EXCLUSIVE | Meg Stallion with MARRIED Man, Porsha & Dennis, Tasha K & Nicki Minaj, Lisa Raye & more!

  • Published on Nov 2, 2019
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  • jhonnie b
    jhonnie b Day ago

    Tisha c look like her white genes kicking in.

  • jhonnie b
    jhonnie b Day ago

    I believe it "will" always seemed a lil shifty to me 😕😒

  • Yvette Powell
    Yvette Powell Day ago

    Tasha be careful because Derek J and Derrick Jaxn are two different people.

  • Esther Valerio
    Esther Valerio 7 days ago

    I am here for the wine

  • denise Birmingham
    denise Birmingham 7 days ago

    nicki minaj live vma performance 2018 was removed # why

  • Mesha220
    Mesha220 7 days ago

    So now that he has confirmed dating Ari Fletcher, does this mean he really isn’t married? Inquiring minds would like to know.

  • London Xiong
    London Xiong 11 days ago

    You missed me. Get yo bag. Take care

  • London Xiong
    London Xiong 11 days ago

    Republicans work for corporations. Not the environment, not women, not health cost controls, not med cost controls. Not You

  • London Xiong
    London Xiong 11 days ago

    Wow. Just blow my mind with your Republican take.

  • Curtina Arbee
    Curtina Arbee 11 days ago

    Why you didn't discuss the convicted rapist Nicki married?

  • Debby Pumphery
    Debby Pumphery 12 days ago

    WAKE. UP SLEEP P,EOPLE. !!!!!! 🙄. 🌿🌿🌿🌹🌹🌿🌿😏. 😵😵

  • Debby Pumphery
    Debby Pumphery 12 days ago

    Kanye is programed. &. he sacrificed. his. OWN Mother. !!!!!! Please. get. WOKE SLEEP people !!

  • Sequoia Davi
    Sequoia Davi 14 days ago

    Democrats are the ones that had us inslavery working hard in the fields for free.....the Republicans are the ones that fought for our freedom along side us. Yeah, let that sink in.

  • laughlaughter
    laughlaughter 17 days ago

    if you look on her page at her signing for her moms new home the last name looks like Booker or something on the paperwork
    It looks like she's doing whatever to get noticed and no one is noticing lo

  • laughlaughter
    laughlaughter 17 days ago

    not gay I'm hollering

  • laughlaughter
    laughlaughter 17 days ago

    Yaasssss, Tasha and Nicki

  • laughlaughter
    laughlaughter 17 days ago +1

    Speak on it, I say this all the time about this men. It's crazy to me how they get up and talk about things and all of them going home to non black women

  • laughlaughter
    laughlaughter 17 days ago

    There are some things, as well that has me on the verge of voting Republican, as well.

  • laughlaughter
    laughlaughter 17 days ago

    I wish they would have informed you, the live sounded as if you were underwater. I'm only 4:50 minutes in, I hope the sound clears up.

  • regjorne
    regjorne 17 days ago


  • Lee Majorest
    Lee Majorest 17 days ago

    much love to you tasha k. im the only man in the world that watches your show 😍

    • Lee Majorest
      Lee Majorest 17 days ago

      i can't believe moneybag yo is a married man dating megan the stallion

  • bigg brown
    bigg brown 20 days ago

    She geekd congrats

  • DollFaceKimmy
    DollFaceKimmy 20 days ago

    Mark is a Narcissis

  • Patsy Gay
    Patsy Gay 22 days ago

    Hone-ty the show just started, and teddy is almost out the chair.

  • Itbmurr1
    Itbmurr1 24 days ago

    You are SO right about John Legend!

  • Tameka Hicks
    Tameka Hicks 25 days ago +1

    Hi Niki

  • Tameka Hicks
    Tameka Hicks 25 days ago +1

    Love the fact you here for us An you distant relative from my Gramma side Down South where we started from

  • Renee Bingham
    Renee Bingham 28 days ago

    Tasha you a damn fool and I live for it!! Love you!!! 💙💙♥️💙♥️💙

  • Kaliah West
    Kaliah West Month ago


  • Justmiss jamey
    Justmiss jamey Month ago

    That polish looks REALLY nice!!. I still say kanye is more than a free thinker...more metal illness

  • foreverangela C
    foreverangela C Month ago

    Android use duo to FaceTime with iPhone..iPhone has to use duo too

  • Mink Monzey
    Mink Monzey Month ago

    So proud of Tasha. N two years ya did that!!! Wow the chanel has taken off!!

