that apply on your eyes and leave for a few minutes. Cold milk soothes tired eyes. Besides, you can use milk to clean silver. Pour milk into a bowl, add a tablespoon of vinegar into the bowl. Place your silver item in a bowl and wait for 20 minutes.
    00:01 Food tricks everyone needs to know
    00:51 How to eat spaghetti
    05:20 Tired eyes?
    06:19 Use milk to clean silver
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    Jasper Kim 21 hour ago

    check this video out. The chicks got millions of views and she eats all sorts of different food ckk.ai/gvXM

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    Gatz 3 days ago

    What's the song called at 8:44?

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    I mean like can’t you eat ur food how ever u want????? ;-;

  • UWU
    UWU 7 days ago +1

    Them: Smart ways to eat food
    Me: *FOOD IS FOOD*

  • fahimfafa 2007
    fahimfafa 2007 7 days ago +2

    This video in reality is "How To Fix Everything Using Milk"

  • Abraham Jacob
    Abraham Jacob 7 days ago

    As if I didn’t know any of these!

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  • Chawrash Shivan
    Chawrash Shivan 8 days ago

    Back in this t

  • aatika syeda
    aatika syeda 8 days ago

    5:15 not good for all skins.. Egg leaves the pores open..

    DOMINANT GAMING 8 days ago

    How much milk do you want??
    5 minutes craft: yes

    DOMINANT GAMING 8 days ago

    How do i deal with depression?
    5 minutes craft: apply milk it will help

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    What’s that song?

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    Anyone from India

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    Amna. Ox 10 days ago

    The second one u copies of Mr bean

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    سجى العكيلي 10 days ago

    لفيديو جايف

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    Deepak rao 10 days ago

    Not enough milk for doing these thing

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    Sufle TV 10 days ago

    O ekmeği yoğurtlu sütlü olanı hayvanlara veririm daha iti kalbim temizlenir yüzüm değil

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    Nice video

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    Everyone can eat the way they want and some might find their own easy/good ways to eat it!

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    • Digital Diary BD
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  • Nasrin Akter KK
    Nasrin Akter KK 11 days ago

    This all are fake ingredients

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    0:12 okay but how do you open the last one?

  • Giulia :D
    Giulia :D 12 days ago

    Raga ma quello è un MANDARINO GIGANTE

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    time waste

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    3:18 after this one i want to die

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    shami sheth 14 days ago

    4:28. Just break the biscuit

  • Adriel Garrido
    Adriel Garrido 14 days ago

    5-Minute crafts: X
    Also 5-Minute crafts: Check
    Me: tHeN whY dId u oD It?

  • libertystang's diamond

    We can eat our food however we want idiots.

    ABDUL Rahim GAMING 16 days ago

    Yes I know he's roasting people

  • There is literally no name


  • It's Me
    It's Me 16 days ago

    I personally think 5 minute crafts’ videos are like those teachers who start telling their own stories while teaching and totally come off topic

  • Viji Mol
    Viji Mol 16 days ago +1

    Its very useful 😱😱

  • sharkfin
    sharkfin 17 days ago

    i honestly think these guys are just running out of ideas

  • Normal Midnight Aminations

    There must be an Asian that knows most of these cuz of their parents

  • Star Gazer
    Star Gazer 18 days ago +2

    Smart ways to eat food: put silver into milk

  • Lapiz Capè
    Lapiz Capè 18 days ago

    Most of these are just common sense...

  • Life Honey n Azlaan
    Life Honey n Azlaan 18 days ago

    Your just wasting milk

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    5:56 sing name please🙏

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  • XxÅëstėtîč BįtçhxX

    0:09 *What if you have just one or is the last?*

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    Mikal Okke 21 day ago

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  • Akhila Nath
    Akhila Nath 21 day ago

    Check out this everybody

  • useless cheese
    useless cheese 21 day ago

    Title: smart ways to *eat* your favourite food
    Video: 5:03

  • Хадижат Садулаева

    4:12 ha-ha-ha😂

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  • LunaStar CMV'S and Cosplay Vlogs

    *there is no wrong way to eat stuff*

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    I'd rather drink all the milk she wasted

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    its all about MILK !

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    1:01 different wing pieces😂😂😂

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    Cindy Kyle 23 days ago

    Other name is Milk hacks

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    queenbee aimie 23 days ago

    I was really eager to see what she does for the soup to cool down instantly... the secret? Wait for half hour or so, ... absolutely didn't know that.

  • Kristen Thio
    Kristen Thio 23 days ago

    wait so if you have to use another shell to open that , how do you start opening it 🤯

  • Everything
    Everything 23 days ago +1

    At 5:37 she is drinking the same milk which she used for rest and they say how to eat. F***

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    Breeze 23 days ago

    I'm sorry, but who eats square sushi?!

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    epicgaiplais 23 days ago

    Dude. The chicken time. It was so wrong. First. She ate a chicken leg or whatever. The other one is that she ate a chicken wing after

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