  • Bintou Diatta
    Bintou Diatta Month ago

    I love you, u just keep it so real God bless you so you can keep shooting it straight as u do

  • Junk MAIL
    Junk MAIL Month ago

    Republicans freed the slaves...NOT DEMOCRATES!

  • Tamia Williams
    Tamia Williams Month ago

    I love this

  • melody pagan
    melody pagan Month ago


  • melody pagan
    melody pagan Month ago

    Hey lovely lady!

  • Marfina
    Marfina Month ago

    Lorrrddd Tasha is tipsyyyy🤣

  • lashawn emmanuel
    lashawn emmanuel Month ago

    Gina didn't age will

  • Kemar Roberts
    Kemar Roberts Month ago

    One million that’s love ❤️

  • IYIZ Jewels Isley
    IYIZ Jewels Isley Month ago

    nice bs some truth !

  • Fusion 22
    Fusion 22 Month ago

    I have so much respect for Will Smith whether he's gay or not. He beat the odds with class. Went from a rapper to a mega box office star and contributed to so many charities. Now if I was worth 250 million I would give my best friend a million dollars if he wasn't as fortunate as me with no problem. Especially if we came through the mud together. Dwayne and Will were friends before The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Let's remember Will admited to blowing all of his money when he was a rapper. I'm not saying there's not something deeper between the two... but if there is then the wives certainly know about it. Not to mention Jada is very fluid and intuitive. When women hang around like that it means that they're doing what the hell they want also if you know what I mean. What's good for the goose is good for the gander!!

  • Rosalind Rambo
    Rosalind Rambo Month ago

    Question: you've got me really loving red wine but why does my wine go bad after 2 days. Is it supposed to? If not how should I make it last? Love your vids!

  • ken lindo
    ken lindo Month ago

    Love u mums💓💓💖💖

  • itISme atHME
    itISme atHME Month ago +1

    I think its cray people dont see the "obvious" gay closeted people. it doesnt matter to be gay. idc. but youve got to be abso cray not to see that will is bi or something and duane is def gay. from day 1, you can clearly see duane and tisha didnt have "marriage" chemistry even in pictures! just watch people. be quiet, and WATCH more, talk less..

  • D. Martin Music
    D. Martin Music Month ago

    I’m so with you on the John legend thing smh he don’t speak for me or any black person ugh

  • monique bedford
    monique bedford Month ago

    He probably has an average looking woman who is good to him and she's super sweet... Kenya is conceited, arrogant, puffed up and is full of HERSELF and talks PLENTY of sh** a FULL GROWN MAN wants peace and he's not going for the sh*** she better HUMBLE HERSELF because OUTWARDLY there's no reason she can't get a man younger or older.. She better get her sh** together or she's going to find herself BY HERSELF

  • Tan Caldwell
    Tan Caldwell Month ago

    Kenya is crazy and unhappy people in life PERIOD! 😩

  • Kashmere Fraser
    Kashmere Fraser Month ago

    I'm weak. When you posted Tisha's pic and jumped. Lmaoo

  • Out of the Bleu TV
    Out of the Bleu TV Month ago


  • Kisha
    Kisha Month ago +3

    Tasha I luv you and I bump nicki but watch her 👀trust no foreigners❗️But I’m sure you know that tho 😉

  • Trinity Jones
    Trinity Jones Month ago

    I love Megan the stallion she's the best and Nicki Minaj

  • Minnie Mouse
    Minnie Mouse Month ago

    Future looks disabled in the face

  • lovekikitoo
    lovekikitoo Month ago

    teddy im dying;;;;

  • Rose bud
    Rose bud Month ago

    She posted on October 31st at 3:31

  • Rose bud
    Rose bud Month ago +1

    I know I'm just watching this and I'm late but I was very interested and that whole story about Whitney white and demario white I've been strolling through her Facebook page cuz yes it is public and I saw the receipts of the picture she had about buying her mom a house and on that post she signed her name Whitney hooker not white

  • safiah sanneh
    safiah sanneh Month ago


  • James Dinkins
    James Dinkins Month ago

    You drink way to much. Are u an acholic?

  • Tex
    Tex Month ago

    Tone the loudness down....I can't enjoy content with all noise

  • Shondrea Williams
    Shondrea Williams Month ago

    🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾😍😍😍 Lets go!!